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Baptized by Blazing Fire 2

Baptize by Blazing Fire #2
by Pastor Yong-Doo Kim
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Book #2 is now edited & polished
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The Lord spoke clearly. At the present time, churches’ spiritual activities are in conflict with what I intended for them. The pastoral leaders and church members worship me in formality and know me merely as a written theory. With a burning desire, come and meet me.

Our Lord desired to show us the reality of engaging in spiritual battles with evil spirits and to open our spiritual eyes so that we may straightforwardly see Heaven, Hell, angels and the devil.

==== DAY 16 ====

Lee, Yoo-Kyung: * Arguments cause your house in Heaven to collapse

In Heaven, I asked, “Jesus, I was told we have a house of our own in Heaven. I would like to see my house.” He led me to my house. We traveled awhile, when I saw a brightly shining golden house. Jesus said, This is your house.” At that moment, I was struck by the beauty of it. The angels were busily going about here and there, building my house.

When I asked about how many stories my house was, He replied that the fifth story was almost complete and more supporting columns were being built to construct more floors above. I also saw brother Haak-Sung’s house and his seventh story was just completed.

When I asked to see Joseph’s and Joo-Eun’s houses, Jesus looked worried, saying, What shall I do? What can be done? I asked Jesus if there was something wrong. He explained that both had third and fourth stories almost completed, but when they last argued their houses collapsed. Jesus taught me that if someone is selfish, argumentative or curses, their house in Heaven tumbles down. This is true for children and adults. Jesus told me to tell both Joseph and Joo-Eun never to fight and try to compromise when disagreements occur.

Jesus had a very sad expression upon viewing the crumbled house. He couldn’t hide His sadness. Oh, what shall we do? Why do Joseph and Joo-Eun argue so much? Yoo-Kyung, please tell Joseph and Joo-Eun to stop fighting. They both start to poke fun at one another, ending up in a fight and while playing ball together, they end up arguing. This house was built with many difficulties by the angels with my instruction; how do we build it up again?”

I often fight with my older brother, Haak-Sung, and now I realize I have to be really careful of our arguments.

Jesus clothed me in a golden gown with wings saying, My dearest Yoo-Kyung, you witness to so many and I love you so much for that. I immediately responded, “Lord, I’m going out to witness tomorrow as well.” Jesus replied, Really? Be zealous and keep it up. I will build your house up quickly.

Lee, Haak-Sung: * The deeper we encounter the spiritual world, the more mysterious it becomes.


Approximately 10 minutes into praying, three devils appeared. The first was a headless male. A female demon wearing a gown, with a noise of a strong wind, tried to scratch me with her sharp nails. An enormous snake with a head at both ends appeared, with each head fighting to go first. I cried, “Jesus, save me. Please help me!” He came quickly and drove all of them away.

Jesus surrounded us while we prayed and touched each of us, one by one. Jesus touched Pastor Kim’s head and aching back, Joseph’s foot and Joo-Eun’s back. Jesus said, Joseph, share one of your wishes with me. He replied, “Jesus, please help brother Oh, Jong-Suk to keep his job and diligently attend church.” Jesus agreed and commended me, Haak-Sung, it’s very cold today, but you still went out to witness and share the gospel today. You made me very happy.

After Jesus left us, a female demon wearing a gown approached me; she looked like a school girl. I paid no attention to her and continued to pray in tongues. She forced her face in front of me and tickled my nostrils with a feather, while I prayed. I commanded her to leave.

There have been many different demons appearing and many strange things happening since I started praying diligently. The deeper I go, the more I encounter things that are unseen in the natural world.

Kim, Yong-Doo: * The punishment for disclosing the secret

Yesterday, our neighboring church’s pastor and his wife came to talk over a cup of tea. They asked if they could join the prayer meeting. I tried to avoid the conversation without being obvious, but because she repeatedly asked and I didn’t want to seem disrespectful, I finally gave in and said yes. I knew in my heart I should NOT have done it. Serious anguish filled my heart, because I remember Jesus told us not to share our prayer meeting with anyone outside our congregation until after the book was published. They have no clue what was going on and during our prayer service, we are engaged in life and death battles with demonic spirits.

Jesus required me to be firm and reject the pastor’s wife’s desire to join the prayer rally. I failed, and in my deepest heart of hearts, I was afraid of what was going to transpire because of my disobedience. The Sunday night prayer service ended strangely because of the pastor’s wife’s unwanted attendance. In the early morning around 2 am, I finished the first part of the prayer meeting and I wanted to send her home, but she sat around as if she had something to say. I made certain that no one from the prayer team disclosed anything, but my wife and I somehow ended up disclosing the details of the secret.

I revealed that we had been visiting Heaven and Hell on request and many have received the gifts of spiritual sight, prophesy, distinguishing between the demonic and Heavenly spirits, speaking in tongues, faith, wisdom and knowledge. I disclosed that I was in the process of writing these events into a book which will be published, so I encouraged her to go back to her own church to pray diligently.

God had planned to open my spiritual sight this Sunday night at the prayer rally and He had verified this with the members whose spiritual vision was opened. But God was enraged by my inability to keep His secrets. My simple mind thought it was alright to disclose some secrets, but I made a huge mistake. For this reason, the plan to open my spiritual eyes was withdrawn.

Jesus was overcome with sadness. During prayer, Sister Baek, Bong-Nyo cried out, “How can what we said be such a big deal?” She sobbed disconsolately. Because I couldn’t keep the secret, I became a wretched human being and I couldn’t stand the guilt. How did Samson feel? When Samson revealed his secret of being a nazirite, he betrayed his relationship with God.

Sister Baek, Bong-Nyo: * The Lord’s personal scolding for Pastor Kim

My dear Bong-Nyo, why are you sobbing so much? Your church pastor Kim, Yong-Doo has made a big mistake, but why are you crying?” He asked with a stern voice. Pastor Kim will have to repent. The events happening at your church must be recorded in a book and be disclosed to the world. Until then it must be kept a secret. But, why did he disclose the secret and sin against me? The Lord was disappointed.

This secret reveals the true identity of the devil; therefore, there will be many trials along the way. You have no reason to cry. Let Pastor Kim know what I told you. Jesus’ fearful wrath continued. Pastor Kim disclosed entrusted secrets to the neighboring pastor’s wife and I don’t know why he did this sinful thing. Pastor Kim’s transgression is huge, but don’t you cry. 

Jesus gave an explanation. The way the congregation prays in unity and all the events you’ve experienced will send a big shock all over the world. The devil doesn’t want his identity revealed to the world and he is trying desperately to keep it hidden. He fears the real experiences the congregation had will expose him and his angels. If these truths about their existence and identities are exposed before the book is completed, the devil’s attacks will intensify and you will have to endure more. Until all the details of the prayer vigils are recorded completely, it is a sealed secret. I will give you another chance. Pastor Kim will have to concentrate on praying and writing the book. Also, everyone with the gift of prophecies must postpone praying for others.

Jesus rebukes pastors and their wives harshly for their lack of focus. Jesus firmly said all the churches built in His name must be able to find solutions to any problems no matter how big, within themselves. When there is a problem in a church, the pastor and his wife must pray in accord and there surely will be an answer from God. Many lack the ability to persevere, going from here to there, looking for people with the gift of prophecy to pray for them. There are so many of you like this and it saddens me. When the wives of the pastors assist and pray with their pastor, kneeling at the altar of their church, God will answer their prayers. Also, if you have prayed and laid all your worries before God, then wait, because that’s true faith.

During the afternoon service, no matter how sincerely Pastor Kim led the praise and no matter how powerful his sermon was, Jesus stood quietly beside the pulpit with a furious expression. Pastor Kim delivered the sermon with cold sweat running down his face, but it didn’t look like Jesus’ anger was subsiding. Pastor looked forsaken and pathetic to me. I made an earnest prayer request to Jesus, but He firmly answered, The only way is for Pastor Kim to beg for forgiveness with a contrite heart and our Heavenly Father will watch and decide.”

Jesus commanded, If you ever disclose these secrets to the public, all the spiritual gifts will be taken away. Pastor Kim would have to avoid contact with his extended family and close friends and seclude himself away from the outside world. Jesus requested that the pastor concentrate on praying and record everything the Lord has shown him, so he can quickly publish the book.

I asked, “Jesus, what if the pastor’s wife from the neighboring church who came over to Pastor Kim’s house returns on Sunday afternoon service to talk and pray? Our pastor is soft hearted and cannot say no.” The Lord said vehemently, Am I a witch doctor? Why are you constantly asking me, like I’m a fortune teller? To pastors and their wives, He said, You must concentrate on praying, seeking and crying out to me. Then, I will answer you. I don’t know why you go from here to there looking for answers! He was very unhappy about this. 

==== DAY 17 ====

Deaconess Shin, Sung-Kyung:

Since Sunday, I had been praying in tongues for three days. My body suddenly felt burning hot and I started praying even more powerfully in tongues. A bright light shone down on me and I burst into tears, with a prayer of confession. Tears and sweat covered my face, while a long list of sins I had committed came to my mind.

I never kept the Sunday holy to worship God, despite my title as a deaconess at my church and I often gave my pastor such a terrible time. He poured out countless encouragements, as well as scolding. But they went in one ear and out the other. My outward appearance was a proper ‘deaconess,’ yet my heart didn’t have any connection to God. This was the main reason why I wanted to attend the prayer vigil and I was determined to be transformed.

Kim, Yong-Doo: * Pastor Kim’s repentance

The day I was to receive my spiritual gift was postponed, because I did not obey the Lord’s command to keep His secret. I shared this secret with my close friend and this made Jesus extremely angry. Humanly speaking, it was not a big deal. It’s a mistake that anyone can make, but God’s thoughts are completely different from ours. As we explore deeper into the spiritual world, the Lord wants us to become more spiritually sensitive. Until the book was completed, He demanded that we sever ourselves from the outside world. For three days, I repented day and night, but the Lord’s wrath didn’t seem like it would subside. Jesus commanded me to stop writing the book. The possibility of my daughter Joo-Eun’s gifts of spiritual distinction, prophesy and all six spiritual gifts being taken away, as well as other members’ gifts, filled my heart with sadness. It was like a curse.

I didn’t know what to do. I thought, “How do I pastor this church? Am disowned by God?” These shameful thoughts filled my heart. But, I couldn’t sit back and give up. I cried, repented, supplicated, shouted out, and prayed in all the different methods of prayer I could think of, as I continued to sob loudly. When I delivered the evening sermon, I couldn’t see in front of me, because my eyes were so swollen. The four to five hour sermon I usually delivered so easily was difficult and I couldn’t give my sermon that night. The lights were turned off and with songs, we all prayed for repentance for our sins.

“Lord, please give me one more chance!” I prayed. I used every Bible verse that applied to me to thoroughly plead my case. Every member of the prayer team cried and prayed zealously with me. Oh, I was tearfully touched and thankful to my congregation! The Lord had mercy on these young and poor congregational members.

When the Lord heard our touching prayers, He decided to give me another chance. The Lord clearly stated from this point on everything must be kept secret, until the book is completed. No one outside of the group is to know of these things. Even to the congregation, the Lord did not want every detail to be announced, but only a limited portion to be shared. Every conversation regarding the subject must be approved by the pastor and be limited to minimal information shared.

* The transformation of my hands

While praying for 30 minutes with my hands held high, both my arms and hands started moving in some sort of pattern. At first, my right palm moved outward. After praying continually in tongues my left palm started outward as well.

The movement was very slow. I thought, if this was the pace of spiritual awakening, I wouldn’t last an hour. For other members, even after a short prayer, Jesus revealed Himself to them and they were able to see the demonic spirits. I’m a pastor, but He dealt with me very arduously. It took an average of 20-30 minutes before I saw any sign of change and at this rate, I was anxious not to lose my will.

I prayed for two to three hours and, as usual, my hands repeated the movement when suddenly, I felt an electrical shock mercilessly passing through my head. I thought, “This is it; this is my introduction into the spiritual world,” and I was filled with curiosity. I prayed more powerfully, while the electric current vibrated throughout my body continuously.


* A swarm of demonic spirits attack

As usual, I was praying with my hands held high, for roughly four hours. Suddenly, a shapeless body came and twisted my wrist. It stabbed my neck with a sharp instrument and the right side of my back felt like it was being sliced with a sharp knife. I cried in great distress and collapsed forward, as my body became paralyzed. I struggled, but it was no use.

The demons mocked me saying, “You dare to have your spiritual sight awakened? If you receive this awakening, how do you think we’re going to survive? Even right now, we are punished severely because all of you pray so much! We don’t have a chance since you are constantly praising, giving your sermons and praying, but it looks like the day has come for you today. You’ve taken completely clueless fools and helped them to receive spiritual gifts. You will pay for what you’ve done!” Then, the mass of the demonic spirits entered my body.

I gasped for breath. The demons traveled rampantly through my body and caused aggravating pain. I tried to stop all movements, but the pain continued. My entire body went numb. Every muscle, nerve, joint and bone were agonizingly painful. I couldn’t even cry out, even though I was in so much pain. The more I screamed, the more the wounds pulsated with pain.

“Lord! I’m so sorry. Save me. Please save me! I can’t bear this pain,” I cried. The praying congregation was shocked and immediately ran up to the pulpit. They were all very frightened. They didn’t know what to do, so they helplessly looked to me for a sign. I screamed out, “You filthy demons, in the name of Jesus the Nazareth, flee from me!” The demons didn’t leave. On many other occasions when I uttered the name of Jesus the demons immediately fled, but this time no matter how loudly I yelled they did not budge.

They began choking me, moving down my neck and back and hacking me continuously with an ax, while mangling both my arms. Finally, they made it impossible to speak. I could only breathe and even that caused great anguish and pain all over my body. I gathered up all my strength and urged the entire congregation to encircle me and pray as if their life depended on it. “Lord! Lord! Save me!” These words involuntarily came out of me.

* The congregation’s powerful prayers

The members cried out. I asked the members with the gift of spiritual sight to quickly identify what kind of demons were inside me, but they unanimously said they couldn’t see anything at all. All this time, my right wrist was twisted and paralyzed.

I urged the congregation to call upon Jesus to help us identify the demons. We prayed for a long while and those with the gift of spiritual sight began to share what they saw. (Ephesians 1:18-19) The swarm of demons inside me came to the Lord’s Church with a specific order from the head demon of the Hell. Their invisibility and ability to transform into diverse forms made it difficult to see them without intense prayer. Jesus said, My precious lambs, because of your earnest prayers and cries for your pastor, I will allow you to see the demons.

There were approximately 30 demons and they had been waiting for a long time for the opportunity to attack. When the neighboring pastor and his wife visited, the demons saw an opportunity and snuck in behind them. The king demon of Hell had given a direct order, shouting, “When you enter the Lord’s Church, you have to be significantly more careful than at other churches. There are many members who have the gift of spiritual sight and many of my inferior followers have been chased away, because their true identities have been exposed. Now you have to wait for the right time to attack Pastor Kim. That fool is the source of these problems. If we can knock him down, everything else will be resolved easily. Go and make this happen.”

Our neighboring church pastor’s wife doesn’t have the kind of faith that will draw demons to her, nor does she follow demons around. From what I know, she is a prayer warrior who prays diligently. The demons tried very hard to hide their identities and looked for a vehicle to use. When they knew the pastor’s wife wanted to visit, they followed her in and utilized the human’s persistent need for compassion as a lure.

“Jesus, show us the demon’s identity. Jesus, please reveal them to us,” we all prayed. Then, someone shouted, “Wow! I see them. I can see!” There were about 15 demons that looked like round lentil pancakes. They had many eyes and they rolled around my body. The rest were demons of various shapes and sizes. There was an enormous centipede, a caterpillar, a dark shadowy demon, a female demon, and a lion. I frantically asked the congregation to encircle me and to pray earnestly in tongues, touching the painful areas of my body. They began to touch my body and started to pray.

Someone shouted, “Pastor, the demons are changing! They aren’t scattering, but uniting!” I responded, “Is that true? Pray with power and authority and cast them away!” The congregation shouted in one voice, “In the name of Jesus, get out of our pastor’s body! Go back to Hell!” Joo-Eun shouted, “These evil demons are sitting inside you with their arms locked together. Oh, no! What do we do?” I shouted loudly, “Continue to pray. If you stop we will be in big trouble.” They all prayed desperately. (Ephesians 6:10-11“Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. Put on the whole armor of God that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.”

Sister Baek screamed, “Pastor, the demon transformed again.” I asked, “What is it now?” She responded, “It’s awful! This time it changed into a black centipede. It’s biting your neck with its two sharp fangs and with a thorn it stabbed the inside of your body. What do we do? The centipede is stuck on your back!” Immediately, I felt an unbearable pain and jumped up, causing me more agony. Then, I collapsed forward.


I cried out again, “Lord, please help me!” No matter how loudly I called, He didn’t come. I urged the congregation, “Hurry and call on Jesus!” They called out together, “Lord, where are you? Please hurry and help our pastor!” After they pleaded, Jesus appeared before us.

I was angry, because I felt Jesus took too long. I thought, “Where has Jesus been that it took Him so long?” Jesus answered me, “I will help you. Don’t worry.” With their spiritual sight, the congregation saw Jesus entering my body and said He was chasing the demons out. The demons reunited and transformed into something like rubber bands.

Jesus pulled them out. When He pulled them off one side, they would be stuck to the opposite side and stretched out without coming off. It required a lot of time to pull all the sticky demons off. I believe Jesus was purposely taking His time in order to train our faith. (James 4:7) “Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

In the Bible, when Jesus spoke, the demons trembled with fear and surrendered to Him. There must have been a reason Jesus was taking His time. Jesus wanted to test the resilience of our congregation and for us to experience a united effort to drive out demons. The prayer rally began at midnight and continued until 7 am the next morning. My body was still in agonizing pain and the congregation continued their prayers.

As the congregation surrounded me in prayer, my stomach growled, filled with gas. My body ached and my stomach was in so much pain I couldn’t stand it any longer. There was a very unpleasant odor from me that bothered the congregation. I was very ashamed; it seemed like something rotting inside me was coming out.

Someone said, “Please control yourself.” With that, everyone burst into laughter. I said, “It’s not the time to laugh. Continue praying to God.” They respectfully returned to prayer. “Joo-Eun, is the Lord still taking the demons off of me?” I asked. “Hurry and see.” Immediately, three members reported that Jesus was grabbing the demons one by one and tying them up. The two remaining demons weren’t giving up easily. Jesus finally captured and bound all the demons that had tormented me. He promised to throw them into the fiery pit.

Later Jesus said, “Wow! The ‘little lambs’ of the Lord’s Church are something to be reckoned with! Your cries and prayers for Pastor Kim, and when you worried, prayed, and stayed by him while he wrestled with demons really moved me. Continue just a little while longer. I’ll open up the spiritual gift of sight to Pastor Kim and he’ll be able to see in detail both Heaven and Hell. He’ll then record these sights in a book and share them with the world. Many lost souls will read this book, be saved, and return to me.”

When I returned home and lay down to rest, the wounds from the biting and scratching were unbearable. It was so excruciatingly painful that when I breathed or lay down, I would shout out in agony. My wife, Joseph, and Joo-Eun began to pray earnestly.

While Joo-Eun prayed, she heard Jesus saying, “When the evil demons left you, they didn’t leave quietly. Instead, they left an aftermath of painful bites and scratches that you will suffer for many days to come. Since your wife received the gift of healing, have her lay her hands upon your wounds and pray.” My wife immediately laid her hands on my wounds, but it didn’t heal quickly enough. I rolled on the ground in pain and petitioned the Lord. “Lord, my wife has the gift of healing, but why am I still suffering the agonizing pain?” The Lord explained that her healing powers were weak, but reassured me I would gradually get better. Since I’m impatient and couldn’t wait, I rushed to the nearby doctor for therapy, but the pain was so intense I stopped the treatment. My wife said, “In our 20 years of marriage I’ve never seen you in such agony and pain.”

Sister Baek, Bong-Nyo: * Our homes in Heaven

While I was praying for my pastor, the Lord showed me my pastor’s house in Heaven. (John 14:2-3) Pastor Kim’s house went up from 360 to 370 stories and his wife’s house was up from 270 to 280 stories. Joseph’s house was four stories and the fifth story was almost complete. Joo-Eun’s house was 12 stories and the 13th story was under way. I asked, “Lord, Joseph and Joo-Eun’s houses are being built one story at a time, while my pastor and his wife’s houses are being built ten stories at a time. Why is this?” “Not only does the pastor prepare the sermon and bless the congregation with it, but he prays diligently for you. The prayer of the pastor is much more powerful compared to yours. The servanthood of a pastor for his congregation is what enables his house to be built quicker. Also, the pastor’s wife, Kang Hyun-Ja, prepares food for the congregation day and night. Not only that, during the week she feeds and clothes your family daily. Her reward in Heaven will be great. Joo-Eun has a tendency to yell and be argumentative; the smallest situation will make her irritable. She may become arrogant, so keep her humble. Joseph is so reserved that he often looks angry. Even when I see him, his expression is not friendly and I want him to change that. When your pastor mentions in the sermon what Joseph needs improvement on, he is displeased with the suggestion. I want Joseph to accept these constructive criticisms with faith and be obedient. Then, his house will be built up.”

Haak-Sung’s house was ten stories high and the support columns for the 11th story were already being built and Yoo-Kyung’s house had seven stories. Jesus told me, because the secret of our church was disclosed by pastor and his wife, 50 stories of the pastor’s house and 30 stories of his wife’s house collapsed.

When I went to the night service, Pastor Kim looked frail, like he’d been praying and crying for awhile. His eyes were swollen and he struggled to see properly. I pleaded to the Lord. “Lord, our pastor suffered so many afflictions from the demons today. Give him strength.” Jesus tenderly came and comforted me, “Everyone has many family members that comfort them, but my dearest Baek Bong-Nyo, you have no one and nothing. I will comfort you.” He continued, "You love me above all else and this is why I value you so much!”

A few moments later, two beautiful angels descended from Heaven. They were tall and very handsome. One of them I knew was the Archangel Michael and the other introduced himself to me saying, “Sister Baek, Bong-Nyo, I am Gabriel and I stand before God. The Lord commanded me to escort you, so I’ve come.” I replied, “Oh yes, thank you.” They started taking me up into the atmosphere. Suddenly, a large group of demonic spirits appeared to blockade us.

The faces of the demons were very diverse. I saw a dragon’s head, large snakes, and various animal spirits, all ready to attack us. They gathered together with other demonic forces and soon their strength grew immensely, but Gabriel and Michael didn’t feel threatened at all. Instead, they looked calm. When they raised their hands, the demons quickly vanished. (Revelation 12:7-9)

After the demons disappeared, we arrived in Heaven and, standing at a distance, Jesus greeted me. He shouted, “I love you, my dear Baek Bong-Nyo. I love you.” Jesus and I rode on the clouds, traveling all over Heaven. There are many mountains in Heaven, all golden. When I saw the skies in Heaven, the thought of returning home disappeared from my mind.

Lee, Haak-Sung: * Jesus cries with Pastor Kim

We went evangelism witnessing from 4 pm until 7 pm. Afterwards, I headed to church to pray. I saw our pastor praying and crying on his knees with his arms held high. I saw Jesus standing beside the pastor. Jesus was wearing the crown of thorns and crying as He gazed down at our pastor. Jesus’ head was bleeding heavily and His blood dripped onto His gown. He was drenched in blood. Jesus embraced Pastor Kim and he continued to cry. All the lights were off in the sanctuary, but near the pulpit, a bright light was shining out of Jesus. In the background, a song about Christ’s suffering named ‘The Three Nails played continuously.

Later that night, Jesus told me, “No matter how cold the weather is, it’s best to pray in light clothing, on your knees and with your arms held up straight. When you are cold, I will send you

3 headed dragon

fire, so don’t worry beforehand. If you dress in bulky clothes, you’ll fall asleep while you pray. Do you understand?”

Kim, Joo-Eun: * Repenting in accord

While praying in tongues, a hideous three-headed dragon jumped at me. It paced back and forth to scare me, but I drove it away saying, “In the name of Jesus Christ, you filthy demon, flee from me! Get away from me!” I resumed praying in tongues. Jesus appeared before me and was especially quiet. Without saying a word, He stood before me for a long time, sobbing. I asked many questions, but He just shed tears. Today, at the evening service, Pastor tearfully confessed, “I am deeply afflicted, because I’ve caused the Lord so much pain. Lord, I have sinned greatly against you.” We all concentrated on singing and repenting in unity. Jesus, the pastor, and all of us, cried together. (1 John 5:4)

 ==== DAY 18 ====      (1 Peter 5:6-10)

Lee, Haak-Sung: * Physically Attacking the demons!

In the evening sermon, the pastor told us, “When the demons appear, don’t be afraid, but fight boldly face to face! Those filthy demons are nothing, so don’t fear them. When you go deeper into the spiritual realm and pray boldly, you will find opposition [in the form of demons]. When you do, capture it and tear it into pieces; destroy it!” I thought to myself, “How can we do such a thing to the terrifying demons? He must be exaggerating.” But the pastor repeated it with a firm conviction, “We can do this. We have been attacked and have handled much abuse. It is now our turn to avenge and attack them.” Then, he visually taught us how to physically attack them.

“Can we really capture the demons?” I thought. So far, we were able to use the name of Jesus as a weapon, but now we were told we could engage demons with physical hand to hand combat!

Later on, while I was praying in tongues, two demons from before returned. One was a muscular demon and the other had multiple faces on it. It was holding a peacock feather and, as before, it used the soft end of the feather to tickle my nostrils. I remembered the sermon the pastor gave in the evening service. (James 4:7) I reached out my physical hand to simulate taking the feather from the demon. I thought, “Oh, how can this be? That feather is now in my hand!” It was miraculous.

I started poking the demon continuously with the sharp pointy tip of the feather. The demon yelled, “Ouch!” I quickly attacked it all over, stabbing it mercilessly. It jumped up and down shouting, “Ouch! Save me!” A green fluid oozed out of the wounds. It must be its blood. When the other demon saw this, it was so shocked it ran away filled with fear.

Pastor Kim kept praying, enduring his painful wounds the demons left on his body. Jesus approached him and continuously touched the wounds with His hands. Jesus came to me and said, “Haak-Sung, don’t let your arms fall down even though it’s hard. The prayer with hands lifted up high has much more power.”

Kim, Joo-Eun:

Today, there were very many odd looking demons and they continuously appeared before me. I screamed loudly, “You demons, in the name of Jesus, flee from me.” They vanished. I resumed praying. Suddenly, a really strong looking male demon walked toward me mumbling, “Hey, stop praying. You pray too much for a little kid.” I exclaimed, “Hey, you filthy devil! In the name of Jesus, flee from me!” The devil vanished.

As I continued to pray, a demon in the form of a pretty lady came. This devil was so graceful and beautiful that I couldn’t imagine it was an evil demon. (2 Corinthians 11:14-15) Even the way she spoke was refined. She said, “Please don’t pray. Why are you praying?” I ignored her and she got mad. “Hey, why are you praying? When you pray, do you see something special?” she said and then she shouted, “Stop praying!” I yelled, “In the name of Jesus, flee from me,” and immediately she began to rip in half from the top of her head down to her crotch. I shrugged with disgust, saying, “Eew, so nasty!” As her body divided in half, it revealed a heinous demon inside. I still can’t get over the fact that its perfect outer appearance was so different from its inside.

Later, I saw a demon that appeared to be a little innocent boy with a red bandana. He had an ability to play gross tricks with his eyes. I tried to cast it away in the name of Jesus, but this demon resisted and didn’t budge easily. I persistently prayed, clenching my teeth. Then, the demon vanished.

* Baptized in Blazing Fire

I realized how many different types of demons there are. I witnessed them bothering other members. They constantly came and went and were moving around busily in utter confusion. While I prayed, I wondered how Pastor Kim was doing. I looked over at him, but instead of seeing him I saw a ball of blazing fire in his place. Surprised, I opened my eyes to confirm what I saw and I saw Pastor sitting in his seat as usual praying. When I closed my eyes again, I saw a big ball of blazing fire. Demons were standing beside our pastor without being able to attack him, so they moved on to attack the congregation.

Suddenly, a long haired female demon appeared and bit my left arm with her Dracula-like fangs. I tried to shove her away, but couldn’t. I couldn’t think straight, because the pain was so agonizing. And then, another demon attacked me. I called, “Lord, Lord, help me. Please help me!” I moved close to pastor’s wife and I continued to pray with my hands held up high. About 100 demons came to distract me from praying. I counterattacked by shouting, “You filthy demons, why do you live like this? Why are you bothering me?” One with sharp fangs rushed toward me shouting, “We want to send you to Hell.” I responded, “What? Hell? You are hilarious! Hey, you filthy demons, flee from me. In the name of Jesus, flee from me.” In that instant, every one of them fled. I realized if I wanted to visit Heaven, I would need to fight hard against evil demonic forces.

* Pastors who discontinued their pastoral duties

I continued to pray for a long time, when Jesus appeared calling me by my nickname, “Sesame! My dear Sesame, you are very good at casting out the evil spirits!” I replied, “Jesus, I just remembered something my father wanted to ask you about. There are pastors who have stopped being pastors and returned to worldly jobs. What happens to those pastors?” Jesus reluctantly responded, “You are so young to explain this to, but listen well and tell him exactly what I am telling you.” He continued, “The pastors who give up being a pastor because of its hardships will be judged harshly by my Heavenly Father. The Heavenly Father will rebuke them, ‘Why did you stop being a pastor? I gave you the abilities to do your pastoral duties, but why did you make the decision to stop without my permission? You’ve made a big mistake. You must repent!’ Then, with the remainder of his earthly life, he must follow obediently in his walk with me. There are also people who fail to keep the Lord’s Day holy and do whatever they want. They, who are not born again, open their businesses. There should be no business transactions on Sunday whatsoever. Many proclaim their salvation with their mouths, but they are so wrong. If they are truly saved, their lives should show it! Our Father in Heaven has a keen eye on all of you. To the Father every soul is very precious and when souls go to Hell by their own choosing, it hurts Him very deeply. He sheds many tears!”

* Those who drive out pastors (James 3:16)

I then inquired, “Jesus, sometimes on TV, I see churches engaged in a fight with the pastor and it really embarrasses me. Why do the congregations and their pastors fight? In that instance, whose side are you on?” Jesus said, “You are so young, yet you always ask such questions.” I responded, “Lord, I am a daughter of a pastor. It makes me sad to see the pastor being kicked out of the church!” Jesus answered, “The pastor often makes mistakes and that is a problem. More importantly, when the congregation resents and drives out the pastor, they will have committed a huge sin. Even though a person has sinned in the past, if they sincerely repent and follow God, they can still enter Heaven. They must never repeat such a sin!” (Philippians 2:3)

I continued to ask questions. “Jesus, we are all praying together, but why do you only take sister Baek and her family to visit Heaven and Hell? We are the pastor’s family, right? My family seems to have more faith, but why do you, Lord, only love Haak-Sung, Yoo-Kyung and Sister Baek, Bong-Nyo?” Jesus burst into laughter at my question and answered, “My dear Joo-Eun, that isn’t true. They have such a tough life. Haak-Sung and Yoo-Kyung are both psychologically challenged, right? Also, Sister Baek, Bong-Nyo is bedridden, suffering with back pain. They have little to eat and live in a small basement room, but they pray without ceasing! They don’t know when they will be kicked out into the street, yet they obediently pray to God. I love them especially, because despite their limitations they still pray diligently! They need my protection! You have so many family members, but they don’t even have a father or a husband. This is why they need my special attention!” (Exodus 33:19)

“Jesus, our pastor is recording all these spiritual experiences in a book. When the book is completed, are you going to take back all the spiritual gifts? The Lord said, “Joo-Eun, the gift of prophesy is a very important gift which isn”t easily given or taken away. The gift of prophesy is only taken when your Heavenly Father commands it and otherwise it is left as it is.”

Lee, Yoo-Kyung: * The demons fear your faith

Today, I was attacked by a very terrifying demon that showed me many different forms. Afterward, I said to Jesus, “Jesus, the demons are so scary!” He replied, “Yoo-Kyung, you can defeat the demons. The demons are afraid of your faith, so don’t worry. The angels are always here to protect you.

Sister Baek, Bong-Nyo: * The identity of the formless demons that attacked Pastor Kim

I was praying powerfully in tongues, but I couldn’t see anything. Everything was as dark as pitch. I tried hard to go deeper into the spiritual realm, so I prayed louder. I noticed many round objects, spinning around and around. I thought they might be the same type of demons that viciously attacked our pastor. I wanted to pay them back, so I concentrated intensely. They rolled all around me to distract me. I fervently prayed to Jesus, and He said, “Look at them carefully.” They looked like lentil pancakes. There were about 20 of them rolling all over the church, spying for an opportunity. Jesus said, “It was these pathetic demons that bit and twisted Pastor Kim’s arm yesterday. I took them all and threw them into the fiery pit of Hell, but they’ve already returned to attack my servants. Bong-Nyo, you have to be especially careful!”

I was informed that the king demon had given a secret order, “There is a member in the Lord’s Church with the gift of spiritual sight named ‘Baek, Bong-Nyo’ and she can distinguish who we are. Concentrate on attacking that woman!” If it wasn’t for the Lord revealing these demons to me, it would be difficult to see them even with the spiritual gift of sight. The Lord told me that when I pray deeper, I’ll be able to see those evil spirits that are formless. As I pray powerfully, the demons’ identities will be revealed and they will vanish.

