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Under God's Protection
-Without a Weapon-

-Video Interview-     Preaching Video     MP3

In spite of what it looks like doesn't mean it's what you see!!

As a teenager, I noticed something that was supposed to be known as evil. I was always told how gays were going to hell because they are living in blatant sin. This was something God hated – I'm not supposed to like other women, but for some reason, I desired women rather than men. Hmmmmm! I got myself a fake boyfriend because I desired to see myself as being “normal.” I kept telling myself that things are fine and there was nothing wrong

This desire came partly because I was molested by a family member. He was way older than me and pushed himself on me against my will. He threatened to hurt me if told anyone, and that he would make it look like I was a liar.

I cried so hard after this horrific event, and I dared not tell anyone because no one would believe me. This was the lie the enemy convinced me of.

Later on, while I was hanging out in my best friend’s room, she accidentally cut her hand. I told her to hold out her hand so I could put ointment and bandaging on. But while this was happening, I felt a desire for that unthinkable sin. So I ran out of her house and I refused to see her or talk to her for a month. I felt so ashamed, sorrowful, and ugly.

The condition plagued me because I knew that God’s Word said that homosexuality is an abomination unto God. (Leviticus 20:13) This Bible verse stayed in my heart. I felt trapped by the lust of my flesh, (Romans 7:20-21), and knowing what God’s Word says didn’t give me much hope.

I found myself walking more and more in evil places, and I remember that Jesus warned us that we can’t serve two masters. (Matt 6:24) ) So I gave up and decided to come fully out and tell family and friends that I was gay.

I felt relieved that I was accepted by my family and some friends. I was happy they accepted me as a homosexual.

Though I was in bondage, my freedom was just around the corner. On my birthday my mother called to wish me a happy birthday. Afterward, we prayed together on the phone and she said, “don't you want to go home?”

----I said I am home mom, but she said no, by yourself? Do you mean without my God kids and my lifelong partner that I've been with for 16 years? She replied with a simple yes. Leave it all behind and walk away. I thought “oh wow!” She said let’s pray and I agreed. As we prayed, my mother interceded for me! My mother is one of the greatest intercessors I've ever known. Every one of her prayers gets answered.

The prayers of the righteous availing much. (James 5:16) My mother is the one who taught me how to go from prayer warrior to intercessor. And not just any intercessor but a prophetic intercessor.
One that gets results every time through the power of the Holy Spirit. (Galatians 4:6) And miraculously, I then came out of the gay lifestyle.

The Word of God is true, he who the Son sets free is free indeed. (John 8:36) Many looked at me and still thought I was gay, but I wasn't, I had been set free!! Thank God!

After a few years, my pastor called me into his office and made me an offer. He said that he could offer me a lot of money in the Church, but there was one requirement. I could only preach about what they wanted me to preach about. Each week, the church would send me the sermons that I would preach about. And if I did prepare my own sermon, then I couldn’t talk about the subject of homosexuality, transgender people, prostitution, lust, greed, and adultery.

I was to preach happy-go-lucky Sunday messages, messages that appeal to the flesh and not the spirit. I was not to preach sermons that would make people dance not cry. He told me to think about it and he would get back with the necessary paperwork for me to sign. The whole thing felt bad and rubbed me the wrong way.

I had to call my friends for some wise counsel. My first wise counsel #1 is my brother prophet England Roger's IV and he told me he had a prophetic word for me. Be careful about those prosperity preachers who offer lies rather than the truth

I contacted my second wise counsel #2 Apostle Williams who said don't go into the evil places of the devil it looks good but it is all an illusion.

I called my third #3 wise counsel and friend Elder Jones, she said don't do it. They’ll make you sign a contract that will box you into something you can't get out of. They’ll make you do stuff against your body and your soul. By the time you notice what's happening, it will be too late and you’ll have been sucked into an ugly evil.

I prayed about it and got my answer. It only took me one day to make a decision. I called my pastor back and I said, “No! I can't do it, that's not a good fit for me, because it goes against everything that I stand for.”

I have a clarion call on my life, I’ve been chosen by God as one of His generals, to be powerful in intercession. I was hand-picked by God to preach the truth of the gospel and save souls.

My message is clear and my voice roars throughout the halls of heaven. Repent from your sins, homosexuals leave your evil acts, come out from among them, and be separated. (2 Corinthians 6:17) For me integrity is important. If it matters to God it matters to me, and that is how I live.

I want to please God so I will be true to Him at any cost, even until my last dying breath. That means being honest, not compromising His Word. It means giving myself to God. I am not for sale!!! My salvation, my life, and my message are not something you can pick up like a piece of fruit.

My word is my bond. I choose to obey the Lord and walk like I am a born-again saint. No, I am not interested in your proposition, nor do I want anything to do with your organization or your fake gospel. My soul cannot be bought no matter what the cost.

I thank God for my deliverance from homosexuality. In Him do I move and live and have my being (Acts 17:28) Thank you, Heavenly Father, You are worthy to be praised. I’ve been free from homosexuality for 20 years because God has set me free. But before this, I was in a gay relationship for about 16 years, until God said to me, “Go home daughter.”

At first, I was disobedient, but when the Lord said “Go home” for the 3rd, I knew if I didn’t it would cost me my life. “Come unto me daughter!!! And wait until you see what I have in store for you.” I obeyed and left with only the clothes on my back. God provided everything I needed.

Sometimes we must leave things in God's hands and just do what is right. I finally obeyed and left the gay lifestyle for good. I left my old friends, and my family, and even left all my worldly possessions and moved back to Cali. I am protected even without a weapon!!!

My mother prayed for me and it worked. Glory to God.

Later on, as I was getting my life back together, I kept praying to God. I told Jesus that I wanted to be used by God to deliver His word and intercede for others. He responded that I would need to live holy, walk upright and be obedient to God no matter what. He said my road would not be easy, but to just trust Him, trust the process and stay in His will.

The Lord asked me if I was willing. I said, “Yes.” So every day I sought him in intimacy, studied the word, and meditated.

The Lord said that He wanted me to fill my living room with chairs, stand in front and preach as though each chair was occupied. God's ways are not our ways, not his thought our thoughts. (Isaiah 55:8-9)

I did this for almost 1 year. Then He enlarged my ministry and I was so excited. I was given a prayer call, whereby I could witness and share with people over the phone. It started with 3 homosexual women. One was my lifelong partner and the other was our friend. It went on for about 2 months, and then the Lord said it was to extend to everyone who would come. That's what I did with about 8-10 people for the next 8 years.

We all need a savior, for God so loved the world that he gave His only begotten son. (John 3:16) The love and power of God are phenomenal, it set me free for 20 years. Homosexuality no longer controls me, and no longer condemns me. I've been protected by God my whole life, the God of my salvation is who I trust forever more.

Father, I ask in the name of Jesus that every plot and scheme of the wicked one be exposed, uncovered, and revealed right now by the power of Jesus Christ. God, You reveal things so that you can begin to heal them. I ask that You bring us to this place where we can be healed, set free, and delivered. Jesus, may You get all the glory.

Bless those who will listen to this testimony, remove their bondage, break their chains, and give them a special blessing. I thank You in advance for what you will do for them. I pray against our enemies in the spirit realm who come to kill, steal and destroy us. In Jesus' name, Amen!