The Genealogy of Jesus Christ
The Birth ofJesusChrist
The Escape to Egypt
The Return to Nazareth
The Baptism ofJesus
Preaching in Galilee
TheCallofthe Disciples
Jesus’ Healing Ministry
Salt and Light
Fulfillment ofthe Law and Prophets
Anger and Murder
Love for Enemies
Private Prayer
Proper Fasting
Lasting Treasure
DoNot Worry
Ask, Seek, Knock
The Narrow Gate
A Tree andIts Fruit
Judgment of Pretenders
Hearing andDoing
Healing the Centurion’s Servant
Healings at Peter’s House
Challenging Professed Followers
Stilling ofa Storm
Healing the Gadarene Demoniacs
The Call of Matthew; Eating with Sinners
The Superiority ofthe New
Restoration and Healing
Healing the Blind and Mute
Workers forthe Harvest
Persecution ofDisciples
Fear God, Not Man
Not Peace, buta Sword
JesusandJohnthe Baptist
Woes on Unrepentant Cities
Jesus’ Invitation
God’s Special Servant
Jesusand Beelzebul
Trees andTheir Fruit
The Sign of Jonah
The Return ofthe Unclean Spirit
Jesus’ True Family
The Parable ofthe Weeds
The Parable ofthe Mustard Seed
The Parable ofthe Yeast
Explanation forthe Disciples
Parables ontheKingdomof Heaven
Rejection at Nazareth
The Feeding ofthe Five Thousand
Walking on Water
True Defilement
A Canaanite Woman’s Faith
Healing Many Others
The Feeding ofthe Four Thousand
The Yeast ofthe Pharisees and Sadducees
Peter’s Confession
First Prediction of Jesus’ Death and Resurrection
TheDisciples’ Failure to Heal
Whenthey gathered togetherinGalilee, Jesustoldthem, “The Sonof Manis goingto be betrayedintothe handsof men. They will killhim, andon the thirddayhe will be raised.” Andthey becamegreatlydistressed. TheTemple Tax
The Parable ofthe Lost Sheep
Restoring Christian Relationships
The Parable ofthe Unforgiving Slave
Jesusand Little Children
The Rich Young Man
Third Prediction of Jesus’ Death and Resurrection
A Request for James andJohn
Two Blind Men Healed
Cleansing the Temple
The Withered Fig Tree
The Authority ofJesus
The Parable ofthe Two Sons
The Parable ofthe Tenants
Paying Taxes to Caesar
Marriage andthe Resurrection
The Greatest Commandment
The Messiah: David’s Son and Lord
Judgment on Israel
Signs oftheEndofthe Age
Persecution of Disciples
The Abomination of Desolation
The Arrival ofthe Son of Man
The Parable ofthe Fig Tree
Be Ready!
The Faithful and Wise Slave
The Parable ofthe Talents
The Judgment
Jesus’ Anointing
The Plan to Betray Jesus
The Passover
The Lord’s Supper
The Prediction of Peter’s Denial
Betrayal andArrest
Condemned bythe Sanhedrin
Peter’s Denials
Judas’ Suicide
Jesusand Pilate
Jesusis Condemned and Mocked
Jesus’ Death
Jesus’ Burial
TheGuardatthe Tomb
The Guards’ Report
The Great Commission