* Archangels Michael and Gabriel

Two splendid angels came to escort me to Heaven. They were Michael and Gabriel. They cannot be compared to any other angels. “Our beloved Jesus commanded that sister Baek, Bong-Nyo be escorted, so we’ve come personally.” I was humbled by how special the Lord treated someone so insignificant as me. I didn’t know how to react. I could hardly contain my excitement and I eagerly followed them.

In Heaven, Jesus showed me the Garden of Eden, which was breathtaking. In our conversation, Jesus told me, “Bong-Nyo, it was difficult to cast out the demons inside Pastor Kim yesterday. You must be exhausted. The demons that were inside the pastor are like a tick that clings to you and won’t let go. Those pests disguise their identities and transform their bodies to stretch out and retract back like rubber bands. After the meeting, Pastor Kim dragged his aching body to drive sister Shin Sung-Kyung home. These young lambs have the heart to protect their pastor. The moment I saw this I was deeply moved and I decided to join them.” He continued, “The last demon that was stuck inside Pastor Kim and was determined to torment him as long as it could. I had to use force to drag it out. Unfortunately, in your church, among the young lambs, you’re the only one who can see Hell. I know it is difficult for you, but I would appreciate it if you would be more patient. Right now, your Pastor Kim Yong-Doo has to write and preserve it as a record. The part of Hell you saw isn’t the entirety, but only a small portion of it. It’s the desire of our Heavenly Father that many souls be saved through this work. It breaks my heart to continually take you to Hell and I know your heart is broken as well. From now on, I will show you only a little, so observe carefully and report exactly what you see to Pastor Kim.” I said, “Jesus, if you insist. Please don’t show me my mom and my younger brother. I can’t bear the pain when I see them.” Jesus replied, “That’s not possible. You must see things you may not like to see, so you can testify the truth. As soon as He was done speaking, the Lord took my hand and guided me to Hell.

* Returning to Hell

In Hell, it’s terrifying. Our minds can’t imagine how bad it is in a place where all wretchedness is locked up. It’s a cursed place with only suffering, moaning, and screaming. The Lord and I were on a narrow road. On each side were scenes of souls in overwhelming pain. We came to a place where on each side of the road was a deep abyss. Jesus cautioned, “Be careful!” Taking your eyes off the path for a second can make you fall down. I saw skulls on both sides in the abyss piled up as high as the sky. 

The skulls weren’t dead, but slowly moving and screaming. It was piercing to my ears. The skulls would get into a tangled up mess, as some slipped and fell below. They would shove one another to climb back up to the top. They complained and shouted at each other saying, “Oh, I’m suffocating! You bastard, move! Are you going to move?”


I asked, “Please, Lord, it is so disgusting. The rotting smell is all around. I want to get out of here. How can there be this many skulls? What kind of human beings were they?” Jesus told me there were many different types of people here, “In here are burglars who mistakenly started a fire while stealing and died in the fire, those killed in the fire while sleeping in the hotel, those who seduced men and died in a fire, those who were able to work with their bodies but instead resorted to begging, those who drowned during an outing, those who murdered their parents, those who were hiking and died in an accident and many others from all walks of life.”

There were so many skulls I couldn’t count them. On one side, I heard someone say, “You bastards, it’s too crowded here. This stuffy place is killing me!” The skulls below were saying, “You bastards on top, you are crushing me! Stop crushing me!” Those skulls at the bottom had many puncture wounds.

As we walked further, the smell of the rotting cadavers became strong. “Lord, what is that stench? It smells like decaying flesh.” The Lord replied, “Yes, you’re right. Look carefully!” I observed a liquid that came from decaying bodies; it was all around like an ocean. “Lord, there are no skulls or bones here. I don’t see a single body here, but why is the stench so horrible?” Jesus said, “The flesh and bones have rotted away.”

* The cactus-like plant

As we continued, we came to a large flat barren land. There was an enormous cactus-like plant, but it had no visible thorns. In front of it were swarms of tiny bugs and something was moving on the plant. Jesus told me to look closer and as I walked toward the plant, I saw my younger brother together with countless naked bodies. They were all tangled and stuck on the cactus. Everyone was covered with tiny bugs that were eating their flesh, while the people screamed in pain.

Even with all the screams of pain, I could hear my brother’s voice clearly. “Sister! My dear Bong-Nyo sister, why are you here again? Ouch! This is unbearable. This is so painful!” Everyone screamed in pain as all kinds of bugs bit and tore their flesh off, digging into their bodies. I couldn’t even see an inch of skin, because so many bugs covered them.

* My family in the maggot filled pit

I looked to the left and saw a huge pit, densely packed with countless people. They were all naked and covered with maggots. It was hard to distinguish between flesh and maggots. (Mark 9:48) I thought I was going to faint again. I saw my mom and looked into her eyes. She was waiting to be thrown into this pit. My mom shouted, “My daughter, Bong-Nyo, I heard you weren’t feeling well, but why are you here again?” Then, she burst into tears. “Mom, I don’t want to come to Hell, but the Lord continues to bring me back. What can I do?” My mom started begging, “Lord, why are you allowing my daughter to see me suffering in Hell, when you know it’s hurting her very much?” We cried together.

“Mom, even though I see you in so much anguish, I can’t do anything to help you. I’m so sorry!” I said. My mom pleaded with me, “Please, Bong-Nyo, never ever come back to Hell. I’ve died and been brought here to suffer, but you must continue following the Lord until the end. Don’t end up here like me, but make sure you go to Heaven.

I begged Jesus for help, but He couldn’t do anything. When I cried out louder, the evil demons mercilessly threw my mother into the pit. The maggots swarmed quickly, crawled up her leg and dug into her flesh and bones. She cried out in agony and jumped around frantically, as the other people were doing. Her screams were soon smothered by the screams of all the people.

I began to hear my younger brother suffering to my right. He cried out, “Sister, the bugs are eating my body alive. Oh, I’m in so much pain! Older sis, please beg Jesus to help me right now!” The bugs stabbed my brother and poison spread through his entire body, turning him black. My brother had committed suicide, but I had no idea the penalty for such an act was this terrible. I pleaded with Jesus, but again He said it was too late. I even cried out to my Heavenly Father, but He also said no. Soon, my brother’s body was just a black skeleton, but he was still screaming. “Sister, hurry and leave this place. You must never come back to this place. Do you understand?”

The Lord told me about some of the people here. “There are men here who lived with two and three women, people who switched partners and slept around, those who killed themselves, those who attended church and committed adultery, those who died on a mountain, those who were killed by a dog, and many others who died."

Continuing on with Jesus, I saw what looked like a very large scythe, big and terrifying. An enormous demon was holding the scythe and preparing to chop the people. Jesus said, “That demon is tenth largest demon in Hell.” It had many heads sprouting out all over its body. It began slicing the people in line and their terrifying screams went all through Hell’s atmosphere.

The vicious demons enjoyed torturing others. They began chopping our pastor’s father up. He screamed, “Ouch! Please save me. I’m sorry. Please stop! Forgive me!” It was awful. On Earth people would faint or die, but in Hell there was no dying or fainting, only gruesome screams. All your senses are alive there.

The pastor’s father cried, “Woe is me. I died of disease and I thought when I was dead everything was going to be carefree. I thought I would rest peacefully without having to work. But this isn’t what I expected!” He shook his head with bitterness. After chopping his leg, the demon shouted, “Now should I start on your body?” He kept chopping him into smaller pieces. It was such a gruesome scene. Every detail was clear; it wasn’t a dream. The demon knew Jesus and I were watching, but it disregarded us and continued to do its vicious job.

The demon cracked his head in half with its hands and threw the remains into a big iron pot, boiling with oil. The people melted away and all that was left were the bones. Yet, their agonizing screams were unrelenting. Demons were running around excitedly, giggling, like it was some sort of party. “Once again we can stuff ourselves. We have so much to eat. Today was a good day, because so many new people came to Hell. That’s why we’re having a party and frying them up,” they said.

The people inside the pan were yelling, “Hey, you wicked bastards! Take me out of here. You’re burning me alive! Get me out now! I can’t see anything. It’s hot! I’m dying here!” They also said curses I don’t want to repeat.

Afterwards, Jesus took me to a place where Lot’s two daughters (Genesis 19:31-38) were in a blazing pit, crying out desperately. Jesus was very grieved and afflicted with so much pain He quickly decided to leave. The Lord said, “Bong-Nyo, my heart aches because of these two daughters and I know your pain when you see your family in Hell. But, I want you to calmly think about what you saw.” Jesus shared that each time He brought me to Hell His heart was hurting very much, but He hid it from me. Jesus said, “Let’s depart from Hell now.” He brought me back to church.

 ==== DAY 19 ====    (Hebrews 10:35-39)   

Shin Sung-Kyung: * Deaconess Shin Sung-Kyung danced a spiritual dance

I was praying in tongues and my body felt like a burning fire ball. It was -10° outside and we turned all the heaters off. Inside the church was cold. But the Holy Spirit was upon us so the bitter cold didn’t bother us since the Lord transformed our bodies into blazing fire. We had to take off our thick winter garments and only wore light short sleeved clothes.

I was hit with the fire of prayer, like blazing sunlight shining down. We were drenched in sweat, as if we were under the hot sun. Normally I’d be shivering, barely able to make it through the prayer vigil. I felt my prayers getting deeper and deeper. After about an hour, my hands started to move involuntarily. The movements varied and were very smooth.

Until then, I was only able to observe the pastor’s wife’s and Sister Baek Bong-Nyo’s spiritual dancing and I’ve deeply longed to receive the same gift. I pleaded, “Lord, help me to dance the spiritual dance! I’m yearning for this spiritual gift. Lord, I’m sincerely longing for it. Help me to experience what this spiritual dancing is all about.”

Throughout my Christian life, I had never experienced or been filled with the spirit. I was very sinful and always ashamed before the Lord. Lately, I’d been experiencing the power of the Holy Spirit more during the weekday prayer vigils than in the Sunday service. The Sunday service is merely two hours dedicated to God with praise, prayer, sermon, as well as announcements. It leaves me spiritually wanting more.

Lee, Yoo-Kyung: * Entering before the Throne of our God (Revelation 4:2-4)

As soon as my prayer began, a three horned demon appeared. I shouted, “Demon, in the name of Jesus, disappear!” And it left. I shouted, “Father, I miss you!” Jesus came calling, “My dear Yoo-Kyung, did you call for your father?” I boldly answered, “Yes.” The Lord asked “Did you want to call out to your father?” I replied, “Yes, I want to very much.” He then told me, “Call out!” I shouted without ceasing, “Father! Father!”

Jesus took me to Heaven. I love riding on the clouds all over Heaven, singing praises to Jesus and splashing at the beach. Jesus asked me, “Yoo-Kyung, remember the promise I made to you yesterday? Do you recall?” I answered, “Yes, Jesus. You promised to show me God the Father.” Jesus faithfully kept His promise and took me to meet His Father. Our Father is larger than we can imagine, reaching up to the top of the Heavenly sky and shines brighter than the sun. He was sitting on an enormously large throne.

I was filled with joy, singing praises before God. I sang ‘Bless the Lord, my soul’ and God the Father listened to me sing. He danced with joy and whenever He moved, unfathomable colorful rays of light brightly poured out of Him. In front of Father God was a book, larger than a mountain, and He was looking at it. 

God’s huge hand stretched out and gently stroked my head. The magnitude of how large His hands are can’t be described in words. The upper part of God’s body was covered with fog, like a cloud. Jesus requested I continue singing praises, so I did. God rejoiced in my praising by clapping His hands together and holding my hands swinging back and forth. I was so happy I swung my arms all around. Jesus cautioned me, “In the presence of our Father God don’t swing out of control!” He taught me to raise my arms up high with my head bowed down respectfully. Later, Jesus took me back to the Church.

Lee, Haak-Sung: * Strike down the demons with your hands!

Our Pastor was still suffering the agonizing pain from the previous demonic attack. He told us we’ll be able to capture the demons with our hands tonight and asked us to prepare to retaliate against them. In unison we shouted, “Amen!” It was time for prayer service, so I prayed in tongues diligently.

Jesus quietly approached. He sat in front of the pastor’s wife and listened to her prayers for a long time. Then, He moved near the pastor and spoke to him, “Pastor Kim, where are you hurting?” Pastor pointed at the areas the demons had bitten and scratched him. Jesus concentrated on Pastor’s neck and back, continuously caressing the area.

After Jesus left, I continued praying in tongues. Five demonic spirits attacked at once. I recalled the pastor’s message regarding hand to hand combat. After I reached out, I opened my hands and caught something. When I looked with my spiritual eyes, I saw it was a female demon, wearing a white gown. Her leg was firmly in my grasp and she was helpless. (Mark 3:15) I spun her around like a helicopter propeller. It was miraculous. I spun her and threw her into a corner. Her neck broke with a thump and she cried, “Ouch! You are killing me.” I remembered the pastor’s message. “When you see demons, mercilessly crush them! Gouge their eyes out and stomp on them!” I struck them with my fists and kicked them. They yelled, “Oh, man! Ahh! Save us!” They fled. It was amazing. I’m no longer afraid. Even though the demons attack in a large numbers, I’m ready to fight them. 

I spun another demon and threw it far away. A demon that Joo-Eun had mentioned approached me, rolling its white eyes. I waited for this demon to get closer. As soon as it tried to interfere with my prayer, I mercilessly gouged its eyes out and beat it down on the floor. Being eyeless, it crawled about searching the floor, “Oh, no! My eyes! Where are my eyes? Help me find them. Eventually it found them, but when it tried to put them back into the sockets, there was too much dirt on them. It put them in wrong and ran off.

A male demon, wearing a torn undershirt, slowly approached as though it was looking for a sign from me. I thought of rolling it like a bowling ball. When it got close enough, I extended my hand and put two fingers in its eyes and one into its nostril. I threw it like a bowling ball and, with a bang, it slipped and disappeared.

Once again, a demon with long hair and wearing a gown appeared. It gave me chills, because she was bleeding from her eyes and lips. I ran after it, grabbed it, slapped its face, and pounced on it. I felt so triumphant! I told it, “Just stop coming here! You’re annoying, you demons!” After a continuous beating, it ran away screaming. This was amazing; I was having so much fun slapping the demons silly!

I resumed praying in tongues when a strong, robust male demon wearing a metal mask approached me. Only one eye was visible through the mask and that eye was full of maggots. I didn’t want to touch it, so I shouted out, “In the name of Jesus, flee from me!” But it resisted and then started to dance in a twisting motion. Somehow it would repeatedly appeared and disappear, while it danced. I waited until the demon reappeared and grabbed it, spinning it around. Then, I threw the demon towards the back of the church and, with a shriek, it vanished. At that moment, Jesus came and applauded me, saying, “My dear Haa-Sung, you finally raised the standard of tormenting these demons. I’m proud of you, very proud.”

Sometimes during sermons, I witnessed angels pouring a kind of oil upon our pastor’s head and his sermons would resonate more powerfully. When the sermons were about the identity of certain demons, those demons would secretly hide in one corner and shiver with fearful expressions.

Kim, Joo-Eun:

I was singing ‘Glory, glory, hallelujah’ and my body was on fire. It was freezing cold in the room, but I was sweating like crazy. The same demon Haak-Sung had fought, that had re-inserted its eyes incorrectly, was complaining, “Oh man, I’m suffering because of the bastard, Haak-Sung. He did this.” I responded, “That’s great! I’m glad to hear it.” It started crying and said, “Stop it! Please stop that.” I shouted, “You filthy demon, in the name of Jesus, flee from me!” It fled.

Something started tugging at my clothes, but I couldn’t see anything. I also felt a strong pull on my hair and a poke at my side. I noticed a strange object that rolled around. I told this demon how angry I was at it, and it replied, “Really? Good, be sick of me. Please, I am trying to bring you to Hell. Why do you pray so much, you little pest? Stop praying. Do you gain anything to eat when you pray? Why do you pray?” I quickly responded, “Hey, when I pray, miracles happen and I accumulate reward. You demon, flee from me!” It immediately rolled away.

Later, I was startled by an enormous snake with two heads. I was terrified, shaking with fear, because it was larger than an anaconda and began lunging toward me. I screamed, “Jesus, help me! Please make this horrible snake disappear!” Jesus came right away and grabbed the snake. He started spinning it very fast and threw it far away. I thanked Jesus and He said, “My dear Sesame, whenever you call on my name, I’ll always be here and help you, so don’t worry. All you have to do is pray diligently.”

* Prayer that can bring you to Heaven

Today, I saw two beautiful angels descending slowly. They were much taller than humans and respectfully said, “Greetings, sister Joo-Eun.” In their hands was a beautiful, brightly-shining garment,

Winged Coat

with wings on the backside. “Sister Joo-Eun, this garment is quite beautiful, isn’t it?”

I replied, “I want to try it on right now.” They tenderly dressed me in it. The angels stood on both sides of me and held my arms. I was filled with strength and soared up toward Heaven. Soon, we left the atmosphere and the earth became more distant. We flew to a place where the stars of the Milky Way were scattered all around. It was magnificently beautiful. Both my arms relaxed to my side and I noticed the wings on my garment trying to flutter. For some reason, we could go no further. I thought, “I wanted to go all the way to Heaven, but what is going on here?” The angels explained to me, “The reason is that you didn’t pray hard enough, so we can only proceed this far.” I was disappointed and we started returning back to earth.

Earth looked so beautiful from space, but I couldn’t believe it was such small planet. Today was filled with missed opportunities, but I learned an important lesson about prayer. In order to travel all the way to Heaven with prayer, I have to gather all my strength into it.

Sister Baek, Bong-Nyo: * Taking a stroll with Jesus

While I was praying, Jesus took me to visit Hell. Soon a huge pillar appeared and I could vaguely see objects moving on it. When I looked closer, I saw there were countless thousands of people stuck to it. They were naked and tied up so tightly they couldn’t even budge. White bugs were eating away at their flesh, as the people screamed in agony. After all the flesh was off, and only a skeleton was left, their flesh would return and the horrific ordeal would repeat again. 

I asked the Lord about what sins these specific people had committed and he answered, “These are the people who carelessly attended the morning service for a brief moment and quickly excused themselves to go and have fun in the world, only to end up dying in an auto accident. Also, there are people who attended church, but behind closed doors drank and sometimes visited bars, as well as those who attended church as formality, without ever experiencing the Lord.”

I couldn’t bear the horrific scenes, so I begged Jesus to take me away. “Alright, let’s go to Heaven now,” He said. He took my hand and flying through the Heavenly skies, we arrived in the Garden of Eden. Jesus and I locked arms together in the garden and we had the most charming visit. Seeing how happy I was Jesus gently whispered to me, “My dear Bong-Nyo, you’re health is not very good? It’s really hard right now, but you have to endure it.” His words always comfort and move me to tears. (2 Corinthians 1:5)

Pastor Kim, Yong-Doo: * Like an electric shock

I was still in great agony from the demonic attack the other day, but God graciously enabled me to give sermons and sing praises with a pain level I could deal with. With all my strength, I prayed with my hands up high. I started feeling electrical shocks entering through both hands. The current was strong and it continually flowed through every part of my body.

God poured anointing oil on me, but my physical pain didn’t subside. Praying with my hands held high was dreadfully tough. There were times I felt a sharp pain as if being stabbed with a needle. Then, I would take my arms down. When the pain lessened, I lifted my arms back up to pray and I repeated this continuously.

I was determined to pray with my hands held up. Suddenly my left palm moved slightly away, towards the outside. Then, it fell some more and within an hour, my left hand completely turned over from facing inward to facing outward. It took about three hours for my right palm to slowly move from inward to outward. I was stuck in this position for quite some time. Both my arms and hands were paralyzed and I prayed in that state for more than four hours. It was torturous.

* Repenting every single sin

I didn’t know if this work was truly from the Lord, so I shouted, “Satan, flee from me! Leave from me!” Jesus uttered no words. Instead, He continued to pour joy, peace, and the fire of the Holy Spirit into my shaking body. I started remembering the past sins in my life, so I began to repent. I repented of my unworthy life as a pastor and my crazy addiction to playing sports. That sin led me to negligently serving the Lord. I tried repenting for every single sin. With both arms and hands twisted, I continued to pray with everything I had until I collapsed from the pain.

“But because of your stubbornness and your unrepentant heart, you are storing up wrath against yourself for the day of God’s wrath, when his righteous judgment will be revealed.” (Romans 2:5)

I really love sports and when I played I would be deeply engaged, completely forgetting about the Lord. This hurt Him. My addiction covered a wide range of sports including bowling, soccer, and especially badminton. I sincerely wanted to keep fit, but I wasted so much time with sports. I would often go out to the badminton park, near the mineral spring water resort. There I released all my stress. Playing sports is not wrong, but many things we do can preoccupy our minds. The deeper I experience the spiritual realm, the more I realized that my love of sports had hooked me into an addiction. These obstacles continued to accumulate and hurt my spiritual growth. I sobbed and repented for everything.

At one time in my life, all my congregation members left to attend other churches and I had one old gentleman left in the congregation. The church was not growing at all. Luckily, a pastor from Seoul, whom I know well offered me a position as head pastor for a church with several hundred members. I thought, “Yes, this is great!” I prepared to take the offer. The day before my departure, while I was praying, Jesus appeared holding an enormously tall rod that stretched from the top of the Heaven down to earth. Jesus commanded me to kneel and bow down, so I obeyed. Jesus took that long rod and struck me with great force. It didn’t hurt me and I felt the Lord’s love for me. But His face was filled with sadness and tears dripped down His face. Jesus asked, “My beloved servant, what would you like to do when your congregations grows in number? Pastor Kim Yong-doo! Pastor Kim, what kind of offering would you give for the sanctuary?” I couldn’t give an answer to the Lord. I knew my answers would reveal the truth of my shameful heart. 

When the pastors gather together, every one of us talk about ‘the quick growth of a church’, ‘how many gathered in number’, ‘how many years it took to build the church’, and ‘which one of their pastor colleagues are the front running man.’ I knew these were the same answers I would recite. On bended knee with my head bowed before the Lord, I couldn’t stand myself and was so ashamed. I couldn’t do anything, so I just cried. Jesus gently rubbed my back and consoled me with His warmth. “My beloved servant, did I ever want your building fund offerings? Did I want your church to have revival in numbers? Don’t keep these things in your heart, but I want you to follow what I desire. I want you to seek and find my lost sheep, and no matter the number, whether it be one or one hundred sheep. I want you to take great care of them. Be faithful in the smallest things. Don’t be distracted by the bigger things around you, but pray diligently and wait on my time. Finally, don’t be discouraged.

Pastor’s wife Kang, Hyun-Ja: * The prayer of the contrite spirit

Today, my hands were also being twisted, as with our pastor. Jesus explained it to us, through Joo-Eun’s gift of prophecy. For a pastor and his wife, it would be much more difficult for their spiritual eyes to be opened, a very painful process. There are many different types of prayers, but the most powerful prayer that will speed up the process is one of tearful repentance. 

Compared to others, I don’t shed tears very often. It may be because of my strong personality. No matter how hard I’m praying and calling out to the Lord, I can’t cry, even though I have tried. I asked the pastor for help and he said I lacked a contrite spirit. He encouraged me to ask the Lord for a contrite heart. 

“The Lord is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit.” (Psalm 34:18)

All afternoon I prayed with a contrite and repenting heart and the Lord poured onto me the blessing of tears of repentance. The Holy Spirit covered me with tears and sweat. I was choked up with tears as I cried uncontrollably. Speaking through Joo-Eun, God told me my tearful repentance was acceptable to Him.

With all the work we were doing, the enemy was always looking for an opportunity to attack. We could never let down our guard. Since the demonic identities were being revealed to the young members that had the spiritual gift of sight, they had to arm themselves thoroughly with prayer. We don’t know why Jesus chose us to fight in these life and death struggles, since we are so feeble. Jesus told us, “You little lambs of the Lord’s Church can sustain your faith only through fighting the evil spirits. Trust me. Hold my hand and go. I’ll always be with you, so don’t worry.”  

 ==== DAY 20 ==== (Acts 1:8) * Kim, Joo-Eun attacks the demons!

The pastor told us not to be afraid of demons, but attack them directly. He shouted, “Step on them and cause them pain! Gouge their eyes out and mash them up. Grab them and shake them all around.” It was very fun and gave me a burst of energy. Since I’m easily scared, the pastor told me to never show fear or demons will attack harder. I was determined to be tough.

The first demon I saw was the one I’m most terrified of. It was the female demon, who wore a white gown. She caused me to have goosebumps as she came with a terrifying cry. I was nervous, but gathering all my strength, I grabbed her hair and jerked it. (Mark 9:23) She cried, “Ouch! Let me go! You’re hurting me. Let go right now! It’s hurting me!” I mercilessly pulled on it until I yanked out all of her hair. She cried, “My hair! My hair!” Then, she disappeared.

A male demon with a large head tried to scare me. It approached me with its mouth wide open. I tore its mouth, gouged out its eyes and stepped on them. It cried, “Ouch! My eyes! My mouth! Where are they? Find them! It hurts!” It frantically searched the floor, but couldn’t find them, so it vanished.

Afterwards a demon with a crescent eye came. I tore its body into pieces and yelled at it. It gathered its torn body parts and ran away saying, “I’ll return to you. You’ll see.”

* Demonic meetings & prayer requests for Heavenly weapons

Later, while I was praying, I heard a group of demons talking in the corner. I saw approximately 30 demons sitting in a circle and having a meeting. The high ranking demon was saying, “Are we going to leave the Lord’s Church like this? Hurry and distract them from praying. Do something, you idiots!” Another demon said, “You know that ugly girl Joo-Eun? That girl called Sesame! Isn’t it embarrassing to be defeated by someone like her?” Another shouted, “What about me? My mouth was ripped opened! I was bleeding so much.” Another one said, “Hey, what you had is nothing! I lost all my hair and now I’m completely bald! What do we do now?” 

Later, a skull demon attacked me, so I quickly prayed, “Lord! Give me an ax!” Suddenly, there was an ax beside me. As the demon approached, I took the ax and hacked it until his skull broke into pieces.

Lee, Yoo-Kyung: * Yoo-Kyung attacks the demons!

Today, as soon as I began praying, a female demon in a white gown appeared. She had Dracula-like fangs and blood all over her mouth. Since she didn’t flee at my rebuke, I decided to grab her hair and aggressively twist it, spinning her around. “Ouch! Let go of my hair. Let it go right now! Please!” she cried. I felt so elated, I said, “You filthy demon, I’ve been so afraid of you until now! It’s your turn to get what you deserve!” I spun her around continuously, pulling out all her hair and she wailed, “When you die, I’ll make sure I drag you into Hell!” Then, she left.

A bald-headed male demon approached me. I grabbed it and pushed down on its head. “Ouch! I’m dying here. Stop pushing down on my head!” it shouted. I was having so much fun. I pressed so hard it burst. Then, I punched the demon with full force and it fell into the corner. 

While I continued to pray, Jesus appeared before me saying, “My dearest Yoo-Kyung, your faith has grown very much. You can really hurt the demons with your fist now.” He smiled. I said, “Jesus, I want to go to Heaven!” He insisted we visit Hell.

When we got to Hell, we came to a place where there was a large metal pot, red hot from the fire. Jesus said, “Yoo-Kyung, look carefully inside the pot and see who’s there.” I looked carefully and saw my grandmother inside, along with another man. They were both jumping up and down screaming, “Ouch! Please, it’s so hot in here!”

When my grandmother saw me, she said, “Yoo-Kyung, I can’t stand this painful heat any longer! Please help your grandmother. Ask the Lord to help me get out of here.” She didn’t know what to do; she was running madly around. Her white garment was even on fire. My grandmother shouted “Yoo-Kyung, I’m glad you’re here. Please, I beg you to get me out of here! I can’t bear this heat any longer.” I attempted to get her out by extending my hand, but the Lord firmly reminded me I could not.

“Jesus, my heart is breaking, seeing her in so much pain. What can I do?” I cried. Jesus embraced me firmly and wiped away my tears. We started to leave, but a scary demon appeared before us. Jesus shouted, “If you bother Joo-Eun or Yoo-Kyung, I will immediately throw you into the pit of fire in Hell!” It hung its head and fled. Jesus took my hand and guided me back to church and He returned back to Heaven.

Lee, Haak-Sung: * The demon in the iron mask

While I was praying, a muscular male demon in a white iron mask started swinging a large sword at me.

Iron Mask

I didn’t fear. Instead, I took its sword away and beat the demon’s head with it. I could hear the metal clanging against metal. I ripped its mask off and saw disgusting maggots all over its face.

Another demon appeared that had smoke flowing from it. Soon the smoke took the shape of a human. I could see people trapped inside the smoke, begging for help. I knew this demon swallowed people. I began to pray in tongues, calling out to Jesus. “Jesus, help me! The demon is trying to swallow me up. Hurry and help me!” As I called out, the Lord immediately appeared and destroyed the demons.

A little while later, a demon with horns all over came carrying a large black chalkboard. It said,
“Stop praying. Stop praying!” I ignored it and continued praying in tongues. It began to scratch the blackboard. I couldn’t stand that noise. I plugged my ears and shouted, “Satan, in the name of Jesus, disappear!” It kept scratching the board, saying, “Hey, this is fun!” I cried, “Jesus, please help me. This evil demon is torturing me!” Jesus appeared in the light and the demon ran away without looking back.

 ==== DAY 21 ====

Kim, Joo-Eun:

I was on fire, praying in tongues. Three horrifying dragons appeared. The first dragon had various patterns and round shapes all over its red body. The second dragon had red and blue vertical lines blended together that made me feel chaotic when I looked at it. The third dragon had blue and yellow horizontal stripes blended together. They came as if they wanted to swallow me whole, but I firmly shouted three times, “In the name of Jesus, flee from me!” They fled.

Looking around, I could see some demons were sitting around in a circle having a meeting. The leader said to the bald demon, “You, this time you go and try!” It quickly came toward me, but as before, I grabbed its head and jerked it around. I poked its eyes out and it ran away from me. Then, a demon with scissor fingers came. It scratched a black board. I couldn’t stand the screeching noise so I broke off its metal fingers and scratched its face. “Hey, give me back my fingers! Why are you taking my fingers? You little pest, don’t mess with me. How did your faith become so strong?” With that, the demon disappeared.

I continued to pray powerfully. A large snake crawled toward me with an angry expression. Its scales changed into various colors and it flipped its tail back and forth before me. I grabbed the snake and threw it against the wall.  (Mark 16:17,18)

Granny with Axe

A demon appeared that was all wrapped up in bandages. It reminded me of the Chinese demon cartoon character ‘Kang-She.’ It said, “Look little one, this is really fun!” It began to unravel the bandages. Underneath the bandages were countless bugs, centipedes, and millipedes crawling all over its body. Being grossed out, I urgently called on Jesus, and He appeared, grabbed the demon and threw it down. “Jesus, thank you very much!” He smiled and gently stroked my head. “My dearest Sesame, you’re faith has grown very much! Pray diligently.” Today, Jesus was wearing a special golden garment with a red heart on His chest radiating various lights.

After Jesus left, a demon disguised as an old granny appeared. She wore a black garment and held a long axe. “Don’t pray! Do it next time. You don’t have to pray today, right? Why do you insist on praying today? Do it tomorrow. Jesus will meet you when you pray tomorrow. Do that instead. She repeated it again even louder, so I yelled, “Hey you old hag, in the name of Jesus, flee from me.” She disappeared.

Lee, Yoo-Kyung:

While I was praying, a demon approached me saying, “You. hey you! Don’t you owe me an apology?” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, so I grabbed it and slapped its face. But then it slapped my face, saying, “You dare to slap my face? Get over here. I will kill you.” I too was burning up with anger, so I gouged out its eyes and threw it down. My cheek began to swell and I couldn’t get over the fact that a slight distraction lead me to be slapped by the demon.

A while later, a female demon wearing a white garment appeared. She was in tears. “It’s not fair! That bastard, Haak-Sung, beat me up and that pest, Joo-Eun, slapped me around.” I waited for her to come closer and I gouged her eyes out with my fingers. She jumped up and down in pain and fled. Another female demon said, “Hey, you think you can get away with treating us like that?” Grabbing her hair, I spun her all around and threw her far from me. I asked, “Jesus, give me an ax.” With the ax, I struck her head, shattering it. With her head off, she came to me and shouted, “Hey you, don’t you feel sympathy for me?” She wandered around looking for her head, saying, “Where is my head? Where is my face?”

Later on, I wanted to see Jesus. I called out to Him with all my might, “Father! Father!” Jesus greeted me with a bright smile, “My dearest Sesame, you were great. My Yoo-Kyung is able to successfully defeat the demons on her own.” He also said, “Yoo-Kyung, when Pastor Kim calls you ‘Sesame’ during the sermon, answer him loudly. Confirming loudly is also faith. Do you understand?” I replied, “Yes, Lord. Amen.”

Soon some angels came, saying, “Sister Yoo-Kyung, you have defeated the demons. You are amazing. Keep it up! And when the demons attack again, defeat them boldly as you’ve done so far!” They all cheered me on. Jesus took me to visit Heaven. I always love and enjoy visits to Heaven. When I got there, Yae-Ji and I began dancing before the Lord. We asked him, “Lord, please pour down the tears of repentance on Deaconess Shin Sung-Kyun, and Joseph. They both desire to pray the prayer of repentance tearfully but can’t cry.” But the Lord replied, “I can only give the tears of repentance when people are sincerely praying for repentance with their hearts.”

We were escorted back to Church. Jesus touched my cheek where it was slapped and said, “Dear Yoo-Kyung, be strong. Do you understand?” He disappeared with a wave.

