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350+ Spiritual Principles

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Most Recently Added Ones:
-- Don't let the devil convince you that the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord is a religious spirit, it's not.
-- It's interesting to get to know the God Jesus Christ, who stays close to, and experiences the suffering of all those who are downcast, miserable, and rejected, and unloved, while He encourages people to help them, so that in eternity He can make them famous by summing up their lives as those who loved and served the unfortunate, all while other famous people, who did not help, sit around and try to sum up God's life, by saying He doesn't care, ignores and even causes the suffering of those unfortunate people.
-- Sometimes, in order to be successful in Spiritual Warfare, you need to treat it more like a courtroom, than a battlefield.
-- FreeMasory is satanic, looking good on the outside, but corrupt on the inside. No Christian of good conscience can be a member of FreeMasonry.
-- Deliverance is for the desperate. -- You can either let your chains break your praise, or your praise break your chains.
-- Healing ministers have witnessed 2 methods in praying for people, that will significantly increase their chances of seeing the person healed. #1 Stop begging God for a healing, and start commanding it. #2 Don't neglect laying your hands on a person, why praying for their healing.
-- When satan infultrates a government, he'll often try to infultrate the Justice department. Because, from there, he can pursecute and remove anyone who threatens his influence. With a corrupted Justice department, satan can protect his agents in government, and bring the law (which is backed up by the power of the gun) down on any of his rivals.
--The sin you refuse to conquer, will eventually conquer you.
--I always wanted God to be more real in my life, then I realized... Maybe God doesn't need to be more real to me, maybe I need to be less fake with Him.
--In my walk with Christ, I've found that the more things that I sacrificed on the Alter to God, the more energy I had to do His work.
--First go to the Courts of Heaven to deal with an issue, before you go to the Spiritual battlefield.
--The Blood of Jesus was shed to set you free from sin, not to allow you to freely sin.
--Most of the Host of Heaven (the Waring Angels) are currently inactive, waiting for a believer to release them into an assignment.
--There are some gifts of God that you'll never receive by just being open to them, in order to receive them you must be Hungry.
--  Sometimes, in order for God to show the tidal wave of His Glory, He will allow satan to build sandcastles on the beach. picture
--Many of the people with the highest calling of God are currently locked up in prisons. The enemy targeted them early to prevent them from ever maturing. But once set free, they have the ability to do great damage to the satan's kingdom. Truly they are "treasures hidden in darkness" Isaiah 45:3  And prison ministries are vital to the Church.  (unfortunately the enemy has the ability to see how many angels are assigned to a specific baby, and thereby judge how dangerous they are, and target the parents if necessary to steer their child in the wrong direction.)
--When lucifer was in Heaven, he was in charge of Heavenís Music and Worship & Michael was in charge of Heavenís Armies. Lucifer fell and became satan, but Michael didnít fall. What does this mean? In Laymanís terms, this means that God kept all the Soldier Angels, and satan took all the Quire boys. (Picture)
--The Blood of Jesus is not limited by Time/Space.  It has the ability to go back in time and heal/restore/mend sins of the distant past committed by generations long ago. Getting the blood to the root of any issue can fix it. Which means that a believer can go to a place where an atrocity happened long ago and apply the blood (communion with the land) to reverse its effects, and thereby cut off satan's portals into this world.
--In my research, I've noticed 2 different yet distinctive streams of End-Time prophecy, each of them biblical, each of them supported by several trustworthy prophets.
------The First Prophetic Stream has the pattern of...
========== a. Prepare for the Lord's Return (Rapture).
========== b. Live Holy or be left Behind.
========== c. Great will be the Tribulation.
------ The Second Prophetic Stream has the pattern of ...
========== a. Prepare for the Latter Rain, a massive outpouring of the Spirit, Kingdom Age
========== b. Evangelize with New Levels of anointing and power.
========== c. Great will be the Harvest.
I believe that both prophetic streams are from God. But I've noticed that many prophets seem to be clearly placed on one stream or the other, without much crossover.
--If you're waiting for the Rapture to happen before the Great End time Harvest, unpack your bags, first comes the great outpouring/harvest/Kingdom Age.

(Note: These are lessons that I've learned are NOT verbatim from the Lord, so they can NOT be taken as His words, some of them might be dead wrong, you'll need to find out for yourself which ones are true. These are also summaries from many of the Testimonies of the website. Many of these principles can be made into an entire sermon. Please excuse any grammar mistakes.)  
Principles to Live by   Christian Mistakes, Warnings, Deceptions and Pitfalls   General Teaching   Spiritual Warfare   for more lessons I've learned click here

[Christian Mistakes, Warnings, Deceptions and Pitfalls]

