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Our Volunteer Team
Volunteer Distributors!

Get CDs for Free!   
  Volunteer CD Distributors are available worldwide.

If you are unable to burn your own CDs, there are some volunteers that can mail you a pack of CDs for you to share with others. 

To receive CDs:    Randomly choose one volunteer below (from you own Area/Country) and in an email, politely ask if they are able to send you a packet of CDs.  You must E-mail your Name & Address & which CDs you want to DistributeIf they not able to (for whatever reason), then e-mail a different volunteer.    (Donations are voluntary, but appreciated.) Do NOT send CD requests to multiple e-mails, only send requests to one volunteer at a time!  These people are very generous for volunteering for this ministry.  The focus of this ministry is not to get you a bunch of CDs to listen to, but to get you a packet of CDs so that you can distribute them to your network of friends & family.  In this way, the messages spread much faster. Please Email me if they do not respond to you.

 Please Randomly Choose One Volunteer
If possible choose someone in your own country, to save Shipping Costs.


Alexis Vazquez < avlab2  gmail.com >
PO Box 141783 Arecibo, Puerto Rico 00614
Tom Armentrout  <trac500500 HotMail.com>
406-892-8990 (has Mary K. Baxter's CD A Divine Revelation of Heaven & Hell, full 2 CD version) (Ships to Anywhere in US) For anyone who wants to distribute them.
Julie Pulley  <[email protected]>  (253) 291-4532
(Washington State, USA)   (Willing to ship CDs anywhere.)
Specializes in Bill Wiese/Choo Thomas CDs
Leslie Wilson  [email protected]  USA
His Grace Saves,      P.O. Box 1942,      Germantown, MD 20875
Any DVD/CD also KJV Bible CDs      www.HisGraceSavesMinistry.org
Richard Vazquez <[email protected]>
804-714-8413  (US Orders only)
Kellie or Martez,  info    spiritfoodonline.com
(770) 990-9797  Atlanta, GA
Brandy Jones <brandyjones2006 aol.com> CD + DVDs

Terry Smith:  Montana   whitestar59526 yahoo.com

Scott Beason < scttbeason    gmail.com >  CDs and DVD videos to anywhere    US Cell: (224) 241-4241 Melissa Fort  <[email protected]>
Will ship CDs anywhere.
1062 Cottingham Drive,   Mount Pleasant,    SC 29464
(843) 906-7091 or (843) 884-4413
Geo George  <prayernet77    yahoo.com
1835 Parkview Lane, Missouri city,Tx.77459.USA (Prayer Requests and CDs)

Outside the US

Peter  <[email protected]>   www.himmeloderhoelle.org
(Distribution only to Germany, Switzerland & Austria)
(German CDs available)
Tom Bosker <southcross50    hotmail.com>UK+Ireland Veera <[email protected]> India only
Obiwulu (Jerry) <tobiwulu    yahoo.com> London
Ben Ngo  <ben.ngo gmail.com>   www.benngo.com  www.WayOfTheFather.com     Australia orders only. Ludo Ndhlukula <disano2002 yahoo.co.uk>
United Kingdom    www.freshstream.co.uk    (Testimonies on Hell) 
Manohar Pradeep S <[email protected] >
 +91-99665 03535
Grace, <gturqueza hotmail.com>  Canada


Pstr. Kholekile Richmond Dyele
South Africa   Cell: 0839545437    <[email protected]> <[email protected]>
1984 Nu 17 Mdantsane 5219, South Africa 
Prince Kay <princeq2t gmail.com>
Ghana, +233209184984
Adako Olusola <richadako gmail.com>
Streams of Life <streamsoflifebc    gmail.com>
Cell: (+234)7032333484, CD African Order Only
Emmanuel Nigerian Order Only
Cell: +2347068714873, CD, DVD Videos and books
PASTOR VITALIS IHENA CHO  vtalisbest2013    gmail.com tel:+2347065083522
Vincent Archibong   technoguides6       gmail.com
c/o Bro. Vincent Archibong   
Liberty Gospel Church,   5 Park lane, off grace bill raod
Eket, Akwa Ibom State,  Nigeria    07035419707
Lewis Njeru Mbogo <ariseshine live.com> Middle East, Africa, Asia Isaac Olapade  <[email protected]>, Nigeria
Can take order is English, Yoruba, Hausas and Igbo
YAW BOATENG [email protected] (Lives in Ghana) Ships to anywhere in Africa
C/O Mr S K Antwi,   Box 49,   Jamasi Ashanti,   Ghana,   West Africa
raphaeagoa yahoo.fr  (l'Afrique francophone)
BP 4346 YAOUNDE.TEL +237 74 61 17 81;+237 96 37 94 12
Sibonginkosi Hadebe <sibonginkosi.hadebe yahoo.com> South Africa 
Emeka Unachukwu <engrunachukwu yahoo.com>, Nigeria
Conrad Chisulo <chisuloconrad     yahoo.com>  Zambia
+260955222600   and   +260973454229