Lee, Haak-Sung: * A demon with a chainsaw

While I was praying in tongues, three demons attacked me all at once. One had a human face and a dragon’s body. Another was a skull demon and the last one had a metal mask on. Surprisingly it was carrying a loud chainsaw and tried to cut off my hands. I had

Chainsaw demon

to be in total concentration. If I let my guard down for one second, I would have been sliced. I wasn’t going to lose, so I dodged and escaped the attack. During the fight I took the chainsaw away and sliced the demon’s hands off. It was screaming and the other two demons desperately ran away from me.

Later another demon approached me. I lured it closer by saying, “Hey, come here and I will teach you something fun. This way! Hurry!” The demon was suspicious and refused to come. “Hey! I really have something fun here for you. Come here and see!” I said, but it still didn’t trust me. It asked me, “You promise not to punish me?” I responded, “Why would I punish you? I just wanted to share something fun with you, so come here. It came near me all excited and when it was within reach, I grabbed its arm and began to spin it around up in the air and threw it against the wall.

A little while later, I heard loud marching footsteps of an army around me. It seemed like hundreds of feet marching in unison. I saw a large group of demons storm toward me, all wearing military uniforms. I knew the demons that were coming to attack me were getting much tougher than the ones before. But, by mentioning the name of Jesus, they all fled.

Kim, Yong-Doo: * Both arms are turned like twisted pretzels

I was crying out to the Lord with my hands held up high for about 30 minutes. My hands started circling over and over again. My left hand began to move from inside to the outside, followed by my right hand mimicking my left. Suddenly, both my hands began to twist outward like a pretzel and stuck in that position. It was a torturous, awkward position that was hard to bear. Then, my hands twisted in the opposite way, from outside to inside, at a one second intervals again. First, my left hand, then my right hand was twisted inward and I was stuck in that position for another 30 minutes. Because the progression was so slow, I was becoming impatient and angry.

I complained, “Lord, why do you make me suffer so much? If you’re going to flip me inside out do so quickly. It seems you playing with me. What are you doing to me? I’m impatient. Wouldn’t it be convenient for both of us if you would just give me what I needed all at once?” I began to attack the Lord with my complaints, “Lord, if you would just hit me with Your Holy fire and open up my spiritual eyes wouldn’t it be beneficial to both of us? Who can receive spiritual gifts if you make it this difficult to obtain?”

I pleaded for and demanded the spiritual gifts. I cried out, screaming with all my might, but the Lord continued to repeat the works of the Holy Spirit through the twisting of my arms. He did this dozens of times. I thought, “What spiritual gift is He trying to give me? What kind of spiritual gift is this?” I was very irritated and I urgently desired the transformation to happen quickly. But the Lord didn’t share my feelings of urgency. Instead, I was frustrated with His pace.

It was about four hours later when the twisting of my arms stopped and my hands began to move from front to back. I tried to relax my arms, but the rhythmic shaking continued, no matter what I did. It was actually humorous. I was told prophetically I was in the process of receiving the gift of healing and the power of miracles.

Sister Baek Bong-Nyo: * Another tour of Hell

I was enjoying the spiritual dance and praying in tongues. Ten angels descended from Heaven to take me to Jesus. After I was brought to Jesus, He said, “My dearest Bong-Nyo, as you know, your Pastor Kim is writing a book about Heaven and Hell. I would like to take Pastor Kim with me to Hell and show him what he needs to record about it, but his spiritual eyes aren’t opened yet. I have no choice but to take you, in order to properly document the scenes of Hell. You are the only one I can take to visit, so I would ask you to bear with it awhile longer. Let’s go visit Hell together.”

Soon, we were walking down a road in Hell. The stench of decaying flesh made my stomach turn and there was endless darkness. I held the Lord’s hand firmly. In Hell, there’s only suffering for eternity. We came to a place where people in a fiery pit were screaming for help. The fire was very intense. There were countless people, all naked, jumping and screaming inside an enormously large drum. I saw my father again. He began sobbing, “Bong-Nyo, what are you doing here? I can’t bear this heartache each time I see you. I’m so sorry for what I’ve done to you. I guess that’s why I’m here paying for what I’ve done.” I couldn’t say a word, but I cried continuously. The pain suffered in Hell is unimaginably greater than the abuse I suffered from my father on earth. What I experienced on earth was nothing. 

A gigantic demon was enjoying slicing people with a scythe. He even joyfully hummed a song. It snatched my father and began slicing him, the way we would cut homemade noodles. “Ahhhh! Please save me! I beg you! Please just kill me!” My father’s painful cries and agonizing screams made me feel faint. Without the Lord beside me, I would’ve fainted many times over. There is no end to the sufferings in Hell; you are cursed with everlasting regrets. There is never any hope. The only way to avoid going to Hell is to accept Jesus as your savior and live faithfully.

We moved on, leaving my father’s anguished cries behind. After walking for a while, I saw a tree ahead of me. As I got closer I saw my mom, younger brother, brother-in-law and nephew all naked, hanging upside down, dangling by their ankles on the tree. Beside it was a demon standing taller than a mountain. I gazed at my mother and she saw me, as she dangled on the tree. The other family members also saw and cried out to me. “Bong-Nyo, why are you here if you can’t help us? Why did you come again? Do you like to see me in agony that much?”

Jesus told me that this specific demon was the second largest demon in Hell. It enjoyed beating the bodies and peeling off their flesh. It would then mercilessly throw people into the fire. I wanted to tear it to pieces. 

It ordered one of its subordinates to put a bowl full of black insects right under where my family was hanging. These insects had the form of a maggot, with sharp teeth and eyes that shined brightly. They climbed up onto my family and mercilessly feasted on their flesh. They dug all over their bodies, even their eyes and nostrils. I heard them all screaming, “Ahhhh! Please save me! Bong-Nyo! Big sister! Ouch! Sister-in-law! Please help me! Auntie! Please help me!” Soon all their flesh was off and the bugs even dug into their bones. It broke my heart to know this would continue for eternity. As hard as I pleaded with Jesus to help, He could only say, “I cannot do that. It’s too late!”

Jesus took me to an enormous mountain. I saw people standing around in hopeless despair. They looked exhausted and swollen from being severely beaten. Beside the people was a scary demon, which started to mock me, saying, “I see you often. Why are you here again?” I was so angry, I began cursing at it. “Hey, you are a bastard! I wish I can shred you like you did my family and throw you into the pit of fire. I’ll get you!” The demon mocked even louder, “You’re crying because you’re scared of me. That makes me happy! What are you going to do about it?” I said, “Jesus, I want to kill that demon. I hate that demon! Lord, why are you just standing there not doing anything? Show them something!” Jesus held up His right hand and twirled it. Immediately, the demon’s body was paralyzed and it couldn’t move, like a stone pillar. Soon, all the people were covered with various insects, feasting on their flesh. The screams of the people echoed throughout the atmosphere of Hell.

* Meeting the former President of Korea

We continued on, and Jesus said, “The souls that you’ll be meeting next are those who you know well, so pay close attention.” I saw the former president of Korea. He had a large white snake coiling around his body and several colorful snakes coiling on top of that. He said, “Ahhh! Stop suffocating me! Please, stop it! Save me, please!” But even in the midst of this anguish, he began talking to me. “Who are you? Why are you here? I used to be the president of Korea, with all the prestige, but now I’m suffering in Hell. Many pastors tried to get me to attend church, but I ignored them all. I ignored what they told me about Hell and never dreamt such place really existed. My child still doesn’t know Jesus and I’m so worried about that. My child needs to accept Jesus while he’s still alive and receive salvation so he can live in Heaven. I wish I could go right now and tell my child about this truth. I can’t, so what do I do now? Ahhh! My heart aches so much. He pleaded to Jesus, but Jesus just listened without saying a word.

 ==== DAY 22 ==== (1 Peter 1:6-9) * A demon plays the piano

Lee Yoo Kyung:

As I was praying, a black faced demon with four eyes came and sat on the piano chair. It started fooling around, trying to play the piano. Being very irritated, I shouted, “Hey, filthy demon! Why are you playing with my Sister Joo Eun’s piano? That piano is the one she uses at worship service.” It swore at me and told me to shut my mouth so I became very angry. “What? Did you just disrespect me? You are so dead!” I ran after it and grabbed it. I twisted its neck and struck its head on the floor.

Three more demons appeared. One appeared in the form of a skeleton with an eye on its forehead. It was flying around with its wings like a bat. It landed on the chair of the piano and began to sing as it played the piano. The sound of its singing was creepy and the music was out of rhythm. 

 “Hey, that piano is Joo Eun’s. Why are you touching it? I cannot concentrate on my prayers!” I shouted. I could hear them talking to one another, saying, “She can’t concentrate. Let’s play as much as we want.” They all pounded on the keys of the piano. I was worried the piano might break. I told them, “Obviously, you’re not going to listen to me.” I ran toward them and grabbed them all at once, kicking and swinging them around. With their noses bleeding and heads injured, they screamed and ran away.

I began to pray again. A demon dressed in white appeared with its mouth bleeding. It looked deformed without any eyes, so I ridiculed it. The demon said, “Haak Sung poked my eyes out. This is why I’m like this. Why are you two laughing?” It was attempting to pick a fight with me. Shouting, I said, “My grandmother is in torment because of you! Why was she dragged into Hell?” The demon teased and irritated me. “She belongs in Hell; she deserves it. She’ll be tormented more.” Furiously, I scratched at the demon’s face with all my strength. Bleeding profusely, it ran away.

Once I was in prayer again, I was annoyed by another demon. I was irritated and didn’t wish to confront it. I decided to use my authority, saying, “Jesus’ blood.” But it responded, “Blood? Who’s blood? Jesus’ blood? Oh, your blood?” “Alright, if you want a fight, come on; let’s fight!” I shouted. The demons attacked in groups, but for some reason, as I swung my fist around, they all would fall as group. If I struck the demons in the belly, their eyes would burst out. When I struck their noses, their noses began to bleed. When I grabbed their legs and swung them, their legs stretched out like elastic rubber bands.

Despite their loss, the demons continued to appear and harass me. They were trying to hinder my ability to pray. I thought, “Let’s fight and see who’ll win.” I poked the nostrils and grabbed a chunk of hair of any demon that came near me. I used my hands and feet as weapons. It was strange that, as I continued to defeat them, their numbers would only increase. Near the end, there were numerous demons, too many to count. They had all come at once. In urgency, I shouted, “Help me! Quickly, Holy Spirit! Help me!” Within a short time, the Lord appeared. The Lord rebuked all the demons and comforted me, saying, “Miss Speckle! I know you’ve been through a lot.”

When I had previously attended other churches, most of the people had frequently said I wasn’t very bright. Instead of teaching me to pray and evangelize, they had only provided me with food. They attempted to assist me with only material things. Therefore, I thought all I had to do was take my Bible to service. However, with the guidance of the pastor from the Lord’s church, I began praying in tongues. As I continued to pray in tongues, I was able to obtain a deeper level of prayer. Now, I’m able to see the demons and I’m able to battle with them. Whenever I feel like I’m losing or getting tired from battle, all I have to do is call upon the name of the Lord, Jesus. He always protects me. At first, the attack by the countless number of demons would frighten me. But now, I’m not afraid at all, because Jesus is with me. In fact, victory against the demons has become fun and thrilling.

Kim Joo Eun: * Bald-headed demon appears

Today, another demon disguised as young girl appeared with her mouth opened wide. I vented my anger against her, slapping her face really hard until it was swollen in the cheek area. I shouted, “You slapped Sister Yoo Kyung’s cheeks, right? You’ll be punished even more. I’m going to beat you up more!” She cried, “I’m sorry. I’ll never hit Yoo Kyung again. Truly!” I replied, “Yeah, right. You’re a liar by nature.” I pulled out all her hair and threw her toward the piano. Then, I saw a skull demon with long white hair and orange eyes. I poked its eyes and it hysterically jumped around in excruciating pain until it fled.

* Overcoming Churches

As I continued to pray, I sensed a pleasant smell like flowers in the air. The Lord appeared, so I asked Him, “Is this sweet smell from you Lord?” The Lord replied, “Yes it is, Freckles. Do you like the scent?” I ecstatically answered, “Yes, Lord. It smells really good.” Jesus told me, “You’re zealously praying today. I’ll show you something special. Carefully look at the condition of your church and the churches in Korea.” As soon as the Lord raised His hand, I was given a vision. 

I was shown the earth from a distance with two demons next to it, one on each side of the earth. Together they were swinging a rope around the whole earth, playing a game like jump rope. Upon closer inspection, I saw the rope was actually a long snake. As the demons were swinging, I could see many Korean churches jumping as the rope came to them. As a turn came up, the churches would jump and jump, trying not to trip and fall. Most of the churches didn’t fall at first, but as the swinging continued, they tripped and fell. I even saw our church jumping. We didn’t get tripped up by the snake’s body. 

Jesus explained that every swing from the demon was a trial, a test to overcome. If a church didn’t trip and fall, it meant the church overcame their trial in victory. The Lord’s church had the smallest number in their congregation. Other churches had many more members, but they often tripped and fell. Jesus said, “The Lord’s church greatly overcomes. Continue to endure and jump as each different trial falls upon you. Today, you have prayed for long hours without dozing off. Therefore, I showed you this. Pray earnestly.”

Lee Haak Sung: * Demons resembling characters in the entertainment industry

As I was praying, a demon approached me. I was so angry after seeing my grandmother in Hell that I vented my anger on this demon. I poked its eyes out and threw them away. During this fighting, I started thinking about a sword and a sword appeared in my hand. I chopped off its arms. Whenever I think of using different types of weapons, they suddenly appear either in my hand or next to me. The Lord had granted me these weapons upon request. I’ve been fighting for a long time and had acquired great experience without realizing it. I had also gained confidence and boldness.

A demon disguised as a young girl in a white dress approached me. She looked very much like a figure from a horror television drama. I was amazed how real demons looked so much like the ones created by the entertainment industry! This one was like the one in a famous Korean TV horror series that would drag souls to Hell after they die. In a vision, I saw an elderly man lay on a floor bleeding under the altar. Attacking the elderly man, the demon used her Dracula-like fangs to suck up his blood. Once the blood had been drained, she began devouring him.

* The sting of a demon’s needle

Another demon appeared in the form of a body full of needles, like a hedgehog or porcupine. I swung my fist at it. When I touched the demon, I felt great pain because my fist had been pricked by its needles. Even after our prayer rally, my hand was still in pain, red and swollen with needle marks. I was astonished that they can leave physical marks on my body and produce physical pain. 

Pastor Kim Yong Doo: * Hand Movement and Vibration

As I fervently prayed in tongues, my hands began to move in small up and down motions. Soon both of my palms faced together and shook intensely, becoming more violent as time went on. I remember witnessing a certain pastor as he ministered in healing. His hands were also shaking. While his hands shook, many miracles were happening. I concluded that I must be in the process of developing the gift of healing. My arms and hands would freely move by the direction of the Holy Spirit. I opened my eyes to see and I attempted to resist the movements, but the Holy Spirit led me, despite of my will and thoughts. My will and thoughts were only incidental.

Sister, Baek Bong-Nyo: * The Lord tests my faith

While I was praying, Jesus came and said, “Bong-Nyo, today, I want to test you to see how much your faith has grown. Are you ready?” I replied confidently, “Yes, Lord. I’m ready.” He vanished and angels came, dressing me in a winged garment. When they were done, the angels also quickly vanished.

Usually, Jesus and His angels would guide me to Heaven or Hell, but not this time. I began to cry out to God with fervent heart. My soul started flying toward Heaven, wearing this winged garment. But no matter how fervently I prayed, I was flying very slowly. It was frustrating, but I didn’t give up and continued to pray diligently. Soon I was completely exhausted. I couldn’t see anything, only pitch blackness.

I remembered the Lord had said He wanted to test my faith, so I continued to pray. Unfortunately, every obstacle you could think of happened to me and I found myself back in the original starting place.

Until now, whenever I had prayed in church, the Lord came to me and showed me everything. I had become arrogant without realizing it. I remembered the question I asked the angels who were clothing me with the winged garment just a few moments ago. I asked them where Jesus was and they replied, “Right now, He is waiting to meet you in the Milky Way.” Unfortunately, at that moment, I was delayed because I was moving very slowly. My faith alone wouldn’t allow me to fly up that high.

I sincerely prayed for a long time, but I still couldn’t see anything. Many thoughts crossed my mind and I began to repent. Without Jesus’ help I couldn’t do anything. I felt like I was continuously sinking into a quagmire. That state of mind continued until I felt I was locked up in something. Some objects were moving before my eyes and I realized I was in Hell, locked up in a dark cell.

In this darkness, nothing was visible. Demons were swarming around me. The countless demons grabbed tightly onto my feet and refused to let me go. They choked me and pulled my hands, feet, and body so I couldn’t move at all. I began praying in tongues, but suddenly curses involuntarily flowed out of my mouth.

“Hey, you filthy demons! Why are you bothering me? Get the hell away from me!” I couldn’t stop cursing. All the filthy language I had used in the past, before I met Jesus, spewed from my mouth. No matter how much I swore at the demons, they didn’t stop their relentless attacks on me. I called out, “Jesus, please help me!”

I continued to call out to the Lord and prayed diligently in tongues. After an imperceptible amount of time, I somehow escaped out of Hell and was flying toward Heaven. I was praying as I flew. In the atmosphere, strong and powerful demons began chasing after me. I could clearly see the endless parade of demons behind them. I had thought I was safe now that I’d escaped Hell. Instead, I had to face the strongest demons head on. I felt I was in deep trouble.

I still couldn’t see Jesus or any angels. I thought, “I have to face these army of demons alone!” I never imagined I would be faced with a battle such as this. I never knew there were armies of demons in the atmosphere, whose purpose is to distract Christians, in an effort to hinder their prayer lives. As a child joyfully walks along holding a parent’s hand, Jesus always held my hand and guided me to Heaven and Hell. I was very naive and thought everything was easy. I prayed without care.

The demons placed more obstacles with each step I took, trying to prevent me from moving forward. I cried out with earnest prayer. Tears and sweat poured out of my body.  A demon shouted out, “Hey, look there! Another prayer from the earth is ascending!” Then another replied, “Hey, that prayer has no power and authority.” As if picking apples and eating them, the demons seized and “ate” prayers that flowed up from the earth.

I knew then a prayer without power is useless. The prayer done while dozing off, unfocused prayer, prayer filled with humanistic desires, selfish prayers, prayer of physical desires and two-faced prayers are all ineffectual. Surprisingly, I was able to distinguish the different types of prayers ascending from the earth. The ineffectual prayers were a demon’s favorite “fruits” and were immediately devoured.

I realized now only the prayer filled with life-and-death desperation and prayers with sincere cries will pierce the sky and move up to Heaven. I learned a reason Pastor cried out so loudly and screamed in desperation when he prayed. I was often annoyed by the pastor, thinking, “There aren’t many people here. Why does he scream out so loud? Does he have to yell that loud?” Honestly, there were times I forced myself to pray even though I was irritated by Pastor’s loud cries. I began repenting my irritation. I know with certainty the reason we need to pray like that.

I continued to pray, unaware of the time passing. Just when I thought I was exhausted and had no strength left in me, I saw in the distance many stars from the Milky Way shining brightly. Immediately, I gathered every ounce of strength left inside and began praying in tongues. I arrived at the Milky Way completely exhausted, but there my beloved Jesus joyfully greeted me.

As soon as Jesus saw me, He smiled brightly and said, “Bony-Nyo, you did great. I’m proud of you!” I was slightly angry at that point, so I questioned Jesus with an attitude. “Lord, how could you do this to me? You could’ve explained. How could you just leave me without any warning?” When I finished, Jesus just laughed. After only these few words with the Lord, He disappeared again. Suddenly, everything was dark and I was standing at the edge of a cliff in Hell.

The Lord left me once more to test my faith. Soon a demon that looked similar to a dolphin tried to attacked me and bite me, with its mouth wide open, displaying its sharp teeth. I gestured as if I were going to scratch it and shouted, “Come and get me if you can.” The demon simply vanished.

There was a narrow road ahead of me. I began to walk forward on this path and walked for quite some time before I noticed something approaching me. As it drew closer, I could see it was a disgusting looking demon with a head, but no eyes or nose. From its left to the right ear there was a large cut on its face and its teeth were sharp as a shark’s teeth.

When I came face to face with this demon I said, “Hey, I have fought and defeated demons much larger than you. You are nothing to me. Inside me is a fire created by God the Trinity. You will be burned and turned into ashes the moment you touch my body. I dare you to come and fight me.” The demon was scared and quickly ran off. I walked the endless road alone and it seemed I was walking deeper into Hell. I was terrified and shaking inside, but I didn’t want to show my fear so I had to remain calm and keep myself together.

I continued to walk along the path. I noticed a large leaf ahead that looked alive. The leaf opened and closed repeatedly and attempted to swallow me up. But, I shouted out, “Alright! I’ve come here specifically to kill you! Let’s see who survives!” I attacked back forcefully and the demon soon vanished.

I proceeded on. I realized there were swarms of demons, like insects, on both sides of the road trying to grab me. I heard terrifying cries of demons that gave me the chills. I heard many different cries, but I ignored them and walked on praying loudly in tongues. I shouted, “God of Trinity! Give me the strength! Give me the strength and power physically and spiritually!” I prayed earnestly and soon the Holy fire was blazing inside of me.

Wondering how far I had traveled, I thought I saw the end of the road at a distance. Suddenly, a bright brilliance appeared before me and there was Jesus. I was struck with admiration. “Yes! I’m finally saved, Lord!” I ran to Him and embraced Him. The Lord held me in His arms tightly and said, “My dearest Bong-Nyo, you’ve been through much to get here! Sit beside me and I will give you rest.” I stayed in the Lord’s arms and closed my eyes to rest.

Was it happening again? When I opened my eyes the Lord was nowhere to be found. I thought, “How can I be back in this dark cell in Hell?” No matter how loudly I called out to the Lord, only emptiness echoed. I called out for the Lord, but He wasn’t there. I couldn’t help but to feel that Jesus deceived me. Jesus said clearly, “Bong-Nyo, you’ve done well. You’re almost done so be patient and rest here.” After He said these things and when I was feeling safe, He tested me again.

My anger was unresolved. I realized I was locked up in a metal cage like a zoo animal. There were countless demons with various appearances surrounding my cage staring at me as they attempted to question me. They stared at me, poking fun and laughed. There were thousands of military demons wearing skull helmets.

The demons concentrated on observing me while I was locked up in the metal cage. I yelled out, “Hey you bastards, who are you? Where did you come from?” They responded, “We came after roaming from here and there. What about you, why are you here?” I explained that Jesus brought me to Hell, but He left me and that was the reason why I was here alone. After they heard this they mocked me saying, “Hey, your Lord won’t return for you. This is the end for you!”

I began praying aloud in tongues. The eyes of the demons wearing the skull helmet began turning red. They stared down at me angrily. The power of praying in tongues was weighing down on the demons and I noticed them transforming, so I prayed even louder. “God the Trinity, transform me into your blazing fire!” All the demons attacked the metal cage wanting to demolish it. But, the Holy fire blazing inside me burned and turned all of them into ashes. The iron bars of the cage weren’t damaged, but remained intact.

Once again, the cries of various animals and the voices of the demons resonated throughout and it felt as though I’d been there for months. No matter how diligently I cried out and kicked and screamed, there was no way out of the cage in Hell. Gradually my soul began suffering exhaustion. My waiting on the Lord turned from earnest yearning to a burning heartache, but, I couldn’t stop praying.

I prayed, “Lord, I need strength. Give me strength! Also, grant me the gift of healing and fill me with the fire so I can melt the metal cage to escape from here.” I opened my eyes and I was still locked up in the cage. There is no dream or hope in Hell’s cage. No matter how much I called out to the Lord, I was still trapped in the cage. Did this mean I would eternally suffer in Hell? I didn’t have enough strength left in me to even lift a finger and I collapsed into a corner. It felt like I was trapped in the cage for about four months.

Awhile later, I began to scream again, “Lord, help me! Where are you?” I didn’t see even the shadow of my Lord. The demons continued to pull and torment my body and I fought with them for 15 days. In the cage, I could clearly feel the days flowing by.

“Lord, help me! Please get me out. Help me escape from this place!” I was praying to myself. I heard someone laughing. I shouted, “Wow! It’s the Lord’s voice!” The Lord appeared in the midst of a brilliant light and lit up the dark cage and the vicinity around me with the light.

Jesus began laughing even louder saying, “Dear Bong-Nyo, how was your experience in Hell?” I questioned the Lord, “Oh Lord, how could you do this to me? Did you set out to make me suffer? Why did you do this?” I was greatly distressed as I poured out my complaints and the Lord replied, “I’m sorry. I wanted to test you personally; how much your faith has matured!” I couldn’t say anything else to that.

When I questioned where the Lord was, He responded that He was on earth visiting various churches to look after and tend to His beloved flocks. I confessed to the Lord my deepest innermost feelings and asked for His forgiveness. “Lord, I was bitter and resented you so much while I was trapped in this Hell’s cage. Forgive me.” My tone changed with complaints and feeling sorry for myself as my emotions flared up. “Lord, I was stuck in the cage for four months.” I began weeping.

The Lord continued to laugh louder and I shouted, “Why are you so happy to see me sad and miserable? I suffered so much in Hell, but why are you laughing as if it was something funny? Is it fun for you to see me in suffering?” He replied tenderly, “Bong-Nyo, it’s been merely two months since you began attending church, but your faith has matured so much. I am proud of you!” He gently patted me on the back.

Jesus took the battle-worn garment I wore in Hell and commanded the angels to re-clothe me in a clean, shining garment with wings. He said, “You’ve endured much, so let’s visit Heaven!” He took my hand and we began flying toward Heaven. Today was the toughest day I’ve ever experienced in my life.

It took my soul three years to get from Earth to the Milky Way and I spent 4 1/2 months in Hell. It seemed 3 1/2 years went by quickly. The demons in the atmosphere and the evil demons in Hell were all tough and strong. I wouldn’t last one minute or even one second in a battle with the demons and be victorious without the Lord’s protection. When I arrived in Heaven, many angels smiled and comforted me. “Sister, you’ve done well!” The angels’ words lifted my spirits. Whenever I’m in Heaven, all the hardship I experienced in Hell is forgotten.

I don’t know very much, since I’ve only been attending church for two months. From what I saw in a movie and a sermon, I learned a little about a person named Moses who parted the sea. I made a request to Jesus to meet Moses just once. Jesus led me to the golden sand beach shore. The angels gently brought me down on the shore. As soon as Jesus called Moses by name, he approached me and respectfully greeted me, “Welcome to Heaven!” Moses was very tall and handsome.

* Witnessing miracles of Moses in Heaven

Jesus introduced me to Moses. I said, “Moses, sir, I don’t know you very well, but I know a little because I heard a sermon about you from my pastor.” He replied, “Oh really? Sister, I’m glad you’re here!” I continued, “When you were on earth, didn’t you part the ocean and perform many miracles?” Moses humbly replied, “I didn’t do anything, but it was God who gave me the strength and all I did was to obey.” I said, “I’ve only attended church for two months, but the moment I heard about you, I wanted to meet you. But, the Lord usually takes me to visit Hell, so meeting you wasn’t possible. I wish to witness some of your miracles; can you show me some?”

Jesus permitted Moses to build an enormous mountain with golden sand. In the blink of an eye, there were two mountain peaks. I challenged him to build a 600 story home. He simply lifted his hand up in the air and twirled it once and a 680 story apartment building appeared before me. My jaw dropped. He made me a golden staircase leading from earth to Heaven. Moses performed many other miracles that can’t be explained in words. I said, “Moses, sir, I apologize for my immature faith. I’m sorry and embarrassed for testing you so much and asking you too many questions.” He responded, “Don’t worry about anything and if you still have questions don’t hesitate to ask.”

I requested to see the parting of the ocean as written in the Bible; seeing this was a shocking experience that was truly spectacular. Jesus was observing quietly beside me. “Jesus, Moses, I’m a new believer and don’t know much, so I think I was too forward with my requests. Please forgive me. I’m sorry. When I get back to church I will record and share with my pastor what I saw, so that he can let the world know.” Both Jesus and Moses expressed their joy and deep emotions. Jesus said,
“Moses, Sister Baek Bong-Nyo must return to earth so say goodbye to her.” Moses respectfully bowed his head and said, “Goodbye, sister.”

Jesus explained to me, “Even in Heaven, Moses is always busy. He travels all around Heaven and has many things to take care of.” I’ll never forget meeting Moses in Heaven. Jesus guided me back to church and I concluded my prayers.

 ==== DAY 23 ==== (1 John 3:7-10)  

Pastor Kim Yong Doo: * Mrs. Kang, Hyun Ja was caught off guard and attacked by a demon

At about 11:00 AM, my wife, Joseph, Joo Eun, and I stood in front of a restaurant across from the Cooperative Agricultural Association building. As my wife stepped forward, she was struck and fell onto the ground. She violently tumbled onto the hard asphalt road, about five meters away, as though she were sliding on ice. It happened so fast, we didn’t have a chance to grab her, as she was blown away. She screamed in agony and we all ran to help her get back up. Her palms were all torn, her finger nails were broken, and her hands were covered in blood.

We searched around the road to look for anything that might have caused such an intense fall. However, the road was very clean, flat, and in good shape. There was no physical evidence of what might have caused this.

Later, Joo Eun asked Jesus about this. The Lord explained that since our daily routine consists of going to church, praying, and going home, we don’t have any leisure time. With no leisure time, evil spirits have little opportunity to find when you are weak. However, today, for the first time in a long while, my family stepped out of our spiritual routine to take some leisure time. Outside our normal routine, an evil spirit struck her and she fell.

Jesus touched my wife’s wounded palms. I also began comforting my wife. “My dear wife, let us give thanks to God. We must repent for letting our guard down and give thanks to the Lord. He will provide us with bigger grace. Let us endure and triumph to the end.” As I cheered her up, she fell on her knees and gave thanks to the Lord with her wounded hands lifted up.

Since the evil spirits attack and hinder us so much, I was determined to always be vigilant and cautious. The moment we drop our guard, evil spirits would attack. If we missed a day of prayer, our minds would be weakened and subject to attack. The evil spirits eagerly wait for weak moments. Therefore, we must always be fully armed.

Our prayer rally had only one more week and the attacks became more persistent. We were all getting our spiritual eyes opened, one by one. The enemy greatly feared this, but his attacks were feeble. As our prayers became stronger, our faith grew. Stronger spirits were dispatched and our battles were relentless.

Later, I checked on Joseph’s foot, which had a painful wart. We’d prayed intensively for a healing. I was shocked at what I saw. The wart which was located inside the skin, had now revealed its black roots on the exterior of his foot. With my spiritual eyes, I was able to see Jesus applying His blood daily over the sole of Joseph’s foot. I said, “Wow! This is great. Joseph, you should go visit the skin doctor and give your testimony.”

Later, my wife started coughing up phlegm. Joseph, Joo Eun, and I put our hands on her neck and earnestly prayed. An evil spirit in the form of a young long haired girl wearing a white dress revealed itself to us. It was responsible for my wife’s fall, and now it was attacking my wife’s neck, causing her pain, coughing and phlegm.

I placed my hand on her neck and waved the other hand as I prayed. Soon, the evil spirit shouted, “Pastor Kim, take away your hand! Take away your hand this instant! Stop praying! Oh, it’s too hot. I think I’m going to go crazy!” It screamed and disappeared.

Jesus came and said, “My children, the evil spirit has fled. But since the evil spirit has left the residual effects of pain, you’ll have to endure it for awhile. If you pray continuously, you will be healed quicker. Don’t worry.”

Kim Joo Eun:

“Jesus, how big are our houses and treasure stores in Heaven?” I asked. Jesus replied, “Why don’t you pray and see for yourself in Heaven? I cannot show you at this time. With your faith and diligence, desire to know the answer until your spiritual eyes are open. Once that happens, come up to Heaven and find out the answer.”

“Jesus, how far have my father’s prayers progressed?” The Lord replied, “When Pastor Kim prays, the Holy Spirit manifests. The pastor’s hands will make various motions. This means the gift of healing has come upon him. However, since this is Pastor Kim’s first experience, he continues to open his eyes during prayer. Therefore, his prayers aren’t going forward to the throne, but remain in the galaxy. If he would continue to pray and not worry about his hands moving, he would soon be spiritually opened and be able to visit Heaven.”

The Lord further mentioned that Brother Joseph’s repentance was very weak. The Lord told him to repent sincerely and earnestly. However, God was satisfied with my mother’s tearful repentance and sympathetic prayers.

I said, “Jesus, my paternal grandmother is a deaconess, but it appears that she drinks too much.” The Lord replied, “There is an alcoholic evil spirit within your grandmother. Whenever Pastor Kim has time to pray, he should pray for her. He should also lead her to confess for the assurance of salvation and faith.”

Pastor Kim: (James 4:4-5) * Pastors and Church members committing adultery

My heart aches whenever ministers make headline news and their dirty secrets are exposed on TV. I would either turn the TV off or shred the newspaper in fear of my family getting wind of it. As a minister, I am very ashamed and embarrassed. I’m bewildered; I don’t know what I should do. I feel as though it is me being exposed since I’m also a minister. I have no desire to discuss or expose the dirty hidden secrets of other fallen ministers. However, the Lord had pressed me to record the details in this book.

Jesus commanded that we never commit the sin of adultery. Among the countless of people going to Hell, many of them are adulterers. The Lord had reminded us, “Didn’t your church members witness the adulterers tormented in Hell? Adultery is a sin that is very difficult to repent.” The Lord hates His people committing spiritual adultery, but He also despises people committing physical adultery even more.

