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Broken, Interupted or Unfinished

When downloading large files, the download can break or be Interrupted.  This means that you need to start all over to download it, which can be a real hassle for large files, or slow connections.

But now there is a way to RESUME the download from where it left off.  By using a download manager you never have to start all over on a download. I'm currently using FLASHGET located at http://www.flashget.com/index_en.htm


Once this program is installed, it integrates into you IE Browser.  This allows you to right click on a file and download it using FlashGet.

But do NOT choose DOWNLOAD ALL BY FlashGet, it is harmful to the Spiritlessons website.

  When you right click over a file and choose DOWNLOAD BY FlashGet a dialog pops up.

Hitting OK launches the Main Screen.

Now if a problem occurs, FlashGet can resume where it left off. See their help file for more complete instructions.

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