Eric Senyo <erick9988 yahoo.com>
Cell: (233) 244-785421 or (233) 20-8154481 (Lives in Ghana)

Pst. Emmanuel, Tel:0023779709707, box 307 Buea, The Chosen Generation Church, Cameroon Tolulope Okutoro       auctionnetworkers  gmail.com
Tel:+2347039881434 (Nigeria) cds &dvds videos

There are many more CD distributors all over the world, that are volunteering with FreeCDTracts.com (Look for the Distribute CDs Link) 
If you're an evangelist, please let our team of volunteers supply your work! CDs are much easier for people to accept than paper tracts.
If you would like to become a Volunteer CD Burner, who Makes/Burns CDs and then mails out CD packets to people who contact you, please click here.



These distributor are not responding to email:

Charles Taylor <[email protected]> Virginia  (DVDs)     ?

Anna Cooper <AnnieT416 aol.com>  (918) 213-9767  (Mainly Bill Wiese CDs)     ?

Ed & Michelle Watson <wats nc.rr.com> (919) 321-0845      ?

Jarred & Wendy <jesus_our_savior rocketmail.com> USA ONLY     ?

Kenneth Dotson <[email protected]> Use Subject line: "CD Volunteer"     ?

Betty <b_b930 charter.net> Louisianar     ?

Carolyn Jeffries,    6544 South Ingleside
Chicago, Illinois 60637          phone# (708) 596-5311

Chris <[email protected]>  DVDs     ?

Sandy Navas;  <sandynavas aol.com>     ?
Please Call First, (New York area)  (718) 414-5766  or (212) 250-9624

Stephanie <sdelarosa11 yahoo.com> Texas     ?

George Duley <[email protected]> (Mainly Bill Wiese CDs)     ?

Oscar Ruiz Lopez <[email protected]> Mexico, Central & South America
P.O. Box 472891,  Garland, TX,   75047,  USA   ?

Suresh Ramdeo  <[email protected]> Trinidad, W.I. Caribbean
310-8375,  C/O Suresh Radmeo,  12 Herbert Street, St Clair, Trinidad, W.I.

Brother Joselito <joselito10032 hotmail.com> USA, Puerto Rico, Latin America
I have all of the CDs/DVDs in this page and audio bibles (Spanish & English), music CDs [Spanish & English], Christian movies and tracts [English, Spanish, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, and Tamil].   ?

Shahbaz Ghani <[email protected]> Pakistan (Middle East)   ?
Phone: 0092 61 812 9481

Michael Thomas <mjthomas1 optusnet.com.au> Australia:
DVD Videos of Bill Wiese, Ian McCormack or Dr. Rawlings,  (for Australia Only) ?

Gavin Robertson <gavblessedyahoo.com> Guyana & Caribbean   ?

Mechiel Estrabon <[email protected]>

Bryan Rowe <bryanrowe1973 hotmail.com>
UK, Ireland, Europe   ?

RuthAnne   <pathfindersnz@yahoo.com.au>
New Zealand & Pacific Rim   ?

Alfred Payne  <apayne008gmail.com>
New Zealand and the South Pacific which includes Tonga, Samoa, Fiji, Cook Island, Niue, Tokelau, Papua New Guinea
Cell: (+64) 21-163-9335, CD and DVD Videos

Mayra Jimenez Almonte <joelgets hotmail.com>
Dominical Republic 
(829-918-3693)   ?

Paul Shem, Po Box. 630
Luganville Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu, Tel: +678 7743218   ?

Joanna <[email protected]> +64 210763939
New Zealand, Australia   ?


George Mukudum <lesleymukudu @ yahoo.com>
South Africa,  Botswana &  Zimbabwe   ?
2789 H. Chitepo Road,   P. O. Ruwa,  Ruwa,   Harare   Zimbabwe

Peter Mlay <peterjjmlay yahoo.com> (Anywhere in Africa)
P.O.Box 1170, Moshi-Kilimanjaro, Tanzania-East Africa

Stephen Okoampah Asare
Ghana, +233275815755, +233243637165   ?

Paradzayi Pathias Bongo <[email protected]Zimbabwe   ?

Lawrens lawrens.lotteringgmail.com  (0735141986)
South Africa
Regions of Kuilsriver , Delft and Belhar   ?

Nicholas Ashitey Nartey (Ghana-West Africa)
Tel. 233 22 310 382           Cell. 233 24 444 44 52
Area:  Tema, Ashaiman, Towns in the Greater Accra Region; etc.

Benjamin Biney, <binisco yahoo.com>  (Ghana-West Africa)
Biney Benjamin Twumasi, box an11955, accra-north, Ghana-West Africa

Derick S Lehutso <[email protected]> Botswana only   ?

Blessing Ziso <bmercyz yahoo.com> Zimbabwe   ?

Okojie Okosa Cyril   Nigeria
4ESOSA street.  Off Upper Mission Road
P.O BOX 4675,  Benin Edo,  
Nigeria, 30001