  1. If you're waiting for the Rapture to happen before the Great Endtime Harvest, unpack your bags, first comes the great outpouring/harvest/Kingdom Age.
  2. There is a big contrast between what is coming from Jesus by revelation and what is being preached about in the pulpit.
  3. Evangelicals, (including myself), have distorted the image of Jesus
        FROM a Righteous, Reigning, Awesome King of Glory, to be feared, loved and obeyed.
        Down to a Friendly Neighbor.
    We have diluted the Gospel down to "Say a prayer and get your free ticket to Heaven."  We handed out tickets to heaven, like it was free candy, forgetting the words of Jesus "It is hard for a man to enter the Kingdom of God"  and "narrow is the door...few there be that find it"
    We have diluted down the image of Hell,
          FROM a place of Miserable Agony, Torment, Wrath, Burning & Regret
          Down to a much more digestible phrase,  "Godless eternity"     (which doesn't seem to put fear in any unbeliever)
  4. Any gospel that does not include living Holy is incomplete! Any gospel that does not include obedience to God, but instead relies solely on Mental Assertions, is incomplete!  Jesus is the Way, if you don't go on the Way, you won't get there. The doctrine that states: "a person's correct belief is the sole requirement for them to enter Heaven" is false and has led many to miss the narrow door.
  5. Beware of the Cross-Less gospel.  It states that Jesus picked up His cross, but you don't have to.  Sacrifice is still a major part of the Christian's walk, but sacrifice only what the Lord commands you to.  Your spiritual maturity is determined by how much you are willing to sacrifice for the Lord.
  6. If any gospel does not warn people of the coming struggles, but only focuses on having a blessed life, this gospel has been cheapened.  The recipients of this gospel message may not be ready for hard trials, and could fall away.
  7. I repent for teaching the "Once Saved Always Saved" doctrine.  I now see that it contradicts numerous scripture verses, it tends to lower people guard against sin, and it also contradicts many testimonies of people who have been shown Hell and seen backslidden Christians.  This doctrine is also remarkably absent from the teachings of Jesus Christ himself, and usually comes from bad interpretations of the other prophets. It basically says, there is no more narrow road or small door, you're already past that. The "Once Saved Always Saved" doctrin is true to the point that one doens't lose their salvation like one might lose their keys. But one may loose their salvation in the same way they lost their damnation, by a concious, willing act of switching kingdoms. You never lost your free will when you got saved, so please never make the decision to go back to satan, not matter what he offers.
  8. All 10 Commandments are all still in place, there were not removed.  Many Christians, including myself, have violated the 4th Commandment, by not keeping Sabbaths/Sundays Holy.
  9. Tithing is the mechanism for funding the Gospel. Those who withhold tithes and offerings from the Lord are disobedient Christians, they won't be ready for His return. By their disobedience, they hinder the gospel from going out, costing souls. That Lord has warned the church, that anyone who loves money more than Him, will not see the Kingdom.
  10. That Lord has spoken through revelation after revelation that many Christians, who thought they would get to Heaven, never made it, but instead wound up in hell. They never "strived to make it through the narrow door" Holiness is still required to get into Heaven.
  11. The Great Apostasy that has entered the Church, is that the LAW has been abolished.  This belief casts a shadow on all Old Testament commandment, it allows us to pick and choose which Old Testament commandments we want to obey. One of the first teaching of Jesus, the Sermon on the Mount, specifically tried to prevent this mistake, when Jesus said, "I didn't come to Abolish the Law or the Prophets" Therefore, there is no way around it, a Christian Must separate the Old Testament LAWs into different categories, so it will be very clear which laws we are still to follow. Anyone that says that none of the Old Testament Laws have any consequences today, is mistaken.
    I've put Old Testament Laws into 6 categories. 
       #1 The Traditions of Man:  laws and rules of man's origin, that do not have a divine origin.
               We are NOT to follow these.
               (i.e. DON'T HEAL ON THE SABBATH, Mark 7:8)
       #2 Temple Laws and Sacrifices: Since Jesus destroyed and rebuilt the temple we no longer do these temple requirements on Earth, their function is now in the heavenly realm.
               (i.e. the BLOOD SACRIFICE:  Though we still need it, it's not done on Earth, but done by Jesus in Heaven.)
       #3 Laws reserved solely for the Jews: 
               I don't consider these commandments for every other nation.
               (i.e. Don't marry non-Jews)
       #4 Laws given by Moses, confirmed by prophets in later years, and not specifically nullified by any New Testament scripture. I believe these laws still have consequences today.
                (i.e. INCEST, USURY, 10 COMMANDMENTS)
       #5 Laws mentioned by Moses once, but never brought up again anywhere in scripture.
                I don't necessarily follow these.
       #6 Laws that when broken in scripture, resulted in God killing people: Anytime you see God kill someone in scripture for a specific sin, I would take that sin very seriously, and avoid it, whether or not it is mentioned in the New Testament.
  12. It is a false doctrine to tell Christians that after their first repentance, they never need to repent again for new sins. The blood of Jesus does not automatically wash away FUTURE sins, sins need to be repented of after they are committed. If you disagree, just ask Ananias and Sephira about their pre-forgiven sin. This is why repentance is mentioned in the Lord's Prayer.
  13. It IS possible for born-again Christians to get evil spirits in them. (Oppressed not Possessed)
  14. Accusing someone is a serious thing to do, not to be handled lightly, not for the immature, and not to be done without the prompting of the Holy Spirit.  In scripture it was handled by the Apostles, by seasoned men and women of God.  But even the disciples, as shown in the Gospels, misjudged people (Mark 9:38).  When you accuse another person without the prompting of the Holy Spirit, you'll be in danger of the trap of the enemy, who greatest weapon is using Christian to accuse other Christians, and cause division.  Many times, in the name of "defending the truth", we are often "attacking the body".  We are not doing God a favor by attacking His children.
    Take a strong warning from Philip Elston, who had a vision several years ago in which he saw the Lord standing with His arms outstretched.  Soldiers in blue and gray uniforms were marching past Him on either side, and were laying their bloody swords on His arms.  The Lord resolutely looked into the eyes of each one, saying, "No one who has their brother's blood on their sword will be used to build My house."
  15. Pride + Bible knowledge will get you as far as it did with the Pharisees.  (Saying foolish, presumptuous and religious sounding statements like, "It is not lawful to heal on the Sabbath", "no prophet come out of Nazareth")
  16. Jesus said, "wait...until you are clothed with power from on high." If you want to serve the Lord without being clothed with power, it is foolish, unbiblical and much less effective.
  17. Signs, wonders, miracles and healings are for today, they have NOT disappeared, nor has the gifts of the Spirit.
  18. There is a strong satanic movement in the Church to stop the spread of the Gift of the Prayer Language. In so many churches you can hear teaching about prayer language, and have an intellectual discourse about it, and study it, you just CAN'T get it.
  19. Your good works don't earn you into Heaven, but your bad works CAN disqualify you, if not repented of.  From Scripture we know that grace comes to those who repent, and God's love comes to those who are surrendered to Him (the cross). Teaching people that Grace can come by other means than repentance is irresponsible, and it's a dangerous doctrine to tell others that God's love is not dependent on surrendering to Him.
  20. Neglecting, Ignoring and opposing the manifestations of the Holy Spirit, is the Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. If there is a manifestation of the Holy Spirit, (Tongues, Signs, Healings, Prophecy, etc.) and you say it is from the devil, you are dangerously blaspheming the Holy Spirit. Don't Risk It!  Don't resist the movements of the Holy Spirit, that is the Blasphemy we were warned about. In a revelation to Pastor Kim, 70% of the "so-called Christians" that are in Hell, are there because they Blasphemed the Holy Spirit. 30% are there, because they did NOT live Holy and keep the Word of God in their lives. (also...Those people who are fearful that they Blasphemed the Holy Spirit are usually not the type of people who have done it.)
  21. Christians need to be ready to repent on a moments notice.
  22. Coming to the Lord, always to conduct business or seek knowledge, and not because you love Him, greaves His heart. It is like a loving Husband, whose wife is incapable of love or emotion, but is only concerned with duties and chores. I left my first love, and pursued duty, not His heart. The image of Jesus as a waiting Groom was not one that I knew. 
  23. The Father did not sow His Son, to reap a bunch of slaves.  He wanted Children, not slaves.  Leaving the slave mentality is something all Children of God must do.
  24. Never set your eyes on any defiled thing.  Your eyes are a gateway to your soul and it pours filth into your heart when you gaze upon them.
  25. The higher you go, the closer you walk with the Lord, the greater the devastation will come from your disobedience. "The things we can get away with in the Outer Court can get us killed in the Holy Place."
  26. When Christian's argue, we must watch carefully the intentions of our heart.  I have on occasion argued with Christian's using good biblical arguments and principles, while trying to cut the other person down to pieces.  It was only when I ignored the facts, and focused on the intentions of my heart, did I realize what I was doing was evil, even though I masked it with good biblical doctrine. 
  27. It only take a few wounds to turn a sheepdog into a wolf; one who defends the flock into one who attacks it.  When Christians have too many unhealed wounds, they only seem to be able to attack other ministries and people, and not edify.
  28. When you talk about someone, only say what you would be comfortable saying in their presence.  Otherwise you will be acting two-faced.  Remember every word we speak will be reviewed when our life is Judged.  And when someone else is speaking gossip, Object, stop it, or get out of there!  Hearing one bad comment or rumor about someone can pollute your relationship with them for years.  Beware of the desire to witness people's shame and nakedness, this is what promotes gossip.
  29. The greater your influence, the greater the ability you have to mislead people, when you are not walking with the Lord.  Never esteem you influence, but take it with sober caution.
  30. Repetitiously praying the Rosary is not of God.
  31. We often make the people closest to the Lord into our idols.  This is why Moses was not given a public burial, because God knew the people would have dug up his bones and worshiped them, making them into idols and relics, which is what eventually happened to Moses's staff.  It's also why he veiled his face, to keep himself from pride, and other from worshiping him.
  32. The saints, prophets, disciples and apostles were NOT great people that met an average God, they were average people that met a Great God.  So all the glory belongs to God alone and we must not idolize past saints.
  33. When the Lord speaks through a person, what they say will be backed up by scripture.  But also, when the enemy speaks, he will use misapplied scripture to defend his poison.  How will you distinguish? If you're relying on your intellectual knowledge of scripture to distinguish, be careful, you're up against the one "more crafty than the rest."  The truth is that you must know the voice of the Lord.  If you don't, you'll believe the misapplied scripture of the enemy's agent before you believe the Lord's servant!
  34. One of the hardest tests for a Christian is drawing close to God in intense worship, while not getting distracted by the glory that is reflecting off of us.
  35. Don't minimize a move of God down to the phrase "an emotional experience,"  for often moves of the Lord bring people to tears.
  36. Hiding, self-justification, wearing masks, and shifting blame, are all paths that will lead a good man, back to his sin, a dog back to his vomit.
  37. If you live a godly life, but do not verbally share Christ with others, you'll be as successful as Lot was in saving Sodom and Gomorrah.
  38. Many Christian's are functional atheists.  They believe the stories of the Bible, but if anything like those stories happens today, they'll be the first ones to call it false. 
  39. The closer you get to the Mountain, the smaller you appear.  The closer you are to God the more humble you become, but the closer you come to the devil, the more puffed up you become.
  40. If there is a problem/issue that the Lord is taking you through, and you refuse to learn it.  That issue will come back later and overcome you until it is dealt with.  You will go "Around that Mountain" until the lesson is finished.
  41. Before the Lord advances His church, the enemy will send out the fakes.
  42. When the Lord advances His church using certain people, these people will be utterly defamed.  If you research those people on the internet, most of what you'll find will be negative and written by "respectable" people with prestigious degrees behind their name.  Similar to when Jesus walked the earth.
  43. When we say that a teaching of Jesus is just a 'Symbolic Analogy' it opens up the door to a 1000 interpretations, and removes its true meaning. But a 'Spiritual Reality' is different than a 'Symbolic Analogy'. Some biblical teaching is symbolic, but not all.  For example, The Tree of Life is not symbolic, it's a real tree that one can see and touch in the heavenly realm, the Sword of the Spirit is not symbolic either, it is real. I'm re-reading the teachings of Jesus, knowing that maybe things I thought were just symbolic, may actually be 'Spiritual Realities'. Another example of this is from Proverbs 23:32 where it says that wine/alcohol bites like a snake. Most people would consider this a 'Symbolic Analogy', but according to Christians with the gift of Spiritual site this proverb is not symbolic but a 'Spiritual Reality'.  Another example of this is from Matt 21:21, where Jesus tells us we can cast mountains into the sea. Someone who considers this a symbolic teaching might pray like this, "I cast my Mountain of Debt, into the Sea, I cast my Mountain of Pain into the Sea." But now we're finding out by revelation that it's not symbolic, there are actually demonic mountains in the heavenly realm that need to be cast down. (see here)
  44. If there is a certain spiritual gift (a manifestation of the Holy Spirit), and you say that it is from the devil, you are blaspheming the Holy Spirit. Be VERY Careful!
  45. The false prophet is usually the first to accuse the true prophet. 
  46. If you miss the real prophets, then you will have less ability to recognize the false ones, and skepticism is not the same as true discernment. If a Christian has more faith in the devil to deceive than the Lord to enlighten, then that Christian will look with skepticism on different moves of God.
  47. For Christians who try to stay out of Politics, remember this. You can't share the Gospel with an Aborted Baby.  In other words, if you haven't first fought to save the life of a baby from an Abortion, then all the commandments to love your neighbor become meaningless in the case of that child.
  48. Many people are running TOWARD Christian Ministry and AWAY from the Lord's presence at the same time.
  49. You will need to go through many easy doors, to get the same spiritual growth as going through one difficult door.
  50. If the Lord wakes you up in the night to pray, but you refuse, roll over and go back to sleep. Then the bed becomes your grave.
  51. Your FAITH is not only your belief in who God IS, but who you are NOT.  Without God, I'm foolish, weak and easily captured.  Our Faith is in God alone, NEVER in man, NEVER in his institutions, and Never in the bride.  I love my church, but many times we have failed and dropped the ball.  And when people tie their anchor to a person or institution, they are bound for disappointment. 
  52. I find no evidence in the Bible, or among today's prophets, of a place of "Purgatory" that exists today.
  53. When a believer falls, the Christian's will reach out their hands to restore, but religious people will reach out their swords to condemn.
  54. The farther away from God you get, the more rules and regulations you'll come up with in an effort to maintain what you once had.  And what was once living will soon become mechanical and artificial.  (Take the machinery out of the church.)
  55. If an pain caused by someone in your past still brings up negative emotions, then there is probably still some un-forgiveness.
  56. Avoiding deception from false prophets is important.  But if you put too much emphasis on avoiding deception then you will reject the Lord's true prophets. 
  57. People who receive visions from the Lord, are often in the habit of interpreting their vision in the most positive way possible, while some of their visions may have been warnings or rebukes.
  58. Church sermons that (indirectly) bring comfort to people who chose to remain in their sin, do them great damage.
  59. I once drank a poison called ďDonít Convict Me,Ē it was sweet, but it lead to my death.  It kept me in the dark for many years.
  60. Many Christians will only listen to ministers whom they already agree with.
  61. Every blessing of God is in jeopardy to someone who does not fear the Lord, and obey His Word.
