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For New Believers Something Funny... 2nd Page, Older Material

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Dancing with Jesus
by Brenda Holder


Dancing with Jesus

I knew something was about to happen, I felt queasy, it was the strangest feeling. Everything was going wrong.
It was a sizzling hot day, the cottage that I was renting, did not help much. The kitchen had a low lying roof, which made the heat more intense.
I was kneading bread, and kept tasting the dough to se if it was the correct consistency. I felt thirst, and did not want to drink tap water as it was too warm.
I found a tin of evaporated milk in the cupboard, hurriedly opened it and drank it all up in one gulp.
I never checked it, I think it was sour from the heat, and being in the cupboard. The owner of the ten hectares, Rail, was at the kitchen window, spraying weed killer, I smelt the chemical in the hot air of the day.
I felt dizzy, my head was reeling, I had to lie down, my body broke out in a hot sweat, I called out to someone passing by my window
“Please bring me a jug of ice water’ I could not move, I was drifting away.
Someone was knocking at the door, I could not get up to open it. Lynn, the owners wife then unlocked the door with a spare key which she had kept for just in case….she had a jug of ice water, which I drank up so fast, I was de-hydrated.
Lynn then phoned my daughter to come and collect me immediately.
‘I am so pathetic, I am dying” I said to my daughter, Melody. Melody and Lynn had to hold, and help me over the steps to the car.
We arrived at the hospital, Melody ordered a wheel chair for me, and she placed her son in his pram. As she pushed us both, Alexander kept looking at me, as if saying ”why is Nana in a pram as well?”
I was dying from three poisons in my body, gangrene, peritonitis, and septicemia, because my small intestine closed up.
The Doctor said if I had come in one day later it was certain death for me. Doctor Paul first had to stabilize me before they could operate, my body was in a bad state.
After I had the emergency operation, on the tenth of January two thousand and five, my respiratory system failed twice. My lungs collapsed from all the poisons in them. I immediately experienced a clinical death. I never passed through a tunnel or a funnel, I was instantly with my God, Lord Jesus Christ.
It was so wonderful and warm, there was such an awesome intimacy. I felt His Holiness, His purity, and His absolute Majesty. I felt His deep love for me. His robes were shimmering white, glistening and awesomely beautiful…..This white shimmering glory was in bellows of grace and love just overflowing all around me. Jesus was all around me almost as though He was enveloping me, and embracing me in this shining glory of His robes.
I am a born-again Christian, but being in the Lord’s presence , I immediately re-dedicated my life to Jesus all over again. I asked Jesus for forgiveness of my sins, oh yes we all have sins. Many of these sins were quite specific, I was shown pictures of them one by one. I was talking to Jesus and He was so happy to see me, like a father who was waiting His daughter to come home.
Jesus was laughing and Joking with me, I enjoyed it so much, I think this is because of my personality. I have the joy of the Lord, and I am a happy person. Then I said to Jesus, as I was sitting on a chair, ’Lord! Look at me now, I can not even walk” I was aware that He had placed His hands around my waist, so firmly and so strong. Jesus lifted me high…
He swirled me round and round three times, it was great, I was laughing as though I was tickled, laughing loudly with utter joy.
This is just what a father would do with His child, this love was really reassuring, as if He was saying ‘ You are healed, do not worry, only faith” Jesus then placed me down on the chair again, with His hands still so firm and strong around my waist.
What a Might Father! I was excited about the way He was being playful, and with so much love, warmth and security. This was where I belonged, always with my Father, forever happy and loved in His presence. This was real and fun as well, the truth of knowing my God.
The Lord then showed me a shell, which He held in His hands, it was closed, with a top shell, for covering. He opened the shell which revealed many showers of blessings for my life. The shell was full of opulence and prosperity , much abundance for me. The Lord Jesus said I must go back to Earth to tell all the people, the whole world, the truth, Jesus is the only Saviour of the world.
Jesus is the only true Saviour of the world. Everybody needs to repent, and accept Him as their Saviour. Jesus Christ is coming very very soon, and all the peoples of the world need to be ready when He arrives. There is no more time left…
I looked down and found myself with thousands and thousands of people who were double-minded. These people were struggling with the truth of salvation, they could not come to the real knowledge of God’s love and saving grace. “For the lack of knowledge my people perish”
As I looked at all these people I saw demons talking into their ears. The demons were telling them about false teachings. I went to all these thousands of people one by one, and I told them all about the love of God. I told them to close their ears to any other talk, and to only hold fast to Jesus. I told them to read Hebrews eleven, and only to pray to Jesus, because He is the only gateway to God.
That is why God sent His only beloved Son. I said they need to believe Him, because I have been with Jesus, and I know, He is the only Saviour. Jesus told me this as well, He said ‘When the people ask you, how do you know?” you tell them you have met me, Jesus and you know the truth.
“Tell the people I sent you to them’ All the people only believed Jesus, only praised and worshipped Him. I could still see demons trying to talk to them, they had closed their ears and would no longer listen hallelujah! Praise The Lord ! Before my eyes, in a split second, these thousands of people were plucked out of the pit of darkness and hell.
My own earthly father was in heaven as well, he was holding his hands up in the air, and shaking his head, saying ’No no this is not your time’ I had the privilege to pray for my fathers salvation on his deathbed in nineteen eighty nine, before he died of a brain tumor. I knew my father was saved, because that night he cried like a baby the whole night long.
The crying is the cleansing, and the sanctification that happens when you are saved. It is truly a miracle! What a gift! The doctors were trying hard to revive me, and obviously they did revive me They told me “We had a battle to save your life” They used all kinds of gadgets and ventilators to revive me, I had to have another operation after that for a hernia.
I was in intensive care for more than a month, one day they moved me to another ward, all the medical staff, made up of sisters nurses and doctors , came into the ward and kissed me on my head and said” Mrs. Holder, we are glad that you are still with us”
They all thought I was going to die. Jesus had other plans for my life. I could not walk for about five months after my operation, I was weak.
I am here to sing God’s praises to the world. Every soul needs to be saved , God is passionate to save every soul, and He will do what it takes to make that happen.
We all need to be saved by the blood of Jesus, that precious blood that was spilt for you and me. What a price He paid for us. Thank you Father God. Oh! To know the knowledge of the saving grace of God, the sovereign God. In Jesus wonderful name.
The name that is the highest in the world. There is no name higher than Jesus.
My name is Brenda Holder, now that you have heard the truth, there is no turning back. You may contact me on email at
[email protected]