Many ministers and church members are deluded into thinking if they just confess their sins using the name of Jesus, they are absolutely forgiven. As a result, they continue to commit the same sin, repent again and think they are covered by grace. They trample on grace and don’t hesitate to commit the same adulterous sin over and over. The Lord resents their delusion. (Revelation 2:21-23) Before a person comes to Jesus, they do evil out of ignorance. Jesus is very angry that people have accepted Him as their Lord, but continue to sin repeatedly without hesitation. The Lord shouted angrily, “It will be very difficult to forgive ministers who commit adultery in secret. If they don’t repent sincerely, they will end up in Hell!”

I compassionately pleaded, “Lord, they are human beings; they are flesh. They could still fall and make mistakes, right? If a person dies, he/she will not have the opportunity to repent. But while they are alive, won’t they be forgiven if he/she repents? There are many verses in the Bible that states you will forgive, if one repents.” The Lord replied, “The ministers know the scriptures very well and if they commit adultery, they will be harshly judged. It will be difficult for them to be forgiven.”

I persistently pleaded to the Lord for mercy and refused to back down. I pleaded like Abraham did. “Lord, although you are right, if you send them to Hell for their past sins without forgiveness, it would seem unfair. Among that group, there are probably some who have lead many souls to you. There are probably some ministers who are leading their church properly. Aren’t some like this in the group of adulterers?” The Lord fearfully rebuked me, “As a Pastor, do you not know your scripture?” Jesus helped me remember (Philippians 2:12), “continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling.”

Although the Lord had rebuked me, I continued to debate and argue with Him. “My beloved Lord, those ministers have sacrificed their whole life for you. They have spent their time on earth to serve you. Don’t you think you should give them opportunities to repent? If I claim pastors go to Hell, who would believe me?”

There was a moment of silence. The Lord then spoke quietly and with dignity. “God the Father agrees with me. If the ministers who have committed adultery sincerely repent with fear, they shall be forgiven. But, if they turn back to their wicked ways and commit the same sin after repentance, they will be mocking God! It won’t matter whether they have lead small or mega ministries or have lead great or weak ministries; they will have committed the sin which God hates the most. You’ll have to bear that in mind.”

In a vision, the Lord showed me a specific pastor who fell in love with a young sister in his church. They often met to have sexual relations. Eventually, their affair was exposed to the pastor’s wife. She was in such shock that her stress level was greatly elevated and even dangerous. The wife attempted to persuade the pastor to repent, but he wouldn’t listen. The wife could no longer endure the pain and shock, so she became very depressed. She committed suicide, a choice unbelievers make. Now, she’s in Hell and in great torment.

The Lord said, “Whenever I see that daughter, my heart is torn apart. How can I not send that pastor to Hell? That pastor is still in ministry. His repentance was not genuine. Even today, he is living a life of delusion and self deception. His way of thinking is corrupt. No one can ever deceive me. No one can ever cover up the truth with lies.

* Blotting out names from the Book of Life

There once was a deaconess in our church. When she was living faithfully, she received many gifts from the Holy Spirit. However, the gifts were all taken back. Soon afterward, she began drinking and smoking frequently. Moreover, she would talk to a man over the telephone daily and meet him in secret. I persistently attempted to persuade her from dating that man. I even yelled at her but she continued to see the man. God is patient with people. However, if people don’t repent, they will be subject to His wrath. God showed me in a vision that He had erased her name from the book of life. When we found out, we all shook in fear.

When God gives us a chance, we must take it, no matter what. Jesus said, “That particular saint mocked God and troubled the Holy Spirit. Therefore, if she doesn’t mourn and sincerely repent, she won’t be entering Heaven. If the judgment of the congregation members is hard, then how much more will I judge the pastors who are committing adultery? The ministers must repent to the point of death. The ministers of today are mocking God. They say, ‘these are the days of grace and the gospel sets us free. Just repent and one will be forgiven unconditionally.’ These are the days one needs to be in fear more than the days of the Old Testament.” The Lord warned us the day is coming when we will all have to give account for our deeds.

As I write this chapter, I’m experiencing many hours of dismay and dissension. Jesus said, “Do we then nullify the law by this faith. Not at all! Rather we uphold the law.” (Romans 3:31) In fact, we’re living our daily life within the Lord’s amazing grace. However, living in His grace doesn’t mean our sins just disappear. We are abusing God’s grace if we don’t repent. A daily repentant life is the fastest and shortest route to God’s mercy and compassion.

* People who oppose Pastors (Spiritual Authority)

It may appear as though I may be writing this book from a pastor’s perspective since I myself am a pastor. But I don’t have any desires in my heart to defend the actions of other pastors. I’m recording and writing because I have been commanded to. I don’t want to write with any bias.

The Lord had said,
“I discipline my servants.” Moreover, the Lord had said He wouldn’t use the congregation of a church to discipline their pastor. Jesus will greatly judge and discipline those with secret sins.

The Lord gave (1 Samuel 4:11-22). The Lord also said He wouldn’t accept or tolerate the actions of church members that conspire as a group to oppose and expel a pastor. He would greatly punish the people as He did with Korah Dathan and Abiriam in (Numbers 16:26-35).

I again pleaded with the Lord, “Jesus, church members sometimes form a group out of ignorance and their initial intention may have been to improve the church. If that is the case, why would they be judged?” Jesus replied, “When it comes to the church, one cannot resolve this in a human way. That can never be accepted.”

The Lord added that if a saint compromised spiritual authority by having opposed a pastor in the past or present, he/she must repent in fear. Otherwise, he/she would be in danger of going to Hell. Thereafter, he must live faithfully, true, and cautiously.

The pastors who allowed the congregation to compromise spiritual authority must also dearly repent, more than the congregation. The Lord emphasized that the members and the pastors must all repent in fear. If they had just prayed to Jesus, He would have intervened to resolve their problems.

(Revelation 2:1) * The Lord visits the churches throughout the world

I continued questioning the Lord, “Lord, someone had said that you can appear to all the churches in the whole world at the same time. Is this true?” The Lord answered. “Since I’m spirit, I’m not hindered by the physics of this world. I can appear at all places, at any time, at any church or churches in concert. I’m not at one particular church at a time. I’m overseeing all the churches throughout the world. The Spirit is one and the same. The Spirit never tires or grows weary. At any church, when someone prays, I instantly hear their prayer. I’m able to hear all and be next to each of my children at the same time. If one zealously prays, one can have their spiritual eyes opened and on some occasions, I can show that person Heaven and Hell. Pastor Kim, you and your wife continue to persistently ask for spiritual eyes. You and your wife also make yourselves delightful to me. Since, on many occasions, you cry out with tears and eagerly desire it, I’m considering you the privilege to see Heaven and Hell. Fervently pray. Initially, Father God did not permit you and your wife to be spiritually awakened. But since you and your wife desire it very much and have worship services daily from early evening to the next morning, Father God was very impressed. You have even cried out extraordinarily. Father God said, ‘I’ve never seen any other saints like them.’ He stated He would open your spiritual eyes.”

There are two kinds of spiritual awakenings. The first is with spiritual eyes opened and the other is without. Most of the churches have been spiritually awakened without the ability to see the spiritual realm. Almost all churches have this type of spiritual awakening. This type of spiritual awakening is the Holy Spirit giving impressions, convictions, and words to a saint as needed.

When someone’s spiritual eyes are opened, they’re able to have a conversation with Jesus. In Korea, besides the Lord’s Church, there are a small number of saints who have this ability. These saints are able to converse with Jesus as they seek and call upon Him. Jesus said the people in the Lord’s Church who have their spiritual eyes opened have the opportunity to converse with the Lord numerous times.

Kim Joo Eun: (1 John 5:1-5) * Battling different demons

As I fervently praised God at our worship service, a demon disguised as a young girl moved in front of me. With my physical eyes opened, I lunged forward to grab her hair and mercilessly swung her around. She kept screaming and I threw her toward the corner of the room. Then, a demon in the form of a shadow approached me. At first, I hadn’t noticed it, but with the Lord’s help, I was able to grab it, swing it, and stomp on it with my feet.

When the next demon came within my sight, I ran and grabbed its leg, twisted its neck, beat it and trampled it with my feet. It bled all over the floor. Before I could rest, another demon appeared so I punched it in the stomach. It cried and sat on the floor, saying, “Ouch! My stomach!” I grabbed a chunk of its hair and handed it over to Sister Yoo Kyung. I said, “Sister, grab tightly here!” Sister replied, “Alright, I’m able to see it!” She swung it away.

It seemed as though we were getting attacked in full force today. Usually, they appear when we start to pray together corporately, but now it appears they’re changing their strategy and attempting to hinder us at the beginning of our service. For some reason, we are experiencing many demons in the form of young girls today. When one of them approached me again, I grabbed it and slapped both of its cheeks and scratched its face. She yelled, “Ouch! It hurts!” She scratched back, surprising me. I could clearly see where her fingernail marks were on my back. I even showed it to the pastor and church members to confirm it with their physical eyes.

Lee Yoo Kyung: As I praised the Lord during worship service, a demon with two colors on its face approached me. One side of the face was white and the other side was black. Another demon with a blue face joined him. I instantly grabbed the two demons and began swinging them mercilessly. I threw the two colored face demon into the distance. The blue faced demon couldn’t bear the swinging and, in anger, it scratched the back of my hand. After scratching the back of my hand, it pinched and bit me. I screamed in pain. I became very angry and threw it as far as I could. As I looked at where the demon had scratched and bit me, I noticed white scratch marks with my skin peeled off. My finger had begun to swell from the bite mark. The congregation members witnessed the physical marks and were very surprised. The marks and wounds from the demon were very painful. I began to tear up as I tried to endure the pain.

Lee Haak Sung: *Joseph bitten by a snake

Yoo Kyung, Joo Eun and I have our spiritual eyes open and we are able to see the activities of the demons and/or evil spirits. However, Joseph appears a little stressed out since he doesn’t have this ability as we do. Joseph stated that whenever he prays his body feels hot as fire due to the work of the Holy Spirit. He always sits next to me during service. As a result, whenever I pray, I make special requests on his behalf.

As I was worshiping and praising the Lord with Joseph, a demon in the form of a snake quietly slithered toward us. It reached Joseph and it coiled itself around both his legs. I cried, “Joseph, a snake is coiling around your body!” He replied, “What? I don’t see anything.” I grabbed the snake by its neck and I handed it over to Joseph. I shouted in excitement, “Grab it tightly and swing it to the ground!” Joseph appeared confused since he wasn’t able to see what I saw. He couldn’t comprehend the reality of it. He stated, “Brother Haak Sung, I can’t see anything!” I repeated myself, “Joseph, swing it to the ground!” He grabbed the snake and began swinging it.

Anyone who may have been watching this scene would have assumed Joseph was just swinging his arm into the air pretending to hold on to something. However, if one had spiritual eyes, he would be witnessing Joseph grabbing a snake by the neck and swinging it. There wouldn’t be any way one could explain this event in the physical realm without spiritual eyes.

Since Joseph couldn’t see the snake, he swung his arms loosely in the air. As a result, the snake was able to leverage itself and it began to coil itself around his arm. The snake bit his hand. He now realized it was real. There appeared a clear bite mark from the snake on the back of his hand. There were two small teeth marks from the fangs and it began to bleed. The pastor, realizing what was happening, asked us to come up to the altar with the snake.

Raising his hand, the pastor shouted. “In the name of Jesus!” With those words, the snake split in half and its head blew up. As I watched the scene, my jaw dropped.

Today, we spent many hours battling the evil spirits. We engaged either in defense or offense. We spent a great deal of energy chasing and driving out demons to defeat them. However, when we’re able to get a hold of them and bring them to the pastor, the evil spirits are weakened by him. The pastor is gifted with the Holy Blazing Fire and with his commands, the Holy Fire comes out from his body to burn the evil spirits and they become dust and disappear.

* Hunting the demons

As we saw all the demons, we captured them and brought them over to the altar where the pastor stood. He destroyed them with the Holy Blazing Fire. It was very tiring and appeared as though we were attacked in full force. There were so many evil spirits that we couldn’t even number them. No matter how many we drove out or defeated, more groups of evil spirits appeared. From the altar, Jesus watched with approval as we battled. He was standing in front of the cross. During the middle of the service, we chased and fought demons. We had made a mess and weren’t able to finish service. We all acted together to hunt down demons.

During the battle, Joseph was wounded in three different areas, two from the snake bites and the other from a young demon girl who scratched him. All of his wounds were bleeding. I could clearly see the scratches and bite marks; they were on the back of both hands. We tried to play down Joseph’s wounds, so he wouldn’t feel so victimized. We all said words of encouragement and told him they were battle scars of honor.

Kang Hyun Ja:

During the middle of service, Haak Sung, YooKyung, Joo Eun, and Joseph shouted, “Pastor! Mrs. Kang Hyung Ja! There are multitudes of demons attacking in groups. What should we do?” The pastor told them, “Don’t worry. We have Trinity God on our side. All of you should be able to defeat them in battle.” The children shouted in excitement, “Wow! Great! Filthy demons! You are all dead today!” They all ran throughout the room, battling the demons.

With our physical eyes, we’re only able to see the kids running around with hands and arms swinging in the air. But with spiritual eyes, we’re able to see what is truly going on. In a moment of weakness, I thought, “What if people from other churches witnessed what was happening? What about our guests or new members?” However, it wasn’t important for me to be concerned with it right now. While the children were running around chasing demons, I fervently prayed in tongues and danced in the Spirit. I felt my right hand filled with strength and I sensed I had seized something. My hand began motioning in a circular fashion, as a windmill. My circular motion began to increase in speed and power. I thought, “What is happening?”

I didn’t have time to think about what was happening. My hand and arm circled faster and faster with more energy. It wouldn’t stop. I couldn’t just sit there and let this happen. I got up on my feet and began to run around. But my hand was still continuously making circular motions. I glanced over to Sister Baek Bong Nyu and she was also doing the same thing. Unexpectedly, my hand hit the corner of a chair. From the physical point of view, I couldn’t understand what I was doing.

I asked the children who had their spiritual eyes opened, “Joo Eun, look at Mom’s arm. Why is my arm and hand making circular motions? Why will it not stop?” With an expression of shock, she answered, “Mom, you have seized a demon in your hand! Continue to swing the demon so you can knock it out.” Although I wasn’t able to control the situation with my mind, I attempted to swing more intensely. The pastor said, “Mrs. Kang Hyun Ja, come up to the altar as you continue to swing.” I walked toward the altar and the pastor shouted, “Holy Fire!” My hand naturally stopped and the demon was knocked down. It was burned by the Holy Fire; it became dust.

It was truly a marvelous and amazing incident. As I watched, all the demons were totally defeated. I had once again realized how powerful and great is our spiritual ability.

Kim Joo Eun: *When demons touch the pastor’s body, they disintegrate into ashes

After evening service, as I prayed in tongues, a demon approached me. I defeated it with the authority of Jesus’ name. However, many more groups of demons appeared, all disguised in the form of young girls in white dresses. I was amazed there were so many, a countless number. They marched in groups of four or five and lined up in ranks. Although they appeared as young girls, their faces weren’t similar in appearance, but each one unique. Being surrounded, I decided to grab any one in my reach, beat it up and scratch it. Though they tried to flee, I easily seized them and swung them around like ragdolls. I took them to the pastor, who was blazing with fire. They hated him and were very frightened. As I would bring them to the pastor, they would burn up by just touching his body. They would scream and turn to ash. The Pastor didn’t even know this was happening. He just continued to pray.

During the middle of the battle, I became very irritated and thought, “Today, I was eager and determined to pray and ask the Lord if I could visit Heaven. But, the demons hindered me and I wasn’t able to focus and make my requests known. I wasn’t able to visit Heaven today. That is fine. If I can’t visit Heaven today, I’ll vent my anger on the demons!” I defeated all of them that came into my sight.

Spiritually, I had a very difficult day, encountering over a hundred demons. After a long while, Jesus appeared and went toward the altar where the pastor was praying. The pastor hadn’t yet fully recovered from his painful wounds the demons inflicted on him a few days previously. He continued to lead church service and worship, regardless of the pain. Even in prayer, he was in pain and very weakened. Jesus stood next to him and affectionately brushed his head, back, and body with His hand, especially where the wounds were located. Whenever the Lord sees the pastor, He becomes very playful. Jesus loves to be with the pastor. Jesus even sang a song. “Despite the wounds, you’re still fervently praying. You’re doing great!” The Lord was very pleased. 

As I was watching this, I was momentarily taken off guard and an invisible demon began twisting my right arm and hand. The demon’s cold energy slowly spread from the tips of my fingers up my arm. I instantly squeezed my right arm to stop the cold energy from spreading. I shouted, “I command you in the name of Jesus, depart from me you filthy demon! Depart!” The cold demonic energy began to slowly dissipate. As I prayed, I pounded my right hand and arm until they felt normal again.

* Yoo Kyung’s frantic attempt to hunt demons

A demon with a black face and five conjoined bodies approached me. I got ahold of it and swung it, invoking the name of Jesus. Another demon in the form of a man with white clothes appeared. This demon was so tall, it appeared as though he was able to reach the sky. I swung the two demons and began to pray in tongues. As I prayed, a demon with a sharp horn on its head began to ridicule me as he sat on the piano. This demon had a long tail and looked repulsive. I was able to seize this demon also and it was very startled. It attempted to flee by flapping its wings that resembled a bat’s. But I was able to drag it to the ground and stomp on it. I assaulted it without mercy.

As I was beating on the demon, the Lord came next to me. “Oh, Yoo Kyung, you’re doing a great job. You’re defeating the demon. I was planning to take you to Heaven and show you around, but you’re busy battling the demons. What do you think?” I replied, “Jesus, I can visit Heaven later. I have to defeat all the demons now!” The Lord said, “Alright, defeat the demons and be victorious.” The Lord stood next to me and watched. The demons were even more frightened and attempted to flee when they saw Jesus.

Jesus walked toward the altar, where the pastor was praying. He brushed and patted the pastor’s head, especially the part where he is balding. The Lord went to Joseph and gently touched his foot and body. Jesus was touching the areas of pain. I wasn’t very happy when Jesus left my side. I loudly shouted, “Abba, Abba!”

Once Jesus had left, a demon appeared on the altar and came toward me. I was irritated by its sarcastic remarks. I tried to ignore it, but it continued to tease and speak abusive words to me. My temper was being tested. I became very angry. I grabbed it and swung it. The demon complained, “I’m getting dizzy. I’m so dizzy! Let go of me!”

I noticed the demon had eyes within its eye. Both of the inner eyes were staring at me. It was very creepy. With a harsh voice, I said, “How dare you stare at me!” I poked the demon eyes with my finger. Since the demon had multiple eyes within its eye, I had to poke it several times. “Ah! My eyes, my eyes!” The demon screamed in terror, but I didn’t let him go. I continued to swing him around and around. He shouted, “Leave me alone! Leave me alone! If you don’t let me go, I’ll bite you!” As it threatened me, I swung him with more intensity. The demon bit my hand with all of his strength.

Once it had bitten me, I lost my grip and threw him into the distance. Jesus came closer to my side and complimented me with encouraging words. “Oh, my Yoo Kyung is great at defeating the demons. You’re very bright!” He gently held my hand and continued to encourage me. “Yoo Kyung, I see another demon approaching you. Defeat it!” The Lord stood and watched me war with the demon.

A demon in the form of a skeleton appeared and shouted, “Come to Hell with me!” As I shook my head from side to side, I said, “No! No!” I grabbed it and threw it onto the floor with great force. The demon screamed and disappeared. Jesus, standing next to me, clapped and said, “Wow! My Yoo Kyung is doing a great job! Your faith has truly grown much.” He stayed with me for a while, encouraging me.

Jesus returned to Heaven. I prayed in tongues for a bit longer. I think I had battled and defeated about 50 demons that day.

*Haak Sung’s transformation by the Holy Spirit’s anointing

The number of demons continued to gradually increase. They attacked us in groups. I poked their eyes, tore the eyes out, beat on them, and swung them around. Since I only had two hands, I wasn’t able to defend myself as I attacked them. They were too numerous. My strength began to weaken and I thought, “if I only had the Holy Sword, I would be able to defeat all of them with certainty.” During the middle of battle, I would often think of this. I should pray more to receive God’s power. I should also diligently read and study His word. If I did all these, I would be able to receive the sword of the Holy Spirit.

As I battled today with the demons, I realized many things. The more I defeat them, the more they would appear and attack in numbers. I have no idea where they’re hiding. Not only would new demons appear to attack, but the ones that were once defeated by Joseph, Joo Eun, and Yoo Kyung would return and attack. They have hindered us during the hours of service and during prayer time. We were actually amazed at the sheer number of demons attacking us during prayer time.

Like vultures, they circle around their prey as more gather. When it was time to feast, the vultures in great numbers would pounce on their prey. The demons attack in a similar fashion, all at once and the ones that weren’t visible would appear out of nowhere. The ones that hide are always waiting for the right moment. I was also able to see Satan in Hell. He was shouting his commands to his subordinates, as they were deployed to join the attack. I had never experienced a battle with so many demons. Today, there were swarms of demons attached to the church ceiling and walls.  There were so many of them that nothing was visible except the demons.

I cried out to God to grant me Holy Fire. “Trinity God, please grant me Holy Fire! The fire that burns demons!” God granted me a fireball, which quickly entered into my chest. As soon as the Holy Fire was placed in my body, the demons began avoiding me. Before the fire entered my body, I was getting very tired. Soon after the blazing fire entered, my strength returned. I was able to hunt and defeat the demons. After I had defeated all the demons, I said a prayer of gratitude to the Lord. I was very thankful for everything. Then, I remembered the days when I had broken the pastor’s heart and with those thoughts, tears began to fill my eyes.

During the middle of service, the pastor called, “Sam,” and I instantly answered with amen. The pastor lead an extremely powerful service. I noticed my soul and spirit rapidly growing and changing. I’m a totally different person than I was two months ago. Moreover, I’m spiritually awakened and I’m able to prophesy, spiritually discern, pray in tongues, obtain knowledge, obtain wisdom, and I’m stronger in faith. When I converse with Jesus, I often see the Father’s throne.

Although the Holy Spirit is a spirit, I’m able to see Him with my spiritual eyes. I love coming to church; it’s fun and exciting. I’m delighted to be at service all night long. It’s difficult for me to express the joy I experience when I evangelize and pray. The service is held during the night until early morning, usually around 6 or 7 AM. After the prayer meeting, we testify to one another until 5 AM. We also get together to eat rice balls. Once we had our early morning meal, we would continue to pray for a little while longer until the sun begins to shine. Once the prayer rally finished, the pastor would drive us back to our homes. Jesus would accompany us on the ride home. Hallelujah!

Sister Baek Bong Nyu: *Crucifying Torment awaiting in Hell

As I fervently prayed in tongues, Jesus appeared. I quickly sensed He was about to take me to Hell. It looked as though the Lord was a bit hesitant to disclose my trip. Before the Lord was able to ask me a question, I asked Him. “Jesus, why are you hesitating? I know you are about to take me to visit Hell again, right?” The Lord gave me an awkward expression. However, I couldn’t disobey the Lord. “Jesus, if you don’t show me my family in torment, I will follow you to the ends of Hell. I just don’t want to see my parents in torment.” The Lord took my hand and didn’t say a word.

As usual, once the Lord took my hand, we were already in Hell. We began to walk through a narrow path. Within a short time, the smell of rotten corpses began to fill the air. We arrived at a wide field. There were crosses endlessly lined up. All the crosses were dug deeply into the ground. There were already many people hanging on crosses and more waiting in long lines to be crucified. My mother was among the crowd waiting to be nailed to a cross. She stood under one of the unoccupied crosses.

A large frightening creature guarded the crosses. When it was my mother’s turn, the creature tied my mother onto the cross and prepared her to be nailed. The creature glanced at me and as he turned to her spoke. “Tell your daughter not to go to church and to stop believing in Jesus this instant. Otherwise, you’ll really die today!” My mother looked very frightened. The creature looked toward me and yelled, “If you say that you will stop believing in Jesus, I’ll spare your mother and not torment her. Say it! Say you’ll stop believing!” It attempted to bargain with me. “Say it now! Make your vow! Hurry!” the creature demanded. The situation was very tense. The creature had a human body with the head of a horse. It was heinous. I couldn’t look at it straight in the eye.

The horse-headed creature drew a large bright sword and commanded his subordinates. The subordinates quickly obeyed. The creature then pressured my mother. “Quickly, tell your daughter! Now! Hell is in chaos because of your daughter. The church your daughter is attending prays all night long. We are hindered in every way. Humans who are supposed to be coming to Hell are going to church and we’re frustrated. Quickly! Ask your daughter now! Her pastor is writing a book that will reveal our identities and reveal Hell. We must stop him from writing that book. Now, quickly ask your daughter!”

Mother’s tears unceasingly rolled down her cheeks as she looked upon me. Since Jesus stood next to me, my mother wasn’t able to say a word. She just dropped her head and continued crying. The creature ran out of patience and exploded in anger. My mother was stripped and hung on the cross. They hung her tightly with a rope. Within a short time, my little brother and nephew were brought and stripped. They were hung on crosses as well. The evil creature without mercy began to nail all of them to crosses. The creatures began slicing their flesh. 

Their flesh was sliced from the top of their heads down to the end of their toes. Their bodies were cut and sliced all the way through to their bones. My family’s flesh was thrown into a boiling pot of oil. The pot was heated with immense blazing fire. My mother, my little brother, and nephew had only their eyes and ears remaining on their skeletal figure. Everything else was sliced off. In their pitiable form, they were still able to shout, “Bong Nyu, quickly go! We told you not to come here anymore. Why do you keep coming? Are you not in pain when you see us in torment? Please don’t return!”

Blubbering, I shouted, “Mother, my poor mother! After three more visits, I won’t be able to come even if I wished. Jesus said once the third visit is done, He’ll no longer bring me here. My heart is in agony as I see you in torment!” The creature interrupted and shouted once again with a voice of thunder, “I’ll ask you for the last time! This is your last chance! You tell your daughter not to believe in Jesus. Quickly! Force her to stop praying and going to church! Quickly!” As the creature nagged at my mother, I spoke on my mother’s behalf. “You, evil creature! If you have anything to say, talk to me. Why are you frightening my mother? If I ever get a hold of you, you’re dead!” As I rebuked the creature, he rapidly ran toward my mother like a bullet. The creature scalped my mother, sliced her ears, and tore out her eyes. Mother shouted in pain, “Help me! Please!” I couldn’t bear to see my mother in pain anymore. There are no words to express this pitiful scene! My little brother and nephew experienced the same torment as my mother. The creature threw the remaining body parts into the boiling pot of oil. From the boiling pot, I could hear the screams of my family in pain.

The creature’s anger wasn’t satisfied. This time, he filled a bowl with insects and placed it right below my family. The insects rapidly attached themselves onto my family’s bodies. The insects gnawed and chewed, penetrating into their bones. My family screamed out. It appeared as though my mother was experiencing the greater pain.

Mother shouted, “Devil! I’m already dead! Why are you tormenting a dead person? Devil, take away these insects! Stop this pain! Please!” Although I knew it would be impossible, I still asked, “Jesus, when will be the end of their torment?” I was wailing. Jesus said, “Once you’ve entered Hell, you can never escape or have another chance. You’ll be in torment for eternity.”

I pleaded as I clung onto the Lord, crying, “Jesus, my mother is going to be in pain eternally in Hell. How would I live happily in Heaven? I can no longer witness my mother’s misery. Please let me take the place of my mother so that she can be saved!” Jesus quickly called for the angels.

I almost passed out due to the shock of the situation. With the Lord’s command, Archangel Michael and some other angels came and returned me to Lord’s church. Jesus even called Moses and asked him to comfort me. Jesus and Moses were also heartbroken. They drew me closer to their breast and wiped away my tears and comforted me. As they saw my tears rolling down, they grieved with me.

 ==== DAY 24 ====

Kim Joseph: (2 Timothy 3:1-5)

As I prayed in tongues, I suddenly cried tears of repentance. I had waited a long time to truly sense my repentance in tears. 

My body had become a fireball, so when an evil spirit in the form of a snake appeared, I grabbed it and swung it into the air.

Lee Yoo Kyung:

As I fervently prayed, a loathsome evil spirit appeared and flew over me. With its bat wings, it hovered in front of me. It had frog-like eyes, a red nose and long tongue. I was irritated by it hissing at me, so I grabbed it, tore its wings off and threw it away into the air. Red blood dripped from its injured areas.

At the same time, a dark ugly black snake approached me. I am most afraid of snakes They are loathsome creatures. As it drew close to me, I wasn’t able to do anything, except yell, “Lord! I’m so scared! There is a snake here!” Jesus instantly appeared, grabbed the snake and threw it into the distance.

The Lord asked, “Yoo Kyung, are you alright? Don’t be afraid! Let’s go visit Heaven.” I held his hand and we left for Heaven. Jesus asked me to sing praise songs during our flight through the galaxy. We sang ‘Praise Oh! My soul!’ several times. After visiting Heaven, we came back to the Lord’s church and I continued to pray.

Jesus approached Pastor Kim and listened carefully as he prayed. Jesus was listening for a long time and He touched the area where Pastor felt pain. The pain was along his back where the evil spirits had bitten him. Jesus approached Joseph and shouted, “Repent! More, more, more! Wail! Only when you cry out will the doors of Heaven open!” Joseph wailed a lot today; he was experiencing tears of repentance. 

Jesus came back to me and some angels appeared. The Lord boldly stated, “Yoo Kyung, don’t be sick; be always healthy. Cheer up!” The angels even shouted, “Saint Yoo Kyung! Don’t be ill!” The Lord said, “Cheer up!” We then said our farewells.

Lee Haak Sung: *The protective layer provided by angels


As I prayed, many angels came down through the door. The angels surrounded me, becoming a protective layer. I asked the angels what they were doing. They told me that they were surrounding me with protective layers. As the angels covered me with the protective layers, the holy blazing fire heated me up. I saw an evil spirit standing outside the protective layer. The evil spirit was holding a knife and it reminded me of Chucky from the horror movie. He drew closer to one of the angels and stabbed the angel, but the knife instantly melted away and his hand caught on fire. I saw another evil spirit approaching. It looked like a very old tree. As it slowly moved toward me, it thrust out its hand and touched the protective layer. Once it touched the protective layer, it caught on fire and the flames engulfed the whole tree. The tree screamed as it fled.

The angels were also placing protective layers around deaconess Shin, who was praying. The angels totaled about 200. They were all working to place protective layers around the church members. I noticed an evil spirit resembling a buff man just outside my protective layer. He was coming toward me. The evil spirit attempted to enter the protective layers, but the layers became very hot like blazing fire. It gave up on entering. The evil spirit then went toward deaconess Shin. Fortunately, she was covered with the protective layers and fire. It wasn’t able to penetrate into her layers. The evil spirit flew toward my mother. As it drew closer to my mother, it caught on fire and disappeared.

Suddenly, a large bright light beamed down from Heaven. I saw an enormous tall angel coming toward the church riding a white horse. The sight was breathtaking. My heart was pounding very rapidly. The angel came toward me and introduced himself, “Hello, I’m the Archangel Michael.”Another bright shining angel was following right behind Michael, named Archangel Gabriel. Gabriel was holding a large flag attached to a pole. They explained to me that when Archangel Michael defeats the evil spirits, Archangel Gabriel will sway the victory banner side to side behind Michael.

Archangels Michael and Gabriel were about the same height. They stood silently as they watched the pastor praying. As I witnessed this amazing sight, I was flabbergasted. It was difficult for me to distinguish if I was dreaming or if I was witnessing something real.

Kim Joo Eun: * Many evil spirits rush in groups but our faith became stronger

The last time I prayed, an evil spirit in the form of a crescent moon appeared, rolling toward me. Today, an evil spirit in the form of a full moon with an eye rolled toward me. When the evil spirit came close to me, I poked it in the eye and plucked the eye out. I twisted my finger inside the eye socket. The evil spirit exploded with blood bursting in all directions as I attacked it. Soon after, an evil spirit disguised as a young girl appeared and was spinning on its head like a toy top. I grabbed a chunk of her hair, shook her, swung her several times, and threw her into the distance. Jesus approached me and complimented my actions, saying, “Freckles, great job!”

Jesus continued, “Freckles, you look especially pretty today! Who braided your hair?” I replied, “Deaconess Shin did!” The Lord complimented, “Really? She did a great job!” Since Deaconess wasn’t yet spiritually awake, she didn’t know Jesus had come near her. Many angels accompanied Jesus. I always see angels accompanying Jesus, but this time there were many more angels. Within the angels, some of them paired off to sit next to praying church members. The angels used their hands to wrap around the golden bowl that had a wide opening on top and they zealously filled the bowl with the prayers of the saints.

Once again, a group of evil spirits appeared at the corner of the room and they came toward us. As they got close, Sister Yoo Kyung grabbed the evil spirits, swung them, and threw them into the distance. I also grabbed some of the evil spirits, swinging them and throwing them into the distance. Brother Haak Sung and Brother Joseph were also battling the evil spirits; they grabbed the evil spirits, swinging them, and throwing them away. We all repeated this tactic numerous times.

I was able to hear the sounds of the evil spirits crashing as they fell all around the walls and ground. It was very noisy. Near the end of the prayer rally, we noticed there are more numerous attacks on us. However, each attack results in our faith growing stronger and stronger.