  62. You can fall at any level in your walk with Christ.  Never think that you're invincible, because pride comes before a fall.  When mountain climbing, you can quickly tell when you are falling, but it is not so spiritually.  Most don't know when they are falling.
  63. Many Christians fall immediately after a great victory.
  64. The problem with receiving the anointing of God, is that it can draw people to yourself, rather than Christ.
  65. Money has caused so many problems in the Church, that if possible, ministers of Jesus should strive not to live off the Tithe. If you want to get rich, then get rich in the marketplace, not the Church.
  66. If there is a man, serving the Lord, helping the poor, and studying the word, and this man is only stealing a small about of money from work every week, he is in danger of hellfire.  If there is a lady, serving in the church, leading people to Christ, and sponsoring missionaries, and this lady continues to cheat with only 1 adulterous partner, she is in danger of hellfire. You should not have any hope that Jesus might break His Word.
  67. From here to your destination are a thousand prisons, learn how to get out, remember how you got in, and never say, "There are no more".  What we often considered strongholds of truth, were really fortresses of fear.
  68. One of the worst things that can happen to a Christian minister, is that they become successful before they are ready.
  69. The biggest threat to the Lord's anointed, is often the Lord's last anointed.  For King David it was Saul, for Jesus it was the religious elite, for Luther it was the Church.  Whenever there is any progress in the church, most opposition comes not from the secular world but from the current religious establishment.
  70. Never lose your temper in the presence of the Lord. As many of us have found out, it brings instant and severe Judgment, and makes the Father angry.
  71. When a male teenager comes to the Lord, they usually have an ounce of faith fighting a pound of testosterone, therefore demanding that he lives a pristine, perfect life, may be setting him up for a fall.
  72. We desperately need a balance between study and service.  I.E.  Think about the last 4 bible studies you've attended.  If in the time you've attended those 4 bible studies, you've never once went out to serve the Lord, help the needy, feed the hungry, encourage the weak, or edify the church, then you're probably out of balance.  "The last thing some Christian's need is another bible study." (Purpose Driven Life) Jesus said, now that you know these things, you will be blessed if you do them.  (John 13:17)
  73. There are 2 pits on the side of the path of life.  One pit says, "You must serve the Lord in drudgery and misery, never enjoying a moment."  Occasionally I see victims there, the other pit is more common, it says "serve the Lord in comfort, remove all toil, suffering and anything unpleasant.  Maximize pleasure as you do the Lord's work." 
  74. Selfishness destroys.
  75. Evangelism is like a car, and the "Understanding of Hell" is like Gas. When a person doesn't know about Hell, he is much less likely to share the Gospel with others.
  76. As I studied many revelations from God, regarding Heaven and Hell, there was one thing that was very consistent. The things God warned His people about, would come true, if they ignored His warning. So itís useless to hope that God might break His Word, just because someone was a Christian. For example, when Jesus warned us, Ďunless you forgive your brother when he sins against you, your Heavenly Father will NOT forgive your sinsí this is true, even if youíre a pastor of a 10,000 member church. So His warnings are to be taken seriously. This is why, in several revelations of Hell, many Christians wound up in hell, because they falsely assumed that God would not carry out what He promised.
  77. The higher spiritual authority you have, the greater you can fall without love and humility.  The closer you get to the Lord, the more narrow the road becomes.
  78. When a friend of mine (a man of God) fell into temptation, he said he heard 2 messages from the enemy.  Both of these were very crafty and destructive.  The first message was "As long as you're down here in sin, you might as well enjoy the fruit." When he took this message to heart, he engaged in all kinds of sin that were never even his weaknesses.  The second message was, "You can turn back to God tomorrow." When he took that message to heart, tomorrow never came until a year later in jail. 
  79. The devil, like a good wrestler, knows when to pull and when to push.  he can resist anyone from entering their assigned ministry, but if that doesn't work, then he can then push them hard, causing them burnout.
  80. Watch out, one of the most dangerous places for Christians is the spotlight.  In the spotlight we focus on ourselves.  Many of us can be just as effective serving the Lord from behind the scenes in a prayer closet than those who are up front in the spotlight.
  81. Beware of the yoke of men.  Man's yoke looks good, but it will only slow you down in the climb, and will make you less fruitful.  The Lord's yoke is light, it lifts you up, but man's will weigh you down.
  82. For Prophets, you must make a clear distinction between your onions and teachings, and what the Lord has divinely revealed to you. Don't mix them!
  83. If a believer prays for the sick, and nothing happens, DON'T blame God!
  84. In my pursuit of God through worship, there is one thing that has greatly interfered and hindered it. As I would start to focus on Jesus, my mind would often become preoccupied with the doctrinal flaws of my friends. And I would sit there for 10-15 minutes going over everything wrong with their beliefs, and what they should believe, even on small matters. Only after a few months of this, did I realize I was being drawn away from God, by the accuser. Even though I was justifying every Judgment with scripture verses, I can now see that it actually prevented me from focusing on Jesus.
  85. Don't try to fix the sinful nature, there is not fixing it.  It must be crucified. The world's solution is to cope with and improve upon the sinful nature, the Lord's solution is to just kill by the cross & replace it with His nature. (vastly different solutions)
  86. Don't copyright what the Lord reveals to you.   Unless there is a very pressing need for a copyright, give it away free.  Putting a copyright on God's revelations is like a healing minister who charges money for healing people.  The Lords gifts are for His Church, not for profit!  This profiting off the Lord is what cursed Gehazi in II Kings 5:27   
  87. Too much work that is done in Christian Ministry is simply the duplication of what other Christian's have ALREADY finished. There is too much redundant work. Why, usually because of copyrights and legal restrictions.  Christians often only see their local ministry, and not the whole body of Christ, so we often only do work that benefits those close by, and not the entire Church.
  88. If you do not act quickly upon a message from the Lord, you will find it difficult to remember it or act upon it, in later times.
  89. If your 'fear of being deceived' is greater than your 'faith in God', then your ears will be shut to God's messengers.
  90. Just because someone is doing great & powerful miracles of God, doesn't automatically mean that they are in right standing with God. The anointed servants of God can still become corrupt, and yet not lose the anointing.
  91. Each Christian must be able to distinguish between true and false wisdom. They look similar, and can be hard to tell them apart. What makes it so difficult is that scripture verses can be used to support both false and true wisdom.  In my experience, false wisdom usually leads to inactivity, fear and criticism. And these are usually have the appearance of 'caution' and 'discernment'.
  92. If a used car salesman put's a Christian bumper sticker on the car he is selling, would that impress the Lord? In the same way, when Christians merchandise their products with biblical themes and images, what are they really doing more than any secular salesman? If a Christian can't serve God in a non-profit ministry, then they are just a businessman. (It's ok to be a businessman, but just don't call it a ministry)  If I financially profit off of doing the ministry (charging more than cost), then I personally expect no reward or acknowledgement from God. (It's just a business, with a religious theme.)
  93. It is possible for a prophet of God to mistakenly listen to a false prophet spirit. God's word is perfect, but his prophets are not, and they need to carefully test each spirit.
  94. A Christian "at ease" is ripe for God's Judgment. (Being "at ease", while the rest of the world is falling deeper into sin, and not lifting a finger to help them.) This un-zealous attitude will get a Christian in trouble. (This is different than being at peace.)
  95. Zealous Christians can sometimes fall into the deception that they can earn God's Love, and that His love is based on their performance. (I personally fell to this deception.)  Be sure to love God for who He Is, not for what He can give you.  The Love of God is not so cheap that it can be earned by the work of your hand or the sweat of your brow.
  96. Many Christians are doing good works, but not specifically what the Lord called them to do. This is a form of rebellion. We must pray to know the specific will of God for our lives, and be determined to Do it.
  97. One trap I often fall into is this, the more power the Lord gives me, the less I think that I need Him. The Lord's power can be very corrupting to a person who is not crucified, not humble, and does not walk in love.
  98. Those who rely only on the bible, and never bother getting counsel from the Holy Spirit, can be deceived.
  99. Spoken Prophetically by Jesus, regarding the many divine visitation by Mary (mother of Jesus): "If I want to manifest MYSELF to somebody, I don't do it through Mary. She is MY beloved child, but she does not manifest herself to people. This is a huge lie and taught by the Catholic church and other groups. I am not happy with this at all. She does not appear, it is the devil disguised as her, to mislead people so they would pray and worship her instead of ME. I do not allow any other gods before MY HOLY FACE!"
  100. When there is a good deed that a person decides not to do, a religious person will criticize the act, or criticize other doing the deed, in order to justify their in-action.
  101. When someone is ready to be baptized, don't stop them, but quickly get them baptized. Get them while they are Hot.  The devil will start working on them to discourage them from being baptized, and you may not have another chance later.  Baptize them before you disciple them.  Many Church put too many administrative stumbling blocks in the way of people getting baptized, i.e.. only certain times of the year, a number of preliminary classes, discipleship, reference checks, church attendance agreements, a prepared public statement. These were not used in scripture. When someone believed in Jesus, and was ready to repent, that was enough to be baptized. (the next step is discipleship)
  102. The mapping of the Spiritual realm, (the different principalities/powers/authorities/Demonic Spirits/etc.) are being introduced to people through Movies, Games, Books, Comics, Cartoons, etc.  According to scripture, we already know that demonic spirits are introduced to people through false religions.  But now there are many testimonies of people who have seen demonic spirits, verifying that these demonic spirits have the same/similar appearance to what they have already seen in Movies, Games, Cartoons, TV shows, etc. That's not a coincidence, it shows satan's strategy. The introducing of the demonic world to the people of earth, it is being done in the name of Entertainment & Culture.
  103. The New World Order: (which is the centralization and concentration of world economic/political/trade/military powers, first into several world bodies, then into 1 central organization, and finally under 1 leader. With all seemingly good intentions of world unity, peace and cooperation.) This is referred to in scripture as Babylon the Great, which is when all the nations come together, but not under God.  It's final days and destruction has been foretold by the prophets. (Mostly in the Book of Revelations)
  104. When the nations come together, but not under God, they will start to oppose Israel, and eventually the Church.
  105. When a Word, Vision or Prophecy comes containing information about a 'Future Spouse', a 'Future Date' or a 'Future Baby', (Mates/Dates/&Babies) these revelations need to be carefully prayed over.  So many times the devil has interfered with these, with false information, that these types of revelations (Mates/Dates/Babies) have to be thoroughly scrutinized and prayed over. You should also rebuke any false anointing that may involved, when someone gets these types of revelations, and ask God for a spirit of true discernment.
  106. Whenever your praying for something, immediately declare with your mouth "I believe, I receive" so there will be no interference from any lack of faith. -Gary Wood
  107. It's as though Christians' read from 2 different bibles. Some Christians read from the "DO" bible. As they read this bible, they actually feel a need to DO the things decreed in it.  While other Christians read from the "VERBLESS" bible. In this bible the commandment from God, magically disappear, or become optional life guidelines. As people read from this bible, their biblical knowledge grows, but their lifestyle stays pretty much the same as the rest of the world.
  108. The God of the Bible, and the Muslim God Allah are NOT the same.
  109. The longer a husband refuses intimacy with his wife, the more it empowers the evil one to tempt him.
  110. As man's wisdom enters the Church, it leads ministers to be less reliant on the Spirit and more mechanical.
  111. You don't need to beg God to fulfill His promise.  You just declare it.
  112. We have been warned by Prophets that in the demonic realm (2nd Heaven), satan has set up a fake heaven and a fake hell, and he can take people there to promote deceptions regarding the real Heaven (3rd Heaven) and Hell. (I've personally seen the fake hell.) Therefore, any revelation regarding Heaven and Hell needs to be tightly scrutinized and judged regarding the origin.
  113. If a person is determined to walk in Holiness, and cannot be dissuaded by the evil on, then satan's next strategy will be Distortion and Seclusion.
              Distortion: give them a distorted view of what Holiness is (often a focus on outward attributes, instead of inward attributes, the outside of the cup, not the inside. Matt 23:25
              Seclusion: Keep them away from other people, so that their drive towards holiness won't spread (Hiding a lamp under a bushel, Matt 5:15). I call this the AMISH strategy.
  114. There are such things as false tongues and false spiritual gifts. Therefore, any time that someone is giving or receive spiritual gifts, a preliminary prayer should be prayed to prevent these. "I Rebuke any False Anointing, I Rebuke any False Gifts. I break their power. In Jesus Name."
  115. You can trust what a prophet sees or hears from God, but you can't always trust how they convey that message. Untrained and immature prophets can cause the church great harm. I've come to the conclusion that if 2 prophets have conflicting visions, I will default to the message of the more mature prophet.
  116. It can be fruitless to try to share with someone who thinks that anyone who disagrees with them must be "Religious."
  117. There more glory in accepting a rebuke, than giving one. Some Christians glory in the rebukes they gave others.
  118. The sin you refuse to conquer, will eventually conquer you.
  119. There is an entire wall of delusions preventing Christians from entering the Healing Ministry. Spiritually sounding, religious statements and beliefs that distort the Word of God, and criple a Christian's faith and determination to follow in Jesus' footsteps of Healing. If you ever want to heal people as Jesus healed people, you'll need to identify and reject these delusions.
  120. Healing ministers have witnessed 2 methods in praying for people, that will significantly increase their chances of seeing the person healed. #1 Stop begging God for a healing, and start commanding it.  #2 Don't neglect laying your hands on a person, why praying for their healing.
  121. Religious people can see Goliath and panic, but spiritual people can see David and rejoice.
  122. FreeMasory is satanic, looking good on the outside, but corrupt on the inside. No Christian of good conscience can be a member of FreeMasonry.
  123. I once had a Christian counselor tell me that all the problems Christians have that they need counseling for, either with marriage, family, or work, always started when the person's relationship with God began to weaken.
  124. I would rather hear the rambling of the many members of the body of Christ, than the polished words of just 1 speaker.
  125. It's interesting to get to know the God Jesus Christ, who stays close to, and experiences the suffering of all those who are downcast, miserable, and rejected, and unloved, while He encourages people to help them, so that in eternity He can make them famous by summing up their lives as those who loved and served the unfortunate, all while other famous people, who did not help, sit around and try to sum up God's life, by saying He doesn't care, ignores and even causes the suffering of those unfortunate people.
  126. For an athiest, their priest is a scientist, and their only hope is government.
  127. The problem with Cults is that they often use the same Christian language as mainstream Churches, but their definitions of those words mean something totally different.
  128. Don't let the devil convince you that the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord is a religious spirit, it's not.
  129. Deliverance is for the Desperate.
  130. The Truth shall set you free, but first it will make you angry.
  131. If you're going to serve in Christian ministry, don't make saftey your highest priority.
  132. It's no good to give 10 dollars to a charity that will spend 9 of the dollars to raise 11 more dollars.

