Introduction to the Sacrificial Regulations
Burnt Offering Regulations: AnimalfromtheHerd
Animal fromthe Flock
Fromthe Birds
Processed Grain Offerings
Additional Grain Offering Regulations
Animal fromthe Flock
Forthe Priest
FortheWhole Congregation
Forthe Leader
Forthe Common Person
Guilt Offering Regulations: Known Trespass
Unknown trespass
Sacrificial Instructionsforthe Priests: The Burnt Offering
The Grain Offeringofthe Priests
Priestly Portions of Burnt and Grain Offerings
The Peace Offering
Sacrificial Instructions forthe Common People: Fatand Blood
Priestly Portions of Peace Offerings
Summary of Sacrificial Regulations in Leviticus 6:8-7:36
Clothing Aaron
Anointing the Tabernacle and Aaron, and Clothing Aaron’s Sons
Consecration Offerings
Anointing Aaron, his Sons, andtheir Garments
TheSinOfferingforthe Priests
TheBurnt Offering forthe Priests
TheOfferingsforthe People
Perpetual Statutes theLordSpoketo Aaron
Perpetual StatutesMosesspoketo Aaron
The Problem withthe Inaugural Sin Offering
Clean andUnclean Water Creatures
Clean and Unclean Birds
Clean and Unclean Insects
Carcass Uncleanness
Inedible Land Quadrupeds
Creatures that Swarm onthe Land
Edible Land Quadrupeds
A Bright Spot ontheSkin
A Swelling ontheSkin
A Boil onthe Skin
A Burn onthe Skin
Scall onthe Head orinthe Beard
Bright White Spots onthe Skin
Baldness onthe Head
The Life ofthePersonwithSkin Disease
Infectionsin Garments, Cloth, or Leather
Summary ofInfection Regulations
TheSeven Days of Purification
The Eighth Day Atonement Rituals
The Eighth Day Atonement Rituals forthe Poor Person
Purificationof Disease-Infected Houses
Summary of Purification Regulations for Infections
Purity Regulations for Male Bodily Discharges
Female Bodily Discharges
Purity Regulations from Female Bodily Discharges
Summary ofPurification Regulations for Bodily Discharges
Dayof Atonement Offerings
The Sin Offering Sacrificial Procedures
The Live Goat Ritual Procedures
The Concluding Rituals
Review ofthe Day of Atonement
Prohibition against Eating Blood
Regulations forEating Carcasses
Laws of Sexual Relations
Warning againstthe Abominations ofthe Nations
Eating the Peace Offering
Leaving the Gleanings
Dealing Honestly
Justice, Love, and Propriety
Lyingwitha Slave Woman
The Produce of Fruit Trees
Blood, Hair, and Body
Purity, Honor, Respect, and Honesty
Prohibition against Spiritists and Mediums
Exhortation to Holiness and Obedience
Family Life and Sexual Prohibitions
Exhortation to Holiness and Obedience
Prohibition against Spiritists and Mediums
Rules forthe High Priest
Rules forthe Priesthood
Regulations forOffering Votive and Freewill Offerings
The Weekly Sabbath
The Festival of Passover and Unleavened Bread
The Presentation ofFirst Fruits
The Festival of Weeks
The Festival of Horn Blasts
The Day of Atonement
The Festival of Booths
ACaseof Blaspheming the Name
Regulations forthe Jubilee Year of Release
Release ofLanded Property
Release of Houses
Debt and Slave Regulations
The Benefits of Obedience
The Consequences of Disobedience
Restoration through Confession and Repentance
Summary Colophon
Redemption ofVowed Animals
Redemption of Vowed Houses
Redemption of Vowed Fields
Redemption ofthe Firstborn
Things Permanently Dedicated tothe Lord
Redemptionofthe Tithe
Final Colophon