For the music director; to be played on a stringed instrument; written by David.
O God, hear my cry for help!
Pay attention to my prayer!
From the most remote place on earth
I call out to you in my despair.
Lead me up to an inaccessible rocky summit!
Indeed, you are my shelter,
a strong tower that protects me from the enemy.
I will be a permanent guest in your home;
I will find shelter in the protection of your wings. (Selah)
For you, O God, hear my vows;
you grant me the reward that belongs to your loyal followers.
Give the king long life!
Make his lifetime span several generations!
May he reign forever before God!
Decree that your loyal love and faithfulness should protect him.
Then I will sing praises to your name continually,
as I fulfill my vows day after day.