For Churches & Ministries

  1. The most esteemed person in your Church should be Jesus, the next most important person in your Church should be the unsaved, and the least esteemed people in your Church should be your leaders.  
  2. The inCorrect Foundation of the Church. Click Here
  3. Don't name your ministry after yourself, the goal is to give Jesus glory, not us.  I can't imagine having the Robert Bro***ell Ministry ?!? Whenever possible, do your ministry without recognition. So many Christians fall, when in the spotlight.
  4. 2/3 of the world's people are oral learners, unless you deliver Christian media in Audio or Visual (story) format, it will not impact them.  You can't just teach them doctrine and theories, their minds don't work that way. They need to understand things in the form of a story. This is why Jesus used so many parables.
  5. Any Christian Magazine, Pamphlet, Brochure or printing that highlights the names of ministers or ministries more than Jesus, is glorifying man.
  6. You CAN'T preach the gospel only using gentle words.  Messages from God can sometimes be sharp, to the point, painful and hard to accept.  But their message must not be watered down or compromised.  Pastors need to protect the flock from evil, but they should not protect the flock from the hard messages of God.
  7. Build up people, not ministries.  Invest into people, not into processes.  Many times Christian's get involved with ministries, and neglect the personal investment into people (Relationships), which is the whole reason for ministry.
  8. Christian Fellowship is a 2 way interactive relationship, but much of the Church has become a 1 way communication organization.
  9. If you only minister to those who pay you, what are you doing more than others?  Even sinful people serve those that pay them?  Minister to the whole body of Christ, not just your financial supporters.
  10. Pastors, when the Lord gives you a message, drop you carefully crafted sermon notes, and preach what the Lord revealed.  Most pastors preach from the inspired Word of God, but few have inspired preaching from the inspired Word of God.  Sermons are too often not inspired, but rather just the notes for that week's bible study, or a religious pep rally.
  11. If a Church has parking spaces reserved for it's leaders, then it has the wrong focus!
  12. Jesus taught us that the Door to life is Small. If a pastor's teachings paint a large door, not small, then he is doing his congregation a great disservice.
  13. Congregations must not drive out pastors, when pastors make mistakes or fall. It is the Lord's responsibility to set up and remove pastors, not ours.  Doing this will bring serious Judgment.
  14. If 20% of the sermon's you attend, read scriptures verses to the congregation about living Holy, and 95% of the sermon's you attend, read scripture verses about tithes and offerings, then your church has wrong motives.
  15. For preachers, be very careful when your audience continuously applauds you during your sermon, because it puffs us up, and soon we start thinking they are applauding us. The pulpit is a place to honor Jesus, not celebrities.
  16. Sermon's that only talk about the great exploits of the leaders and ministry do more to puff people up.  Sermons should also include the mistakes and pitfalls that were made, so others can learn from them and avoid them.
  17. Pastors beware of the "Just in Case" philosophy when conducting church services.  It's human wisdom at its best and I see it creeping into churches.  This philosophy says, "Prepare every detail of the service in advance, prepare the worship music exactly the way you want it.  Prepare and rehearse the introduction of the sermon, so you don't stumble over your words.  Get the closing prayer written down and ready.  Then, Just in Case the Lord doesn't show up, you can still put on a great show!"  Church service should NOT be like a Broadway production. 
  18. Many of today's church services are likened to a gas station, where the whole message is "come get your fill of God".
  19. The church service is often more attentive to the clock than the Holy Spirit. Get the clock out of the sanctuary.
  20. Rank given to a person by a religious organization does not equate to rank in God's Kingdom.
  21. When ministering to a person, never minister to their mask, only minister to the real person.
  22. 90% prayer & 10% work!  Ministries not immersed in prayer will fail. 
  23. The enemies strategy for the Church is Deceive, Divide and Destroy.   Deceptions (satan's most powerful weapon) brings strife, quarrels, fighting, backbiting, slander, etc.  These will bring division into the Church, separating God's Children away from the family, away from the shepherds.  Once separated, the enemy can more easily overpower us and take us out.  Once we are overpowered and captured, we can then easily be used to attack the church, (in the name of helping God.)  Therefore, anything that would bring division into a Church should be Highly scrutinized & suspected.
  24. The difference between the false church and the true church, is that the false church will embrace the name of the Lord but not the light of God. So when Cultural issues come against the teaching of the bible, the false church will compromise.
  25. Ministries that don't train up the next generation won't last.
  26. The best place to evangelize is where people's hearts are soft.
  27. There is a continual drowsiness the sweeps over the Church, lulling us to sleep, dulling our zeal, closing our eyes, & stealing our passion for a lost world. Pastors need to be careful of sermons that cause Christians to drop their guard, and become comfortable with the world. One of the enemies main goals is to snuff out the fire of those who are hot, leaving everyone lukewarm.
  28. The subject of tithes and offerings is often unpopular, so pastors frequently ask some other member of the congregation to speak during the offering, so that the volunteer can take the brunt of the unpopularity. Stop playing church.
  29. One common theme of the Bible, stated over and over, is "Just Stop Sinning". You are unfit to preach the bible, if you are unable to preach this message.
  30. "My house shall be a house of prayer for all nations." But we have made it into a house of study.  Our western church is founded on gathering knowledge about God.  (Study does have its place, but not the main focus.) We've gathered 10 times the knowledge of the early apostles, yet have 1/10th their effectiveness.
  31. How can someone preach if they can't listen? The person in church who speaks the most, should not be the one who listens the least.
  32. We must not think that just because a spiritual message is give with passion, confidence, and volume that it is any more legitimate than a message given in weakness. But ministers have often added these effects, by their own strength, in order to legitimize their message. And we have falsely assumed God's messages will always come like that.
  33. No weeping saints, no weeping sinners.  No night long prayer, no long lines to Church.  I have seen for myself, the larger the congregation gets, the smaller the prayer group becomes.
  34. When in a prayer meeting with people who have prophetic gifts, these gifts seem to slop flowing if there are others in the meeting who don't believe or receive the prophetic.
  35. Doctors use medicine, not swords. Also with those who try to fix God's church, if all they can do is criticize, accuse and blame, then they are not real doctors.
  36. Pastor's desperately need to prepare their congregation for the End Times, and not ignore the subject.
  37. You can't build God's church by the ambition of man. Man's ambition will go ahead of the Lord, into unprepared areas. And man's fear will lag behind the Lord. 
  38. Many church buildings are actually monuments to their leaders.
  39. Church gatherings are tremendous opportunities for Corporate prayer, unfortunately this is often neglected for all the other programs going on. Did Jesus say, "My House shall be a House of Programs."
  40. The lack of real life-changing testimonies in Sermons, where preaching is just doctrine and theory, greatly diminishes the listener's faith.
  41. When the Church preaches against a sin, like homosexuality, drunkenness or Abortion, then battles rage in the heavenly realms against these principalities.  But when the Church is silent on an issue, to avoid controversy or not to appear to be provocative, then these heavenly battles do not happen, and these spirits run rampant, going unopposed and destroy the lives of many people.
  42. Two false doctrines are in the Church, and they need to be dealt with.  #1  "God has stopped speaking"  and #2 "if the Lord speaks today, it is not as valid as when He spoke in the past."
  43. God is the one who can take a pile of filthy dirt, and with just 1 seed, turn it into beautiful and sweet smelling flowers, or trees with delicious fruit. But man is the one who takes beautiful and delicious fruit, and turns it into a pile of filthy dung.
  44. A minister's weakness is often their family. I can handle a person yelling at me, and the police taking me away, but if my son misbehaves, or wife argues, then I easily lose my cool.
  45. Eight Pillars of the Lukewarm Church: (Eight great steps to keep your church weak and lukewarm.)
    1. Don't talk about the Hell or the Judgments of God. You can talk about Love, Mercy & forgiveness. But Wrath, Judgments & Hell are just not popular messages anymore.
    2. Don't talk about speaking in tongues, because of it's strangeness, you don't want to scare anyone away.
    3. Don't talk about deliverance, demonic attacks or Spiritual warfare, these subjects are only for a select few, not everyone.
    4. Don't acknowledge any current prophets, any current visions, or any current prophesies. You'll need to protect your church's reputation from anything controversial.  If someone in your congregation is getting visions or prophecies, talk to them privately but don't let the congregation know about these.
    6. Don't use the Laying on of Hands.
    7. Preach the Cross in a way as to make people think that they Don't need to pick up one.
    8. Don't talk about being filled with the Holy Spirit, just assume that once a person says a little prayer and attends church, that he is already full of the Spirit, and nothing else is needed.
    9. For prayer, a 5 minute pray before the sermon and other meetings should be fine enough.
    10. Don't let the congregation get too excited during the worship, try to stop any dancing or extravagant worship.
  46. The Prosperity Gospel is so overused in the pulpits.  It is full of scriptures to defend it, and it has some truth in it, but it's motives are distorted, showing the immaturity of the preacher.  To recognize it, you'll need to look at it's motives.  Here is the usual pattern of the Prosperity Gospel. "Do X and get your blessing. I did X and got my blessing. Joe didn't do X, so he lost his blessing. If you only do a little of X, you'll only get a little of your blessing. God wants you to have your blessing, He died so you'd get your blessing."
  47. Often, the larger the Church is, the less responsive they are to the moves of the Spirit, and the more reliant they are on man's established systems of success.
  48. If there is more than 20% of the Congregation that the Pastors don't know personally, then maybe that Church is getting to large.
  49. There comes a time in a Minister's life, when he is more concerned with obedience to God than maximizing numbers.
  50. There is profound revelation in the statement from Romans 9:13 "Jacob I loved, but Esau I hated." God loves the true Church, and hates the false church. The false church tries to rely on their sonship/birthright, never realizing that they lost it. 
  51. The atmosphere of expectancy is the breeding ground for miracles.  The more people expect miracles to happen from God, the more likely their faith will draw it. We need to gather in Jesus name, hungry to see the move of the Spirit.
  52. A lot of the teaching of the New Testament not only bring security to those who are IN Christ, but also ATTACKS any False Security.  For example, Jesus taught that...
    ---one cannot rely on just being a son of Abraham (John 8:39).
    ---one cannot rely on just being a religious leader (Matthew 23)
    ---one cannot rely on just knowing scripture (John 5:39)
    ---one cannot rely just being a servant of God (John 8:35)
    ---one cannot rely on just saying "Lord, Lord". (Matthew 7:21)
    ---one cannot rely on being a member of a church. (Acts 5:1-11)
    ---one cannot rely on his Righteousness (Luke 8:14)
    In preaching the FULL gospel, one needs to adequately undermine any false security that a 'Christian' might have.
  53. The un-anointed believers persecute the anointed believers. -P. Kim.
  54. It's better to go to a service and receive a spiritual gift, than to hear a sermon that you won't remember.
  55. One indicator that a Christian has lost his fire, is that he stops evangelizing, and no more spends long periods of time in prayer.
  56. You can't spread God's fire, if your jars are empty, or your oil is contaminated.
  57. Much of the spiritual advancement of the Church is being held up, because the body of Christ is not uniting.
  58. When a team member leaves a church, or prayer group, the leader will need to determine if it's because of an open door / transition from the Lord, or if that person crashed. Transitions are smooth, with a clear door opening up. Crashes happen abruptly, with very short notice, and usually hidden, unresolved issues.
  59. Jesus didn't initiate his Church, until after he dealt with Judas (the betrayer). And ministries must also remove the betrayer, before they take off, or they will be sabotaged.
  60. Most problems that the Body of Christ is facing today, are still around because the Body of Christ did not deal with them in the past.
  61. Deliverance gets you out of Egypt, but Discipleship gets Egypt out of you.

[Principles to Live by]

