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Thank you so much for volunteering to become a Christian Commentator.  The internet is full of places that need the Word of God.

To become a Christian Commentator is simple. You go out on the Internet, and share Christ any place where you can be heard.  (Blog sites, Forums, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Book Review Sites, Opinion sites, Newspaper editorial sites, etc)  Search for places on the internet where the word of God is needed, and where comments and interactions are allowed. 

You will need to get good at apologetics, in order to defend your faith against all the lies of the enemy. And there are many good websites that help teach Christian apologetics.

Strategies for Christian Commentators:

1. Whenever possible quote the scriptures when sharing with people. It has power!

2. You will often come across the same old lies, so it is good to save your responses in a text document so you can use them again.

3. For Videos sites, it is usually better to leave a video response (If you can make one) than a text response. Video responses stay on the top of the list, while textual responses get buried.

4. Some sites like Yahoo, only allow you to put in a limited number of comments per day. So you may need more than 1 Login Alias.

Bless you, now get out there
and Preach the Word!!!

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