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Dreams and Interpretations
Joel 2:28
And afterward, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy,
your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions.

Here is a collection of some of my dreams, along with the interpretation that I received. 
Unfortunately, only 1 out of 20 do I get any kind of clear understanding.
[DREAM JOURNAL TEMPLATE in PDF format]     Spanish  Romanian  Italian

Rapture (May 07)

A pretty simple but profound message, I was shown a person who was left behind after the rapture.  He was a strong, attractive man, dressed in Priestly garments.  But inside he was a devil.  He said, "maybe if I try a few more incantations, then I'll be taken." 

He was confused why he was left behind.  Soon one of his followers came who was angry about being misled and missing the rapture. The x-follower came to kill the priest and eventually hunted the priest down.

Clearly a message of Judgments against ungodly priests.

Dirty Sheep (March 2, 07)

I was watching a bunch of sheep at night.  They all had dingy & dirty fleece, and were huddling together very closely, as though they were afraid of something.  They thought that they would be protected just being close to each other.  Wrong! A 10 foot Demonic looking Bull, with huge horns, walking on its hind legs, came up to the pack, picked one out and raped it.  They didn't have any protection.  After it was done, it looked at me and spoke.  I can't remember what it was talking about, I was hiding at the time.

After waking up I came to the conclusion that the only reason this Demon Bull had power over the sheep was because they were so dirty.  And I prayed that I would not be one of those worthless shepherds that Jesus warned about, the kind that run at the first sign of trouble!

Prepare for things to Come (Dec. 06)

I've had many dreams with a common theme, prepare for greater and greater waves, storms and trials.  I've seen huge storms 10 miles high in the Sky, able to sweep away anything that is not solid and prepared. In one dream I was shown that soon only those who are spirit filled and ready will be able to stand in the coming days, even the authorities and good people will fall because of the great storms.

Dreams that I've had in this month have been fairly clear, the principalities of Darkness will get bigger, stronger, scarier and more powerful then ever. I saw in one dream a machine devised by the devil, where many people were in line to get his anointing.  When a person went through, they would come out much stronger, with beast like strength, and an appearance of a monster. The devil would try to give this power to as many people as possible, and those who didn't go through were left looking like 'wimps' compared to this new breed of people. 

Misusing the Power of the Lord, Dec 31, 05

I am a wretched man, I've now seen myself in several dreams where the Lord has given me great powers.   And this power corrupts me,  I always seem to misuse it.  Using it to bring people to myself, instead of the Lord.  I wake up very disappointed in myself, knowing I've failed another test.  For the Lord tests the heart of man, and a part of me deep down seems to be corrupt.  The powers of the Lord is only for serving Him, not to give us glory!

Gathering up your friends, Dream of Oct. 16, 05

Through this dream I was shown myself with many of my old elementary school friends, people long forgotten.  I was given the understanding that even though our bodies are stuck in one physical location, our spirit is not limited in this way.  And we should be gathering all our friends from the past into the Kingdom.  Praying, interceding and travailing for them, even though we don't see them every day.

Dream of March 21, 05
"Judas is in the Church"

The dream I had this morning was frightening.  I saw a military airplane base, representing the Lord's church.  There were ground soldiers with guns, airplanes, fighter pilots, guards, captains, etc.  Everything looked fine and in order, but then I noticed a phenomenon.  Everyone was going about their duty when all of a sudden, a large group of OUR ground soldiers (who happened to look like Storm Troupers) started marching in complete unity toward a specific area.  They marched onto these raised wooden platforms that were high above the entrance of the airplane hanger.  They marched in lock step, and were being given orders by some unseen force.  When they got to the edge of these platforms they all pulled out their guns (AK-47s).  I looked in amazement and said to myself, "what are you guys doing? Who are you responding to?"  When the first airplane came out from the hanger, all the soldiers shot at it.  There was no chance for the pilot, such a hail of bullets came against him that the airplane was destroyed.  The pilot could not go fast enough to escape.  A word jumped into my mind, "BETRAYAL".  Everyone soldier who was not part of this group started running in fear.  This group shot down one plane after another, it was a complete slaughter.  All the pilots tried to go top speed out of this hanger, but they had no chance.  We were losing all our best fighter pilots.  Then one pilot took a different path.  Instead of trying to escape, he turned his plain right at the support structure of one of these wooden platforms, and crashed right into it, sacrificing himself.  This collapsed the structure holding the men, and killed many of the betraying army.  Somehow, after this happened, it broke the unity of that army, throwing them into chaos. They where still hostile to us, but no longer acted as one.  Then one of our loyal soldiers got on a radio and said "we need Yeshua!"  The Dream ended.

Impartation, Dream of Dec 31, 04

In this dream, I was shown that when certain Christians lay hands on people, qualities that God put in these believers get imparted onto the people they are touching.  I saw my hands on another person, and there were certain words on my hand that were jumping to that person's shoulder.
(Other Christian's had different qualities that they could impart.)
This was a very valuable gift, speeding up the maturing process considerably.  This type of ministry "The Laying on of Hands" should not be ignored.