  1. When coming out of a sin, spend some time in Remorse, confession, and judging yourself, before you just run to the blood and say "clean me up"
  2. Love the Savior, work only for HIS Glory. -The Final Quest
  3. Some parts of spiritual maturity that Christians strive and study for can be gained by the laying on of hands.  But other parts must be slowly developed, tested and learned.  The ministry of Laying on of Hands must NOT be ignored.  Leaders often ignore it because they have more confidence in their own teaching, than the Holy Spirits ability to impart life; and therefore, spiritual gifts often lay dormant, never being handed down to the next generation.
  4. If you have been given visions from the Lord, don't keep them a secret (unless instructed to) but rather share your visions with intercessors, so that they can pray over those things that need attention.  Draw your visions down on paper, so that the rest of the Body of Christ can see.  This will turn a prayer group into a prophetic intercessions group, which is much more strategic.  Also be careful to not let other Christian's quench the Spirit, the enemy will often use other Christian's to discourage you from maturing in this powerful gift. 
  5. Repentance without tears is weak.  If you have a sin that you are repenting of, ask the Lord for Strong Conviction, so that you can have deep repentance, and not just verbal repentance. Because you much show fruit of repentance.
  6. There are 2 types of activities that Christians do.   Eating and Working?   By Eating I mean, things that edify yourself, bible studies, listening to sermons, Christian Concerts, etc.  By Working I mean things that edify others. Preaching, Evangelizing, Charity, etc.  Most Christians are always Eating!  Few are Working.  Now stop Eating and Get to Work!
  7. When you do something, don't do anything that would embarrass you, if everyone else were watching.  If you're embarrassed before people who have low standards, how much more before a God with perfect standards.   Remember, every action will come to light when our life is Judged.
  8. If you goto 5 sermons, before you will go to one prayer meeting, then you're probably out of balance.  If you spend 2 hours in Church and less than 5 minutes in prayer, you probably out of balance.
  9. It's not wise for Christians to copy secular movies and songs, without paying for them. That can dishonor the Lord.
  10. Losing confidence in yourself is good, if it is replaced by confidence in the Lord.  Things that leads to greater dependence on the Lord are good, but things that lead to dependence on self can be dangerous.
  11. Judge yourself, before the Lord has to.  Judge yourself with an IRON FIST, but judge others with a velvet glove.  This will keep you from hypocrisy, but be careful not to fall into Self Condemnation and Despair.
  12. Don't end your life with a big head and a small heart.
  13. When judging the actions of another, where you don't have all the information, assume the best, not the worst.  Assuming the worst brings division and bitterness.  I once heard a wise proverb from a Jewish friend that said "believe in a man's innocence, until the facts just won't let you."
  14. Christian must learn to hear the voice of the Lord through other people.
  15. You may only get the smallest hint from someone, that they are about to fall away from the Lord, so when you hear it, don't neglect it, make an effort to keep them from falling.
  16. When someone is on fire for the Lord, the enemy tried to snuff them out.  Then they can go from one extreme to the other, becoming cold as ice.  When you come across someone who is on fire for the Lord, take extra caution NOT to discourage them or quench the Spirit's fire.
  17. Don't send a man out on the mission field until he overcome his sexual desires.
  18. You can't convince a good man he needs to repent to a bad god, you can only convince a bad man he needs to repent to a holy god.  If an unsaved person doesn't understand his sinfulness and rebellion to God, then his repentance will not be on solid ground.
  19. The main goal of a Christian is not to raise a happy family and be successful in this world.  Thou these are nice to have, our main goal is to Love, obey, and server the Lord Jesus Christ.  To be an extension of His will.
  20. When people and institutions working for the Lord, do NOT receive revelation from the Lord, they often become dead skin, and a hindrance to the Lord.  Thou they might be working on "Good" goals, they can interfere with the Lord's "Main" goals.  We always need to listen for the Lord's direction, be ready to drop our old plans, and walk in the way He now directs.
  21. Don't ever wave your trophies before the Lord.
  22. No matter how close you are to God, the Father hates your pride.
  23. The Spirit of God is in His people, (as imperfect as they are.) If someone doesn't want to be around other Christians, do they really want to be around the Spirit of God?
  24. People will learn more from your scars than your trophies. 
  25. Don't set your standards by other people's standards, but by the Lord's.  When you reconcile yourself to someone you offended, it should be independent of how they react or whether or not they try to reconcile.  Don't let other people's low standard stop you from doing what is right.
  26. You can't set someone free from a sin if you yourself are still in bondage.
  27. One of the foolish things I used to do before I would go out street evangelizing was to spend 1-2 hours preparing everything, training, practicing, materials, etc.  and then spend 5 minutes in prayer.  This bore very little fruit.  I put all my trust in my preparation, and little trust in the Lord.  It would have been better to pray 1-2 hours and spend 5 minutes in preparation. 
  28. Those who serve the Lord, but do not come close to Him, will be out of sync with Him.  They will be harvesting when they should be sowing, comforting when they should be warning, or rebuking when they should be showing mercy.  By this they will be fruitless.  Each of us must know the seasons of the Lord.
  29. When I wake up, I just assume that I'm spiritually dead until I pray.
  30. It is a fall, to go from
        'hearing the Spirit of God and taking impulses from Him of what to do'
        'relying on your own intellect, and following your religious understanding.'
  31. Beware of addictions, because anything that you are addicted to, you are a slave to, i.e. smoking, video games, TV, wine, gambling, sex, masturbation, etc. And a slave has no permanent place in the family. (John 8:35)
  32. Don't use the Lord's Name like a washcloth.  One time, I found myself doing this when an accusation came against me.  When confronted, I quickly tried showing my Christian credentials.  Later on, I found that I did more to lower the Name of the Lord, than to lift mine.  John the Baptist was right when he said, "He must become greater; I must become less".
  33. Wherever you go, leave the place a little better than you found it, and in this way you're are serving others.  (My Dad helped teach me this lesson.  If he needed to use a restroom at a gas station, and he found it very clean, he would often tip the attendant on duty.)
  34. If you go to the poor, oppressed and destitute people of the world, you'll find Jesus there, suffering with them. A part of Jesus, not every Christian has meet.
  35. The pursuit of God is not an intellectual pursuit but a spiritual one.  For many times in my walk with Christ, I would only gather information about Him, and not seek Him spiritually.  Don't miss what's most important, to know Him intimately and love Him.   Better to listen to a humble, loving, obedient servant of Christ, than a polished and eloquent professional, who has a mediocre walk.  But to our dismay, we are always drawn to the professionals.  A moment of being filled by His Spirit, His Love, His Presence, will transform you faster than any activity.  DON'T  KNOW  HIM  FROM  A  DISTANCE, GET INTO HIS PRESENCE AND BE TRANSFORMED!
  36. It's good to wake up early in the morning and pray over the things of that day.  I believe the Lord sends us ministering angels.  And that we should send them out to do His will.  So if you find yourself waking up very early, it may not be an accident, you may have a host of angels waiting for an assignment.
  37. If you've been given the gift of tongues, you should spend time in it each day.  I've noticed that a lot more things get done (spiritually) when I do this.  It really does edify me when I use the language a lot.  And when people say that tongues no longer exists, or you should never pray without an interpreter, they are mixing human wisdom with spiritual gifts, as it was told to Jesus "Don't heal on the Sabbath."
  38. Believers are commanded to lay hands on the sick, so that they may be healed. We are to obey this command, whether or not we see results! Use any opportunity that is given to you.
  39. In worship is when a person becomes one with God.
  40. Unfortunately, some people need to hear the Gospel, so that when they are condemned, they can not accuse God of not warning them.
  41. When you pray, don't be afraid to ask for the Lord's Judgment against anything that hinders His kingdom.  Don't pray like a wimp.  Remember how Jesus cursed the fig tree, in Mark 11:21.  Not every prayer has to be "Bless this and Bless that".  But never pray for the Lord's wrath on any person, because one soul is worth more than all the riches of this world.
  42. You'll get more heat from the red coals than the dark ones.  And those who are passionate about the Lord will also impart a zeal to you.  But it can be discouraging to walk among the lukewarm.
  43. The difference between Foolishness and Wisdom
  44. Christian idols and images are also an abomination.  Don't kneel before a statue, or speak to a picture, or revere any Earthly object, or glorify any man. Please be warned, never kneel or bow before any image or statue of Mary.
  45. If you don't tell the guy behind you how you fell, he's going to stumble over the same rock.
  46. The worst thing you'll see in Heaven is the absence of your friends & loved ones.  Work now to prevent it.  Share, pray and intercede for them.
  47. The Lord has set a Mountain before us, do not perch yourself on the first ledge and say "I've made it".  No!  Keep Climbing.  If you fall, get back up and climb.  Don't wait for the flood, you might get swept away, or won't be able to out climb it then.  Run the race as to win now.  Not everyone at the Wedding Banquet will be the bride.
  48. Many Christian will wait for a prompting, leading and confirmation from the Lord before they will do what the Bible already tells them to.  Unless you hear otherwise, do the bible.
  49. Though it is hardly ever preached about, and seldom a topic of concern, a Christian should NOT drink blood. (Except the Lord's blood)  If you have, repent. It is a sin that can take a soul to Hell.
  50. You cannot march in the Army of God wearing flesh. And you're in danger of His wrath if you try.
  51. If you want to become a great Christian, study the lessons from the great ones, don't study the wimps.
  52. A wise man will preach about Jesus, but a wiser man will allow Jesus to preach through them.
  53. You can't always apply human logic to God's wisdom.
  54. When people sin, it actually causes God pain. It's not just something He notices and regrets. All the sin of mankind in on Him, and causes Him great agony. For this reason alone, we should avoid it.
  55. The person who picks up the biggest cross will have the most influence to change others.
  56. When correcting someone, first do it privately, don't do it in front of others to embarrass them.  I did this when I was immature.  I used other people to embarrass someone into submission, with fear.  Rather than having that person look and agree with the correction.
  57. Any Christian movement that neglects & does not utilize the glory that God put in women or children, will not fully mature.
  58. It is wise for Christians to store food and water provisions for future prophesied catastrophes. Food and water will be very scares during these times, and the rest of the world will not be prepared for it.
  59. Quickly write down your dreams when you wake up, before the memory is taken from you.
  60. The more you lean on your own understanding, the less you will trust in God.
  61. When a Christian spends more time perfecting and polishing his doctrine, than he does coming closer to God, it is a fall. Like a man who takes his car to the car wash, but never to the gas station, soon he will go nowhere. I find myself spending too much time perfecting my beliefs, and less time just coming to God as a child. 
  62. Who gets "nice Christian girls" in trouble? (Sexually) None other than "nice Christian boys".  Every example of a Christian girl getting into promiscuity/adultery in my experience has always been from a "Christian" boy/man. Somehow the term "Christian" can cause an innocent Christian girl to drop her guard, and do things they would never do with a non-Christian.
  63. "The greatest lie of the devil is to say that, 'if God wants to do it, it will be done'. God requires our participation. He expects us to be laborers in the vineyard to get things done!" - Ryan LeStrange
  64. Here is a principle that I've heard, I don't fully agree with it, but I've kept it in mind to see what truth there is in it. "Signs and symbols rule the world..." -Confucius.    I watch for symbols in the physical world, to see if they reveal any spiritual realities. And I've refused to own/honor/carry anything that has any type of demonic/evil symbol. (besides money)
  65. Praying with a loud voice and great passion and crying out, adds spiritual power to your prayer. It has also been shown prophetically that the harder someone cries out against injustice, the larger the sword comes out of their mouths for the angels to fight with.
  66. When the World Economic System crashes, those who are in debt will lose heavily and become slaves to their lenders.  And those people out of debt with Cash will be king, buying up property at enormous discounts.
  67. Faith moves God, but Forgiveness releases His Power. -Brian Adams
  68. Happy is he who turns aside from the pride of this life, the lusts of the flesh, and who forsakes the secular, ungodly paths of this fallen cosmos and lucifer, the fallen one! - Freddy Hayler CD Vision
  69. It's better to repent of your sins, 1 by 1, rather than just try to blanket over everything with 1 repentance prayer.
  70. As adulterous sex edifies satan's kingdom, true intimacy between a husband and wife can advance God's purposes on Earth, and be warfare against Lust. This is why so much effort is given by satan to break up marriages and intimacy, and promote lust, adultery and perversion.
  71. The power of Agreement in prayer, makes prayers much more powerful, and unifies the body of Christ.
  72. The Tree of Life is Jesus, the Tree of the knowledge of Good and evil is satan. People still eat of these trees today. The Tree of Life leads a person to freedom, liberty, Life and finally Glory. The Tree of the knowledge of Good and evil, leads a person to dictatorial slavery then death then damnation.
  73. There is a Court in Heaven, whereby a person can petition God for Justice from the powers of darkness, and demand payment (7 fold) from the kingdom of darkness.
  74. After you buy anything from the marketplace, you should pray over it and break any dark power that may be attached to it.
  75. Ministries should be careful not to take donations with strings attached, without careful prayer and consideration.
  76. In prayer, don't tell God how big your problems are, but rather tell your problems how big your God is.
  77. A Christian with strong prophetic gifts, and strong anointings, who is not matured and discipled, can cause a lot of trouble and confusion in the body of Christ.
  78. There is a distinction between the Presence of God and the Person of God. The Presence is all glorious, but you need to fall in love with the Person, not the Presence.
  79. Remove anything evil from your house, if you couldn't imagine it in Heaven, don't let it in your house.
  80. The Church has the authority and responsibility to curse any epidemic (disease) that is spreading around the world.
  81. The Church needs to learn to put on their crown and reign with Christ.
  82. Most of the Host of Heaven (the Waring Angels) are currently inactive, waiting for a believer to release them into an assignment.
  83. Declarations and Decrees are more powerful when they are not only spoken, but also written down.
  84. All Christians that Progress in the Kingdom of God, should leave trails, markers, signs, warnings, ladders & bridges so that Christians behind them can progress the same distance but much faster.
  85. The Blind Christian is the one who knows what God did in the past, and what satan is doing today.
  86. In my walk with Christ, I've found that the more things that I sacrificed on the Alter to God, the more spiritual energy I had to do His work.
  87. God has a Perfect Will, and a Permissive Will for you. He permitted Israel to have a King, but that wasn't His Perfect Will.  And Israel had a lot of trouble because of their Kings. Israel should have desired God's Perfect Will, not Permissive Will.  And you should get OUT of God's Permissive Will and into His Perfect Will.
  88. I always wanted God to be more real in my life, then I realized... Maybe God doesn't need to be more real to me, maybe I need to be less fake with Him.
  89. If you only have 10 minutes to pray spend the first 9 minutes in praise. -Kathryn Kuhlman
  90. A 'Word of Wisdom' is something you can only use once. I may not fit in other situations that you apply it to.
  91. You can either let your chains break your praise, or the praise break your chains.
  92. There are 2 types of freedom, that people often get confused. The traditional understanding of Freedom, which is the right to live your life (responsibly) called libety. And the false definition of freedom, the right to sin, called lasciviousness. One builds a society, the other errodes a society.
  93. When Christians are in the Lord's camp we learn about how good God is.  When Christians are captured, and in the enemies camp, after time they may start realizing how horrible the enemy is, and repent. Both can be learning experiences, though the first is definatly the best choice.
  94. Whatever you can't put on the altar, has control over you.
  95. Here is one of the patters of life. #1 God gives you something. #2 You don't value it, so you eventually lose it.  #3 You experience the chaos and misery of not having it, and want it back. #4 You fight a difficult uphill battle to get it back. #5 If and when you do retrieve it, then you posses it with the appriciation of what it is.

[General Teaching]

