I. The Prologue (1:1-2:13)Job’s Good Life
There wasa manin the landof Uzwhosenamewas Job. And that manwaspureand upright, one who fearedGodand turnedaway from evil. Sevensonsand threedaughterswere borntohim. His possessionsincluded 7,000 sheep, 3,000camels, 500yokeof oxen, and 500female donkeys; in addition he had a verygreathousehold. Thus hewasthe greatestof allthe people in the east. Nowhis sonsusedto goandholdafeastin the houseof eachone in turn,andtheywouldsendand invitetheir threesistersto eatand to drinkwiththem. Whenthe daysof their feastingwere finished,Jobwould sendfor them and sanctifythem; he would get up earlyin the morningand offerburnt offeringsaccording tothenumberof them all. ForJobthought, “Perhapsmy childrenhave sinnedand cursedGodin their hearts.” Thiswas Job’scustomarypractice. Satan’s Accusation ofJob
Job’s Integrity in Adversity
Job’s Integrity in Suffering
TheVisitofJob’s Friends
Job Wishes HeHad Died atBirth
Longing for Death
Ungodly Complainers Provoke God’s Wrath
Blessings fortheOneWho Seeks God
Complaints Reflect Suffering
A Cry forDeath
Disappointing Friends
Friends’ Fears
No Sin Discovered
Other Explanation
Job Remonstrates withGod
Insignificance of Humans
The Impossibility of Facing Godin Court
Accusation of God’s Justice
Renewed Complaint
Motivations of God
Contradictions in God’s Dealings
An Appeal for Relief
Knowledge ofGod’s Wisdom
The Inevitability of Death
The Possibility ofAnother Life
The Present Condition
Abandonment by God and Man
An Appeal toGod as Witness
Anticipation of Death
Job’s Abandonment and Affliction
Job’s Forsaken State
Job’s Assurance of Vindication
The Wicked Prosper
How Often DotheWicked Suffer?
Death Levels Everything
Futile Words, Deceptive Answers
The Inaccessibility and Power of God
A Better Description of God’s Greatness
The Condition ofthe Wicked
No Price Can Buy Wisdom
God Alone Has Wisdom
Job’s Benevolence
Job’s Confidence
Job’s Reputation
Job’s Indignities
Job’s Despondency
The Contrast Withthe Past
Job’s Appeal
Job’s Final Solemn Oath
Elihu Claims Wisdom
Job’s Friends FailedtoAnswer
Elihu Rejects Job’s Plea of Innocence
Elihu Disagrees With Job’s View ofGod
Elihu’s Appeal to Job
GodisNot Unjust
God Is Impartial and Omniscient
Job Is Foolish to Rebel
The Work and Wisdom of God
God’s questions to Job
The Lord’s SecondSpeech
The Description of Behemoth