Sister Baek Bong Nyu: * Pastor Kim makes Jesus Laugh

I have witnessed and experienced many spiritual things. With this privilege, I also have had to endure much pain. Jesus surprised me by taking me to the flower garden in Heaven. He allowed me a time to refresh by providing enjoyment in the garden. I was able to spend as much time in the garden as I desired. In the garden, I rolled, jumped, and played like a child with the angels. The flower garden in Heaven is unimaginably enormous and beautiful. The sweet scent of the flowers was so precious I wouldn’t have it changed for the whole world. Since my body was weak and exhausted, I rested and lay down after I had returned to the Lord’s church. During the morning service, as the pastor preached he walked from side to side, being followed closely by Jesus.

Our pastor is so funny that when I just think about him, I smile and laugh instantly. Out of curiosity, I asked the pastor a question, “Pastor, were you this funny even before I started attending this church?” The pastor replied, “Our church is relatively new. There is no incident I can think of that would possibly be funny. I cannot think of anything that has been humorous during our rally. I was always broken-hearted. I felt heavy and pitiful.” I asked, “How have you changed so much?” The pastor said, “I don’t really know. I have changed during this prayer rally! I don’t know what is really going on. If you ask me how I became like this and who or what has affected me, I would have to say it is the Lord that has created a joyful environment.”

Our pastor has a special talent of imitating all kinds of people. In fact, it’s not just people; he can imitate all kinds of different things, including animals and inanimate objects. Jesus was imitating the pastor and laughing out loud. During the sermon, two angels were recording every single word the pastor preached. The angels sat next to the cross on the altar writing in the huge book. The angels were supposed to record the words of the pastor. However, they would occasionally sneak a peek at the pastor’s gestures. The angels would laugh so hard they would swoon and miss some of the pastor’s words. When the angels missed the recording, Jesus rebuked them. “Don’t look at the pastor; just fervently record!”

Whenever Jesus smiles or laughs, all the angels join in on his happy mood. However, when Jesus grieves, the angels become silent. During the middle of the sermon, the pastor asked me a question. “Sister, where is Jesus now?” I replied, “He is standing right behind you.” The pastor smirked and said, “Oh, what should I do? I farted and it smells awful. It would be difficult for anyone to bear. I feel very sorry for the Lord that He might be behind me, where he would smell my gas. What should I do?” The Lord spoke with laughter, “It is irrelevant since I’m spirit. It is alright.” He patted the pastor’s head and back.

Pastor Kim Yong Doo: The church members had exhausted most of their physical strength during prayer. Instead of quitting, they fervently continued praying as they clenched their teeth. When the Lord saw us praying with such devotion, He was impressed. I was in unbearable pain. The pain was caused by the evil spirits’ several attacks. This type of wound heals very slowly. The relentless pain tormented me. It became difficult for me to pray with my arms lifted up for a lengthy time. However, in the midst of pain, the Holy Spirit would move my hands and arms in various ways. The movements of my arms and hands were nicely choreographed.

Both of my hands moved steadily. They moved in turn. Suddenly, my hands began to violently vibrate. I was unbearably hot, as well. I saw Jesus in a white gown walking from side to side in front of me. My face felt a warm summer breeze. I felt His strong presence. Sadly, my spiritual eyes were still not opened. It appears as though the Lord observes our situations and reactions. He was evaluating us.

==== DAY 25 ==== (Matthew 16:13-19)

Kim Joo Eun: *Freckles eats the cookies of Heaven

While I was praying in tongues, I was battling and defeating evil spirits. As I prayed, my mouth became filled with something. I began to chew on it. I could hear crunching as I continued to chew. I had no idea what I was chewing or eating. As I devoured the unknown food, I said to myself, “Wow! What is this? It is delicious. How can anything be this delicious?" My dear Lord, Jesus, appeared.

He called my name out and began to speak to me, “Freckles, do you want to give this a try?” I asked, “Jesus, what is that?” The Lord replied, “These are delicious crackers I brought to you from Heaven. Say ah; open your mouth.” I opened my mouth and the Lord placed a cracker in my mouth.

As soon as the cracker touched my tongue, it melted softly. There are many delicious crackers in the world, but the ones the Lord gave me blew my mind. The bite-size crackers were white and round shaped.

I exclaimed, “Wow, Jesus, this cracker is very delicious! I want to eat some more. Can you please give me one more?” The Lord said, “No, you shouldn’t eat any more for now.” I surprisedly asked, “What was it?” The Lord said, “This is food that saints eat in Heaven. I know you would like some more and when you visit Heaven again, I’ll treat you to many more. So pray fervently.” In tears, I asked the Lord, “Jesus, please take me to Heaven!” However, Jesus had already departed before I could finish my sentence. I could only see and sense the residuals of His departure. I felt a warm gentle breeze as a bright shining light radiated.

The Heavenly cracker Jesus had given me will be in my memory forever. I’ll never forget the wonderful taste. Tonight is a very blessed night, a night I cannot express in words. From a distance, I heard Jesus kindly speak, “Freckles, soon, I’ll take you to visit Heaven so don’t fret. Good bye.” Then, he was completely gone.

After I had regained my strength, I began to pray. While I was praying, I saw evil spirits coming toward me. Multitudes of skulls and bones from all directions began to converge on me. I began to laugh at their appearance. The evil spirits exploded in anger due to my reaction. I shouted, “All of you bones, you look very funny. In the name of Jesus, I command you to leave now!” They disappeared.

After we had earnestly prayed for many hours, a group of angels came from Heaven and filled their golden pot with our prayers. As one angel ascended with the filled pot, another angel descended with the empty pot to again fill it with prayers. The angels continued this process. They were moving fast. The pot wasn’t only filled with our prayers, but they also included our tears and the tone of our voices. They were all delivered to Heaven.

Lee Yoo Kyung: *Tearing off the evil spirit’s clothing

As I was praying, I saw an evil spirit disguised as a young girl dressed in white. I quickly grabbed her hair, swung her around until all of her hair pulled out. But after I tore her clothes, she transformed into a naked man. I could see all his features and he began to defecate and urinate on me.

I was so angry, I grabbed his neck, “Filthy evil spirit! Why are you urinating on me?” I slapped his face and he said, “I’m sorry! Please forgive me. I promise that I’ll never come here again.” I continued to slap and beat him up. I threw him evil spirit toward Brother Haak Sung, whose body was engulfed in flames. The evil spirit disintegrated into ashes when it hit Brother Haak Sung.

As I continued to pray, a second evil spirit with two large eyes appeared. Half of its face was that of a woman and the other half was the face of a man. It had very short hair. The evil spirit reminded me of some horror movie. When it spoke, it had two different tones. The tone of a man and a woman would come from its mouth. I grabbed its hair. I pulled all of its hair out and tore its clothes off. The evil spirit stood naked.

The evil spirit reacted and said, “Why have you undressed me? Who has undressed me?” I confidently replied, “It was I, I did it! Why do you ask? You feel violated?” The evil spirit cried and pleaded, “Please dress me. Please hurry! I’m very cold. Please give me some clothes!”

As the evil spirit stood and watched, I destroyed the clothes by tearing them into pieces. The evil spirit continued to complain, “Who said you could undress me? Why have you ruined my clothes?” The evil spirit was annoying me. I said, “You’re speaking nonsense. You’re dead!” I threw it onto the floor and began to beat it up. It cried out, “Oh, help me! This is painful! I know I can defeat you but I don’t understand why you are able to overpower me. I’m frightened!” I didn’t want to hear the complaints of the evil spirit. I broke its legs and threw the evil spirit far away from me. It landed at the corner of the room and shattered into pieces. Once the battle was won and over, the Lord appeared.

*Yoo Kyung eats fruits of Heaven

Jesus wore a bright shining gown. As He got closer, I noticed Him holding a round white object. Jesus said, “Yoo Kyung, try this. It’s a fruit from Heaven. I have brought it to you as a reward since you pray zealously. Your abilities to defeat the evil spirits have increased dramatically. The fruit is very delicious. Quickly, try it!” The Lord had spoken to me in such an affectionate way that I happily responded. I responded, “Lord, thank you very much!” When I took my first bite, I exclaimed in delight. I instantly devoured the fruit.

The Lord said, “Yoo Kyung, let’s visit Heaven.” Suddenly, I was wearing a gown that had wings attached to it. We left through the cross where a door led us through the sky. As we flew through the sky, we soon arrived in Heaven. 

When I arrived in Heaven, I met Yeh Jee. Yeh Jee and I danced before the Lord for a long time. I noticed a piano made of gold located near us. The piano was very large. I stared at it the piano for quite some time; it was very intriguing.

While I was dancing, I saw Father God swaying on His throne. From the throne, Father God displayed a brilliant shining light. God was light. I wasn’t able to look at Him. There were several angels and they were all busily writing something onto books that were displayed in front of the throne. Father God is enormously huge. One cannot imagine His size. Even if one attempted to glance at Father God, it would be impossible due to the brilliant light. The light is too strong for one to look toward. Father’s gown was very long and it reached down to His ankles. I was only able to see His feet.

Father God spoke to me as His voice echoed. “Yoo Kyung, isn’t it great to be here? If you continue to pray earnestly, I’ll bring you here more often. Therefore, earnestly pray without ceasing.” I bowed down and replied, “Yes sir, Amen.” After I had spoken, His huge hand appeared from the light and patted my head. Jesus then said, “Yoo Kyung, look at me!” When I turned to see Jesus, I became very sad and my heart broke. I almost cried. On both His wrists, I saw the huge scars where He had been pierced by nails. I also saw the scars on His feet. The Lord continued, “As I had my blood poured out, I died for you. Always think of me!”

I persistently asked the Lord to show me my home in Heaven. “I would like to see my house in Heaven!” The Lord permitted me, saying, “Alright, I’ll show you your home.” The Lord took me to my home, which is made completely of gold. The house was twelve stories high. The angels were busy building my home. I jumped around like a rabbit as I felt excitement and jubilee. I began to joyfully sing ‘Oh, Praise my soul.’ As I sang and praised, the Lord spoke. “Dear Yoo Kyung, I would like to have a wedding ceremony with you.”

Yeh Jee had followed me wherever I went. “Sister, Jesus is very loving. He gives me a lot of food and He gives me so much love. I’m so happy to be here! Sister, let’s hang out at the flower garden, please.” Yeh Jee and I went to the flower garden and enjoyed ourselves. We rolled around the flowers and had a good time. We spent a good deal of time in the garden. The Lord said, “Yoo Kyung, it’s time for you to leave. Say farewell to Yeh Jee.” Sister Yeh Jee said, “Sister, keep in good health and visit me again.” We gave each other a hug and I departed.

Lee Haak Sung: *After being covered with the blood of Jesus, evil spirits dare not come near

While I was in prayer, the Holy Spirit continued to put fire into my body. My body had become a fireball, unbearably hot. Many different types of evil spirits began to attack me, but when they touched my body, they lit on fire and became ash. All of them melted away.

When a snake began to slither toward me, I grabbed it and tore its head off. I wrapped it on a wooden stick and torched it. An evil spirit with short hair, dressed in white attempted to attack me, but I grabbed it and burned it with fire. Other spirits began to advance toward me, but they began to flee as the Holy Fire radiated from my body. I finally understood why the evil spirits hadn’t come close to the Pastor. Whenever he prayed, his body would become a fireball, so they tried to avoid him. It was actually entertaining watching them avoid the pastor. 

The electric piano began to play a song called ‘Baptize by the Holy Spirit.’ So I began to dance in the Spirit with the tune and rhythm. I was also battling and defeating the evil spirits in my dance. It was exhilarating. Jesus was pleased and He complimented me. “Great job my dear Sam!” The Lord’s encouraging words made me feel fantastic.

The electric piano played ‘Three nails’ and I instantly teared up in repentance. Jesus wiped the tears away and comforted me with warm words. He began to walk between the church members who were praying and touched them on their heads. When He reached the pastor, He touched his head several more times.

In a loud voice, Jesus commanded the angels. “Angels, apply my blood over the entrance of the Lord’s church. Don’t let the evil spirits parade all over this building. Apply my blood to the air.” Angels instantly appeared and carried out His command with great speed. First, they placed a protective layer over the church entrance and the ceiling. At the entrance, the door and the two pillars received a protective layer. On top of the protective layer, the angels began to heavily coat it with the Lord’s blood. Once the blood was there to protect us, I saw the evil spirits confused and fighting one another to enter the church. With the blood protecting us, it didn’t matter how many evil spirits were there, none could enter the church. So I was able to finish my prayers in peace.

Sister Baek Bong Nyu: * With God’s protection, I felt no pain during the torment of Hell

While I was praying, the Lord appeared with two angels. They escorted me to the galaxy. Once we arrived at our destination, the Lord commanded the angels to return home to Heaven. Jesus then said, “Bong Nyu, let’s visit Hell.” As soon as I held the Lord’s hand, we were already in Hell.

We began to walk through a narrow pathway. The pathway was so narrow I felt like I was walking on a levee in a rice paddy. On each side of the pathway, I couldn’t see the bottom. The cliff dropped endlessly. If I lost my balance, I would fall off the road. I could hear echoes of screams and wailing from below. The people screaming appeared to be in much pain. A stench filled the air and was unbearable. I could smell rotten corpse and burning flesh. Dark smoke rose upward and it was continuous. It was difficult for me to keep my balance. I couldn’t tell which way was front anymore.

I once had an experience of being separated from the Lord when we were in Hell. I was apprehensive that it could happen again. I decided to hold on to his hand very tightly. We continued to walk further in. The narrow pathway became even narrower. As I tried to balance myself from the tight narrow road, I had to let go of the Lord’s hand. The Lord continued to walk forward and I followed right behind him while grabbing the hem of His gown. From both sides of the pathway, I continued to hear screams, “Help me! Save me! It is hot! Please help me!” It sounded as though millions of voices were echoing from below. The screams were so loud and numerous, I felt as the screams were right at my ear.

I began to feel as though someone was following us from behind. I also felt someone holding on to my hem. Then, I felt the presence of people around me. I instantly became nervous and frightened. I braced myself and tried to draw up courage, thinking, “Just look upon the Lord. Just think about the Lord. Just continue to walk forward.” As I was thinking, the thing I feared most happened; the Lord disappeared. All of Hell is dark and it almost impossible to see anything. However, I was able to see a slight glimmer of light, but it was only for a second.

When I saw the light for a second, I realized it was the Lord before He disappeared. I could no longer see him anywhere around me. I thought, “Oh, what should I do now? How can I lose Jesus in Hell? The Lord is so pitiless. Where can He possibly be? Why did He leave me all alone?” I felt despaired. “Jesus, where are you? Please come back! Help me! I’m frightened! Lord!” I called for Him but, the Lord was nowhere around me. Although I wanted to continue walking forward, I wasn’t able to, due to the darkness.

I stood frozen and wasn’t able to take another step. I had no plan and I felt lost. Suddenly, I felt something squirming around my feet. When I figured out what was around my feet, I almost fainted from shock. There were four black snakes tightly coiling both my legs and they were moving upward. When I was with Jesus, this type of event never happened, but as soon as I had lost the Lord, the snakes were coiling around me.

I quickly gathered my senses and shouted, “How dare you coil around me?” While I was shouting at the snakes, I grabbed their bodies and threw them into the distance. I began to move forward through the darkness. I moved slowly as I fumbled with my hands and feet. Since I was moving extremely slow, the snakes were able to catch up with me. Once they reached me, they began to coil around my body. I grabbed them and threw them again. I continued to move forward and again the snakes recovered and caught up to me. I threw them again. It seemed as though I was in a nightmare repeating the same event. The odd thing was that the snakes didn’t bite me. They weren’t very large or long. They were medium sized snakes with different colors.

After battling with the snakes for some time, I was able to move forward. I finally reached a place full of bones and skulls. The bones and skulls were piled up as high as a mountain and were alive and moving. I felt someone grabbing the hem of my dress. I turned to see who or what was grabbing my hem. I saw a skull biting onto my dress and it was resisting as I tried to knock it off. This skeleton didn’t have any hands, but it used its teeth to hold onto my hem. It began to speak to me, “Please take me too! Please!” At that moment, I remembered my parents, my little brother, my nephew, and my brother in law who were in torment. As I thought about my family, I became very upset and burst out foul language without realizing it.

“I can’t even take care of myself right now. How dare you grab my dress! I’m very busy, looking for a way out and I’m in a hurry! Damn it! Get out of my way! Let go of my dress!” As I was shouting, I pounded on the skull and it shattered into many pieces. This time, the bones of a hand grabbed and tugged on my dress. I tried to shake it off, but it resisted. There were too many bones and skulls to deal with, I wasn’t going to be able to defeat them all. I loudly shouted, “You filthy bones! My body is blazing with Holy Fire and the Trinity God lives in me. The moment you touch me, you will become burnt and become dust and ash! If you dare to touch me, then touch!” The skull and bones didn’t come close to me anymore. The ones that clung on to me became ashes. Once the bones stopped harassing me, I was able to move forward without any obstacles.

When Jesus accompanied me before, it was very easy to move in Hell. The Lord is light so He provided the light. Walking without Him was very difficult and confusing. Fumbling my way forward was exhausting. I was using all my mental strength to negotiating my way through the darkness. Exhausted and without thinking I sat down. The wings that were attached to my gown had become damaged. It became worse and now I wouldn’t be able to fly.

I gathered my mind and regained my strength. I moved forward, but this time I crawled. I almost fell asleep, since I was getting drowsy. I dozed off for a few seconds and when I opened my eyes I was inside a cell. The cell was very cramped and there was only enough room for one person. It was still very dark and I couldn’t see anything. When I thought it couldn’t get worse, some creature began pulling on my body and hair. It was making some hideous wailing sound. In my anger, I exploded and foul language began coming from my mouth again. I attempted to find a way out, but it seemed hopeless. My efforts were in vain. As I resisted my situation, I felt more hands from all directions coming out to pull and shake my body. I wasn’t able to defeat them so I became more abusive with my language.

“I will break all of your wrists! Are you going to keep your hands to yourself? If you had lived a righteous life, you wouldn’t have ended up here. You’re all absurd!” I told them. “I’m here to defeat the king of Hell, Satan, who is the ruler of this place. I’ll defeat the king of devils no matter what! In my body, I have the Holy blazing fire from the Trinity God. If you touch my body, you’re all dead! I’m covered with the blood of Jesus so whoever touches or grabs me will burn to ash and dust.” After I had warned them, they all stepped back shocked in fear. Within a few seconds, the third highest ranking devil appeared. I thought I had encountered him before. He had about fifty heads and legs. The devil grabbed my leg and tore my clothes off. I was naked.

I shouted with a voice of thunder. “You have been commanded to tear my clothes off by the king of devils. Take it all off if you dare! No matter how many times you tear my clothes off, I won’t blink. I’m not afraid of you, devils! I have the Trinity God living in me and the Holy Blazing Fire.  I’m not afraid of you! No matter how hard you attempt to frighten me, I will not be moved. I have one thing against you. My heart aches over the fact that my parents are tormented in Hell. The king of devils is responsible for pain my parents must endure. I’ll find him no matter what and then I will avenge my parents. You are too weak to challenge me, depart from me you fools! Bring me the king of devils! Hurry! Depart!”

The devil angrily shouted back, “I’m the one you must encounter today. My brother, Satan, told me to tear your clothes off and pluck your eyeballs out. I have been commanded to slice your flesh from your bones. He also told me to let the insects penetrate and eat your flesh. You’ll taste death today! Hahahaha,” he laughed.

Once he threatened me, I replied back, “What? You worthless devil, do as you wish! Since the Lord lives in me, I’ll feel no pain even if you are able to slice my flesh and pluck my eyes out! You better be careful since I have the Holy Blazing fire within me! I recognize you. You came to our church many times and have hindered us so much. You have hindered the pastor from writing the book, right? Well, do as you wish!” The devil showed me his knife. It was dark blue and looked very sharp. He began slicing my flesh like sushi. Feeling no pain, I didn’t even blink. “Oh, this is quite invigorating. It feels very nice. Slice all of my flesh if you like. I’m not worried because Trinity God is protecting me. Slice some more of my flesh!” I annoyed the devil with confidence. I could tell that Almighty God was protecting me and His power was with me.

When my eyes were plucked out, I didn’t feel any pain. It felt like as though someone was scratching my itch. I felt refreshed. I had no flesh; I was a skeleton. The fifty-headed devil brought a bucket filled with maggots and poured them on my body. The maggots began to penetrate my bones and they began eating my marrow. They were also eating my sliced flesh.

As the maggots gorged on my bones, I felt no pain under God’s special protection. I fervently began to pray in tongues. As I prayed, I looked over my gruesome appearance. The swarm of maggots was all over my skeleton. They had no effect, but what affected me was the thought of my mother in torment. I began to tear up. I’m a worthless sinner who is now a dried up skeleton. I gave thanks to the Lord who was protecting me even though the devil tried to inflict pain and torment. My peaceful moment was short lived. Once more, I became very angry from the thoughts of my family in torment. I was spiteful of the devils.

* Confronting Satan, the king of Hell

Whenever I think of my parents, I feel as though the blood is draining out of my body. I just wanted to find Satan and take my revenge on behalf of my family for their torment. It’s Satan who commands the demons to torment my family. But since I couldn’t locate him, I was stressed to the point of feeling suffocated. I shouted in all directions using foul language to get his attention.

Once I had seen Satan, the king of Hell, I blew up in anger. Generally, people’s natural reaction is to shiver and be overwhelmed with fear when they see evil spirits or demons, or hear the voice of Satan. But since I’ve been battling the evil spirits during prayer, I was immune to fear. When I saw him, I wasn’t moved at all, not even a twitch from my eyelid. I shouted abruptly, “Hey, are you the dog shit, Satan? The king of devils? You @#%@#@!”

I didn’t stop, but continued to speak abusively. “You’re the one who is crucifying my parents on the cross in Hell, tormenting them, and throwing them into the fire. You’re the one frying my parents, throwing them in a pot of boiling oil, right? You command the demons in Hell to drag the many people to Hell, right? I’ve come all this way to meet you here. I won’t leave peacefully! I’ll leave here when I turn Hell upside down! Don’t you have anything better to do than torment people? You’re responsible for creating accidents and misfortunes so people can die and come to Hell. You are responsible for dragging so many to Hell! You’re no better than a dog!”

* The appearance of Satan

This was the first time I was able to actually witness the appearance of Satan, the king of Hell. Satan’s appearance was beyond my imagination. He was imitating Father God. The size of Satan was very large. As I lifted my head, I wasn’t able to view his whole form. The height of Satan reached the confines of Hell. The width of his body reached the far left and right ends of Hell. Satan’s throne was very large, as well, and was beyond my imagination.

Satan’s wings looked like the wings of a bat and they slowly flapped. I looked at Satan for a long time with my head leaned backwards. But my neck began to hurt and so I decided to lie down in front of him. When I had lain down, I was able to see the whole figure of Satan. As I lie in front of him, Satan didn’t say a word, but just stared at me. I intentionally wanted to irritate him, so I began speaking abusively to him.

“Devil, what is up with your ugly appearance? I can’t understand how you can function as a king looking so ugly. Look at your eyes! They are slanted all the way to the side of your head. Look at me! I’m so comfortable lying here on my back.” I continued to speak abusively to him, but it didn’t matter. He didn’t move an inch, not even twitch his eyes.

Satan could have transformed himself into any form, but he continued to stand in front of me as a big and wide entity. He looked very loathsome. His face looked like a toad. His body was similar to that of a human. Hair was sparsely located throughout his body. He was very fat. It appeared as though he didn’t want to move. The king of devils didn’t tremble, so I decided to shout at him again.

“Hey, I’m much stronger than you! I serve Trinity God. He protects me. I challenge you!” Finally, Satan spoke, “You little thing, how dare you come here and play the fool!” I countered by saying, “You’ve never seen me before! How dare you speak disrespectfully to me!” This irritated him so much that his eyes gradually opened very large and a red colored light ball came out.

Satan laughed at me and said, “Hey, doesn’t your neck hurt?” I shouted, “Why would my neck hurt? I have come to defeat you. My neck is just fine. @#%$#! You are so fat you can’t even lie down! You believe you’re something? Your body is ugly and looks like a toad’s. Your body isn’t even proportional. Don’t fool yourself! Come down!”

I shouted, but on the inside, I was praying in tongues and asking Trinity God to grant me strength. I was asking for the Holy Fire from the Holy Spirit. As I spoke abusively at Satan, he continued to ridicule and snort at me. I didn’t give up. I continued to irritate him. “Satan, eat and swallow me! If you eat me, I can go down your stomach and torment you several more thousand times than you are doing to my parents. I can slice your insides! I will gouge out your tongue and throw it into the fire of Hell. Hurry! Come down!” Satan responded, “Why would I go down? You come up here!” I was so mad and my temper exploded. Even though I couldn’t see Jesus, I began to pray to Him.


* Sister Baek, Bong Nyu attacking Satan

“Jesus, I’m not able to see you, but I believe you’re always with me. Jesus, I want to give Satan a beating. However, he is too big for me. I’m not able to give him a beating! Please grant me a ladder so I can climb to the top of his head and attack him!” With the Lord’s command, Archangel Michael immediately brought a large tall ladder from Heaven. The ladder was so large it reached the confines of Hell from the ground.

With the help of Archangel Michael, I placed the ladder on Satan’s back and we began to climb the ladder. It was very high and dangerous. I couldn’t make it to the top without the help of Archangel Michael. It was strange that Satan didn’t move a muscle as we climbed up the ladder. When we reached the top of the ladder, I jumped off the ladder onto his shoulder. I tore into his skin with my fingernails, but it had no effect. Satan didn’t move a muscle. He was ignoring me, as though I was nothing to him. The skin on Satan’s back was as hard as a rock. No matter how hard I attempted to tear into his skin using my fingernails, it was useless. I shouted with all my strength as I continued to scratch into him. “You filthy devil, take this!” I prayed in tongues to myself, saying, “Trinity God, please grant me strength! Grant me power!” Then, as I continued to scratch, I was finally able to make a mark.

I tore intensely into the scratch, but Satan’s skin was very thick and I was only able to tear into it a little bit at a time. I thought to myself, ‘Why is this so difficult?’

In that moment, wisdom came to me and I cried out to the Holy Spirit, “Holy Spirit, please grant me the Holy Sword! Please grant it to me now!” As I cried out, a huge golden sword descended. When the sword came close to me, I grabbed it and pierced the back of Satan. I jabbed into his back repeatedly. I used all my strength to randomly stab all over his back. As I sliced into his back, pieces of his skin fell to the ground.

Next, I climbed up Satan’s head and I mercilessly stabbed into one of the eyes. Satan had eyes within his eyes. I returned to his back once more and I chopped off one of the wings. He jumped off his throne and screamed out loud. I shouted, “Devil, open your mouth! I’ll go into your stomach and finish you up! I’ll slice your intestines and burn them!”

Just when I was about to attack Satan again, a bright light poured down from above and the Lord appeared. He said, “Bong Nyu, you’ve done a great job! Now, come down. It is enough for today. Let’s go now.” Resisting the Lord, I quickly replied, “Lord, I don’t want to go! My anger is still burning inside me. I need more time. What about my parents? They are being tormented by the devil. I can’t just go now! If I go now, my family will be brutally tormented again. How can I leave knowing that? I can’t possibly go now!”

The Lord said, “Bong Nyu, what you’ve done today is more than enough; it is good! If it was anyone else, he would have froze in fear. He would have been frightened of Satan and he wouldn’t have been able to engage him. But since you have prayed in confidence, I was in you to help you attack the king of devils. I’m sure you have vented out enough. Let’s go. Bong Nyu, I have brought a countless number of people to witness Hell, but there was no other who would dare to attack, tearing into his flesh and jabbing his eye! You’re an unusual saint! It’s enough now. Let’s go! The king of devils has been wounded.” The Lord and I traveled to Heaven with the escort of Archangel Michael.

* Sister Baek, Bong Nyu washes herself in the spring waters of Heaven

Once in Heaven, my heart was still heavy with the thought that Satan would take out his vengeance on my family. I thought, “I should have fought to the end and thrown the devil into the fire of Hell. I would have then felt satisfied.” Heaven is so beautiful, beyond imagination. The Lord brought me to a tall tower made of gold. Inside the tower streamed crystal clear water. He took me inside the tower and caressed me. He continuously hugged and soothed me since I was unhappy. He asked, “Bong Nyu, I know you’re in pain, tormented, and frightened when you go to Hell. However, don’t you feel awesome when you’re in Heaven?” I replied, “Yes, Lord!”

The Lord continued, “Bong Nyu, you must be out of strength today from fighting the king of devils. Go wash your body with the assistance of Archangels Michael and Gabriel. As you ripped and tore into Satan’s body, the fluid from his body got on your body. If you descend to earth in that condition, you’ll swell and die from the poison. The angels will wash the poison from your body and make you clean.” While I was bathing, other angels waited outside as they prepared a very soft white robe with wings attached to it.

With the help of the angels, I washed my body clean at the crystal clear spring waters. The water came up to the level of the archangels’ waist. However, the water came up to my neck. I also swam in the crystal clear spring waters. I went into the changing room located next to the spring waters and donned the robe. The angels helped me get onto the cloud. I was very fatigued. The archangels took me to where many other angels were. In the skies of Heaven is a small hole from which  clouds were made. It is truly amazing and marvelous. 

* The tunnel of Holy Blazing Fire

Jesus took me to the long tunnel room where the Holy Blazing Fire was kept. Although we looked from a distance, I could still feel the heat. The tunnel was an area off-limits to most of the souls. I asked the Lord, “Can you put me in the tunnel and take me out quickly?”

The Lord then explained, “If anyone enters that tunnel, one must go all the way to the end. The fire tunnel is unbearably hot. It’s a fearful place. One can never return the way they entered! Even though I desire you to enter the tunnel, the strength of your body has been exhausted and you won’t be able to endure it at this moment. The tunnel is the place where one is baptized by the blazing fire. No one can endure it under normal conditions. One must have the physical strength and power to endure the heat and flames.”

“Once a person passes through the tunnel and is baptized by the Holy Fire, he will manifest the powerful work of the fire as he does the work of the Lord. The tunnel is very powerful. One must not have a weak heart. Otherwise, he’ll be subject to heart failure. Therefore, you must pray more and take care of your body to recover. Then, I will let you enter at a later time. Since Pastor Kim, Yong Doo is writing the books, I’ll place him in the fire tunnel first and have him baptize with blazing fire. But he is also out of strength and I’ll place him into the tunnel once his body fully recovers. The next person will be Saint Kang, Hyun Ja. You’ll be the third person. The pastor will enter to experience it first. You and Saint Kang, Hyun Ja will almost enter at the same time. Don’t be selfish, but endure with patience until that time. All of the church members are exhausted from praying. The angels and I are spirits and we don’t get tired. We aren’t subject to the days and nights in order to function. But your physical body is subject to the physical realm and is subject to limitations. Your spirit is currently out of your body to experience all this. But once your spirit reunites with your body, you will experience unbearable exhaustion.”

The Lord told me that when I pass through the tunnel of the Holy Blazing Fire, I would be granted new strength and power from the fire. With this new information, I begged the Lord to be placed in the tunnel. But the Lord said I need the Father’s permission. He said it wasn’t yet my time. 

Out of curiosity, I asked the Lord, “Lord, you said the tunnel is very long and it would feel endless. How long is it?” The Lord explained that in earthly terms, it would be the distance from the city of Inchon to the city of Seoul. When one enters, the person must enter and pass through it alone. Once the person enters, he cannot go back the way he entered. He must walk forward. The Lord then commanded the angels to escort me back to the church. I was very exhausted. The Lord left on other business.

It appeared as though 500 angels escorted me back. As the angels escorted me, they comforted me with encouraging words. “Saint Bong Nyu, even though you didn’t finish Satan, you have pierced, tore, and stabbed him with the Sword. You did a great job! Now, overcome your sorrows and cheer up!” We said our farewells as we smiled at each other.

 ==== DAY 26 ==== (Mark 9:23-24)

Lee Haak Sung: As soon as I began to pray, an evil spirit with eight legs appeared. It lunged forward to attack me. As a chameleon, the evil spirit changed colors. It changed from green, to gray, to red, and etc. When it lunged at me, I stuck my hand out to counter it. I tried to poke it in the eyes with my fingers, but as the evil spirit dodged my counterattack and I poked the evil spirit’s nostrils instead.

The evil spirit transformed itself into a dinosaur. It had one eye with small bumps all over its body. The bumps actually looked like miniature horns. The dinosaur had a long menacing tail. I believe if it swung at me with it I could instantly die. The dinosaur appeared very frightening. I stretched out my hands and shouted, “Holy Fire!” From my hands, a fireball shot out at the dinosaur. The fireball knocked the huge dinosaur down. From the ground, the dinosaur growled to expose its crocodile’s teeth and what appeared as leeches crawled from its body.

*Lee Haak Sung eats the grapes of Heaven

Jesus appeared and asked me, “Haak Sung, let’s visit Heaven.” I replied by asking, “Jesus, can deaconess Shin go with us as well?” The Lord answered by saying He only allows one person to visit at a time. I asked, “Could you take deaconess Shin first?” The Lord denied my request. “Deaconess Shin’s prayers aren’t strong enough. I cannot take her yet.” As a result, only the Lord and I visited Heaven.

When we arrived in Heaven, the Lord said, “Since my child, Haak Sung, is visiting Heaven, I would like to treat you to something delicious.” The Lord brought me some fruits that looked like grapes. I accepted the fruits and ate them. The taste was breath taking! It’s impossible for me to compare the fruits of Heaven with the taste of the fruits on earth.