  1. Simply put: We are forgiven by blood, saved by grace, rewarded by deeds, and disqualified by rebellion.
  2. If the armies of God are NOT fighting in a specific battle, then you shouldn't fight there either.
  3. Anything not built on the Rock will eventually fall.  (Systems, Organizations, Businesses, Countries, Groups, Cultures, etc.)
  4. (Mercy Rejected = Anger)   (GreatMercy Rejected = Wrath)   Rejecting God's great sacrifice of mercy, by the death of Jesus, will only bring terrible Judgment onto a person, since it was such a costly sacrifice.
  5. A humble servant close to the Lord is more powerful than a King who is away from the Lord.  A prayer intercessor in the closet is more powerful than rich man outside it.
  6. Human goodness and human compassion may help others, but it won't lead them to the cross, where their real healing is.  All true blessings come from God, and everything He does is redemptive, leading others to Himself.  Therefore is you bless someone in a way that does not lead them to God, you've given them no eternal benefit.
  7. The Church today walks in very little power, very little of what we are called to walk in.  One reason is because "we have not received a prophets reward." Few Christians can even name a prophet who is living today.  A prophet's message is just not as popular as a message from a Christian Celebrity, Singer or professional writer.
  8. There is a significant different between Christianity and Political Conservatism, that we must understand. Conservatives work so that people will live free, but Christians fight so that people will live Holy. Conservatives fight against tyranny, but Christians fight again wickedness. The battleground of Conservatives is in the courts and political centers, but the battleground for Christians is in the heavenly realms and in their prayer closet. Conservatives strive to give children the best education, but Christians strive to give children God's wisdom. Conservatives want what's best for the country, but Christian's want what's best for God.  There is a clear difference between these 2 groups.
  9. Once a Christian Music Group requires payment for their music, then they have received their reward. (and it's spiritual value is greatly diminished) If a person or a group demands compensation for their Worship Music, how are they any different than a secular business.
  10. Whenever there is a question regarding a certain Doctrine, always check the foundation, the RED letters of Christ.  His words are where many of our Christian disagreements are solved. In becoming a studied mature Christian, it is important to first master the words of Jesus, before mastering the other prophets. Since His words are the foundation. "I have testimony weightier than John." (John 5:36)  
  11. In many Churches, the apostle Paul's teaching must be removed as the Foundation of the faith, and Jesus's words must be the only foundation, all other must be built upon that.
  12. Never reinterpret the words of Jesus, in order to conform to another man's perspective. (Even the teachings of biblical prophet's or Apostle's)
  13. I've been told that you can't please everyone, but I've seen that used as an excuse not to care.  And I've seen that a humble man will make few enemies.
  14. Search, and you will find that acting on un-given authority (presumption), is the most common sin shown in the gospels, and a very common sin today.
  15. The false prophet will often try to establish his credibility early on.  And establishing his reputation will be a major concern for much of his speaking.  A true prophet won't put heavy focus on this.
  16. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, but the Love of the Lord is the fulfillment of wisdom.
  17. Anything you believe differently than Jesus Christ is deception, and we all have some.
  18. The purpose of all things is the Glory of God, not the happiness of man (humanism). 
  19. The Power of God is Christ Crucified, and the power of Christ is you Crucified. A crucified and obedient servant of the Lord can be entrusted with great authority, and will do great exploits.
  20. The Spiritual Realm, not a vague, mystical, symbolic realm, but a realm with many of the same physical laws and properties of our natural realm, just unseen. Many devices, tools, and machines of our physical world can also exist and function in the Spiritual Realm.  The mapping of the Physical Realm (Animals, Plants, Places, etc.) is the mapping of the Spiritual realm.
  21. A Christian 'slave' can only bring other people to 'Master' God, but a 'son' can bring people to Father God.
  22. Past servants of the Lord have left Mantles for us to take up and continue.  One Generation's ceiling, needs to be the next Generation's floor.
  23. Your real friends are the ones that will suffer for you.
  24. If a person doesn't have a holy fear of the Lord, then they are much more likely to fall away under pressure.
  25. The only reason people hate God, or are not excited about God is because they are wearing veils.  They have believed some lie about God that has distorted His glorious image.
  26. What's the Lord's stance on Abortion?
  27. The greatest secular thing is not even worth the least Holy thing.
  28. If concluded that the great prostitute mentioned in the book of revelation, is Islam.  Islam is the 'Religion of Doubt'. Though they claim to believe all the prophets of the bible, when you ask them specifics about the bible, every possible excuse will be given as to why they don't believe that.
  29. After you die, you are judged based on how much light you had. This is why it is better not to know God, than to know Him and turn away.
  30. Each Christian must learn to separate the common from the Holy.
  31. 'Legalistic' is often defined as 'anyone who follows the commandments closer than I do.'
  32. The God of the Old Testament is the same God of the new testament. Jesus didn't replace God, He was a greater revelation of who God was.
  33. People are going to Hell, because Christians have not picked up their cross. If they did, revival would be breaking out everywhere.
  34. The baptism of Water is NOT the same as the baptism of Fire. We need both.
  35. Baptism of babies does not make sense, since they can NOT repent of their sins or understand what sins are. Baptizing children was not practiced in the new testament.  If you were baptized as a child, it is not a valid baptism.
  36. The goal of the Lord is to Restore man, not just redeem him. So that man lives the way we were created to be, not just get saved.
  37. Those closest to the Lord's heart can cause Him the greatest Joy or the greatest pain.
  38. The Lord can be glorified in our weaknesses, but in our strengths we gain fame.  Its better to have a weakness that causes humility and dependence on the Lord, than a strength that causes pride and independence.
  39. When you please your master, he rewards you.  If your master is good, you will be rewarded for good, but if he is evil, you will be rewarded for evil.
  40. The best time to worship the Lord, the most meaningful time to worship the Lord, is when you're under trials and struggles.  And remember, He's bigger than all our problems.
  41. A person (even a Christian) can be condemned for committing sins, that they did not think were sins.  Therefore it is necessary that we know scripture to avoid these issues.
  42. Getting your mind off of creation and onto the uncreated, brings you into most intense worship.
  43. When the world condemns God or His people, they only set themselves up for their own condemnation.
  44. I trust a person more if he walks with a limp.  Meaning, he has suffered a major defeat, and learned hard lessons of who the Lord is and who his enemy is.  A defeat is usually the only thing that will sober us up.
  45. There is a unity coming over the body of Christ that I've seen, to where a 30 second encounter with another member can develop bonds that are stronger than family ones.  For blood is thicker than water, but spirit is thicker than blood.
  46. A healthy relationship with God will involve many tears.  And if you've never cried while worshiping or seeking the Lord or repenting, then something is missing.
  47. I've noticed a strange thing regarding breathing.  When I am tempted with an evil/impure thought, if I breath out my nose quickly, the temptation seems to blow away.  Like a person would breath out their nose if they had smelled something disgusting.  Sometimes, if I just plug my nose, impure thoughts don't seem to come to me.  Through revelations others have witnessed small evil spirits entering people through the nose.  I've also noticed that during worship times, if I fully exhale out of my mouth, leaving my lungs empty, the Worship gets more intense. I've noticed both of these effects 100's of times.
  48. The Judgments of God are to be eagerly desired in your life.  Better a slap on the wrist now, a correction early on, than unquenchable regret later.  Metal is made stronger by pounding it, and we are made stronger by the discipline we get.
  49. The stronger you make the foundation, the higher you can build the house.
  50. Through several revelations it has been shown that the structure of the throne room of God in Heaven, is similar to that of the Tabernacle/Temple revealed in the Old Testament.
  51. God breaths in Sacrifice, and breaths out life. In the Kingdom of God, you breath God's breath.
  52. The Kingdom of God is always expanding and becoming more glorious.
  53. If you lack wisdom, you'll find Him at the crossroads.  Those who go without wisdom, will be captured, robbed & beaten.  Then they will cry out and be rescued again.  Christians, like me, learn most of their lessons after taking a beating.
  54. The Banquet is ready, the Bride is Not!
  55. Fear blinds a person's vision.
  56. I'm now convinced that the Mark of the beast is NOT the RFID chip, as so many have said. But I believe the Mark of the beast and the anti-Christ will come out of the Islamic world. Why? Click here.
  57. As man was created in the image of God's, Earth was created in the image of Heaven.
  58. When the Lord comes for His bride, He will take the Children with Him.
  59. As one gets closer and closer to God, the path gets narrower and narrower.
  60. The Land of Israel belongs to the Jews.  The biblical prophesies that refer to the Jews, still refer to the Jews and not necessarily the Church.  The Church needs to continue to support and intercede for Israel. I believe it is spiritually important that Israel occupy the land that God promised them. Advances in the Church are tied to Israel taking their land. Which explains the worldwide effort to prevent them from taking their land. I am against Replacement Theology.
  61. Will we ever reconcile Science and Religion? Science is the study of our physical world.  Religion is the study of the spiritual world.  Modern Science has an unwritten rule that there is NO spiritual realm, and no God.  Therefore anything that points to a spiritual world, no matter how logical or obvious the evidence, it must be wrong.  Science does not recognize the spiritual world, but tries to explain everything physically, which is impossible.
    It's like trying to study colors, while using a black and white camera.  (Or a computer trying to understand love)

