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The Problem:

There are many places on the Internet with false biblical teaching, anti-Christian messages, and foolish spiritual beliefs.  And these sites are confusing people and influencing many people away from the Lord. 

For example, doing a search on Youtube about Jesus, you might find these videos.

Here are some examples of some anti-Christian remarks shown on commentary.

In many places there is a never ending stream of this type of garbage and few people are actually confronting it.

There is so much misinformation, falsehoods and outright lies about God, that many people just don't know what to think, and others are being led astray.  Something needs to be done to confront these lies!  The scriptures needs to be made clear to people, lies need to be confronted with the truth and the Word of God needs to be preached wherever people are being influenced.

The Solution:

Christian Commentators are desperately needed. 

Dedicated men and women of God who will go to these places of influence on the internet and clearly present the Word of God.  These places desperately need the Light of God's. Can you help?

To become a Christian Commentator is simple. You go out on the Internet, and share Christ any place where you can be heard. (Blog sites, Forums, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Book Review Sites, Opinion sites, Newspaper editorial sites, etc)

If you would like to join a team of devoted Christians willing to go into dark places and preach the Word, please Click Here!

Come join our Team Today!

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