The Lord took me in front of the Father’s throne. He is very mighty and enormous. It appeared as though He was sitting on some type of chair. Due to the bright light shining from above, I wasn’t able to look up. In a moment of fortuity, I thought I saw Father God. Father God was covered by misty clouds or what appeared to be fog. However, I was able to see the Father’s face vividly. He had a table in front of him where several large opened books laid. A bright golden color shone from the books. As I was standing in front of Father God, a group of angels arrived to take me to Heaven’s crystal clear ocean. I swam for a long period and then returned to the Lord’s church.

*Jesus’ whole body is covered with blood

Once I had returned to the church, I immediately began praying. In my prayer, a scene of Jesus suffering appeared in front of me. In the scene, Jesus was walking with the cross. As he walked, He was hit with rod lashes. The Lord continued walking up a hill with the cross over His back, but He was very weak. He fell several times.

The soldier lashed at Jesus, who was already on the ground. I stretched out my hands to grab the lash and stop it, but it was futile. I couldn’t grab it; my hands went right through the lash. They placed Jesus at the cross and began hammering large nails into his hands and feet. The crown of thorns penetrated deep into His head. His blood flowed freely until His whole body was covered with blood.

Jesus was pierced, bruised, and died more horrendously than we could ever imagine. The scene of Jesus suffering was unbearable. I cried very much. The Lord drew closer and comforted me. He wiped away my tears. “Haak Sung, don’t cry.” Once Jesus left my side, multitudes of evil spirits appeared. I battled and defeated the evil spirits and finished my prayers.

Kim Joo Eun: *The evil spirit that is filled with bugs and centipedes

During my prayers, all kinds of strange looking evil spirits appeared. One of the evil spirits had black moles at the corners of each eye. It resembled a man with a white cloth. Its eyes were like those of a frog and it gave a sharp sidelong glance at me. The evil spirit had a pale face with a forehead riddled with wrinkles. It reminded me of a chrysalis worm. Larvae and small centipedes came from its body and face. Multitudes of insects crawled all over its face.

I wanted to grab the evil spirit, but its creepy and heinous appearance prevented me. I seized it by its throat and shook it. However, when I shook it, I almost passed out. “Insects are sticking to my hands!” I screamed. I threw the evil spirit toward Sister Baek Bong Nyu. The evil spirit disintegrated into ashes as it reached her. She was covered with the Holy Fire.

Soon after, a large snake began to wiggle towards me. Its loathsome appearance forced me to grab it by its tail and I swung it several times throwing it into Mrs. Kang Hyun Ja’s direction. She was dancing in the spirit. As the snake hurdled toward Mrs. Kang Hyun Ja, it opened its mouth in attempt to bite her, but once the snake opened its mouth, a flame leaped out from Mrs. Kang Hyun ja toward the snake. The snake quickly maneuvered toward Sister Baek Bon Nyu. Fortunately, Sister Baek Bong Nyu was also blazing with Holy fire. The snake then changed directions and attacked Brother Haak Sung. Once it reached Brother Haak Sung, it coiled itself tightly on his body.

Then, suddenly, an unexpected event happened. The snake began to speak, “It’s beyond your strength. Haak Sung, you brat, when did you become so strong? It’s very difficult for me to coil you.” As it grumbled, it next crawled toward Sister Yoo Kyung, but she bit the snake’s head and attempted to decapitate it. The snake came back to me. I shouted, “You loathsome evil spirit! Why are you continually harassing the congregation?” I used my hand as a sword to cut it in half. The snake sliced in half screaming. This experience was marvelous.

I peeled the skin and minced it like vegetables. I placed the pieces onto a wooden stick and began to roast it on a bonfire. The evil snake cried as it disappeared, “My body, my body.” I also roasted the snake’s eyes by piercing the eyes onto the tip of the wooden stick. The strange thing was that when I wished for a knife, it appeared next to me. Just as when I wished for the fire, the fire appeared next to me as well. In fact, anything that I thought or wished, the Lord had granted me.

With that incident behind me, I focused back on prayer. However, during my prayer, an evil spirit disguised as a young girl appeared to me once again. This time, her hair was curly as if she had permed it. Her eyes were glistening more today than other days. She flew over our heads. I was very startled, so I called upon the Lord, “Jesus, that evil spirit has come once again! Lord, help me!” As I screamed, the young girl yelled at me, “Oh, shut up! You are too noisy! Ill-mannered bitch!” I rebuked her, “What? I have no manners? You bitch!” I burst out with foul language.

The evil spirit replied, “Oh! Look at this brat. You’re using more foul language than I am.” She placed her hands on the side of her waist and asked, “Hey, are you serious? How are you able to act like this?” The evil spirit was simply surprised at my behavior. I ran toward her and grabbed her hair and swung her toward the piano. I angrily said, “Why not? I can behave like this to you!” After I had defeated the evil spirit, Jesus appeared in a white gown, saying, “Freckles, how are you doing?” I replied, “Jesus, why do you come now? Do you know how much I’ve missed you?” The Lord said, “Alright Freckles, I’m sorry. Am I a little late? Now I’m here, let’s hang out.” Jesus poked at different parts of my body. When He patted and caressed my head, my hair moved slowly forward one hair at a time. The sense of His touch was fantastic.

Since I love Jesus very much, I would bury my head into his knees. I would rub my head and face on his knees. As I was rubbing, I murmured, “Jesus, your knees feel so soft and comforting. How come your gown feels extremely soft and smooth? It feels nice to touch.” The Lord replied, “Is that right? When you come to Heaven later, you’ll be wearing this type of gown as much as you want.”

*Joo Eun eats the fruits of Heaven

Today, Jesus didn’t come visit empty handed. He had brought me some fruits. As He handed it over to me He said, “Freckles, try this.” I asked, “Jesus, what is this?” He replied, “These are fruits from Heaven which the saints eat. Try it; the fruit is very delicious.” I took a bite and said, “Wow! Jesus, what kind of fruit can possibly be this good? It’s really awesome.”

The Heavenly fruit was the size of an earth apple. The color, however, was white and the fruit had a sweet and sour taste to it. As the fruit entered my mouth, it melted softly. It was so delicious I couldn’t compare any earthly fruits to it. Since I had tasted a fruit from Heaven, the fruits on earth don’t satisfy me.

The Lord smiled as He watched me eat the fruit. I ate all the fruit in one sitting. Jesus asked, “Freckles, isn’t it very delicious? Would you like me to bring you fruits from Heaven every day?” I instantly answered, “Yes, please bring them every day! Can you also bring a fruit to each of the church members?”

*Joo Eun’s visit to Hell

The Lord suddenly appeared and took me to visit Hell without saying a word. When we arrived in Hell, we stood in the midst of darkness where a large chair was located. The chair was covered and decorated with skulls and a long haired creature sat on it. He was a creepy looking skeleton, with small bugs moving about his face. As I looked more carefully, they appeared like caterpillars and maggots moving from his face onto his whole figure, even covering the chair.

I shouted, “Lord, It is disgusting!” Jesus handed me a sharp axe. I held the axe in my hand and walked toward the skeleton creature. As soon as I was close enough, I struck the skeleton. He and all the insects disintegrated in flames. The Lord cheered and strengthened me. “Freckles, since your faith has grown so much, you’re now able to defeat the devils. Always have faith and be confident.” Suddenly, I was back at the Lord’s church. 

Later on, while I was praying, an evil spirit with two legs appeared. As it drew near, it hissed at me with a long tongue. I grabbed the tongue and threw the creature into the corner. As it crashed into the wall, it screamed in pain, “Ouch! It hurts!” After it recovered, it jumped back on its feet and went toward Brother Joseph. 

It began to lick Joseph’s face with its disgusting tongue, saying, “Oh, how delicious! Really tasty!” I didn’t know if Brother Joseph even realized what was happening. Joseph continued to pray fervently. Suddenly he yelled out, “Jesus’ blood! Jesus’ blood!” He hadn’t yet been spiritually awakened, so it was difficult for him to know when evil spirits harassed him. As he was calling on the Lord’s blood, blood began to flow from his mouth. The blood instantly melted the evil spirit’s tongue and it turned pale blue and became frightened. Fleeing, it shouted, “What kind of blood is this?”

Lee Yoo Kyung: *Yoo Kyung desperately battles with all kinds of evil spirits

In the middle of my prayer, an evil spirit in the form of a lizard appeared, hissing at me as it came closer to me. I was horrified and quickly grabbed its neck, throwing it towards Brother Haak Sung. Haak Sung caught it and threw it away, but it recovered and came back at me. So I grabbed it again and threw it even further, yelling “Evil spirit! In the name of Jesus Christ, depart!” It disappeared.

But after the lizard was gone, an evil spirit disguised as a young girl appeared. Half of her face was white, while the other half was black. She was trying to annoy me by scratching a chalkboard with her nails. I shouted, “I don’t want to hear that sound! Evil spirit, in the name of Jesus, depart!” However, it didn’t depart, but rather tried harder to annoy me. I was so irritated that I ran toward her and grabbed a chunk of her hair and threw her onto the ground. Once she hit the ground, she disappeared.

Later, as I was in prayer, I began to cry as I thought about Jesus. But, today, He didn’t come so quickly and that evil little girl spirit reappeared, ridiculing me, “Hey, why are you crying? Are you crying because Jesus didn’t come to you? You have become sulky.” It continued to irritate me, so I said, “Do you want to fight me?” It shouted back, “Come on; make the first move,” and then transformed itself into a stocky looking man with short hair.

When I loudly shouted, “Jesus’ blood! Jesus’ blood,” it laughed at me. “What? Jesus’ blood? Go ahead, blood!” I became so infuriated that I began to call on God the Trinity over and over. It said, “Who is the Trinity? Where is the Trinity? Don’t call upon that name. It frightens me!” With a louder voice, I shouted, “Trinity God, help me!” The evil spirit shouted back, “I said, that frightens me. Don’t call upon that name! Why are you continuing to call on God?”

Soon its face became distorted. Out of nowhere a fireball came, hitting him on the tail. He ran back and forth screaming and I quickly grabbed his leg, hurling him into the distance.

After a short time, a huge evil spirit appeared that had one eye stitched up. A swarm of worms moved in the area of the scar. When it came close to me, it repeatedly said, “I have to drag you into Hell!” But it became sad realizing it couldn’t take me there. I shouted, “Trinity God! Help me!” It fled to where the pastor was praying.

As it came close to the pastor, it shouted, “This one prays every day. Why do you pray so much?” It went to the pastor’s wife and said, “This one always prays as well Hey, stop praying! It’s not good. Not fun at all!” It came back to me and interrupted me, “Hey, praying is a bad thing. Don’t pray!” I exploded, “It’s me who is praying! Why are you continually interrupting my prayer?” The evil spirit laughed and taunted me, “What kind of prayer is that? Do you call that prayer? Let’s play!” I ran toward it. Touching its face, I shouted, “Jesus’ blood! Jesus’ blood!” The evil spirit began to plead and complain. “It’s hot! Let go of me! Let go! Please let me go!” I swung the evil spirit away from me.

Another evil spirit appeared that had a huge horn on its head and large eyes and ears. I tore the ears off and poked its eyes out. I cut the horn off and grabbed its foot to swing it away. However, it persistently reappeared and clung to me. I was so irritated by its persistence that I began to speak abusively. Suddenly, I felt someone pull my shirt. I assumed it was Jesus and, with joy, I turned around. But, it wasn’t Jesus. It was an evil spirit in the form of a dark shadow. The dark shadow grabbed my shirt and clung to it. I shouted, “In the name of Jesus, depart!” The evil spirit taunted me, “I won’t depart! I won’t depart!” I yelled, “Trinity God! Holy Fire!” A fire ball appeared and engulfed their bodies in flames. They disintegrated. 

When the prayer meeting was about to end, the Lord appeared. He walked toward the pastor and listened to his prayer. The Lord patted him on the back and body, especially the areas where the pastor had pain. Jesus then walked up to each church member who were still praying and patted them as well.

*Sister Baek Bong Nyu meets Satan, the King of Hell, once again

While I was praying, I felt a strong darkness come upon me. However, I continued to praying in tongues. I began to see a light come spiraling down. Angels began to come forth from it. As the angels came forward, they said the Lord had commanded them to escort saint Baek Bong Nyu from the Lord’s Church. We passed through space and the Milky Way. I met Jesus as there. We were mutually delighted to see each other. Jesus grabbed my hand and said, “Bong Nyu, let’s visit Hell!” The Lord led the way to Hell.

As soon as we arrived in Hell, we went to the place where my mother was located. I didn’t know if she was aware of the fact that I was arriving. Once she realized I had arrived, her face turned pale blue and she shouted, “Oh, Bong Nyu! Why have you come again? Leave this place quickly!” I replied, “Mother, I’m here again, because I’m worried about you. I’m concerned that Satan may seek his vengeance on you, since it was I who inflicted his eyes. I also wounded his back and tore off his wings. This is why I have come again with Jesus.” After I had explained the reason to my mother, she pleaded, “Please don’t irritate Satan. Just leave now!” As we conversed, I suddenly heard Satan’s clangorous voice echoing all around.

Satan shouted, “I have eagerly waited for this moment to see you. I knew you would come again! Today, I’ll let you observe something very special. You’ll witness the torment of your family members.” The Lord and I stood in front of Satan as he sat on an enormous chair. My family members were already standing in line waiting. As my family stood there, my heart froze from shock. I nervously shook, not knowing what may happen. My mind began to go weak.

Even in the midst of uncertainty and terror, my mother was able to speak words of comfort. “Bong Nyu, we are in Hell. We have given up hope a long time ago. Don’t worry about us anymore. If you have anything to say to Satan, say it now and say it all.” I closely observed the wounded areas where I had attacked him. Satan’s wounded eye was covered with a black material. When I saw his other eye, it was blazing with rage. His anger was so fierce that flames would fly from him and blaze in front of me. He expressed a satisfaction of finally encountering me again. He was determined to seek his revenge. I recovered my senses and braced myself for battle.

I boldly declared, “Satan, I have Trinity God and blazing Holy Fire within me. I’ll cut off your head and throw it into the fire of Hell.” Once Satan had listened to my words, he replied, “Okay, good! I had expected your return. It’s all working out for my purposes!”

*Satan disguised as the gods Sister Baek Bong Nyu had once worshiped when she was sorcerer

I wasn’t frightened by Satan at all. I shouted with a voice of thunder challenging him, “You evil monster, reveal your identity! You ugly devil! Why do you torment the multitudes of people? Are you a man or woman? You miserable being! You nasty being! Why are you not revealing your identity? Once I had recovered from my sickness, I was going to teach you a lesson. But the Lord asked me not to attack you. I have no option but to talk to you in an abusive manner. I do promise you one thing; when I completely recover, I’ll cut off your head! I’ll turn all of Hell upside down. What kind of figure are you planning to transform yourself into? Reveal your identity!”

While I shouted, his face suddenly turned white and he transformed into a supernatural being. He transformed into a mountain wizard, a spirit of the mountain. Korean people worship mountain wizards as a holy god.

I recognized the wizard’s face. With the form of a mountain wizard, he tenderly called my name. “Bong Nyu, in the past few years, you had politely worshipped and served me with honor. But now, you’re challenging and attacking me. You’re even speaking abusively.” He then pounded his cane onto the ground as though he was mistreated. He had transformed into a mountain wizard I had met a long time ago. When I used to worship and serve other gods, I had desired to receive power from them. I sought the power from higher ranking gods. I used to climb all the famous mountains in Korea. Satan had transformed himself into the powerful mountain wizard I had met before.

Satan continued to converse in a sly heavy voice. I sensed some shakiness in his voice, but I knew it was deception and I began to talk abusively to him, “You filthy devil! When did I worship an old bag like yourself?” Satan questioned back, “How can you not know who I am? Look at my appearance. You used to serve me with honor, didn’t you?” I continued to insist I had nothing to do with him. “Old man, I have never worshipped or served you. Depart from me this instant! If you don’t depart, I’ll turn you into ashes with the power of Trinity God, the Holy fire, and the Lord’s blood that is within me! So depart from me now!” It persisted to the end, saying, “But I’m still the old man you serve!”

I became more temperamental, saying, “If I come to you now, you’re dead. You better depart now!” The old looking mountain wizard transformed back into Satan. I wanted him to reveal his identity and I hysterically shouted, “It’s worthless to boast about your enormous size. Even though your height reaches the ends of Hell, I’m not afraid of you. Reveal your identity!

“Since Trinity God lives in me, you’re nothing to be afraid of. Hurry! Reveal your true identity!” I wasn’t expecting him to transform into another being, but he did. He transformed into an enormous tall woman with long hair, wearing a black dress.

The woman was also a god I had served. In the past, as I worshipped, I wholeheartedly searched for a higher power at a famous mountain. I finally met her after I had devoted myself to it. I shouted loudly, “You have finally revealed yourself! Why have you appeared so late, ugly face? I have confirmed it is you. You can depart now before I pluck out your eyes!” The woman departed and Satan appeared.

Jesus grabbed my hand and led me away. “Bong Nyu, this is enough for today. Let’s go.” As I was leaving, I looked at Satan and hysterically shouted, “You devil! Since the Lord is taking me back, I cannot inflict pain on you. But, you better be ready for me next time. I’ll cut off your head and throw it into the fire of Hell! I’ll destroy you! You just wait!”

Jesus took me to Heaven to comfort and cheer me. We arrived at a mountain where enormous lights shone. The mountains to my left and right were all shining brightly with golden colors. The brightness was blinding.

In the middle of the two mountains were round shape holes. The holes produced white clouds and fog and it rose upward. I saw a crystal clear pond where water flowed. From the flowing pond, Jesus called five angels and commanded them, “Since Saint Baek Bong is physically weak, give her a bath here and escort her safely to the Lord’s church.”

Once back at church, I began to pray. When I think about what my parents may be going through, I cannot bear the thought of their pain and torment by Satan. I was also suffering in pain and my body was weak and sick. I lay down on the church bench and I finished my prayer lying down.

==== DAY 27 ==== (Mark 11:22-25) *The evil spirit entering through the ear of Deaconess Shin Sung Kyung

As I prayed in tongues for hours, I began to experience persistent pain inside my ears. It felt like someone was using a sharp object such as a thorn to pierce my ears repeatedly. I tried to ignore the pain as I continued to pray, but the pain became unbearable. I asked Brother Haak Sung who was praying behind me, “Haak Sung, I feel a lot of pain in my ears. Could you please take a look? I’m unable to see what is causing the pain.” Haak Sung shouted, “Deaconess Shin, oh, my good Heavens! A tiny evil spirit is inside your ear and it is stabbing your ear with a sharp object! What should we do?”

I prayed for the evil spirit to be removed but it didn’t go away. Haak Sung even prayed for me, but the piercing pain continued. Since our efforts to cast it out were not effective, we eventually ran up to the altar and sought the pastor. The pastor was in prayer, but I interrupted him and urgently asked, “Pastor, I’m experiencing so much pain. My ears are stinging. Please cast out the evil spirit!” The pastor shouted, “Satan, I command you in the name of Jesus Christ! Depart!” The evil spirit instantly complied and departed. From that moment, I was able to easily continue with my prayers. Moreover, my body became hot from the Holy Spirit’s fire.

Kim Joo Eun: *Begging to win the lottery

After all the evil spirits had disappeared, Jesus arrived with His angels. The angels had brought the golden bowl which had handles attached to it. The angels politely sat next to the church members who were in prayer. The angels placed all the contents of the prayers in the golden bowl. Within a short time, Jesus came closer to me and spoke. “Freckles, look at me.” The Lord wore a thorn crown.

Jesus placed something in my mouth. “Freckles, taste it.” It tasted a lot like a strawberry. The fruit had a sweet and sour taste to it. It was very delicious. I devoured it all.

“Jesus, thank you very much.” As I thanked the Lord, He appeared very happy. Since the Lord was in a good mood, I decided to take this opportunity to ask Him for a favor. “Jesus, we are financially struggling every day. We are all poor. Please help us win the lottery!” The Lord was silent for a moment and then burst out in laughter. He looked at me and smiled. I decided to ask for an additional favor. “Jesus, I’m the smallest kid in my class. Can you please make me taller?” He didn’t reply to my request about the lottery, but he did grant my request for additional height. 

*Joo Eun attacks the king of Hell

Jesus asked me, “Freckles, let’s visit Hell.” Without waiting for my response, He took me to Hell. As soon as we arrived, I noticed that we were standing in front of the king of evil spirits, Satan. It was truly frightful. The size of Satan was enormous. He reached to the high points of Hell. His chair was also very enormous. I developed goose-bumps all over my body as I had to witness the appalling and hideous sight. I almost lost it and came close to wetting my pants. I snapped out of my fear and realized Jesus was next to me. Jesus would protect me and I began to feel more comfortable and calm. The emotions of panic and fear went away.

I remember Sister Baek Bong Nyu’s testimony about her attacking Satan and where his weak spots were located. I felt confident knowing where I could wound him. When I looked at Satan’s eyes, I could see that one of eyes had been previously pierced and pushed inward. I couldn’t see his eye ball. The wounded eye was the result of Sister Baek Bong Nyu’s assault on him. As I continued to observe Satan, I began to feel pain in my neck. My neck was beginning to stiffen as I had to continuously look up. Satan would also get up from his chair and then sit down. He would repeat this action over and over for some reason. I noticed he grinded his teeth frequently and his wings were torn and damaged.

“Oh, such humiliation! I’m so annoyed. Are you trying to say that even though I had sent my army of evil spirits to the Lord’s church, the congregation had defeated them? What is that to you? You fools, why are you defeated every day? Are you really my subjects? Which one should I send this time?” As Satan shouted in anger, I suddenly became very upset and attacked him.

“Shut up, Devil! What are you planning for the Lord’s church?” I yelled. He finally glared straight at me and with a loud hideous voice said, “Who do you think you are? How dare you challenge me?” Since I knew Jesus was next to me, I rebuked Satan with confidence. “Shut up, Devil! You are nothing! You crazy brat!” As I continued to abusively shout at him, Satan became angry and shook. However, he then smiled and looked at me as though I were a joke. “You, who are you? A little brat? Where did you come from?”

I don’t know where I got the confidence to attack, but I walked toward Satan and circled behind him to his back. I kicked his feet and punch him but he didn’t flinch. Instead, he tried to agitate me by provoking and taunting me, saying, “Oh, that tickles.” I shouted, “Lord, Give me strength!” I began to climb up his leg and eventually got to his shoulder. Satan’s skin is as thick as armor.

As I rode on Satan’s shoulder, I pleaded and cried out, “God, give me strength! Please grant me the sword of the Holy Spirit!” The Lord granted me the sword of the Holy Spirit. As soon as the sword was in my hand, I also noticed my arms and hands were strengthened. My muscles and tendons became thick and durable. I repeatedly pierced into Satan’s back mercilessly. Satan was annoyed and fumed in anger. “You are puncturing me! Ouch! It’s painful! Stop it!”

Satan shouted in a resonant voice, “I’ll kill you! The Lord’s church will have no peace!” Jesus clapped and cheered me on, “Freckles, you’re doing well. Keep at it!” Satan was already clearly distressed from the wounds and scars created by Sister Baek Bong Nyu’s previous assault. Satan’s carelessness provided me the opportunity to assault him over the previously wounded areas. Satan screamed in torment.

I climbed back down and lay on the floor in front of the king of devils. I began to irritate him as Sister Baek Bong Nyu had. “Wow! I can see a lot better. It’s more comfortable for me to look at you this way.” As Satan became more agitated and distressed, he began to take out his anger on his subjects. He shouted, “You brats! What are you looking at? Don’t just stand there; attack quickly. Now!” The Lord spoke with a loud tone, “Who are you planning to attack? How dare you attack without my permission?” As Jesus rebuked, all the evil spirits held their heads down and stood in silence. They wouldn’t dare move a muscle. They were constrained.

I began joyfully irritating Satan even further. Since Jesus was standing next to me, Satan was in a helpless situation. I climbed back unto Satan’s back and reached his head. I pulled out all his hair and made him bald. With the sword of the Holy Spirit, I began to tear into his damaged wings. In front of Jesus, the king of devils was nothing. As I was thrilled, I decided to taunt Satan again and I lay down in front of him once again. Jesus laughed continuously. The Lord stood up and said, “Freckles, that looks fun. Should I also lie down beside you?” I got up and waved the Lord not too. “No way, Lord. You’re the most Holy one. How can it be possible for you to lie down in front of such an ugly creature like Satan! No way! It makes no sense.” Satan was bleeding profusely from the wounds. The blood of Satan had an odd weird color; I can’t explain it. Satan was moving uncomfortably and bouncing from his chair repeatedly with great anger and, as usual, he grinded his teeth in anger. Now, I don’t know how I had courage to irritate devil. I‘m appalled just thinking about it. As I continued to irritate Satan, Jesus said, “Freckles! It’s enough. Let’s leave now. Satan has probably had enough. He probably has learned his lesson. It’s late. We must go.” The Lord grabbed my hand and escorted me back to the church. Jesus then returned home to Heaven.

Lee Yoo Kyung: *Decapitating evil spirits with the Holy Sword

As I was praying, Jesus arrived. The day before yesterday, Brother Haak Sung had told me he had the pleasure of eating Heavenly fruits in Heaven. The Lord had brought me those same fruits, which looked like grapes. “Freckles, give this fruit a try and then I would love to hear you sing.” The Heavenly fruit tasted so good that I didn’t want to stop eating them. I usually enjoy eating and eat large quantities at a meal. However, Jesus only had brought a few fruits.

After I had finished eating the fruits, I began to sing, ‘Praise Oh my soul, Baptize with the Holy Spirit’ and ‘Up and Fight against the devil.’ As I sung, Jesus walked toward deaconess Shin and Joseph. As soon as Jesus left my side, the evil spirits appeared from the corner of the room and approached me in a slow manner. “Jesus! Father! Father!” I called to the Lord and He instantly appeared.

“Why have you called me?” He asked. I replied, “Lord, the evil spirits appeared from that corner!” As soon as I pointed my finger in the direction of the evil spirits, they disappeared. I asked the Lord, “Jesus, can I please take Joo Eun to visit Heaven?” The Lord answered, “No, I only allow one person at a time.” Jesus continued to speak. “Yoo Kyung, when the evil spirits come again, don’t be afraid because you have the authority to cast them out in my name. They have no choice but to flee. Do it with your faith!” I said, “Amen!”

As soon as Jesus departed, another evil spirit appeared. I shouted, “Jesus’ blood!” The evil spirit fled. As it fled it swore at me, “That bastard continues to scare me by calling on Jesus’ blood. Shit!” Then, another evil spirit appeared. This one climbed up on my shoulder and began to weight me down from my head and shoulder. I had a difficult time praying. I loudly cried out, “Trinity God, help me!” The evil spirit shouted, “I’ll make you sick and take you to Hell!” At that moment, Jesus appeared and cast out the evil spirit.

The angels had come down as well and they asked me if I was alright. Jesus complimented me, “Great, my dear Yoo Kyung. You now know how to cast out the evil spirits. It’s great!” The Lord departed once more and different evil spirits appeared. This time they attempted to first disturb the pastor. “You are always in prayer, every day! What do you get when you pray? Meals? Food? Stop praying! Let’s play together!” The pastor wasn’t hindered by the taunt. He ignored the evil spirits and continued praying. The evil spirit approached me and attempted to disrupt my prayer. I shouted, “Lord, please give me the sword of the Holy Spirit!” I realized the sword was already in my hand. I swung and decapitated the evil spirit. It cried out, with anguish, “Ah! My head! Ahh!” I continued to swing, cutting off its arms and other parts of the body. “My body! My arms! My legs!” It screamed and disappeared.

Sister Baek Bong Nyu: * A full force counter attack by the evil spirits

During the middle of service, my body began to ache and I felt a sharp piercing pain moving around my whole body. The pain appeared to have a life of its own. The pastor stopped preaching and urgently ran down from the altar and shouted to Joo Eun and other spiritually awake members, asking if they knew what was happening to me. Joo Eun said I wasn’t vigilant for a moment and that gave the evil spirits an opportunity to enter me. Once the first evil spirit entered, it opened the door for others to enter my body. Yesterday, when I had visited Hell, I had jabbed Satan’s eyes and wounded his back and wings. Joo Eun explained Satan had become very angry and commanded his evil spirits to attack me with full force. 

“Devils! Evil Spirits! Attack in full force! Let’s all march to the Lord’s church and attack Baek Bong Nyu!” Several dozens of evil spirits had entered my body and created a lump by uniting together. From there, they began to spread across my body. Some of them looked like horned goblins, another resembled a snake, shaded with different colors, and some had sparkling eyes with sharp teeth and nails, dressed in white. Every part of my body was in unbearable pain and they twisted all my joints. I now understand what the pastor had gone through during his ordeal. I tried to pray and resist their attacks to the end, but eventually I fell forward to the ground. The prayer team prayed persistently from early evening service until 5 AM. Their continued prayers had cast out all the evil spirits from me. After the ordeal, they all were exhausted.

At 5 AM, we were still able to pray. I felt fortunate to have a couple hours available to pray. The evil spirits had violently tormented my body and I was left afflicted. I asked the Lord about my afflicted body. Whenever evil spirits are cast out from someone, the victim is left with the physical consequences. I see why the pastor still complains about the pains in his shoulder and back. I think there were about thirty evil spirits in my body.


Lee, Haak Sung: *Lee, Haak Sung attacks Satan

While I was in praying in tongues, Jesus arrived and called me by my nick name, “Sam, let’s visit Hell.” As soon as I held the Lord’s hand, we were flying towards Hell. When we arrived at Satan’s throne, the king of evil spirits sat still. He was very tall and enormous; his height reached the upper limits of Hell. He had countess subordinates under his control. I observed mountains of torturing equipment heaped up. The torturing equipment surrounded the devil’s throne.

Among the torturing equipment, I saw farming equipment as well, scrapers, iron hooks, and grain sickles. There were even guns and knives, along with other numerous torturing devices made out of iron. I was startled to see my maternal grandmother, maternal uncle, my cousin, and my aunt standing in front of Satan’s throne.

Next to my relatives were crossed shaped trees. The subordinate evil spirits were very busy preparing to hang my relatives on the crossed shaped trees. My relatives were struck with such fear that their faces were pale blue and they shook hysterically. As soon as they realized I was there, they cried out to me. “Haak Sung, why are you here again? Just leave! Hurry! Go! This place is not a place to visit. Go! Hurry, be gone!” They glimpsed at Satan’s face to see if he would react. The devils yelled at my relatives. “All of you, what are you chattering about? You will be silent!” In fear, my relatives stood still and shook in terror.

Suddenly, Satan began to torment my cousin. I think he was intentionally trying to agitate me and get my reaction. Satan used his long fingernails to tear the flesh off my cousin’s back. My cousin screamed in pain and tumbled down. However, that didn’t satisfy Satan’s anger. He began to tear the flesh off his head and crushed his skull into pieces. My cousin’s head became dust as he screamed in agony, “Save me! Please! Ahh!” I lost my patience and ran toward Satan, kicking his foot, but he didn’t budge. I was helpless. There was no way I could do anything, due to his enormous size. Satan was strong and huge; I was ineffective.

Jesus observed how I handled the situation. I remembered Joo Eun’s story about attacking Satan. She had climbed up his body and wounded him. I felt I had to do something, I couldn’t just watch helplessly. I began to climb up Satan’s body grabbing the hair on his body. I also used my nails to pierce his body and climb up. Due to his size, when I looked down, I felt like I was looking down from a high cliff. I began to shake. Fear crept into me due to the enormous height.

Although I desired to inflict damage on Satan, I couldn’t because I didn’t have a weapon. I prayed openly, “God, please give me the sword of Holy Spirit!” As soon as I prayed, a sword made out of gold slowly descended from Heaven. I quickly grabbed it and began to attack the areas where it had already been wounded by the other church members.

Previously, I couldn’t inflict pain on Satan. Now, I was able to inflict damage, causing him to scream, “Ahh! It’s painful! Who is harassing me? Why do you keep coming to this place? How dare you little humans challenge me! Just wait and I will get my revenge!”

I continued to pierce the previously wounded areas with all my strength. I jabbed its wounded eye and began to swing at his wings. I managed to cut them off completely. Now, he will never be able to use these wings again.

Satan jumped from his seat and began to panic. “Ahh! What are you doing to me? When it’s not you, it’s another! Ahhh! I’m in pain! I’ll seek my revenge on you! I won’t rest until I have my revenge! I won’t let you get away with this!” Satan grinded his teeth and fumed in anger. I pushed one of the devils into the pit that was filled fire. When the devil fell into the fire, it screamed loudly in agony and quickly climbed out.

The evil subordinate became very angry and walked toward my cousin. The evil creature using a knife sliced all his flesh and placed it in a large bowl. My cousin was left with only his bones. As I watched my cousin shout and cry, I thought, “Is my cousin suffering because I had attacked and tormented Satan?” Jesus said, “Sam, it’s enough. Let’s leave.” We left Hell. 

Pastor Kim Yong Doo: *Wait for the Lord’s time

My hands continued to move in many different motions. I was amazed and curious how the variety of motions came so naturally. As with anything the Holy Spirit leads or oversees, I wouldn’t have thought of it with my finite mind. It’s always a pleasant surprise and sometimes I’m just astounded.

Whenever I begin to pray, I ask myself, “What kind of motions will my hands make today?” In a way, I would like to hold my hands and arms together and not have them move. I would just like to concentrate on my prayers. When I am under the supervision of the Holy Spirit, my voice, arms, and hands are led by His power and I cannot resist.