    • Science explains consciousness, love, hatred, etc. as a biochemical process,
    • the creation of life as an accident,
    • the universe-the results of big random explosion, first there was nothing, then it exploded, and now we are here.
    • dreams as biological processes,
    • the soul as a myth,
    • Good and Evil as non-existent,
    • Miracles as a freak of nature explainable by complex physics,
    • Mankind as a superior form of monkey,
    • and God as fairytale believed in by ignorant people who haven't studied science. 
  62. Scripture verses can be misapplied, when they are not prompted by the Holy Spirit.
  63. It is Hard to enter the Kingdom of God.  As we are finding out from some of the Lord's Messengers who have visited Heaven, a lot less made it than we thought. 
  64. The strength of your spirit is determined by your willpower to obey God and resist evil.
  65. Obedience is more important than results.  In building the ark, Noah was obedient to the Lord for over 100 years, yet it didn't save anyone besides his family. 
  66. Though your body is locked in this physical world, your spirit can be soaring in the heavens or down in the depths.
  67. The Earth has been given to man, therefore the Kingdom of God, and the kingdom of evil come mainly by invitation.
  68. Even for the "mature" there are still many veils and stumbling blocks to overcome.  Those who listen, will have their veils removed the fastest.
  69. The spirit of Faith is at work opening peoples eyes, find these people and share the gospel with them.  Those who have not been visited by faith, won't listen to you.  And if you're not paying attention, you won't know who to go to, making your work fruitless.
  70. God is unchanging.  But He is NOT static!   The Lord is fluid, an idol is static.  That which is fluid is greater than that which is static.  Many times we have missed a move of God, because it was not what we were expecting.  The Spirit is always moving.
  71. Many people who we think are our enemy, are actually our friends.  And many people we think are our friends, are not.  And many people we give the most respect to, are still not mature.
  72. The Holy Spirit is always moving, but not initiating.
  73. During the tribulation, the economy will be so bad that it will take 1 days work, just to earn enough for 1 person's daily food. Therefore it would be wise for these people to store up provisions now, while it is plentiful.
  74. All famous and influential role models, will either lead people toward Jesus or away.  They will either gather or scatter. 
  75. Much of the teaching of the Kingdom of God is the unlearning of what the world taught us.
  76. When events happen in the spiritual realm there is usually a reaction in the physical realm.  Those who have eyes to see, will see and understand, but those without will casually ignore these things.  The spiritual world is much more integrated into the physical world than we think.  The physical world is a vague mapping of the spiritual realm. In Anna Rountree's revelation it was shown "The Heavens and the Earth are one"
  77. It is easy to get off the path, but hard to get back on.  A fisherman's hook is made to go in easy, but difficult to get out.  Also with sin, easy to start, hard to stop.
  78. Revivals have often been preceded by strong consistent prayer from a small group of people, and then a strong repentance from a much larger group.
  79. Most attacks of the enemy, do not work on a person who has a crucified flesh.  And humility is an armor that is hard to penetrate.
  80. When first starting to read the bible, it is best to start with the RED LETTERS, the Words of Jesus from the Gospels.  First master these, they are the Foundation.  When building a house, no one builds the walls before the floor is finished.
  81. The tears of the Lord walk around, they say "who will host me?  Is there no one who will cry for him? Is there no one who will weep for her"?  Open your door to them, let them into your house, and sit at your table, do not leave them outside.  One tear weighs more than a pound of sweat.  Its the most perfect prayer.
  82. When a person is born-again, they are given a new body, a spiritual body.  They then have two sets of ears, one physical and one spiritual.  This helps them not only to hear what a person is saying with their mouth, but also hear what a person is saying with their heart.  Through many mistakes I have learned the hard way that it is more important to understand what a person is truly saying from their heart rather than the polished words from their lips, especially when they try quoting scripture.  The Lord looks at the heart, not the outward appearance.
  83. A person's spiritual maturity is determined by how much they are willing to sacrifice for the Lord.  The less they sacrifice, the slower they will mature.
  84. That which is puffed up tries to float to the top of the water, though it looks big, it does not weigh much.  But that which is heavy and full will settle for the bottom. Evil men seek to be in charge, but godly men have no problem serving.
  85. You can often find some good, in the most evil of people, and some bad in the best of men.
  86. Many of the Lord's people are currently in the prisons of the enemy, being used by the evil one.  Though they have the appearance of being spiritual, but because of fear, they'll usually oppose the strategic moves of God, for supposedly religious reasons.   How crafty is the devil? Crafty enough to get God's people to do his work.
  87. (The Power of God) + (Man's wisdom) = Ineffectiveness
  88. There are 7 Mountains that have influence over Nations.  Whoever controls these mountains can take nations.  The 7 Mountains: CHURCH, FAMILY, EDUCATION, GOVERNMENT, MEDIA, ARTS/ENTERTAINMENT & BUSINESS. We cannot just protect the Church and let the other mountains fall to the enemy, we have to fight hard on all 7 mountains. When Christians pray, "Let Your Kingdom Come" it can be better stated, "Let Your KingdomS come"  Let God's Kingdom of Arts come!  Let God's Kingdom of Music come! Let God's Kingdom of Government Come! And to take over the evil kingdoms that are in power now.
  89. satan has been successful in using animated cartoons to introduce children to evil spirits.
  90. In order to build a better house, you'll occasionally need to tear down the old one. 
  91. Truly we live in a body of death. Our physical body has the ability to feel pleasure, while our soul is being wounded.  And our physical body is able to feel uncomfortable while our souls is being healed. Therefore, if someone always peruses physical pleasure, they are more likely to fall into sin and death.
  92. The CROSS is an interesting geometrical shape. If you take a blank piece of paper, and simply remove the pattern of the Cross, the result will be the exact opposite geometric shape. The nazi swastika. Click here to see.
  93. Very often when satan wants to slander God's people, he will simply tie what they are doing to money, in order to make it appear that greed is the only motivation.
  94. If you saw 10 men carrying a heavy log, and 9 men were one end of it and 1 was at the other side, where would you help?  In making Disciples, we should do the same.  Go to where we are most needed. 
  95. Those who don't appreciate what they have, will be given less.
  96. The Bride knows less than she thinks she does.  And many times, when things are said in the name of the Groom, it's really just the Bride speaking.  The more the Bride speaks, the harder it is to hear the Groom.  Currently there are several thousands of Christian books which simply contain the Bride's thoughts, & it's hard to wade through them all to find what the Groom is speaking.  When the Groom does speak, few of us realize it, especially the person it was spoken through.
  97. Salvation is a free gift from God, but certain anointings can come at a cost, and testings will be needed before great authority is given.
  98. It can be very difficult to realize when you have lost the Lord's anointing, as with Sampson, when he lost the Lord's strength, (Judges 16:20) "He awoke from his sleep and thought, 'I'll go out as before and shake myself free.' But he did not know that the LORD had left him."
  99. Many people in the church are NOT yet born-again.
  100. The devil will make the same offering to people as he did to Jesus.  The devil will give the kingdoms of this world to those who bow down and worship him, and many have taken this offering.
  101. Whether by circumcision (the easy way) or Judgment (the hard way), the Lord will destroy your fleshly nature.
  102. Don't disciple the un-baptized. Baptize them first.
  103. Some minister of the gospel would be more fruitful if they recruited others to join the work, than if they just did the work themselves. If you are capable of moving from ministry, to ministry recruiting, then do it.
  104. This principle may sound vulgar and inappropriate but I don't know how else to say it.  A man should NOT be on the mission field until he has nailed his penis to the cross. If he can't control his sexual urges, he'll be vulnerable and may do more damage than good.
  105. The School system can never replace the family.
  106. Thinking that that the Rapture is near produces 2 types of mentalities, the 1st one is the "Let's Escape Mentality" and the 2nd one is the "Let's Get Everything Finished Mentality".
  107. There are so many great blessings awaiting many Christian, if they would just go deeper into forgiveness.  So many evil spirits would be driven out of Churches if the members would just go deeper into the area of forgiveness.
  108. Atheism is the byproduct of a Church that shows no power.
  109. MORALITY WITHOUT GOD, is straight from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good.  It is the most beautiful path to Hell, the most attractive form of satanism, and it cannot reproduce.
  110. Every Christian has some imbalance of doctrine. Jesus was the only one who was fully balanced. It's better to know your own personal bias, than to think that you are in the center and everyone else is imbalanced.
  111. Anyone who thinks he can live a life full of sin, and then just cry for mercy on their death bed, will have a rude awakening on their Judgment.
  112. From the experience of a lifetime of dreams, I've come to the hard conclusion that the reason dreams are so vague, is that they are often (not always) messages, send to a person, and encoded. They are encoded so that any interception of the dream will not reveal the message. They are encoded with elements of the persons life. And they force a person to come to God for a correct interpretation of the mystery.
  113. The Theory of Darwinian Evolution has been used to lead countless millions of people away from God.  Though at one time it may have looked scientifically plausible and reasonable; now its major tenants have been scientifically shown inadequate and unreasonable.  Most of the evidence used to support it, can actually be used against it, if one simply discerns the meaning of the evidence.  "The theory is dead, you can stick a fork in it." It is now being held up by entrenched interests in Academia/R&D, politics & culture.
  114. When satan temps a person, his temptations hold on to a person's feeling of Insecurity and Inferiority.  This was demonstrated in the Garden.   Insecurity: "Did God really say".  Inferiority: "You'll be like God" -currently you're not everything you should be.  Breaking these 2 spirits is needed to set people free from these temptations.
  115. The Biblical Feast Days, which much of the Church ignores, still hold significance in God's timeline for events and signs.
  116. I am now convinced that the anti-christ will come out of the Muslim world, and be the 'Muslim savior' backed by the fervor and armies of the Muslim nations. He will not come out of Rome, Europe, or America as so many have predicted. Here's why
  117. The False Church spreads by acts of force, the true Church spreads by acts of sacrifice.
  118. Nations are judged by how they treat God's people, the Jews. If a nation is a blessing to the Jews, God will bless that nation, but if a nation is a curse to the Jews, God will curse that nation. And if they start killing the Jews, that nation's end will be coming.
  119. I've found that I cannot produce love by myself, but only be a vessel of God's Love.  Someone can serve God diligently and faithfully, yet still NOT walk in much love. Sometimes I thought, "I can serve God, but I'm just a dry sponge, not able to squeeze out much love." I could pray for hours, yet not cry for the people that I was praying for. Now I realize that there is some kind of Spout/Hole/Opening in which God's love is poured into us.  And we may need to ask God to increase the size of that opening. When this happens, the prayers for people become a lot less wordy, more full of tears, more painful and exhausting.
  120. You should never accept any revelations that contradict verbatim scripture. If any revelation contradicts clear scripture, I reject it, for the Bible is my foundation of doctrine. But I will allow revelations to challenge my interpretation of scripture. And I will not pridefully hold up my interpretation of scripture as infallible.
  121. There is great rejoicing in Heaven over 1 sinner that repents, but there is also great lamentation for 1 saint that falls away.
  122. I've witnessed so much demonic resistance given to people who are about to be baptized, that I can only conclude Baptism is much more significant than I originally thought.  i.e. Three times now, when my friends were on the verge of baptism, they got a call telling them of a death in the family.  Also, I've seen other amazing circumstances show up, to prevent people from completing their baptism. People overwhelmed by fear, unbelievably sophisticated distractions, baptism pool leaks, etc. I NO longer tell people that it's just a symbolic act we do in obedience to God. Why would the devil give so much resistance, if it was just symbolic, the bible never called it symbolic. Please make sure all Christians are baptized. (& not as a baby)
  123. The Book of Mormon was NOT divine, NOT inspired by God. And there is a spirit behind it that tries to convince people to believe it. It has caused 3 major problems among its believers,
    #1 They Separate themselves from the Body of Christ, rarely interacting God's Churches, becoming an isolated community.
    #2 Instead of sharing the Bible, now they disseminate the Book of Mormon.
    #3. Instead of building God's Kingdom, then now work to build a man-made organization.
  124. Sin is the dare of God's justice, the rape of His mercy, the jeer of His patience, the slight of His power, and the contempt of His love. -John Bunyan.
  125. In my research, I've noticed 2 different yet distinctive streams of End-Time prophecy, each of them biblical, each of them supported by several trustworthy prophets.
    ------The First Prophetic Stream has the pattern of...
    ========== a. Prepare for the Lord's Return (Rapture).
    ========== b. Live Holy or be left Behind.
    ========== c. Great will be the Tribulation.
    ------ The Second Prophetic Stream has the pattern of ...
    ========== a. Prepare for the Latter Rain, a massive outpouring of the Spirit, the Kingdom Age
    ========== b. Evangelize with New Levels of anointing and power.
    ========== c. Great will be the worldwide Harvest.
    I believe that both prophetic streams are from God. But I've noticed that many prophets seem to be clearly placed on one stream or the other, without much crossover.
  126. As a Christian that is striving to keep a pure thought life, I sometimes reject 100s of thoughts a day, as wicked or impure or perverted or prideful or malicious.  I suspect other Christians must also be just as vigilant against letting their mind just wander.
  127. One of God's favorite methods of victory, is to wait until His enemy has every possible advantage, every expectation of victory, when everything looks lost, and then God turn the tables, reversing everything, and gloriously overcoming His opponent.
  128. According to Kerr's revelation, God will save more people through the marketplace than the Church.  Our adversary has been using the marketplace very successfully to promote darkness.  For example, in buddhism, most people get their idols, charms, images, statues, incense, books, etc. at the marketplace, rather than a buddhist temple.  The body of Christ needs to invade the marketplace to advance the Kingdom of God and save souls.  i.e. The Passion of the Christ Movie was not done by any Church or Ministry, yet it reached 100s of Millions of people worldwide.
  129. The reason people go to Hell is because they refuse the blood sacrifice of Christ, and they die in their unforgiven sins.
  130. Many Christian authors write several books with their teaching. But most of what they teach can be summed up in a few precise principles (like this page), that can be read and learned quickly, instead of mulling over pages and pages of fluff.
  131. Cloud formation can reveal activity in the Spiritual Realm. (It's not all random)
  132. Everything in Heaven is free, they do not use the system of money and purchasing.
  133. After a person dies. Whoever that person belonged to, (Either the Kingdom of Light, or darkness) comes and picks them up.
  134. The anointing that God gives His servants, can be transferred to people, by reading the books written by these servants. So it's good to collect anointed books of God.
  135. Personally, I am a proponent of the GAP Theory.
  136. For some reason, if I have an intense time of Worship in the morning, by the evening I will be semi-depressed. I call this effect the Glory-Rebound. This happens when I slowly take my eyes off of God's glory, and start looking onto the routine of this world. It can be depressing leaving the Glory, if you can't keep your eyes on it.
  137. I am persuaded by the argument that HEBREW was the original language of the Earth, and early origin of many of today's languages. link
  138. Regarding Israel: I believe the 3rd temple will be built at the Location of the Garden Tomb, Jerusalem. And the Cross that Jesus was crucified on will be found buried there, in front of the actual tomb.
  139. It is possible for a person to be alive on Earth, and their soul bound in Hell. Therefor deliverance is not just casting darkness out, but getting that person's soul out of the pit. 
  140. There are messages encoded in the bible using ESL Equidistant Sequential Lettering.
  141. Israel is God's Calendar, the backbone of prophecy. Knowing what is happing to Israel, helps a person understand God's timeline. As one person said, "As the Jews go, there goes the nation." (for good or bad)
  142. In evangelism, there is a difference between sharing Biblical Truths with people, and introducing them to Jesus. Thou you may need to start with a foundation, your eventual goal is to introduce them to the King.
  143. Through Scripture we see that God's highest aspiration, is to be one with His children.
  144. The Lord leaves you covered, the devil leaves you naked.
  145. Israel and the Church are spiritually tied. When Israel takes the land, i.e. the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, it will usher in a powerful world-wide revival of the Church.
  146. I've felt God's glory while in worship to Jesus and to the Father, but I've never felt the Glory while in worship to the Holy Spirit.
  147. When something is made/written/taught/sung/played etc. under the anointing of God, it is still valuable even if the author falls into sin. (Remember, it was the anointing that made it, but it was the man that fell. Otherwise, many books of the bible would need to be removed.)
  148. The Blood of Jesus is not limited by Time/Space.  It has the ability to go back in time and heal/restore/mend sins of the distant past committed by generations long ago. Getting the blood to the root of any issue can fix it. Which means that a believer can go to a place where an atrocity happened long ago and apply the blood (communion with the land) to reverse its effects, and thereby cut off satan's portals into this world.
  149. Many of the people with the highest calling of God are currently locked up in prisons. The enemy targeted them early to prevent them from ever maturing. But once set free, they have the ability to do great damage to the satan's kingdom. Truly they are "treasures hidden in darkness" Isaiah 45:3  And prison ministries are vital to the Church.  (unfortunately the enemy has the ability to see how many angels are assigned to a specific baby, and thereby judge how dangerous they are, and target the parents if necessary to steer their child in the wrong direction.)
  150. When governments Redistribute the Wealth, its nothing else than legalized theft, with a pretty name.
  151. Without God we can't do anything, but without us, He won't. (Chuck Missler)
  152. The mafia does not allow competition, and those organizations that are influenced by the demonic are run like the mafia, not allowing any competition.
  153. Sometimes the Church advances at funerals, meaning that in order for the Church to advance, the Old Guard needs to get taken out.
  154. There are some gifts of God that you'll never receive by just being open to them, in order to receive them you must be Hungry.
  155.   Do not read books of false theology, in an effort to understand them. They will affect your soul, i.e. book of Mormon, Koran, etc.
  156. The Blood of Jesus was shed to set you free from sin, not to allow you to freely sin.
  157. When someone says that, "There's corruption everywhere! Every place has corruption!" What they are really saying is that "satan is winning". The only reason someone would believe that satan is winning is if they were listening to satans news sources. When someone listens to God's news sources, they'll realize that satan is loosing.
  158.  Sometimes, in order for God to show the tidewave of His Glory, He will allow satan to build sandcastles on the beach. picture
  159. When Christian Denomination go a long time without seeing a miraculous move of God, they start to put in their doctrine the impossibility/improbability of the miraculous, and that maybe the Miraculous moves of God mentioned in scripture are just symbolic speaking.
  160. Some ministers won't talk to you unless you're seperated by a podium.
  161. Two ways to identify a religious spirit: 1. They don't laugh or have any joy, religion must be boring and tedious, not fun and exciting. 2. There is often an unspoken belief, "This is the way to do ministry, and there's no other way." It is a staunch spirit, trying to put Jesus in a box.
  162. You heard it said that the pen is mightier than the sword, but Jesus showed us that the towel is mightier than the pen.
  163. You get out of a demonic pit, by stating and beliving the Specific Word of God that is contrary to that pit

[Prophetic Lessons]
Though I'm not gifted in the prophet, here are some great lessons for prophets from Beth Alves,
called "The Pitfalls of Prophetic Intercessors"

  1. Prophetic Intercessors are those who are called to prepare the way for Godís will to be done upon the earth. A problem can arise, however, when these intercessors fall into the trap of thinking that they have to explain everything before they pray it or perform it.
  2. Finding identity in the prophetic rather than in God who gives it.
  3. Adding to or subtracting from what God has said in order to either look knowledgeable or to keep from looking ridiculous.
  4. Refusing to allow the prophetic word or act to undergo the scrutiny of authority.
  5. Getting into ďone-upmanshipĒ by trying to outdo the previous prophetic prayer, word or deed.
  6. Adding personal opinions or impressions that can bring Judgment over a person, a people group or a land.
  7. Sharing secrets that God has not okayed.
  8. Speculating about Godís time frame or other details.
  9. Owning the prophetic word or act rather than releasing it to Godís long-range purpose.
  10. Attributing more authority to self than to God, and thereby becoming puffed up.
  11. Spending too little time in the prayer closet when God opens the door to go public.
  12. Forgetting that many of the biblical prophets were ridiculed and stoned for their obedience.
  13. Refusing to give a word because of jealousy.
  14. Falling prey to intimidation or unbelief.

Prophetic mistakes that I've seen:

  1. Prophetic words about future relationships, future spouses, need to be scrutinized more thoroughly. I've often found them to be motivated by fleshly desires.
  2. Prophetic words giving the date of the Return of Christ, have been wrong. In one revelations, Jesus said that the Angels still do now know that day.
  3. Don't assume the prophets are perfect people, they make mistakes like the rest of us. Even the high priest who condemned Jesus, prophesied.
  4. Prophets that I've been with are often more sensitive people, so insults and arguments can be more disruptive to them.
  5. The more clear a revelation comes, the more importance, resistance and consequences there are.

