The Prologue to the Gospel
The Testimony of John the Baptist
Andrew’s Declaration
TheCallingof More Disciples
Cleansing theTemple
Jesusatthe Passover Feast
Further Testimony AboutJesusbyJohnthe Baptist
Conversation Witha Samaritan Woman
TheDisciples Return
Workers forthe Harvest
The Samaritans Respond
Onward to Galilee
Healing the Royal Official’s Son
Responding toJewishLeaders
More Testimony AboutJesus
Walking on Water
Jesus’ Discourse Aboutthe Bread of Life
Many Followers Depart
Peter’s Confession
Questions About Jesus’ Identity
TeachingAboutthe Spirit
Differing Opinions AboutJesus
Lack of Belief
A Woman Caught in Adultery
Jesusasthe Light ofthe World
Abraham’s Children andthe Devil’s Children
The Pharisees’ Reaction tothe Healing
The Man’s ResponsetoJesus
Jesusatthe Feast of Dedication
Speakingwith Martha andMary
Lazarus Raised fromtheDead
The Response ofthe Jewish Leaders
The Triumphal Entry
The Outcome ofJesus’ Public Ministry Foretold
Jesus’ Final Public Words
The Announcement of Jesus’ Betrayal
The Prediction of Peter’s Denial
Teaching onthe Holy Spirit
The World’s Hatred
Jesus Prays fortheDisciples
Jesus Prays for Believers Everywhere
JesusBefore Annas
Peter’s First Denial
Jesus Questioned by Annas
Peter’s Second and Third Denials
Jesus Brought Before Pilate
Pilate Questions Jesus
Jesus’ Death
Jesus’ Burial
Jesus’ Appearance toMary Magdalene
Jesus’ Appearance totheDisciples
The Response of Thomas
Peter’s Restoration
PeterandtheDiscipleJesus Loved
A Final Note