If I ever resisted, I would feel like I am pushing Him away and denying Him. I must obey Him. I wish to wrap and finish up everything as quickly as possible, but it appears God is working very slowly, as if He were not in a hurry. It is though as Jehovah’s Spirit is moving very smoothly on the surface of water.

Since the Lord isn’t in a hurry, I’m the one who feel agitated with the pace of progress. Since I’m impatient and seek for quick and powerful results, I’m concerned I may be not following God’s rule. I live in a world that makes quick changes. Any delay would make me think I’m behind. I believe I’m already accustomed to the modern lifestyle. The things that are happening within the church, especially my personal experiences under the Holy Spirit’s guidance make me feel they are progressing very slowly. If I want to stay in God’s will, I must dispose of all my previous habits and personal experiences as a pastor.

The Lord continues to ask me if I will lead the ministry according to His will or lead the ministry based on my own understanding. The foundation of my understanding would be the education, disciplines, and philosophies I have learned throughout the years. What is the ministry according to His will? Were all the years in the ministry in vain? What was I doing when I so passionately ministered? One thing is very clear. The Lord doesn’t recognize the previous ministry I had done with so much confidence and with the assumption I was doing it according to His will. As I realized the ministry I had labored for wasn’t recognized by the Lord, my whole body began to shake in reverence. The Lord had pinpointed and diagnosed my condition. Even as I was in the process of writing the first book, the Lord had commanded me to write mostly about the congregations’ experiences. Most importantly, the Lord requested me to totally obey as I write the book. My perseverance and obedience would produce a more authentic book.

As I prayed on the subject of spiritual awakening, I sensed I was almost near Heaven. However, the evil spirits attacked me with a greater force. As my prayers got deeper and as I drew near Heaven, the evil spirits I had defeated earlier began to attack the other church members. Their plan was to attack the church members and physically hinder them in order to distract my prayer. The distraction would prevent me from obtaining spiritual awakening. 

Those who were spiritually awakened saw Satan as he remarked, “As soon as Pastor Kim’s spiritual eyes are open, we’re finished. Attack in full force!” With the Lord’s help, Satan’s attack was ineffective. They regrouped and attacked a second time. This time, their plan was to make the congregation fall to the ground in order to make the pastor waste his time casting out the evil spirits one member at a time.

Once again, Sister Baek Bong Nyu was defeated by the evil spirits and several of their groups had entered her body. She was attacked late into the night and we end up battling until 5 AM. As a result of the previous attack, my body was already subject to continuous and increasing pain. The variety of pain and aches of my body resulted in me laying down most of the day.

*Battle between the guardian angels and the evil spirits

We battled and cast out the evil spirits throughout most of the night. We barely had time to begin our prayer at 5 AM, which finished at 8:30 AM. The battles with our enemies had greatly taken time away from praying. I drove and dropped off my congregation after prayers. When I arrived at my home, it was 9 AM. When I entered the house, my daughter, in a state of surprise shouted, “Daddy, angels and the evils spirits are fighting in the master bedroom!” Startled, I replied, “What? Let’s go and assist the angels with our prayers!” My wife and Joseph joined us as we quickly began our second prayer meeting in the house.

As Joseph and Joo Eun prayed, they witnessed the scene with their spiritual eyes. They stated that the dark spirits came in groups. Even though Joseph’s spiritual eyes aren’t fully opened, he was able to battle and hunt down the evil spirits with her help. “Evil spirits never stop; they never give us any rest.” I continued to pray in tongues, but I realized I was limited with my abilities to hunt them all down.

We were very tired and vexed by their continued attacks. We used the Holy Fire and defeated the evil spirits. They were all disintegrated and burnt. With the battle over, we finally had the opportunity to eat breakfast. However, it was already time for lunch. Joo Eun stated, “Dad, the four angels are protecting us.” I asked her, “Joo Eun, do you think you can talk to the angels?” She replied, “Yes, I’ve been having conversations with them for quite some time.” I asked Joo Eun to tell the angels they did a good job today. Joo Eun began to ask the angels questions about themselves. Then, the Lord appeared and our conversations continued.

Kim Joo Eun: *The wings of angels and what they mean

“Jesus, there are four angels in my house. Who are they? Why are they in my house?”

Jesus: “They are the four guardian angels who are assigned to protect your family. They have been sent by Father God and they are protecting each one of you.”

Kim Joo Eun: “But Jesus, how come the angels who protect my mother, brother, and me have only one pair of wing and not two? Why is it the pastor’s guardian angel has two pairs of wings?”

Jesus: “Pastors spend a lot of time praying for their church members. Moreover, the pastors are the highest level of servants for God. The pastors work most diligently for the Lord. As a result, they are protected by a higher ranked angel. Angels with two pairs of wings are ranked higher and are more powerful than one-paired angels. Pastors who lead their ministries with great ability are protected by guardian angels with three pair of wings. The three-paired wing angels are ranked even more powerful and higher.”

Kim Joo Eun: “Jesus, when I entered my home a few minutes ago, I witnessed a battle between the evil spirits and the angels. How do angels react when my mother and father argue? Or when my brother and I argue? As a matter of fact, my brother and I argue a lot.”

Angels: (As they listened in on the conversation, they begin to intervene). “Saint Joo Eun, you shouldn’t argue or fight. Whenever the saints argue or fight with each other, their rewards decrease dramatically. Please don’t argue anymore.”

Kim Joo Eun: “Lord, sometimes we feel a heavy pressure upon our bodies when we are sleeping. Why does this physical reaction occur during our sleep?”

*Sleep Paralysis

Jesus: “That usually happens when the evil spirits weigh heavily down upon peoples’ bodies. It happens when the person’s guardian angel is defeated. However, this cannot occur when the angels defeat the evil spirits. At times, there are higher ranked evil spirits that attempt to enter the person’s body and may defeat the guardian angel. When people accept me as their Lord and Savior and believe with all their heart, a guardian angel is dispatched at that moment. The guardian angel dispatched will protect that person for the rest of his/her life. Believers have the guardian angels to protect them. The unbelievers have evil spirits to harass them. Unbelievers are weighted down or may be released during their sleep. It all depends on the evil spirit’s condition. My children are most vulnerable when they have sinned numerous times or when their faith is weakened. They become susceptible to attacks during their sleep. When a higher ranked evil spirit is more powerful than the guardian angel, the person targeted will have pressure weighted down on their bodies. Generally, one is unable to observe the battle between the angel and evil spirit. However, your life is generally safe because your guardian angel is able to defeat the evil spirits. Always remember that.”

Kim Joo Eun: “Jesus, what happens to the guardian angels when the person backslides or goes back to the world? There are so many people like that.”

Jesus: “Once a person who has been faithful ends up backsliding, the guardian angel is returned to Heaven and must stand before God. They must stand before God to be rebuked. The guardian angel would be released back to their original duty. If the backslider repents, the angel is dispatched once again and will protect the believer as before. The guardian angels are there to protect and assist as best they can but it is mostly based on the choice of the person. The position or rank of the angel will elevate based on the works of the person.”

Kim Joo Eun: “How many pairs of wings can an angel have?”

Jesus: “The maximum pairs of wings an angel can have are three. There are some angels with no wings. The number of wings and the sizes reflect their position and rank. Their wings can grow from their bodies. On some special occasions, I will place the wings on an angel myself.”

Kim Joo Eun: “Jesus, as we speak about them, they seem very happy!”

Jesus: “That’s right. They enjoy listening to spiritual conversations. And they instantly become sad when they hear conversations about the world.”

Kim Joo Eun: “Jesus, I notice four of the angels dancing as we continue to talk about them. Wow! It looks a whole lot like my mother’s dance of the Holy Spirit. Angel, the pastor is recording and noting your appearances and conversations. The pastor will be writing a book on our accounts.”

Angels: “Wow! Is this true? Our story will be written in a book?”

Kim Joo Eun: “Yes, of course!”

The angels were ecstatic and continued to dance more impressively. They wished to continue our conversations, but the Lord intervened.

Jesus: “Freckles, you are supposed to have a conversation with me. Why are you trying to speak with the angels?”

Angels: (As the Lord spoke, they humbly bowed their heads and politely stepped back).

Kim Joo Eun: “Jesus, what happens when a person dies? How many angels come and escort the person?”

Jesus: “With believers, their guardian angel and one other angel would escort the person to Heaven. When an unbeliever dies, a creature from Hell arrives to escort the person to Hell.”

Kim Joo Eun: “Jesus, I wish to visit my home in Heaven.”

Jesus: “You must come and visit your home in Heaven. However, if you wish to see it, you must pray earnestly. Don’t be complacent with your prayers. This is the reason why I’m not so easily letting you visit Heaven. If I grant you the wish, you may become lazy and complacent with your prayers.”

Kim Joo Eun: “Jesus, I’m very sorry to ask so many questions. I’m very curious to know if angels cry. When we go to Heaven, will family members be able to see each other? Do saints fight and argue in Heaven?”

Jesus: “Freckles, why are you so curious about many things? After I have granted you prophetic gifts, you now badger me somewhat. Hahaha. Alright, go ahead and ask me more questions, one by one. The angels can express sadness with a facial expression. They are unable to cry or have tears in their eyes. Only Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, and I are able to cry with tears. Family members do joyfully meet and see each other in Heaven. However, they aren’t able to meet all the time, only on special occasions. But, they can meet at Heaven’s church service. Heaven is a place without blemish or spots. It is a perfect place. Father God supervises and manages all things by Himself. This is why Heaven is a perfect place. There are no reasons to fight or argue. Those things happen because humans have a sinful nature. Sinful nature can be anxiety and worrying. Those are two main reasons why people argue and fight. Angels never fight. It can never happen. If that were to ever happen, they would be cast out of Heaven with no chance to repent. They will be unmercifully cast into Hell. Saved souls don’t fight or argue. It’s impossible in Heaven. If that ever happens, they wouldn’t be cast out to Hell, because they are under God’s grace. They would live a joyous and happy life.”

==== DAY 28 ==== (Hebrews 4:12-16)

Pastor Kim Yong Doo: *The attack of the evil spirits in full force

As the days pass during our 30 day prayer rally, the battles with the evil spirits intensify. Whenever the “little sheep” pray under the harsh conditions from the weather, my heart feels pity for them and I cannot help but cry. We are weary physically and spiritually from the onslaught of attacks by the evil spirits.

The battles go back and forth. Sometimes we gain ground and sometimes the evil spirits gain ground. This routine is repeated over and over.

Although the battles are intense, we never stop crying out to the Lord during battle. In fact, we persistently cry out to Him. We gathered around 9 PM. Before the service, we sang and praised the Lord. As we were worshipping, Sister Baek Bong Nyu was attacked. She was the first one to encounter evil spirits. During the attack, she fell forward. The evil spirits began to enter Sister Baek Bong Nyu’s body. They were invisible; I couldn’t see their forms or figures with my eyes. The attack was sudden and we weren’t prepared to engage the evil spirits.

As a man, I felt skeptical about the call to be a pastor. I thought, “I must be walking in spiritual darkness. Why can I not prevent the spiritual attacks? Why am I engaging after the fact?” The church members fell, rolled on the floor and cried out in pain. I felt helpless and unable to assist them. Then suddenly, my wife couldn’t move; her legs were paralyzed. My son, Joseph, was attacked and he began to experience a severe migraine. My daughter, Joo Eun, fell victim as her arm was broken. Yoo Kyung and Haak Sung fell on the floor, as well, as they were victimized by the evil spirits.

If I cast out the evil spirits from one member, they would just jump to another member and attack their next victim. Our church members would be in torment. As a pastor, I feel inadequate. I feel I’m not very spiritual. I’m unable to satisfy the church members’ spiritual thirst. Until this moment, I haven’t realized how inadequate I am as a pastor. The battle today has clearly reflected my spiritual weakness. I feel so miserable and distressed at this moment.

For three days, we’ve been battling with the evil spirits. As a result, I haven’t been able to get a good night sleep. It didn’t matter where I was, either at church or at my home. The evil spirits gave me no rest. The battle from last night especially made us weary. That battle continued until 8 in the morning and it was a Sunday. Although I utilized all my faith and spiritual abilities, I was ineffective.

I, therefore, had no choice but to seek assistance from the Lord. I pleaded to the Lord, but the Lord demanded that I defeat the evil spirits with my faith unto the end. Since Sunday service was drawing near, I became impatient and pressed the Lord. “Jesus, help me! I’m begging you! Either intervene or send Archangel Michael to assist. Please hurry! It doesn’t matter who helps us.” As I urgently pleaded, Joseph, Joo Eun, and Haak Sung joined in with the call for help. We were all covered in tears. Our bodies were soaked with sweat. Soon after, many angels arrived from Heaven and they stood in front of us.

*The help from Archangel Michael

It appeared as though several hundred to several thousand angels arrived. They continued to arrive and they gathered around us. We were encircled by them. The angles began to shield us and cover us with bright shining layers of light. The evil spirits attempted to attack. In a short time, I saw a tremendous shining bright light come down from Heaven. Archangel Michael was approaching us. He was riding a white horse, a horse with wings. As he rode, he was swinging an enormous bright sword. With one swing, he had decapitated some of the evil spirits.

The remaining evil spirits became confused and they began to scatter before Archangel Michael. Michael strode near and around the church members. As he strode near the church members, he attacked the evil spirits and decapitated them. As the evil spirits were decapitated, a dark smoke emerged from their bodies and they disappeared.

The angels spread their wings apart to form a defensive shield to protect the church members. Michael continued to ride and attack the evil spirits with his sword. The evil spirits screamed and fled in confusion. It was pandemonium for them. Jesus appeared and observed the situation.

Leek Haak Sung: *Burning up the evil spirits with Holy Fire

Several groups of evil spirits entered my mother’s body. Our prayer time was shortened as we assisted and cast out the evil spirits from her. Although the situation seemed like pandemonium and my mother was in torment, the pastor kept his composure and continued to lead a strong effective service. The pastor’s word was combined and strengthened by God’s power. As a result, when our prayer meeting began, the presence of the Holy Spirit’s fire was very powerful.

Today was much colder than usual. As a result, I wasn’t in a good mood and my head was filled with pessimistic thoughts. However, as soon as I began to pray, the Holy Spirit’s powerful fire entered my heart. The fire moved in a circular fashion. Once the fire entered my heart, I began to sweat from the heat and energy. I witnessed multitudes of angels arriving from Heaven. They were coming through the cross door from the altar. The evil spirits were still in my mother’s body and tormenting her. The pain would cause my mother to roll on the floor. My mother was helpless. She didn’t know what to do to make her torment stop. She cried and screamed continuously. All the church members were engaging in the battle to cast out the evil spirits. The battle continued until morning. Gratefully, with the assistance of Archangel Michael, we defeated the evil spirits and were able to finish the day’s service.

When the Archangel Michael and Jesus returned to Heaven, we were able to find time to pray individually. As I prayed in tongues, I saw a group of dark shadows crawling out from a corner. Within seconds, an evil spirit resembling a large dinosaur appeared and began to run towards me. As it charged toward me, its head cracked open and I was able to see slimy red wiggling objects inside of its head. As I observed the situation, I felt like my soul was leaving my body. At that second, in a moment of weakness, I was attacked by the evil spirit. I was very startled and called for the Lord. “Jesus, help me! Come quickly and save me!” The Lord arrived instantly and grabbed the dinosaur’s tail and tossed it. The evil spirit screamed as he fled.

Next, the group of dark shadow evil spirits pulled on my vest. I tried to break loose, but I wasn’t able to and my prayer was disrupted. As soon as I realized I couldn’t defeat them with my own strength, I decided to shout the power of the Holy Fire. I began to shout, “Holy Fire! Holy Fire!” Suddenly, a blazing fire drew forth from my body and disintegrated the dark shadow spirits.

As I began to pray in tongues, I began to hear a song. I danced and prayed in rhythm of the song. I noticed an evil spirit resembling an iron mask draw near to me. I continued to pray and my hands were moving with the rhythm of the music. The iron mask spirit came close and I took off the mask. As I removed the mask, a swarm of insects appeared from it. I destroyed them with the Holy Fire. Once I had defeated the evil spirits, the Lord arrived and handed me a candy from Heaven. It was very sweet and delicious. However, I ate it too quickly and began to cough. 

Lee Yoo Kyung: *Yoo Kyung again witnesses her relatives being tormented in Hell

As Jesus held my hand, He asked, “Yoo Kyung, would you like to visit Heaven?” As soon as I heard the question, my heart was filled with joy. We flew through the air. We passed through space and over the Milky Way as we continued to fly forward. However, unexpectedly, we flew through a dark tunnel and headed toward the left pathway. The left pathway leads to Hell. Heaven is the pathway that leads to the right.

Jesus knew that if He asked me to visit Hell, I would have resisted. 

I love to visit Heaven. Whenever I have an opportunity to visit Heaven, I enjoy it very much. I wished I could live there now forever. But Hell is a very horrible and frightful place. It’s a place I don’t want to visit or think about. When the Lord asked me if I wanted to visit Heaven, I felt trapped. Whenever I experience visiting Hell, I go through sleepless nights. My body experiences the residual pain of Hell.

As I was thinking, I saw my relatives being dragged. They were forced to stand in a line where a large evil creature awaited. The evil creature was so large that it looked like his height reached the tip of Hell. There were many crossed shaped trees standing tall in front of the enormous creature.

The other evil spirits were preparing to crucify my relatives on the crosses. The large creature appeared to be the king. Every time he commanded, his inferiors and my relatives shook in fear. The enormous size of the evil creature, its thunderous voice, and its appearance frightened me. I ended up crying.

With an expression of concern, my grandmother wiped my tears away. I was never allowed to hold hands with anyone in Hell but, this time, my grandmother was allowed to come closer and wipe my tears. As she wiped the tears, I felt the cold from her hand. It was cold as ice. “Yoo Kyung, why have you come here again? This isn’t the kind of place to visit. Leave now.” As she spoke, she wept with me.

Jesus pulled me closer to His side and handed me a red fruit. He told me to eat it and to stop crying once I’m finished. The Lord had brought it from Heaven. As I was eating Heaven’s fruit, my grandmother stared at me. The Lord said, “Yoo Kyung, how do you feel after being touched by your grandmother?” I replied, “Lord, my grandmother’s hand is very cold. It looks like she is cold and shaking.”

As my grandmother wept she bowed her head down to the Lord and said, “My beloved Jesus, thank you for bringing my granddaughter, Yoo Kyung.” My uncle, who was standing next to my grandmother, asked, “Yoo Kyung, where is your mother?” I said, “Mother is in great pain. She can’t even pray. She has to lie down in church.” Uncle asked, “Is this true? I wish her health and to be well.” He was worried about my mother. I saw my grandfather and cousin standing next to them. I don’t know what kind of torment my grandfather went through before he came to this place but the skin from his body and face had been torn off.

With their faces distraught, my uncle and cousin expressed their concerns. “Yoo Kyung, for what purpose have you come here? Get out of this place now!” As my grandmother wept, she spoke once more. “Yoo Kyung, I also want to leave this place. Since you are with Jesus, please ask the Lord to take me out of this place with you. Hell is a place of unbearable torment and pain. It is such a frightening place. Please help me get out of this place.”

As I watched my grandmother cry and plead, I asked the Lord, “Jesus, please get her out of this place. I feel so bad for my grandmother.” I cried out to Father God, “My Triune God, help!” Jesus replied, “Yoo Kyung, it’s getting late. Let’s leave. It’s enough for today.” He grabbed my hand and at that moment, I heard my cousin scream, “Yoo Kyung, please help me! Please! Save me!” As he shouted, a red, blue, and yellow snake coiled around his legs. The snake slowly slithered upwards toward his head.

My cousin continued to scream and shout. “Yoo Kyung, when you return to the earth, evangelize all of our relatives and tell them to believe in Jesus. Tell them to attend church faithfully! Tell them not to come to this place no matter what! Do you understand?” As he shouted, an evil spirit with a sharp horn ran to him and irritably asked, “What are you saying?” He appeared very upset. The evil spirit pierced my grandmother’s chest with his horn. My grandmother fell to the ground screaming.

I hysterically shouted, “Grandma, grandma! Devil, I won’t let you get away with this! Don’t touch my grandma!” As I shouted, I realized I was at church and was praying. Jesus patted my head, spoke, and comforted me as I wept and prayed.

Sister Baek Bong Nyu: *Archangel Michael riding a white horse

During the service, several evil spirits lined up in a row and entered my body. They caused numbness in my left hand. I wasn’t able to see distinguish their appearance. They continued to saturate into my body. I was in tremendous pain and rolling on the floor. The pastor and Mrs. Kang Hyun Jas noticed the disruption and stopped their prayer to come to my assistance. Other congregation members also assisted. They all began to cast out the evil spirits. Casting out all the evil spirits from my body was difficult. The group spent a good deal of time battling.

The battle with the evil spirits continued throughout the night. The evil spirits within my body resisted greatly. The pastor and his wife cast out all the evil spirits one at a time. They prayed throughout the night. There were many evil spirits inside of me. The evil spirits tormented me throughout the night. My body twisted in all directions. The group eventually cast all the evil spirits out by early morning. When they first had entered my body I wasn’t able to see their forms or shapes. However, as they were cast out one by one, I was able to clearly see their forms.

I observed many different types of snakes, some were large and some were small. I also saw insects that looked grotesque and creepy. Moreover, there was an evil spirit that looked like a young girl with other evil spirits who had horns. All of them were cast out one by one. Once delivered, I felt relieved and freed. My body was sore and I had a difficult time moving. I had to pray lying down.  The Lord came with a group of angels to visit. The Holy Spirit came as well and gave me holy fire. A fireball entered into my heart.

As soon as the fire ball entered my heart, my body became very hot which I couldn’t bear. I was shaking from being cold but after receiving the Holy fire I had become hot. Suddenly, I burst out and I was tongues praying powerfully as the heat from the fire blazed out. Jesus said, “Bong Nyu, I know you had a difficult day. Therefore, I don’t wish to take you to Hell today. You are praying despite your sore body. Let’s leave. I want to ease your pain.” The Lord then held my hand as we flew to Heaven.

We visited the ocean and the mountain which was as white as snow. He continued to show me around. “Your hand is cold as ice. You must be in pain. It’s the devil’s work.” The Lord grabbed my hand and within that moment I saw black smoke permeating from my hand in the form of a snake. The smoke then disappeared. After the Lord’s warm touch, my hands became warm. The Lord gently spoke, “Bong Nyu, your physical body is very weak and weary. Lay and rest here. You’ve done a good job today.”

After I had plenty of rest in Heaven, I felt I had recovered. I hung out with the angels and had a good time. I returned to the church and saw Archangel Michael hunting down the evil spirits. He was riding a white horse and rode between the praying church members. Since the pastor had cast out the evil spirits out of me, he didn’t have an opportunity to pray during the night. Therefore, he prepared to pray in the morning. I saw about fifty evil spirits surround the pastor. They were waiting for an opportunity to attack the pastor. Archangel Michael drew closer to the pastor and shouted, “All you filthy evil spirits, how dare you come and assemble here!” He swung his shining sword which appeared like a golden light. The Archangel Michael swung his bright golden sword and the evil spirits next to the pastor had their heads cut off. They all became ashes. I saw smoke rise from the ashes as the evil spirits fled to Hell. The scene was very vivid. As I compare Joo Eun with the other youngsters, I see that she is especially bright, expressive, and always cheerful.

The pastor’s family is experiencing financial difficulties. Although they have always lived in poverty, their children are disciplined and well raised. They never complain about their situation. Most of our church members are rejects from other churches. They have all settled here and have become stable in their faith.

Jesus returned to the church and was trying to awaken Joo Eun who had fallen asleep during a long prayer session. As I observed the Lord, I became tearful as I saw Joo Eun was not responding. I felt sorry for Joo Eun. The Lord said, “Joo Eun, Freckles, it is I, the Lord. I have come to take you to Heaven. Awake Joo Eun. My beloved Joo Eun, I have come to show you more places in Heaven. Joo Eun, lift up your head.” The Lord attempted to gently persuade her.

Joo Eun must have been very tired as she wasn’t responding to the Lord. The Lord sighed. “I’m sorry. Because of your fervent prayer, I desired to show you around Heaven today. I’m truly sorry.” He gently caressed her back and left. 

A group of evil spirits which were driven out by Archangel Michael returned to enter Mrs. Kang Hyun Ja. All fifty of them combined forces and surrounded her. They waited for an opportunity to enter her body. Fortunately, Archangel Michael came to her side and shouted, “Have you not learned?” Michael swung his sword once and the evil spirits’ heads were cut off. They disintegrated and became ash.

As the pastor, his wife, and the deaconess Shin persistently prayed, a group of angels appeared and covered them with their wings as a shield for protection. Archangel Michael continued to battle the evil spirits and he decapitated them with his golden sword.

==== DAY 29 ==== (2 Corinthians: 6:1-2) *Joseph’s wish

There was only one day left in the prayer rally and I wasn’t spiritually awakened. I felt heavy and troubled. Tears began streaming down my face. Previously, when our group finished with the prayer meeting, I would listen to the testimonies of others about their spiritual awakening. I couldn’t help but envy them. The Lord was still silent and I didn’t hear anything from the Lord. Joo Eun and the other congregation members explained the reason I wasn’t experiencing the awakening. They explained I was being called to be in the ministry as a pastor. Therefore, I had to pray until God was satisfied. I didn’t know why pastors had to pray longer and harder. My father, Pastor Kim wasn’t spiritually awakened either. I thought perhaps his heart might be in despair. However, the pastor didn’t express any emotions of disappointment, but rather he comforted me with words of encouragement, “Let’s pray and be patient.”

During my prayer, I burst out with tears of repentance. I cried for a good while. “Lord, please open my spiritual eyes! Show me something. Please?” As I prayed in tongues, I saw a blue light blinking in the midst of darkness. It then disappeared. I prayed and expected to see the blue light again. My heart was eager for it. However, I didn’t see the blue light. I was disappointed but not angry.

Deaconess Shin Sung Kyung: *The transformation of Deaconess Shin, Sung Kyung and Jung Min

Although I have repented with tears for some lengthy time, I haven’t seen any visions. As I remember the nights of praying, that in itself is a miracle. Without the Lord’s help, it wouldn’t have been possible. My commitment to praying is a result of God’s grace and compassion. As I listened to the members’ testimony of spiritual awakening and their experiences of visiting Heaven and Hell, I felt ashamed and I questioned my faith. My faith was more of a show I tried to keep up with others. Presently, I’m fiercely confessing my sins with tears of repentance.

My husband was closely observing my son, Jung Min. His behavior had totally changed. Jung Min had an experience of visiting Hell before me. My son stared at me and said, “Mom, you have to visit Hell and experience it.” I had to comfort myself as I was startled by his remark.

My son, Jung Min, is only a child who is ready to enter elementary school. He used to be addicted to the games on the internet and watching cartoons. However, after he experienced the blazing fire by the Holy Spirit, he was born again and received a Holy gift. He hasn’t watched television or played games on the internet for almost a month. Now that he has dedicated himself in prayer, he can easily pray for three hours with his hands raised to the air. His ambition is now to be a pastor. He is reading and studying the Bible every day. I hope to see his plans come about.

Lee Haak Sung: *The Lord suffers on the cross

While I was in prayer, three evil spirits appeared at the same time. Out of the three, one appeared very strong. The strong looking spirit had a body with defined muscles. He was a large spirit with three heads. The spirit ran around my side to distract and confuse me. I ran after him and grabbed his legs. Once I got a grip on the spirit, I swung him around. Holy Spirit fire came from my hand and entered into the evil spirit. The evil spirit instantly disintegrated into ashes. I noticed a black object hiding behind the deaconess Shin. I confronted the black object in the same manner as the muscled spirit. Soon, another evil spirit in the form of a dinosaur appeared. Its skull was cracked open. Without mercy, I grabbed and swung it around several times. It crashed and broke into pieces. From its destroyed body, many different filthy, creepy bugs rapidly crawled out. It became a swarm. I loudly shouted, “Fire of Holy Spirit!” Fire shot out from my body, destroying and burning all the evil spirits and the swarms of insects.

Once I had defeated the evil spirits, the Lord appeared. As soon as I saw Him, tears came. I pleaded to Jesus, “Please take Joseph and Joo Eun to Heaven.” Jesus replied, “Alright, I will.”
He called me by my nickname and said,
“Sam, let’s go to Heaven together.” I held the Lord’s hand and we arrived at the flower garden. I had a nice pleasant time.

As I hung out in the garden of flowers, the Lord said, “Haak Sung, we have to visit another place. Let’s leave now.” I wondered where we were heading. I realized it was at the Lord’s church. In a vision, I saw the Lord walking toward a low hill and He disappeared. Suddenly, the Lord appeared before my eyes. He was walking with the cross. People were beating on Him. He was bleeding from the wounds and cuts on His body. They mocked the Lord.

He was wearing a crown of thorns. Blood streamed down his face from the thorns that were pierced into his head. I saw a scene where Jesus suffered as the long sharp nails pierced through His hands and feet. He then died. I cried out loud as I witnessed Jesus suffering. I saw the crown of thorns, the piercing with nails, and the pouring out of water and blood. The Lord appeared and He wiped the tears from my eyes and He gently said, “Haak Sung, don’t cry.” I will never forget what I had seen in the vision.

Lee Yoo Kyung: *Eating the fruits of Heaven all at once

Today wasn’t a usual day. Jesus was already waiting for us at church before our prayers. He stood below the cross that hung at the church. I began to pray. The Lord came to me and grabbed my hand. We flew to Heaven. When we arrived in Heaven, I began to sing as Jesus watched. I sang three songs. ‘Praise, Oh my soul, Up and fight against the devil, and Baptize with the Holy Spirit.’ I sang the songs over and over again. The Lord gently clapped and said, “My dear Miss Mole sings very well. It’s pleasing,” He complimented me.

I said, “Lord, I have a sore throat and I have been coughing recently.” The Lord responded, “Really? It’s not allowed for you to be sick. You have a cold? I will heal you; don’t worry.” He stroked His hand over my body and held me in His arms. When Jesus stroked me, I felt warmth, kindness, and gentleness.

I said, “Jesus, I also have a stuffed nose.” He replied, “I will heal that as well.” The Lord brought me the fruits of Heaven. The fruits in Heaven look very similar to the fruits on earth. The fruits the Lord brought me looked like plums, pears, apples, and grapes. However, one can never compare the taste; the fruits of Heaven were extremely delicious.

As soon as one takes a bite, the fruit just melts in your mouth. It was an amazing feeling. Jesus said, “Yoo Kyung! Eat as many of the fruits as you want and get well.” Yeh-Jee approached me and said, “Sister, I heard you had a cold. Don’t be sick; you have to be healthy all the time.”

As the Lord and I headed back to the Lord’s church, we flew through the galaxy. From a distance, we saw dark black clouds move. I said, “Jesus, I don’t remember seeing those black clouds. Why are they suddenly there? They are so dark. I’m very frightened.” The Lord comforted me. “Those aren’t clouds. They are filthy evil spirits, disguised as clouds. They are evil deceivers. Don’t worry. I’ll protect you.” We arrived at the church.

The Lord asked, “Yoo Kyung, are you cold?” I said, “Yes, Lord, I’m cold.” The Lord stroked my body. My body became hot; I felt like a blazing fire. We said our farewells and waved to each other. My guard was down and the evil spirits took advantage of that moment. They entered my body. I was tormented all night. But after the pastor prayed, I recovered.

*Sister Baek, Bong Nyu encounters Satan for the third time

As I cried out to the Lord for tears of repentance, Sister Joo Eun, who was sitting and praying next to me, burst into tears and began to repent. At that moment, I followed suit. As I was praying, I saw angels come down from Heaven and they covered all of our church members with thick layers of bright light all around us. The protective layers of light were so bright that I couldn’t stare into it. A group of evil spirits appeared and attacked us. They had watched and waited for a chance to enter through the protective lights.

The angels had come to take me, as the Lord had commanded them. “The Lord is waiting. Hurry, we have to leave now because He is waiting for you.” As soon as I moved outside the protective layers of light, the angels and I flew up into the air. The evil spirits flew after us and attempted to attack. The angels and I were in fierce battle as we flew.

We finally had reached the galaxy but the Lord wasn’t there. My insecurity increased and I became apprehensive. We flew through the tunnel. Whenever the Lord isn’t around me, my heart races due to my insecurity. Suddenly, the Lord appeared out of nowhere and held my hand. He then comforted my insecure heart. “Bong Nyu, did you wait for long? Let’s visit Hell. Don’t be afraid; I’ll protect you.”

The Lord accompanied me to Hell. Unexpectedly, the king of evil spirits stood in front of me. At first, I didn’t know what type of evil spirit it was. I didn’t have a chance to identify it. However, I recognized it when it began to converse with me.

“You, you have come here again! You injured my eyes and have scarred my back. You have ruined my wings. Do you think you can continuously live your life without any guilt? My body is in pain because of the wounds you have caused in my back. I have longed and waited for you to visit here again. Finally, you are here!” He shouted. He commanded his subordinates, “Bring her family members here.” With his command, I saw my family members dragged into our presence. My family members were placed in front of him as the subordinate creatures gestured to frighten them. My family members were shaking terribly and their faces were pale from fear. They glanced at me in hopelessness. The Lord stood there watching in silence.

My brother cried out, “Sister Bong Nyu, I wish to see my daughter who was born after my death!” My mother spoke right after. “My daughter Bong Nyu, I miss his baby daughter very much. Soon after his daughter was born, I died.” Their words were difficult to comprehend since they were in torment. How could they experience missing their children in such a place? Their pain was so horrendous, how was it possible that they could feel any other emotions?