[Spiritual Warfare]

  1. Anywhere a devil or demon exists on Earth is illegal, they have NO rights, they are always criminals, and are all condemned.  They are not to be negotiated with, but instead cast out, crushed, destroyed! They have no good motives, use only deception and plan only evil.  Don't treat them like just an annoyance, but instead like murderous fugitives. Give them no ground, vehemently and militantly oppose them, and use the Name of Jesus Christ against them. Let none of them out alive.
  2. Every time the enemy successfully attacks us, our understanding of God becomes more veiled, and God look less glorious, and our zeal for Him diminishes.
  3. The safest place to be during spiritual warfare is on the Cross.
  4. The Kingdom of God has many rooms that are full of spiritual weapons, necessary to fight satan's kingdom.  By prayer and intercession we can bring these down, and use them in battle.
  5. If you rebuke a devil and cast it out, it can come back later, so KILL it!
  6. Intense spiritual warfare can be very tiring to the body, so being physically ready will help.
  7. Revelation from the book Baptize by Blazing Fire: Physical movements do transfer over to the spiritual realm, so you can fight the demonic with hand to hand combat. And you can ask the Lord for divine military weapons, (swords, fire, bow/arrow, axes, etc.)
  8. A soldier who is not willing to take any scars, is not much of a warrior.  And a Christian who stays away from controversial issues is not much of a warrior either.
  9. Whenever the Lord shows up somewhere, the enemy will come by later to mess up any good work.  Be ready.  Don't miss an opportunity when you see it, for tomorrow, it may be gone.  I learned this hard lesson from a friend of mine, he was never receptive to the Gospel until one day when Jesus spoke to him in a dream. His heart was tender and ready.  But foolishly, I did not go to him right away and share with him.  4 hours later, he was as mad as can be, and wanted nothing to do with Jesus.  I missed a great opportunity, and am awaiting another.
  10. Remember it only took one hole to sink the Titanic.  And one sin that is not dealt with, can take out a strong man of God, one sin that continues to grow, can destroy a ministry. 
  11. The Lord gives His power to those who are wise and mature enough to use it.  The evil one gives his power to those who are foolish and immature enough to be used by it. 
  12. In spiritual warfare, the enemy we are fighting today are not the same as before, they appear to be more sophisticated, refined, organized, unified and trained. Demons associated with different sins, now seem to work together in their struggle against us. 
  13. A wise man may sacrifice some of his lesser goals in order to accomplish a bigger one.  And our enemy is willing to support lesser Christian goals in order to derail the more important ones.
  14. When we are in darkness, we hug our enemies and beat our friends.
  15. Whenever the Lord comes somewhere or does something, the devil will quickly follow to mess it all up.
  16. [From the book Baptized by Blazing Fire] Diligently using the gift of tongues can prevent and break a demon's ability to masquerade/disguise itself as friendly spirits. And praying with your hands raised in the air, can bring devastation to demonic spirits.
  17. The enemy attacks the shepherd in order to destroy the sheep, he attacks the pastor in order to destroy the congregation, bribes the celebrity to destroy their fans, deceives the author to destroy their readers, fools the teachers to destroy their students, and corrupts leaders in order to destroy their followers.  The devil attacks those who have influence.  When he comes after you, be sure to cover your bases, those you oversee.  And the enemy might be after you, not just for you, but in order for you to attack your leadership.
  18. satan's main aim in every church is against those who are on fire for Jesus.
  19. The devil's goal is to mock God, by showing man (created in God's image) in the lowest, most perverse, disgusting, twisted, animal state.
  20. When the Light of Christ shines on demonic spirits, they become very small and weak.
  21. The enemy is called the twister, always distorting the true things of God.  But our God can untwist anything, untangle any knot, and can turn a crippled hand into a iron fist. 
  22. What the Lord brings is freedom, what the devil brings is slavery.  Never point to something that the devil gives you and call it freedom.  That's as foolish as a doctor handing you a bottle of poison, and calling it 'medicine.'
  23. The enemy tried to kill Moses 80 years before his ministry, and tried to kill Jesus 30 years before His ministry.   Therefore he can probably throw something against you days before your breakthrough.
  24. Often our greatest breakthroughs are right after our most difficult struggles.
  25. A small cut can lead to a big infection.  It's not the cut that harms you, since it is just a small hole, with little loss of blood, but it's the infection that comes in afterwards.  And so with sin, a little sin can be the downfall of a great man, because the devil will pour his kingdom through that little opening.
  26. As I have seen with my limited experience, the main attack against the prophetic Christians will come from inside the Church.
  27. If you see a radical change for the worse, in someone's personality, suspect that a spiritual agent is involved.
  28. I believe it is better to have 3 people pray during the strategic midnight hours, than to have 1 person praying full day. The midnight hours or when the crucial battles are fought. Please consider praying/worshiping at least 1 hour between 1pm-6pm.
  29. What does it benefit a man to be healed by the Lord, if he continues in the sin that wounded him.
  30. The worst thing we can get from the enemy is a reward.  The reason we don't gamble, is not because we might lose, it is because we might win.  Every "blessing" from the devil turns out to be a curse.
  31. If you choose to believe the lies of your enemy, it makes his job of destroying you much easier.  All that the enemy needs in order to control you is to have you believe his lie.
  32. One of satan's most powerful arms, is his Legal Arm.  Much of his work is done using the legal system of a country. This arm needs to be broken.
  33. Christian's, including me, are not in the habit of rebuking unclean spirits, and driving them away.  But we need to remember how important it is, and how often Jesus did this in the Gospels.
  34. As Christians, we are hit many times by the enemy's invisible hand, before we even recognize it's there.
  35. Truth without grace is what the devil brings, when he comes as the "angel of light." Don't focus only on the facts, sometimes you need to see the true motivation behind them.
  36. In the end time, both good and evil will be shown at their full strength. At this time, the body of Christ is fully united with Him, and the body of evil will be fully united with the devil.
  37. If a gust of wind shakes a house, what will happen to it when the flood comes?  Can it stand?  If you get overtaken by little temptations, then you'll never be ready for the strong ones.
  38. When a leaf falls off a tree, it can stay green for many days.  But eventually all of them will die, only what stays on the tree will last.  Only those on the Vine of Christ, will be able to handle the storm, all others will fall.
  39. The enemy has agents in the Church, (the betraying spirit of Judas is still among us), we don't know who, but when the opportune time comes, the enemy will use them, so be warned and be ready.
  40. Keep oral & anal sex out of a marriage, these defile you.  In a dream, I was shown an oral sex demon, it was absolutely disgusting, believe me you don't want anything to do with it's sin. The desire for oral sex is usually the desire for someone to physically worship you. Stay away from it.  Keep the spirits of domination & bondage out of a marriage bed also. Also, when a person masturbates, they are having sex with a demon and don't know it.
  41. Casting out Spirits causes nauseous bodily smells.
  42. Though satan doesn't want his kingdom divided, the principalities within his kingdom do hate each other.
  43. Always expect a counterattack right after a great victory, be prepared.
  44. After doing deliverance ministry, we always expect counterattacks from the enemy.  But my covering prayer..."Lord protect me from any backlash, as I go about my day." Never seems to work at all!  I've come to the conclusion that after deliverance ministry, I need to walk around with my own sword drawn, ready & standing watch all day!  And not relying on a simple prayer I said earlier that day. As Jesus said, "could you not keep watch for 1 hour? Watch and pray that you may not enter into temptation."
  45. You can't just displace evil, the vacuum must be replaced by light or the enemy will come back stronger than before.  If you cast a devil out of a person who loves his sin, he will soon go back into bondage, even stronger than before.
  46. The enemy can also give us dreams.  As I have seen, in one dream I had a long discussion with a false christ, who eventually cursed the Father, and thereby ruined his credibility.
  47. The enemy comes over the lowest part of the wall.  Remember, it only takes one opening, and the enemy can sack the whole city.  The enemy often comes at night.
  48. Every time the enemy attacks, he reveals his position, which is why you will get the greatest opposition before the greatest break through.  It was once said, "If you want to see who the Messiah is, find Judas, and see who he betrays."  So after an attack I ask myself, "Why did he attack that? Why was it so important to him? Maybe he sees something."
  49. Only when you're free can you help others.  How can you free someone from jail, when you're behind bars?
  50. If you pray against a certain spiritual principality, be ready for a counterattack on that very issue.  (A lesson I found out the hard way after cursing a bunch of pornographic businesses.)
  51. True worship can heal many wounds.
  52. devils, demons and unclean spirits hate the praise the worship of Jesus. The worship of God creates an atmosphere whereby evil spirits flee.
  53. The Sword of the Spirit (Word of God) judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. In prayer, this sword can be thrust into the owners heart, driving out anything wicked in there.
  54. The Holocaust that happened to the Jews is a foreshadowing of what will happen to all the world during the great tribulation.
  55. Our prayers are the fuel that gives the angels the strength to keep fighting and to fight powerfully. (shown by revelation)
  56. Dancing before the Lord can be a powerful form of spiritual warfare, which binds the enemy.
  57. It is good to leave anointed Christian Worship & Praise Music playing in your house, even when no one is listening.  It brings God's presence into an area.
  58. As rivers of living water come from the belly of the righteous, so do rivers of death spring for from the mouth of the wicked. And this river of filth can be inhabited by the demonic. When a person repents of speaking wickedly, the blood of Jesus can remove this river of death.
  59. ďThe time has come for fire. All other agents have been tried: intellect, learning, fine buildings, wealth, respectability, numbers. The great men and the mighty men and the learned men have all tried to cast out these devils before you and have failed. TRY THE FIRE. There are legions of the enemies of our great King. Fire on them. There are legions of strong drink, damning millions; of uncleanness, damning millions more; of debauchery, blasphemy, theft, millions more! Charge on them, pour the red-hot shot of the artillery of Heaven on them, and they will fall by the thousands!Ē -Catherine Booth.
  60. Though baptism and deliverance are difference procedures, baptism can have a similar effect on a person as deliverance, removing darkness. Successful deliverance usually takes a skilled, studied and experienced minister, but not so with baptism, almost any minister can do this procedure for another Christian.
  61. One strategic weapon seldom used by the Church today is Spiritual Decoys. These are Angelic agents or devices that are used to divert the enemy's focus away from their intended goal.  When these are released by Christian prayer over a strategic issue, demonic agents can be tricked into fighting at the wrong place and the wrong time, which will help to protect the real target. (Holy Decoys) Many weapons and tactics used in Earthly combat, may also be used in spiritual warfare, if a Christian calls on them in prayer. Therefore, understanding modern military strategy, is useful in spiritual combat.
  62. There is a type of prayer that few Christians engage in. I call it OOP (Object Oriented Prayer). The basic idea is this, if you see an object referenced in scripture, i.e. "broom of destruction" from Isaiah 14:23 or the "Arrow of Victory" from 2 King 13:17, you can call on those objects, in prayer, when the need arises, an physically act as though you are using them.
  63. There is a type of Spiritual Warfare prayer that is not commonly known by Christians.  I call them "Zoological Warfare Prayers". The basic idea is this... If through any type of revelation you find out that there is a spiritual attack happening, and you are shown a type of animal doing the attack, (i.e. Spirit of Snake, frog, Scorpion, Spider, etc.) then you would simply release that animals natural predator from the Kingdom of God. For example, Eagles eat snakes, Dogs fight cats, etc.
  64. The trees of an area, can have an impact on the spiritual climate of that area, either for good or bad.
  65. When a Christian is tortured, maimed or killed for Christ, that method of torture, maiming or executing is then turned into a spiritual weapon for the people of God.
  66. Sometimes to break demonic powers a Christian will need to employ the power of the DANCE and the SHOUT. Dancing jubilantly before the Lord, and Shouting powerfully at your enemy.
  67. When Lucifer was in Heaven, he was in charge of Heavenís Music and Worship & Michael was in charge of Heavenís Armies. Lucifer fell and became satan, but Michael didnít fall. What does this mean? In Laymanís terms this means that God kept all the Soldier Angels, but satan took all the Quire boys. (Picture)
  68. satan doesn't necessarily attack the people he hates, he attacks the people he fears.
  69. On occasion, I will intercede for the angels that have been assigned to me and my family. Asking the Lord to give them wisdom, strength and new weapons. They can also have struggles just like us, and it can be mutually beneficial for you to interceee for them, every once in a while.
  70. First go to the Courts of Heaven to deal with an issue, before you go to the Spiritual battlefield.
  71. When satan infultrates a government, he'll often try to infultrate the Justice department. Because, from there, he can pursecute and remove anyone who threatens his influence. With a corrupted Justice department, satan can protect his agents in government, and bring the law (which is backed up by the power of the gun) down on any of his rivals.
  72. Sometimes, in order to be successful in Spiritual Warfare, you need to treat it more like a courtroom, than a battlefield.
  73. When dealing with high-level witchcraft and satanic attacks done by evil high priests, you may need to take them out by cutting their silver cord mentioned in Ecc 12:6. This is how Anton Lavey, head of the satanic church, was removed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73_f__KECnY
  74. Worship can be very edifying to the person doing it, as the Light and presence of God enters their Soul, but there is a type of Worship, under the feed of Jesus, a difficult place, that allows the person to worship, but not for the sake of self edification. Worship in Obscurity.