Rubber Speakers, Dream of Dec 24, 04

I often loose my peace when a person continually bothers my about a certain subject. I usually separate myself from them so that I don't get caught up in arguing or fighting. I find it easier to stay in the spirit when I am not being nagged.
In my dream, I was discussing with my DJ boss, the kind of music speakers I prefer.  I used to have small durable speakers that were encased in rubber.  They were not as powerful as the large wood cased speakers, but they could handle a beating and play fairly loud. You could throw them down a flight of stairs, and they would still work.  In the dream I was trying to convince my boss that the durable Rubber Speakers were better than the delicate power speakers.  Right after I made my case, I woke up with the understanding that I was being hypocritical.  On one had I prefer to avoid confrontation so that I can remain walking in the spirit, (which represents the Delicate more Powerful Speakers), yet when it comes to playing music, I prefer the durable Rubber Speakers (which represents handling the nicks and scratches of certain personalities).

Dream of Nov 23, 03

I was at the edge of the water and the waves were coming in higher and higher, pretty soon I was forced to climb up the hill or be knocked over.  The waves were overtaking peoples houses, but they weren't running out.  Some of us could hear the cresting of the waves far off, and could tell that another big one was coming.  After an entire set of waves came, wrecking havoc everywhere, things became a little calmer.

My interpretation:
There would be bodies washed up on shore, gasping for life.  Also treasures washed up on shore.  So I tried to go down there to help them, but came across great opposition from a group of men.  I was given the understanding that the waves represented spiritual darkness.  And it was increasing over the earth.  Unfortunately many people got swept away by them.  They didn't even know they were underwater. And they were unwilling to go up the hill.  These people might have been physically, socially, and financially fine, but spiritually they were drowning.  Their faith, which at one time might have been vibrant and growing, now was dying.  They might continue to go to church and study the bible, but it was more out of tradition and obligation than a Love for the Savior.  It would just be a matter of time before they would fall totally away. Because they weren't getting any air.
There people washed up on shore were those who were still seeking the Savior, but they were totally unprepared for the onslaught of the enemy.  Remember any sin that you have even small ones, become a HUGE liability's in spiritual warfare.  And the waves brought these issues up to the surface.  So those of us who weathered the storm were responsible for rescuing the survivors and gathering the treasure, but we need to be prepared for great opposition when we do this.

Dream of Nov 27, 03

In this dream, Jesus returned, and started talking with all His servants.  We were all excited about the return, and He gave us all a portion of His power.  I went off to try some of this gifting He gave me, and I started battling a great demon, 10 times my size.  With the new power that Jesus gave me, it was very easy to defeat this foe.  This gave me great joy, but I started noticing something bad happening.  The power of Jesus began to corrupt us, who were fleshly.  Soon some of His servants became jealous of one another's gifting. And we began to argue with each other, and quibble over our positions and ranks.  It became apparent that few of us were mature enough for such power.  (When blessed with the anointing of God,  I am so eager to show it off, so eager to brag about it, and so eager to use it at my smallest whim.)

Dream of Feb 1, 04

In this dream, I was with other people floating in the ocean, in front of a large "Titanic" sized ship.  Then the front tip of the ship was somehow cut off, and the ship started to take on water.  None of us in the water were very alarmed by this, since the ship was so big, it didn't seem like an emergency.  I was carrying a signal flair, but didn't seem to need to use it.  After a while of taking on water, those of us in the water began to say, "I don't care how big that ship is, it's going to sink." The problem was that nobody was jumping off.  And when it sank, it went down fast.  I swam after it into the deep and could not catch up to it. 
After prayer, I got the impression that the ship represented the economy.  Suggesting that I should get my economic house in order, and don't over extend my finances. 
There has been a consistent message of many of my dreams.  That we all should get our roots down, strengthen our faith, and be prepared for whatever is to come. 

I've had many dreams that would not make sense to anybody but me, because they involve people and places that I'm familure with.   But here is one important pattern I have seen.  I have had many dreams that reveal people I should pray for, issues that I need to take care of, sins I need to confess.  But right after these dreams, I would have a "sin dream", whereby I would be given a strong temptation. If I fell to this temptation, (which I have done many times) then I would forget the first dream, and continue sleeping.  But if I resisted the temptation, I would wake, remember the first dream, and have the energy to intercede. 

Recent Dreams

Many of my recent dreams have been related to spiritual warfare, and end time events. 

  • In one dream it became apparent that many of the little ones, "young Christians" were being knocked off one at a time by the enemy.  As we were walking through the woods, as a group, the devil and his agents kept attacking the stragglers. So if you're a shepherd, watch the flock, don't let the little ones fall away.

  • In another dream, security measures kept getting tighter and tighter around the city, until a person would need many signatures from officials just to travel around. Because of this, I eventually found myself on the outskirts of populated areas. My friend from work kept chasing me in order to give me the 'mark of the beast'.  As thou it would solve all my problems.


Please, don't go to secular sources for dream interpretations. It is hard enough to find spirit filled people to give interpretations, and the enemy has sown much confusion about the subject.