Since their curiosity about their family was so great, I had to give them updates. My brother’s daughter, my niece, was already more than 20 years old. I told my brother that she wasn’t a Christian. However, I promised him I would evangelize her and lead her to the Lord’s church. 

*Satan takes revenge on my family

When the king of evil spirits overheard our conversation, he became very angry. He especially became angry when he heard the word evangelize. “What! Evangelize who? What are you talking about? You have no idea what pain I have because of you. I’ve been waiting for this moment. I’ll make it a point to make your family suffer more. Begin the torment!” He commanded. With the command, a subordinate creature replied, “Yes sir, Satan King!” The evil creature walked toward my mother, nephew, and brother.

My mother was dressed in white, my brother and nephew were dressed in black. The creature laid my family members on the ground next to one another. The creature began to pierce my mother’s body, starting at the foot. The nail was very sharp, long, and thick. “Ahh! Bong Nyu, Save me! Please help me!” Skin was being torn from her flesh as blood poured from all over her body. The screaming and wailing were heard over the whole place. My ear drums felt like they were going to explode from the loud wailing.

The scenes of Hell aren’t created through my imagination; they aren’t fictional. Hell is a real place. Whatever I witnessed, those events were happening in front of me. The scenes and sounds of torment are real. How could I create an imagination of such misery! My limited patience expired and I shouted like an insane person. “Lord, please do something! Please! Quickly! I cannot bear to see it anymore! Please! Why don’t you punish the evil bastard who is tormenting my mother?” I cried hysterically.

With tears, I cried, “Mother, my poor mother! She’s in such torment because I had irritated Satan. It’s my fault my family is in greater torment. What should I do? Mother, please forgive me! It’s my fault!” Satan commanded his subordinates to continue piercing my mother’s body. The creatures pierced my mother’s stomach, chest, neck, and her head. They showed no mercy. My mother passed out from time to time and screamed in between. Blood and pieces of skin were everywhere. She didn’t look human anymore.

My brother and nephew suffered terribly witnessing my mother’s torment. They shook uncontrollably. After they had finished with my mother, they ran toward my brother and nephew. They began to pierce their bodies with nails just as they had with my mother. “Ah! Sister Bong Nyu, save me! Please help me!” “Auntie, help me! Auntie, please ask the Lord, quickly!” The evil creatures continued to pierce without mercy. The screams from my brother and nephew echoed to the confines of Hell.

Satan loudly shouted, “See, how do you feel? Isn’t it nice? Since you have contributed to my pain, I’ll let you experience pain through the torment of your family. I’ll let you witness it first-hand!” I tried to ignore Satan. I glanced over to my mother and shouted, “Mother, my poor mother! When I visited Hell last time, you were in the fire of Hell. When I saw you in the fire, my heart ached very much. I tried to avenge you by attacking the king of evil spirits. However, the act of my revenge has resulted in greater torment for you. I’m so sorry. Mother, forgive me! What shall I do?” I cried and cried. I became angry and began to curse the king of evil spirits.

“Satan, you devil! The Triune God lives in me! I’m a daughter of God! I’ll destroy this place, I promise you! If I cannot, then my God will avenge for me. You’ll be destroyed. You’ll be thrown in the lake of fire. I’ll wait patiently until that day. You filthy evil spirit! Filthy Satan! Who do you think you are? How dare you tempt people on earth, make them sin, and lead them into Hell. You are cursed, Satan! All your inferiors working under your command will be cursed by Father God!”

The Lord saw me getting more agitated, so he quickly grabbed my hand. Instantly a bright light appeared before my eyes. I was already in Heaven. After I had been in the darkness of Hell, the bright light of Heaven made my mind feel empty. The sudden change of environment had confused me.

Jesus gently explained, “Bong Nyu, even though I wanted to help you, it was impossible. Once someone goes to Hell, he/she can never leave. It’s impossible for me to change that. You can only be saved when you are alive on earth. Once someone dies, there’s no chance to repent. It’s over. All I can do for you is to cry with you or take you to Heaven. Your family members are in Hell. I’m not able to do anything. It’s out of my hands. No one can ever help them.” The Lord was very sorry for the situation.

Although I was in Heaven, the thought of my family in Hell brought tears to my eyes. I couldn’t help but think of my family tormented in Hell. I was experiencing unbearable pain. There was no comfort for my broken heart. The Lord flew me to the highest point in Heaven’s sky. I saw a unique cloud, which was shaped like a bridge. While the Lord and I walked across the cloud, He held my hand. However, my thoughts were still of my family in torment.

I continued to cry like a child. I was embarrassed crying in front of the Lord. “Lord, I’m so sorry. I learned that we don’t cry in Heaven. What should I do? I cannot control it.” The Lord called three angels. “Saint Baek Bong Nyu will now return to the Lord’s church. You will closely guard and watch over her.” The angels and I returned to earth. Whenever I return home from visiting Hell, my whole body was in pain. My back would usually ache very much. I prayed and asked the Lord. “Lord, I have so much pain in my back. It’s very difficult for me to pray on my knees.”

“May I lie down on the church bench and pray?” The Lord graciously replied, “That would be fine.” Father God also answered as well, “It’s alright to pray lying down.”

As I lay on the bench, I prayed. Jesus returned and took me to the mountains of Heaven. At the mountains of Heaven, I saw many tremendously bright shining stone pillars. I drew closer to the pillars. The pillars were like crystals; they were transparent. They reflected lights in all directions and were so beautiful that there were no words to express their glory. It was awesome and fantastic scenery. The Lord knew I was depressed so He took me to all the beautiful places. It comforted and cheered me up. He made every effort to make me happy. “Bong Nyu, stop crying!” I couldn’t help it and I barely stopped crying.

* Volunteering to go to Hell

After returning to church, I began to pray but soon after I fell asleep. During my sleep, my guardian angel with three other angels watched over and protected me. After I had awakened, I asked the angels where the Lord had gone. The Lord had been with me before I fell asleep. The angels replied, “Don’t worry. The Lord will be back shortly.” Right after they had answered, the Lord appeared. I asked, “Lord, our 30 day prayer rally will be completed tomorrow. I won’t have the opportunity to visit Hell again. I would like to visit Hell one last time.”

The Lord said, “Do you really mean it? You haven’t physically recovered from your last visit. You’re still in shock. Bong Nyu, why have you decided to return? Why would you want to visit Hell again?” The Lord was stunned. I answered back, “From this prayer rally, I have learned many things. During the middle of the sermon, the pastor said many strange words. I guess the purpose was to encourage us and strengthen our faith.” I repeated the words the pastor had preached. The Lord loudly laughed and said, “Oh, I’ve already heard those words.” I replied, “I have learned one important thing; it is only by faith! Moreover, I have learned to pray persistently about any requests, especially, spiritual awakening. Perhaps the other members of the prayer team are thinking the same as I.”

Jesus said, “Bong Nyu, I understand your intensions, but if you visit Hell one more time, you will probably see your parents again. You will be emotionally hurt again. My heart aches when I know I cannot help you. Why are you persistently asking to visit Hell once more?” I urgently replied, “Lord, our pastor is writing the book which is revealing the truth and identity of the devil and Hell. If I visit Hell once more, I can witness and experience it in more detail. We can have a more accurate record to write about. We have to meticulously describe Hell and the evil spirits.” As I was saying my devotions, Jesus looked impressed with me. I sat upright on my knees as I prayed. The Lord said, “It is alright to pray lying on your back.” I asked Haak Sung to bring me a pillow. As I lay down, I began to pray.

The Lord brought me back to Hell and He left me alone. I began walking through the darkness. The path was narrow so I had to move cautiously. I recognized the path and I was able to find my way around and move forward. I continued to walk forward but I couldn’t see anything or sense anything. I was suddenly trapped in a cell. I attempted to figure out where I was trapped, but I couldn’t see a thing. Furthermore, I was barely able to move.

*Experiencing the torment again but feeling no pain

After a few moments, a couple evil spirits appeared and they removed all of my clothes. I was trapped in a small cell or chamber. I felt strange sticky objects on the ground. They began climbing up my legs and body. As they stuck onto my body, it felt like as though someone had squeezed super sticky glue all over me. I instantly reacted and shouted at the evil spirits, “You evil creatures, the Trinity of God is protecting me. I’m not afraid of you. My Lord protects me! All of you evil creatures in Hell listen to me. There aren’t many days left until God destroys Hell! Just wait until that dreadful day!” I unintentionally said some abusive words as well.

While I shouted, the sticky objects continued to climb up my chest, neck and toward my mouth. It appeared as though they were attempting to stick on my mouth and close it. I cried out louder, “Evil creatures, I curse you! You will be destroyed soon!” As I shouted, my whole body trembled.

Soon after, dark colored centipedes began to come from inside of the sticky objects. They were crawling all over my body. They began to penetrate my skin. Fortunately, as I was protected by God, I felt no pain. I laughed and ridiculed them in a nonchalant manner.

The king of the evil creatures was irritated at my nonchalance. He signaled and soon countless snakes appeared and coiled around my body, continuously biting me.

Confidently, I shouted, “Yes, that feels quite nice. Please bite me some more! You are relieving the areas I itch.” As I laughed and ridiculed the creatures and insects, a group of cobras stood upright and continued to bite me.

It didn’t matter how many times they bit me or hardened their grip, I couldn’t feel any pain. All of a sudden, my chamber was filled with more snakes. I prayed to the Lord, “Lord, please help me! Where are you? Please come quickly!” I continued to call upon His name, but to no avail. He didn’t appear.

I didn’t know how much time had passed that I was praying in tongues, but it was for quite awhile. The Lord appeared in the midst of a bright light. I quickly called him, “Lord, Lord!” I was very glad to see Him. When Jesus waved His hand, the chamber and Hell disappeared. I was wearing a bright shining gown with wings attached. No matter where I was, if Jesus was not with me, it would be Hell.

It felt like I was in Hell for half a year. Hell is unimaginable. It’s a place of pain and torment. One day of Hell feels like a thousand years, maybe even ten thousand years. I don’t want to think about Hell, even for a second. It is home to eternal despair, eternal screaming, and eternal lamentations. As Jesus took me back to the church, He touched my body where I had previously experienced pain. He comforted me with some kind words. “Bong Nyu, Saint Bong Nyu. You’re all my little sheep. You’ve all endeavored to pray for 30 days. Keep studying the Word and attend church enthusiastically. Tell your pastor to write and record all your experiences diligently.”

Pastor Kim Yong Doo: *The pastor cast out the devils

Yesterday, the group of evil spirits entered into Sister Baek Bong Nyu. The battle of casting out evil spirits took all night long. It was Sunday and I was attacked as well by the evil spirits. In a moment of weakness, as my mind wondered, I was physically stricken.

During another night time service, Sister Baek Bong Nyu was attacked and the evil spirits entered into her. Different hordes of spirits induced terrible pain in Sister Baek Bong Nyu. Fortunately, the evil spirits didn’t enter into her head. However, due to the unbearable pain throughout her body which increased every minute, she fell to the floor in agony. When this happened the night before, we left the church uneasy. When we arrived home, we all had a restless night. Tomorrow, we will complete the 30 day prayer rally even if we are attacked again. The evil spirits are persistent with their attacks. I am frankly getting tired of their attacks.

Battling and casting out evil spirits takes a toll on us spiritually and it weakens our physical bodies. The whole prayer team was exhausted. However, the Lord gradually strengthened us. I thought, “I’ll fight to the death!” One by one, I cast out the evil spirits with intense focus. Suddenly, the pastor’s wife fell to the floor. While she had been casting out evil spirits with the pastor, the evil spirits had attacked her and entered into her body. She was susceptible due to her weakened state, physically and spiritually.

The evil spirits would alternate their attacks between the pastor’s wife and Sister Baek Bong Nyu. It looked as though they were intentionally trying to deceive us as to their target. They were mocking us. The battle continued until early morning and the evil spirits continued to resist our commands. Then, the Lord intervened. At first, He stood and observed our actions even though we cried out to Him. The Lord didn’t command the evil spirits to depart. As the Lord observed our battle, He questioned our ability to persistent and to have faith to cast out the evil spirits. We were commanding the evil spirits as one voice. He continued to watch and observe.

It even appeared to me as though we were a group of insane lunatics. An outsider could have said we were all mentally disturbed. I couldn’t understand how we ended up in such a predicament.  My mind was weak and doubtful. But, I knew if I judge spiritual situations with a worldly mindset, I would be sinning terribly before the Lord. I gathered myself and focused my mind. I continued to cast out the evil spirits with the Lord’s name. I used to believe that casting out evil spirits would only require simple words instructed by the Bible. However, through the prayer rally and experiencing the battles personally, I had to repent before God in regards to the nature of spiritual warfare. As usual, we battled the evil spirits throughout the night until early morning. Once the battle ended, we were able to pray individually. God moved my hands in motions that would heal.

Fifteen days ago, I was severely attacked by violent evil spirits. I was bitten and a mark was left on my skin. I was in terrible pain. The bite mark wasn’t healing and the pain continued. I now understand the logic behind the attack. The evil spirits know about the book I’m writing. I write with my right hand. The attack was primarily on the right side of my body. My right hand, right wrist, right shoulder, right side of my back, and my nerves were all in pain. The evil spirits attempted to hinder me from completing the book.

Before the attack, I was able to freely preach, worship, and pray as much as I desired. But now, every time I talk or move, I’m in unbearable pain. I’m not able to move or function properly. This is the result of my negligence. The Lord had commanded me to keep what I had witnessed and experienced a secret until the book was released. However, I was disobedient. My negligence had brought terrible results upon me. Now, I’m more cautious in all matters. Until the books are completed and released, I avoid mentioning any part of the experiences with anyone. In fact, I try to avoid any short or long conversations with my family. I realize how fearful it can be to disobey His commands. As I repent every day, I hope to be healed as soon as possible.

==== DAY 30 ==== (Thessalonians 5:14-23)

Deaconess Shin Sung Kyung: *Beginning the spiritual experiences

“Jesus, please empower me with your Spirit so I can also dance like Mrs. Kang Hyun Ja and Sister Baek Bang Nyu! I’m begging you! I desire it so much!” As I prayed earnestly, I sensed both of my hands becoming hot. The heat was very extreme, like touching a fireball. I experienced this last time, but it was short lived. However, today, my whole body became hot and my hands rose high on their own. It felt like someone invisible was holding my hands up and he would determine whether my hands would be raised or lowered. My arms and hands were moving in all directions with different motions. My heart was filled with abundant joy. Tears of repentance streamed down my face. I felt my prayers spiritually moving deeper. I was flying through the night sky. I was awe-struck by the amazing night.

Kim, Joo Eun: *Four guardian angels

During the prayer rally, Jesus gave me a Holy gift and the gift of prophesying. I love Jesus very much. Whenever I closed my eyes and called upon His name, He would instantly present Himself. He would call me by my nickname, “Freckles.” He would say, “Freckles, what do you need? Do you have any questions?” He would then gently and kindly answer my questions.

However, many times, filthy evil spirits disguised as the Lord would appear. They also knew I would frequently call upon the Lord and ask questions. At first, I couldn’t differentiate the between the Lord and the evil spirits. I had been deceived several times. But now, I would test the spirit that would appear. By testing the spirit, I can differentiate between the Lord and the evil spirits. Evil spirits cannot shed their blood. Evil spirits cannot take up the cross. They are all liars. They lie every time they appear. The Lord has granted me wisdom to identify evil spirits. I can instantly identify them now.

When I ask questions that pertain to my physical desires, greed, or trivial matters, the Lord would turn His back to me and keep silent. Since I’m an immature young child, the Lord would have to answer my questions in a way I can understand. I’m very thankful to the Lord for His kindness. The Lord is very sensitive with a beautiful heart. He is also warm, gentle, and sentimental. He is omniscient; He knows what is deep inside all our hearts. Sometimes, Jesus would disclose some information regarding my mother and father through me. I cannot determine how my parents feel or think from their outer appearance. However, Jesus would give me a message which only they would know because it is deep within their hearts. When I gave the message to my parents, they were stunned. The message from the Lord would lead them to surrender and repentance. 

I can also have conversations with our family’s guardian angels. There are four angels since there are four members in our family. When I attempt to converse with the angels, the Lord would intervene. He would say, “Freckles, I am your Lord. If you want to have a conversation or discuss any questions, you must call upon my name and discuss any matters with me. Why do you continuously want to speak with angels?” When the Lord gets jealous, I’m actually joyous because He desires me.

I was able to attend the whole prayer rally this time since I was on winter vacation. When I attended, I prayed fervently. I even quit piano lessons and other activities so that I may pray. As a result, Jesus blessed me very much. On the other hand, I was apprehensive about my school. I knew once school started, my opportunity to pray would be limited. It has been nine months since I had watched any television or used the computer. At first, it was very difficult in giving up those activities. However, now, I really enjoy the fellowship with the Lord. Now, the time I used to spend on television and the computer is used to pray and study the word. I give all the glory to Jesus.

*About the wings of angels

After prayer, I went home and saw that my family’s guardian angels were waiting. The pastor’s guardian angel used to have 2 sets of wings, but now it had 3 sets. I asked the Lord, “Jesus! You once told me that many of the guardian angels of the mega churches had three pairs of wings. Why does our pastor’s angel have three pairs of wings as our church is very small? Just yesterday, this guardian angel had two pairs of wings; now it has three.” The Lord replied, “Many pastors pray fervently with all their strength when they first begin their ministry. However, when their church begins to grow, they don’t pray as they used to. I’m disappointed and feel very sad. But Pastor Kim is praying fervently many times. He is also leading his ministry according to God’s will. Therefore, I have given this guardian angel one more pair.” My mother’s guardian angel has only one pair.

Kim, Joseph: *Spiritual eyes opened half way

Since today is the last day of our 30 day prayer rally, I have prepared myself to pray fervently. I will pray with dedication and with all my heart. I held my right hand with Brother Haak Sung, our fingers were interlocked. My left hand was lifted up high into the air and I was praying in tongues. As I was praying with my eyes closed, I sensed and felt as though someone was holding onto my left hand with our fingers interlocked. A jolt of electricity ran through my left hand into my body. Being startled, I tried to figure out what it was. I felt someone’s touch; it was very strong, like someone was holding my hand. Since I was still in prayer, I hadn’t opened my eyes at all. However, I decided to ask Brother Haak Sung. “Brother Haak Sung, I feel someone holding my left hand. Do you know who it is? Could you check for me? Please let me know.” He replied, “Brother Joseph, Jesus is holding your hand at this moment and He is flying towards Heaven. Don’t open your eyes and continue to pray!”

As I continued to pray, I felt as though I was flying through some dark space. Suddenly, a blue light appeared. It approached me and passed by me, as fast as light. Then, another blue light passed by me, a large blue light. As I continued to fly further out, I encountered countless stars going past me. I shouted, “Wow! What an amazing sight! This is beautiful!” With my prayer going deeper, I continued to see many stars passing by me at light speed. The stars of the galaxy are so beautiful. I felt like an astronaut shooting through space. I thought, “Maybe I am dreaming.” I decided to pinch myself. Yes, my physical body was still in church praying. However, as I touched my physical body, I was also in the spiritual realm at the same time.

While my physical body was praying in tongues, I was flying fast spiritually. Suddenly, an object that resembled a penny came into my sight. The round object was partially covered with some black material. It turned out to be full moon, but it was an eclipse I was witnessing. The eclipse created a crescent moon. The moon shone with golden rays of light. The golden light was so bright I couldn’t look straight into it. I had never experienced such brightness. The light was swinging like a pendulum. It swung back and forth and up to 120 degrees. As the light swung back and forth, the colors of rainbow beamed out.

I instantly thought, ‘Wow! Maybe that place is Heaven’s twelve pearl gates!’ I assumed today would be the day to visit Heaven. I started to pray more fervently, but for some reason my prayers wouldn’t move me forward. It didn’t matter how loud I prayed, I didn’t move forward. I wasn’t flying as before at great speeds. I was stagnant after I had witnessed the rainbow and the colors of light. It appeared as though time stood still.

I was so close. I was so frustrated! I wasn’t able to go any further so I turned back. My heart collapsed and felt empty. I had hoped to have another experience to pass into the pendulum. When the prayer rally ended, it was 7 o’clock in the morning.

*Joseph becomes the target for the devil

After we had finished our prayer rally, Brother Haak Sung and I had a conversation. While we were conversing, the pastor and Deaconess Shin gave Jung Min a ride to his house. Brother Haak sang and I discussed our experiences during the time of prayer. Suddenly, a black object appeared and it moved around me with great speed. The object flew around me and continued to speed up until it spun like a tornado. At that moment, it darkened around me and I felt dizzy. I attempted to stay alert and hold onto something. But I lost my balance and fell onto the concrete floor, hitting my head on the floor. I had passed out. Sister Baek Bong Nyu and my mother ran toward me. They were startled and apprehensive of my situation. I found out later through the church members who were spiritually awakened what had happened. All their explanations were the same.

Although I am spiritually awakened, my spirituality is immature. I felt if I pray a little longer, I would be visiting Heaven and Hell and I would receive the gift of prophesying. The evil spirits were aware of these facts. I was the center of their attacks. Their purpose was to prevent me from being fully awakened spiritually. The church members who had witnessed my fall all state they saw an evil spirit disguised as an angel. The spirit had quietly hovered around me. It had quickly circled around me at high speeds to force me onto the floor. After I had fallen down, they saw the evil spirit with two other evil spirits enter my head. They were the cause of my headache.

The church members assisted me and got me back on my feet. I was experiencing a migraine. All I remembered was the explanation I was given. The spiritually awakened members gathered around me and began to cast out the evil spirits. But despite their efforts, my headache became worse.

Everyone eagerly waited for the pastor. I had had other headaches before and they were bearable, but this time with evil spirits behind my migraine, it was painfully unbearable. I felt as though I was going insane. The pain got so bad I screamed out loud. As I screamed in pain, the pastor arrived. The pastor saw me on the floor pleading for help. He asked me what had happened. The church members with one voice explained what had happened. Once the pastor was informed, he boisterously shouted, “Cursed evil spirits, in the mighty name of Jesus, be bound and depart!” As soon as the pastor shouted, the evil spirits fled screaming. After that I was able to breathe and settle down. The headache began to go away.

Sister Baek Bong Nyu: *The pastor is popular in Heaven

 After we had finished our all night prayer meeting, the pastor preached early into the morning. As he preached, the Lord spoke behind the pastor. During the middle of the sermon, the Lord said, “Bong Nyu, the 30 day prayer rally pleases me very much! It is enjoyable!” The Lord said repeatedly that He can’t help but laugh and smile in Heaven whenever He thinks about us.

The Lord told us that as He laughs and smiles in Heaven, the angels and the saints are well aware of the reason why He is so happy. The angels and the saints are eager to hear of any recent news. The saints had pressured Jesus into telling them why He was in such a good mood.

The Lord said that Pastor Kim Yong Do at the Lord’s church had become very popular in Heaven. As soon as the pastor is spiritually awakened, he will be able to visit Heaven with the Lord. I cannot wait until that day. The pastor oversees a small impoverished church on earth, but the Lord recognizes the value in him. I’m very thankful for that.

The pastor considers all my family as his own. He treats us with respect and dignity. The pastor gives himself to us without expecting anything in return. When I had visited Hell and battled with Satan, the Lord had increased my reward. The pastor’s reward and future home were increased. In fact, his house was bigger than mine. When I visited Heaven and had the opportunity to view my future home, I also saw the pastor’s home which was already 514 stories high.

Mrs. Kang, Hyun Ja and Joo Eun’s arguments had caused their future homes to decrease in size a little. Mrs. Kong Hyun Ja’s home is 318 stories high; it was 319 stories high before the argument. Joo Eun’s home was 31 stories, but after her argument with Mrs. Kang Hyun Ja, her home decreased to 28 stories high. Joseph’s home is 22 stories high and Haak Sung’s home is 28 stories high. Since Yoo Kyung frequently argues with Haak Sung, her home has decreased from 20 stories to 17 stories high. Deaconess Shin Sung Kyung’ home is 6 stories high and she is short on building supplies due to her lack of good works. Each person has a storehouse of treasures for continued construction of their homes, but the amount of materials is dependent on one’s good works. Deaconess Shin Sung Kyung’s home has stopped construction. My home is 70 stories high. Our brother Lee Haak Hee’s home is over 300 stories high. However, there was one thing I couldn’t understand. I asked, “Jesus, Brother Lee Haak Hee only attends Sunday day service. How is it that his home is so high?” The Lord replied, “You already know Brother Lee Haak Hee is over 70 years old and despite his age, he has never missed a Sunday service. Whether it snows, rains, or storms, he has never missed a Sunday service. He rides his motorcycle a far distance; he rides from Haak Dong city to Suk Nam Dong city. Moreover, when he has any additional money, he offers it to the church. These are the reasons why he has many stories.”

I’m a new member at this church and I don’t know much about Brother Lee Haak Hee. I don’t know how much he has tithed to the church. After the pastor had explained the character of Brother Lee Haak Hee, I know more about him. As the pastor stated, Brother Lee Haak Hee is over 70 years old and he is physically limited. At his age, he has health problems. He has problems with his leg and it becomes uncomfortable walking. However, despite all of his limitations, he has faithfully attended church and held his position as an usher.

Other young adults have come and gone from our church. Their reasons for leaving have all been different. Some have left claiming there is no revival, some have left over temptations, and some have left for their own reasons. However, Brother Lee Haak Hee has been the only one who has stayed and persevered no matter what the circumstances or trials. He had always helped and supported the pastor. Even to this day, I have seen him attend church no matter how bad the weather is outside. He has never come to service late.

The Lord acknowledged our church worship and service is very pleasing and satisfying. It is very rare for any church throughout the earth to be very pleasing to the Lord. The Lord stated that there were many pastors who were leading their ministries based on their own passion and their own vision. And there were very few pastors who were leading their ministries based on the commandments of the Bible. I therefore had to ask the Lord about our pastor. The Lord said that our pastor is trying to do as the Lord commands and according to the Lord’s will. When I had told my pastor how the Lord had acknowledged him, the pastor was very grateful.

The Lord had told us He hadn’t thought about opening our spiritual eyes. But after our faithful daily prayers and spiritual battles with the demons as prayer warriors, we had caught His attention. The Lord had first thought we would eventually give up after a few attempts. However, after He had seen us faithfully pray without ceasing, He was very impressed and decided to open our spiritual eyes. He began to open our spiritual eyes, one at a time.

The Lord asked us to take care of our physical bodies since we have been weakened by unceasing prayer. When we had finished the prayer rally, the pastor said, “From this point on, we’ll only hold all night prayer services on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. On the other days, we will just hold early morning services.” When the Pastor had revealed his agenda, the Lord clapped and said, “This is a good plan. I agree with the plan. How did you know I was thinking about it just as you planned?” The Lord was very pleased. We sang and worshipped, ‘Praise Oh my Soul.’ We thanked the Lord in prayer and left for home.

Mrs. Kang Hyun Ja: *Shocking moments when experiencing the Fire baptism

The conclusion of our 30 day prayer rally made me feel very unsatisfied. I was reluctant to end since I wasn’t spiritually awakened. I made a request to the pastor to extend it for a few more days. However, the Lord commanded me to obey the pastor’s decision. I was relieved to find out that we will have at least three prayer meetings per week. I‘m expecting to receive the spiritual awakening at our continued prayer meetings.

I have been living as a pastor’s wife for more than ten years. During our ministry, I had caused many difficulties which made the pastor go through many tough trials. I had to completely repent.

From the beginning of our relationship, the pastor and I had differences in our faith. Even as a youth, the pastor had a strong, unshakable faith. Whenever he had a problem, he prayed and trusted in the Lord. He was in total dependence on the Lord. Comparing our faiths, my faith was riddled with doubt and it showed in our prayers.

Although the pastor relied totally on the Lord, it appeared to me he lacked in financial ability to support his own family. However, as the years passed and my prayers strengthened, I realized by experiencing the Lord that God loved and valued my husband as a faithful servant. God’s love toward my husband was very deep. I had never prayed for lengthy periods that pleased the Lord. Last year in July, I began to pray with more discipline. As I spent more time with the Lord in prayer, the year 2005 began to brighten.

What is the ministry? What is the role of the Pastor’s wife? What is my function? I used to go to the prayer houses in Korea to find the answers to my questions. But my search was in vain. During the day, the pastor and I evangelized from place to place. We prayed throughout the night continuously, every single night. I became weak and my sickness became worse. I had pulmonary tuberculosis and struggled with the illness for a long time. I was constantly taking medication. However, when I met Jesus, I was dramatically healed from my illness. Now, I’m in perfect health.

Due to our ineffective and weak ministry, we didn’t find any means to grow our church. Our church rituals and routines were stagnant. One day, the Lord granted us a special opportunity. I prayed for many hours, but it seemed fruitless. My prayers were not effective or answered. It appeared our ministry was ineffective and our work was in vain. In the year 2005, the pastor decided to get out of our stagnant mode. Our service began with worship and a prayer of repentance. The pastor then continued with a powerful sermon. He used to preach for only an hour, but now his sermons last for two to three hours. Although the services last two or three hours, the congregation wanted more. The congregation members who participated in the 30 day prayer rally still felt unsatisfied and wanted more. As all aspects of our worship became longer, their hunger increased even more. When they attended the prayer rally, time wasn’t a factor anymore. Worshipping lasted three to four hours. The sermon went for at least three hours. Daily prayers last for up five hours. The pastor’s sermon was powered by the Holy Spirit and penetrated deeply into the hearts and spirits of the congregation. The Lord Jesus told me I would have a healing ministry through my Holy dance.

When I was told that, I became curious and asked the Lord specifically about the healing ministry. The Lord kindly explained through an example. There are certain spiritual levels to attain in order to perform healings through the Holy dance ministry.

For example, if I’m a junior in middle school, I wouldn’t be eligible or be able to comprehend. However, if I was a sophomore or junior in college, I would be eligible to perform the Holy dance healing ministry. Sister Baek Bong Nyu was only at a level of a freshman in middle school. But when we reach freshman in high school, we elevate to a higher position and we can slowly start to perform. Dancing in the Holy Spirit is not something one can practice or be trained in. One cannot create it on their own. It is something that can only be accomplished through the Lord’s grace.

Pastor Kim Yong Doo: * Crossing over the bridge of no return

The Lord warned us many times, “The prayer warriors in the Lord’s church have experienced deep spiritual awareness. You will never live a normal Christian life. You have crossed a bridge and can never be turned back!”

I’m very grateful for the Lord’s special intervention. I was concerned about how to lead my fragile church according to the Lord’s will. My confidence was low and my fears were high. I witnessed church members defeated by evil spirits. I realized my foundation of thinking was ignorant and my Biblical knowledge was very limited. With an ignorant mind and limited knowledge, I was unprepared to battle in the spirit world. When I had realized this, I was very ashamed.

Many Korean pastors utilize their own method of teaching and ministering, based on their own philosophies. An external form of holiness portrayed in organized religion is prevalent, with no presence of the Lord in the services. I’m guilty of participating in organized religion. Whenever I hear “the Lord’s will be done,” my heart is in complete reverence, because the Lord has shown me the conditions of many Korean pastors and their congregations. I’m not going to Judge them, but am waiting upon the Lord to deal with these matters.  

The Lord has solved some of my common problems I couldn’t fix by myself, the same difficult problems other pastors are facing today. The Lord has helped us with these problems and gave me the perfect solutions for all of them. We have been chosen to live our entire lives for the Lord.

Pastors and their congregations will be judged according to their works. Their lives, efforts and thoughts will all be evaluated. Whether from mega churches or small ones, they’ll all stand before the Lord. All our deeds will be judged on that day.

Before, I used to attend seminars or read church advertisements that boasted of their newly built building. I was jealous, because their churches were built so quickly and housed huge congregations. They would sometimes claim it was because of revival. I felt inferior to all their success and was stressed out, because I felt like a failure. However, this doesn’t bother me anymore.

This didn’t mean my ministry will be performed passively or without a passionate heart. So often, pastors and saints start their walk of faith with pure motives and excitement. However, as time passes they become a friend of the world without realizing it. This angers the Lord, and He will eventually judge them. (James 4:4)

Each person lives his life according to his own standard. Many of our church members have told me people around them are stating that our church is a cult.

Let me quote a typical statement. “What kind of church would have a new believer speak in tongues? What kind of church prophecies, fights evil spirits, and has revelations of Heaven and Hell? One can only go to Heaven and Hell after one dies. Maybe there is a chance one can visit Heaven and Hell in a dream. But only once or twice can they visit. However, going to Heaven and Hell on a daily basis is impossible. It doesn’t make sense!” They attempt to draw my congregation members to their churches.

I boldly proclaim, “They’re right. We’ll go to Heaven or Hell once we die. But, it is with God’s almighty power that we are able to experience Heaven and Hell while we are still alive.” I, myself, having been ridiculed and taunted by my own immediate family and accused of mysticism, don’t care what they say. Heaven and our Lord is a great mystery. Although our appointed prayer rally has ended, we’ll continue to pray without ceasing. The divine experiences I have encountered and recorded have been condensed for the purposes of this book. If I had recorded every single experience, the amount of information would be overwhelming for one book. Therefore, I’ll record the other experiences on the next books. The Lord is still continuing His visitations and works after the appointed prayer rally. The Lord intervenes with all of our daily business. Haak Sung and Yoo Kyung have become very wise through their experiences.

The Lord had told me that He will give me an opportunity to write more books about Heaven and Hell. In our first book, we were short of space and couldn’t record some of the incredible scenes, but the Lord postponed the recording of those events to the next book. The next book will have much incredible and shocking content. Therefore, I am very cautious.


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