The Ministry of John the Baptist
The Baptism and Temptation ofJesus
Preaching in Galilee andthe Call oftheDisciples
Jesus’ Authority
Healings at Simon’s House
Praying and Preaching
Cleansing a Leper
TheCallof Levi; Eating with Sinners
The Superiority ofthe New
Lord ofthe Sabbath
Crowds bythe Sea
Appointing the Twelve Apostles
Jesusand Beelzebul
Jesus’ True Family
ThePurposeof Parables
The Parable ofthe Lamp
The Parable ofthe Growing Seed
The Parable ofthe Mustard Seed
The Use of Parables
Stilling ofa Storm
Restoration and Healing
Sending Out the Twelve Apostles
The Death of John the Baptist
The Feeding ofthe Five Thousand
Walking on Water
Healing the Sick
A Syrophoenician Woman’s Faith
Healing a Deaf Mute
The Demand fora Sign
The Yeast ofthe Pharisees andHerod
A Two-stage Healing
Peter’s Confession
First Prediction of Jesus’ Death and Resurrection
The Transfiguration
The Disciples’ Failure to Heal
Second Prediction of Jesus’ Death and Resurrection
QuestionsAboutthe Greatest
On Jesus’ Side
Jesusand Little Children
The Rich Man
Third Prediction of Jesus’ Death and Resurrection
The Request of James andJohn
Healing Blind Bartimaeus
Cursing ofthe Fig Tree
Cleansing theTemple
The Withered Fig Tree
They cameagaintoJerusalem. WhileJesuswaswalkinginthe temple courts, the chief priests, the experts in the law, andthe elderscame uptohimandsaid, “Bywhatauthorityare you doingthese things? Orwhogaveyouthisauthoritytodothese things?” Jesussaidto them, “I will askyouonequestion. AnswermeandI will tellyoubywhatauthorityI dothese things: John’sbaptism– wasit fromheavenorfrompeople?Answerme.” They discussedwithone another, saying, “Ifwe say, ‘Fromheaven,’ he will say, ‘Thenwhydid younotbelievehim?’ Butif we say, ‘Frompeople – ’” (theyfearedthecrowd, fortheyallconsideredJohntobe truly aprophet). Sothey answeredJesus, “Wedon’tknow.” ThenJesussaidto them, “NeitherwillItellyoubywhatauthorityI am doingthese things.” Thenhe beganto speakto theminparables: “A manplanteda vineyard. Heputa fencearoundit, dug a pitfor its winepress, andbuilta watchtower. Thenheleaseditto tenant farmersandwent on a journey. At harvest timehe senta slavetothe tenantsto collectfromthemhis portionof the crop. Butthose tenantsseizedhis slave, beathim,andsenthim awayempty-handed. Sohe sentanotherslavetothemagain. This onethey struck on the headandtreated outrageously. He sentanother, and that onethey killed. This happened to manyothers, someof whomwere beaten, otherskilled. He hadoneleft, his one dearson. Finallyhe senthimtothem, saying, ‘They will respectmyson.’ Butthosetenantssaidtoone another, ‘Thisisthe heir. Come, let’s killhimandthe inheritancewill beours!’ Sothey seizedhim,killedhim, andthrewhis bodyout ofthe vineyard. Whatthen willthe ownerof the vineyarddo? He will comeanddestroythose tenantsandgivethe vineyardto others. Have younotreadthisscripture: ‘The stonethe buildersrejectedhas becomethe cornerstone.Thisisfromthe Lord, andit ismarvelousinoureyes’?” Nowtheywantedto arresthim(butthey fearedthe crowd), becausethey realizedthathe toldthis parableagainstthem. Sothey lefthimand went away. Paying Taxes to Caesar
Marriage andthe Resurrection
The Greatest Commandment
The Messiah: David’s Son andLord
Warnings About Experts inthe Law
The Widow’s Offering
Signs oftheEndofthe Age
Persecution ofDisciples
The Abomination of Desolation
The Arrival ofthe Son of Man
The Parable ofthe Fig Tree
Be Ready!
Jesus’ Anointing
The Plan to Betray Jesus
The Passover
The Lord’s Supper
The Prediction of Peter’s Denial
Betrayal andArrest
Condemned bythe Sanhedrin
Peter’s Denials
Jesusand Barabbas
Jesusis Mocked
Jesus’ Death
Jesus’ Burial
The Longer Ending of Mark